REBELDE SEASON 3The future is bright for teens dramas. It is because of this that we expect its renewal. Rebelde Season 3. The Mexican teen drama is the stand-alone sequel to the Mexican telenovela of the same name that aired in 2004 and is also based on the Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way. The director of the tv series is Santiago Limón and, the script is written by Ilse Apellaniz, José Miguel Núñez, Talia Rothenberg and Pericles Sánchez.

Starring Azul Guaita as Jana, Lizeth Selene as Andi, Jerónimo Cantillo as Dixon, Andrea Chaparro as MJ, Franco Masini as Luka, Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban, Giovanna Grigio as Emilia, Alejandro Puente as Sebas, Estefanía Villarreal as Director Celina Ferrer, Karla Sofía Gascón as Lourdes, and Alaide Solorzano as Laura, the cast is one stunning ensemble. These are the new cast members. Rebelde Season 2 Joel Isaac aka Saak is Okane, Flavio Medina is Gus Bauman

After eight episodes of the second season, viewers were given the option to choose from. Some of the show’s narratives were quite innovative. Euphoria or Elite. However, like always, there were some amazing moments and bouts of friendship that you could always fall back on. Ever since the airing of the second season, fans have been going crazy about when the next season will arrive and, we understand all the hype!

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REBELDE SEASON 3.Some are demanding Rebelde Season 3 to see what happens to Okane after this arrest in the mid-credits scene while some are still on the fence about where Esteban’s loyalty belongs. Another major spectrum of Rebelde fans wants to see ‘Endi’ (Andi + Emilia) find their happy ending. Now, that Emilia has graduated, what does it mean for the relationship she shares with Andi? Do you think she will stick around at EWS as an internOder assistant to Celina and the administration? Well, we will find out soon.

When is Rebelde Season 3 releasing?


REBELDE SEASON 3There have been no concrete announcements from NetflixOr the production companies involved with the series yet if there is going to be a season three. Given the large fan base of the show and considering the fates of many teen dramas, however, we feel confident that the news will come out. Rebelde Season 3 It will soon be available.

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Rebelde Season 2Summary

Rebelde Season 2 recap

Season 1 of “Rebelde,” followed the story about a group of high school students who moved to Elite Way School (or EWS), in order to learn how music is made. The show, which is a cliché teenage drama, explored the love-hate relationship between the characters and the competition they had to win the “Battle Of The Bands”, a singing competition. Although there were some interesting cliffhangers at the end of Season 1, Season 2 of “Rebelde” diluted the drama.

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Esteban Torres lost the mother he loved at a very young age. Marcelo Colucci, an Argentinian business tycoon was his biological dad. He was able to connect with Marcelo’s classmate Luka, who is a spoilt brat. At the beginning of Season 2, Esteban and Luka were open to one another. Jana Cohen Gandia was involved in a second, much more complicated relationship with Esteban. Jana and Esteban had separated during the last season to be able to focus on their art. Esteban and Jana are longing for one another but secretly, Esteban starts to envy other people.

Rebelde Season 2 recap

Season 2’s start reveals that Maria “MJ”, Jose, and Sebastian “Seba” Langarica won The Battle Of The Bands. Marcelo disqualified Jana, her Rebelde. Maria had lied about her friends and teamed up with Seba during the previous season. Season 2 tells the story of Maria’s actions, and Jane’s rivalry. Jane is furious at MJ for stealing her band. Seba’s complicated relationship is explored in the season. MJ still loves Guillermo Alvarez but struggles to decide between Dixon and Seba.

Gustavo Bauman (a new Music Excellence Program, MEP) music instructor, is the most significant conflict in Season 2. He makes life difficult for students and tortures them using his toxic teaching methods. Let’s find out more about Gustavo, his demands on students.

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Rebelde Season 2: Who was Gustavo Bauman What Was His Desire?

Rebelde : Who Was Gustavo Bauman? What Did He Want?

Gustavo was a well known music producer. Everyone wanted to work for him. He was an organizer for Trend-Z Awards and stopped making music. His personality, beliefs, and teaching methods remind me of Terence Fletcher who is the ruthless Terence Fletcher as seen in “Whiplash” (192019). Gus was not as well-known. Gus informed the students when he arrived at EWS that there would not been a “Battle of the Bands”. Instead, he would judge students based on their solo performances. He would launch the winner of the Trend-Z Awards with his label, GB Records at the end of their academic years to become a superstar.

Gus wanted every student to get out of their comfort zone, but his methods weren’t gentle enough. Gus’s new student was Oscar Cabarga Negrete. Gus made Andi Agosti, the drummer an addict, and even overdosed at the school. Later it was revealed that Gus used the incident to force Celina Ferrer, the current principal of EWS, to resign and to put him in control. Gus made it clear as soon as he became president. Gus wanted EWS to be a place that produced the most talented musicians in the country.

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Gus’s arrival caused controversy among students over which artist is more important. Followers, music, or fans? Are these the best methods to make music and get discovered? Gus believed it was essential to learn how to get new fans and keep them entertained through controversy or other means in order to become a successful musician.

Dixon believes music should not be his only purpose. People would follow Dixon if he was passionate about his craft. Dixon and other students protested Gus’ administration and began jamming out outside the school, which was later named “The Under.” Gus gave Dixon one last warning. Gus’s administration was not liked by all students, but they could not rebel against him because he was the ultimate authority within EWS.

Rebelde Season 2: Who Won the Final Performance?

Rebelde Season 2: Who Won The Final Performance?

Gus had already told students that there would never be a “Battle Of The Bands”, so Gus set up a solo singing contest to mark the end of their academic year. Gus had previously expelled Dixon form MEP. Dixon was shocked at Dixon’s narcissistic friends and decided that he was more superior. Gus allowed Dixon to perform in final. Dixon could transfer to another school of music if he loses. Gus saw an opportunity for Dixon to be stopped and quickly agreed. Gus was the sole authority that determined the winner, and Dixon would have not been named the winner.

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Gus declared Esteban winner after Dixon performed one of the most memorable rap musicals ever. Gus was aware that Esteban was a greedy musician, and would do anything to reach stardom. Gus managed Esteban’s need for fame, and he was an easy target.

What did Luka discover about Gus?

What Did Luka Find Out About Gus?

After the overdose, Luka took responsibility. He later discovered that Oscar had given Andi the bottle. Luka discovered Esteban’s tablet during Esteban’s birthday celebration. He searched his email. He found an email warning Marcelo not to hire Gus. Freddy’s mother was an “Supernova” member and sent him the email. Freddy died later from a drug overdose. Gus was clearly Freddy’s music producer. Luka was struck by the similarities between Freddy’s case and Andi. He concluded that Gus was indirectly giving pills to students in order to push them beyond their limits.

Luka texted Gus after the last performance, asking him to meet him at the cafeteria roof. Luka revealed to Gus that he knew everything regarding Freddy’s death, and even what happened to him. Gus was also suffering mental exhaustion. Luka was not willing to expose the perpetrator. But he was determined that he would use his secrets for his own benefit. Marcelo sent Luka to Texas military school. Luka desired a way out.

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Gus offered him a contract for a label. Oscar had already received the same contract. This would enable Luka to escape his father’s shadows, and not depend on his father for his financial needs. Gus was not someone who would distribute contracts to everyone. Luka made threats to get him off the roof.

Luka’s suicide attempt almost looked like suicide. He was unconscious for several hours and could not tell the truth. Luka finally woke at the end of “Rebelde” Season 2. But it was too late.

‘Rebelde’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Is Gus Dead?

‘Rebelde’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Is Gus Dead?

Oscar was in deep love with Luka, and was devastated to learn about the tragic accident. He felt he could have saved Luka from Marcelo but he didn’t. Luka tried to commit suicide because of this. Gus, who had evidence against Luka arrived in Luka’s room at night. Oscar, who was sleeping, saw Gus standing beside Luka’s bed. Gus immediately disposed of Luka’s cell phone and destroyed all evidence. Oscar found out the truth. Gus looked through Luka’s chat and discovered that he was the last Luka to have ever met him. Gus spotted the connections, and concluded that Gus had helped Luka reach the top.

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Jane, Andi, MJ and MJ were all convinced that Gus gave Andi the pills via Oscar. To expose Gus they asked Oscar to testify. Oscar initially refused assistance, even though Gus had promised Oscar a contract that would rejuvenate his career and given him the opportunity to live his best life. Oscar discovered the truth about Luka’s accident and released his video testimony. This revealed Gus’ true identity. It was too late.

Seba, who already had told Gus his classmates were conspiring against Gus’, posted quickly to Twitter a video about the rumors surrounding Freddy’s overdose incident. Oscar’s words had no meaning after Gus uploaded his personal video. Esteban Torres, the only one who could expose Gus.

‘Rebelde’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Is Gus Dead?

Since the beginning of Season 2, Esteban had been in denial. The first season showed that Esteban didn’t have a passion in music. He came to EWS to find out the truth about his mom. Season 2 revealed his carefree attitude as well as his inability to set a goal. Gus helped him believe that he was trying win the competition to become a successful singer. Because it was more commercially viable, Esteban brought Esteban to TrendZ Awards. He changed his surname to Colucci to Torres. Esteban was conscious of the truth but refused to believe.

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He knew Dixon should win, and he also knew that he was a Torres Torres and not a Colucci. Gus was pleased that he agreed to play along. Oscar revealed to Esteban that Gus tried to kill Luka. Esteban changed his mind, and decided to do right. Esteban didn’t perform on stage, but instead revealed to the world that Gus was a murderer.

Gus tried his best to control the chaos, but it was too late. Oscar was betrayed when he returned to the stage. Gus was also present when Esteban arrived, and saved Oscar. Esteban lost control of his motor after Gus made a series snide remarks regarding Esteban’s father. Esteban punched Gus across the face.

Gus then slipped onto the steps and rolled down. Oscar ran towards Gus and saw that he was dead. He quickly fled from the crime scene, and in the final shot we see Esteban being taken away by police while Luka was still at hospital. Yes, Luka was able wake up from an unconscious state. Will Esteban’s testimony be of any help? Esteban is saved by another Colucci during the credits scene. But maybe not Luka.

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