What are some of the best anime like Overlord?

Imagine that you can only dream of living in a fantasy world or that you are stuck in your favorite video game and cannot log out. This is a very exciting and entertaining scenario. That's the essence of anime like overlord. There are only a few anime that can match it. Here are the Best Anime like Overlord!
anime like overlord

Imagine that you can only dream of living in a fantasy world or that you are stuck in your favorite video game and cannot log out. This is a very exciting and entertaining scenario. That’s the essence of anime like overlord. There are only a few anime that can match it.

“Isekai” or “in any other universe” or “stuck in an imaginary world” has become quite popular in the anime world in recent years. I don’t know why, but it is a fun idea to live in a fantasy land with amazing powers and magic.

Perhaps you’re someone who loves a main character that is powerful and almost unbeatable.

This anime is so great, I am listing it to help you make recommendations for what anime to watch.


death march (anime like overlord)

You might like a harem theme in your anime game, then take a look to ‘Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody.

This anime isn’t as good as ‘Overlord’, but it’s still a great way to have a little fun.

Ichirou Suzuki is the protagonist of this anime. He is a programmer, and his job involves testing and debugging game code. Ichirou seems to be overwhelmed and exhausted by all the work he does. He gets to sleep, which is a good thing. He wakes up to find himself in a maze of games he’s been playing. His appearance is very young, and his name is Sato. He beta tests the games.

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His level rises to 310 after he defeats an army of lizardmen. He is now superpowered and decides to explore the fantasy land.


Seiken-no-blacksmith anime like overlord

“Seiken no Blacksmith” is included on this list due to its similarity in genre and setting to “Overlord”. While I’m not saying that the anime is better than ‘Overlord, it is still worth a look.

This one is for serious and more interesting people. It is against the law to use the power of devils.

After a terrible war that saw the power of devil used, Cecily Campbell was made a knight. Cecily Campbell is a knight. An old sword that her grandfather gave her is in serious need of repair.

When she is looking for a blacksmith, she stumbles across a duel between a man wielding a strange sword or a ruffian.

The devil’s power was used by the ruffian, but the man defeated him. He turns out to be a blacksmith named Luke. The adventure begins soon for the pair.

13. HACK//SIGN (2002)

Hack Sign anime like overlord

Tsukasa, the alias for a young Wavemaster. He wakes up one day to discover that he is in a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), known as The World.

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As he doesn’t remember what he did before waking up, it seems that a little bit of amnesia is his problem. He is also unable to log out.

Tsukasa is advised to avoid the Crimson Knights who believe he is a hacker.

He stumbles across a magical object that transforms into a Guardian while exploring the world. The Guardian also offers protection against all kinds of harm.

The game’s other players and Subaru, the leader the Crimson Knights, meet him. They agree to assist him in finding the cause of his inability log out before it is too late.

12. YOUJO SENKI 2017

youjo senki anime like overlord

Isekai can be a very boring genre. It’s nice to see creators trying to keep things interesting.

There are 12 episodes of ‘Youjo Senki’, each one lasting 24 minutes.

This anime is very entertaining and fun to watch. One man challenges Being X (a self-proclaimed God) to a game of wits. He is reincarnated into a girl and enters a world of magical warfare.

This is Tanya Degurechaff, a girl whose ruthlessness as well as tactical prowess earned her the nickname ‘Devil on The Rhine’.

Tanya is determined to rise quickly to the top in the military ranks, as her country is rapidly entering a World War. She must defeat Being X to restore the peaceful times she used to live in.

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11. FRACTALE (2011)

fractale anime like overlord

Although the concept of “Fractale” is interesting, its execution is sometimes a bit poor. If you’re looking for something quick to view, you might enjoy ‘Fractale.

Each episode is 23 minutes long and has 11 episodes. The world in which this anime takes place is very similar to Ireland.

The ‘Fractale System,’ a virtual-reality content delivery and delivery system that is based on satellites, rules the world.

Clain, the main character of the anime finds Phyrne, who appears to be fleeing after being injured. He helps her, but she vanishes at night leaving behind a pendant.

Clain activates it, and it assumes the form of a little girl. The pair embarks on an adventure to discover the truth about the Fractale System and find Phyrne.


gate anime like overlord

Youji Itami is an officer in Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF). He is also an Otaku

On his way to Tokyo for a doujin convention, he was stopped by a mysterious gate-shaped portal.

The gate is where supernatural beings and armor-clad medieval warriors appear. They set out on a destructive rampage, destroying everyone and everything in their path. Youji does his best to save as many people possible.

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Three months later, the JSDF had created a special recon group with Youji as the leader.

Their mission is to explore and make friends with the locals. Failure to complete the mission will lead to war.



You should check out “Dungeon ni Motomeru no Wa Machigatteiru Darou ka?” if you are looking for an Isekai anime with beautiful female characters.

I won’t lie, the plot and characters are good enough to keep you hooked until the end.

This anime is shorter than other Isekai, with only 13 episodes and each episode lasting 24 minutes.

This anime takes place in a world where Gods and humans work together.

Bell Cranel, who has always aspired to be the greatest adventurer, might finally realize his dream after meeting Hestia, a goddess. They will travel deep into the deadly catacombs of the city called ‘Dungeon.

8. BTOOOM! (2012)

Btoom anime like overlord

Ryouta Sakamoto is the best player in an online game called “Btooom!” Since he doesn’t have any job, this is his only accomplishment. He lives with his mother.

He wakes up one day to discover that he’s in a real game version of the game he loves, but with one change.

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People can and will die here. To get their green crystal, each participant must kill others. The winner will live.

Ryouta, despite being reluctant at first, decides to take the violent approach when other players become hostile.

7. DEATH MATCH (2015)

death match anime like overlord

Did you ever think games like darts, air hockey, or bowling were boring? You might be wrong. These games will determine your fate in this anime.

Welcome to the afterlife, the world of “Death Parade”, where only a bar can keep your soul from falling into void or entering the cycle for reincarnation.

Decim is the master of the bar, who acts as the arbitrator of the afterlife and pits every pair of deceased individuals against one another in a game.

The winner will be entered into the cycle for reincarnation, while the loser will go to the void. Then, he will be challenged by a character who will challenge his beliefs about the afterlife.


sword art online anime like overlord

Sword Art Online is an online role-playing game. The latest technology of ‘NerveGear’ allows players to control their characters using only their thoughts.

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Everyone gets excited and logs in to the game, only to discover that the creator intended to trap them until they reach 100 levels. Kazuto Kirigaya is among the unlucky players.

To defeat the game and escape its clutches, he must collaborate and work with other players. But there’s a problem. You can’t die in the game if you don’t die in real life.


One punch man anime like overlord

Although it might not immediately be apparent why “One-Punch Man” is on this list, It’s not an anime.

Hear me. Isn’t Saitama of ‘One-Punch Man,’ and Momonga of ‘Overlord’ in a similar situation? Both of them possess skills and powers that put them at the top.

It is highly recommended to watch “One-Punch Man” if you haven’t seen it yet.

This anime is for you if you are a fan of the superhero genre.

The anime takes place in a world where peace is maintained and civilians are protected by the Hero Organization. Saitama is one of these heroes.

Although his rank is low, he is powerful enough to defeat any opponent with one punch. Imagine his frustration at not being able to defeat a villain strong enough to last a few rounds.

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Log horizon anime like overlord

You’re here because you want to find other anime similar to ‘Overlord’. If so, then check out ‘Log Horizon’. It is very similar in its approach towards the isekai style.

This is one the most beautiful game anime.

Elder Tale is a well-known MMORPG. Around thirty thousand players are unable to log in after a game update. Shiroe is one of these players.

Although he is awkward in real life, he is an experienced player with high levels of experience in this game.

His knowledge will be invaluable in restoring order to the game world and guiding other players to find a way out.


anime like overlord

If you’ve been looking for a Chinese anime with isekai like “Overlord”, then “Quanzhi gaoshou” is the anime for you.

It is one the most popular Chinese anime. Glory is a popular online multiplayer video game. Ye Xiu is one of the most skilled players. For his contributions and skills, he is known as the ‘Battle God.

He is then forced to quit his team and find work at an Internet cafe. Ye Xiu joins the game once again after Glory launches its tenth server.

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His skills soon make him popular. However, the game has changed significantly over the years and he no longer has a sponsor or a coach. He will he ever reach the top?


i'm reincarned in slime anime like overlord

“Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken” is one of the most popular isekai anime to air in Fall 2013. It is still being produced and has a large fanbase.

This anime will have 24 episodes, each one lasting 23 minutes.

It is a decent show. The show is entertaining and funny, and it will keep you hooked until the end. After I watched six to seven episodes, I decided to stop because I enjoy binge-watching anime.

Just waiting for the series’ final airing, which should be around February. Satoru Mikami, a 37-year old human. Unfortunately, a robber attacked and killed him.

Can death be entertaining? He appears to have been reincarnated in the form of a slime monster called Rimuru Tempest, which is set in fantasy world.

He appears to possess special abilities that make him very powerful. His adventures in this fantasy world are about to begin.


anime like overlord

The anime centers around two siblings, Shiro and Sora, who are among the most talented gamers in Japan. They never imagined that their gaming skills would be useful to anyone, They receive an email challenging them to a chess game. And finally, Sora and Shiro soon find themselves in Disboard, a world where every problem can be solved by playing a game.

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The game pits the opposing sides against each other and determines who wins.

Tet, the God Of Games, is the ruler of this universe. Sora, Shiro and Tet decide to challenge Tet in order to be the new Gods for this world.

Bonus anime with MC like overlord

Overlord is an anime where the main characters are the villains. This concept is rare in anime so we suggest : best anime villains.

Also if you want to start manwha with overpowered characters like overlord we suggest solo leveling and manga like solo leveling


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