When Will City On Fire Release Date?

When Will City On Fire Release Date?

City on Fire, an Apple TV+ crime drama series, is being created by Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage. It is based on the Garth Risk Hallberg novel. City on Fire, a new crime drama TV series for Apple TV+, was created by Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage. Along with Lis Rowinski, Jesse Peretz, Schwartz and Savage served as executive producers.

Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage and Stephanie Savage were commissioned to showrun and write the eight-episode television series that adapts Garth Risk Hallberg’s novel City on Fire. The series was originally filmed under the working title Brass Tactics in April 2022. It is expected that the show will be released in 2023.

What’s the plot of the new series? What’s the plot? Who would be willing to play the role of Rex? Continue reading for more information.

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Date for release of the city on fire

city on fire

“City on Fire,” a fascinating mystery, will debut on Apple TV+ on May 12, 2023 with its first three episodes.

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Preview of City on Fire

city on fire

Apple’s latest original drama adapts Garth Risk Hallberg’s novel of the name. It centers on the 2003 shooting at Central Park. Samantha Cicciaro (Wonders), a NYU student, is the victim. Her life was tragically cut short that night. Her only chance of meeting someone was when she left the performance by her friends at her favorite club. She was also alone and there was very little evidence. This case becomes even more complex when she is revealed to be a key link between mysterious citywide fires and the downtown music scene.

Samantha is seen in the first photo with Charlie (Oleff), her friend close to her, who is still dealing with the trauma of losing their father two years ago during the attacks on September 11. He goes to great lengths to solve the mystery surrounding Samantha’s murder after her death. Although the image only shows them together in New York at night, it highlights their close relationship. The second image, however, may hint at the emergence of fires in the city. It shows Charlie, stunned, staring wide-eyed into a glowing scene, while the others either panic or stare.

Review of the city on fire

city on fire

It was a fascinating time, but it is also well-traveled territory. We were particularly interested in the post-9/11 Occupy Wall Street [era] of New York. The book ends with the blackout in ’77. 2003 saw a huge blackout. This storyline was so creative. Thematically, 1977 was a period when many people were unsure if their city would survive. “Post-9/11 New York, people had similar concerns, the same fears,” Schwartz stated during Wednesday’s panel of the Television Critics Association.

The story is largely unchanged despite the difference in time. Samantha (played in Chase Sui Wonders), is the only person who dies. There are no witnesses, and very little evidence. She leaves her beloved downtown club to go see her friends, but she promises to return. She never returns. Samantha’s crime is being investigated and she’s found to be the key link between a series a mysterious citywide fires, downtown music scene and a wealthy family of uptown real estate who are suffering from the pressure of all the secrets they keep.

Wyatt Oleff portrays Charlie, a friend from Samantha who struggles to cope with his father’s death two years prior. He stops at nothing to solve the mystery after she is shot.

city on fire

Schwartz explained that the novel is heavily influenced by the punk scene in New York City. “That was when rock and roll were reinvented or saved in downtown New York. Many of these artists are featured on the show. We also have a fictional band in it…which was an attempt to make the best band you’ve ever heard from the early aughts.

City on Fire cast and crew meet

city on fire

Chase Sui Wonders (“Generation,” “Bodies Bodies Bodies”) and Wyatt Oleff (“the “It”) movies are joined by Jemima Kirke (“Girls”), Nico Tortorella (“Younger”) as William, Ashley Zukerman (“The Lost Symbol”) as Keith, Omid Abdultahi („American Gods”) as Detective Ali Parsa and Xavier Clyde (Mercer). Max Milner stars as Nicky Chaos, a part-time anarchist and punk guru. Alexandra Doke plays Sewer Girl, Nicki’s bleeding heart, and Detective PJ McFadden is played by Kathleen Munroe. John Cameron Mitchell (“The Sandman”) is also a co-star.

The creative team behind “City on Fire” is Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. They are well-known for their work on “The O.C.” Among other projects, they are also responsible for “City on Fire” and “Gossip girl.” Apple Studios is producing the show, with Schwartz & Savage as executive producers. They also own Fake Empire Productions. Jesse Peretz (“Our Idiot Brother,” “GLOW”) directed the first four episodes, with Lis Rowinski as co-executive producers.

Plot of City on Fire

city on fire

City on Fire, which was named by Vogue, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle as one of the top books of 2015, begins with Samantha’s shooting in Central Park on July 4, 2003. Samantha’s crime is solved. She is the key link between mysterious city-wide fires and the downtown music scene. A wealthy family of uptown realtors is also revealed.

Trailer City on Fire

city on fire

Unfortunately, the trailer for the brand new show is not yet available. Let’s all hope that the trailer will soon be available. You can find out more details about the show here.

Who else appears in the Star-Studded City On Fire?

city on fire

Other than Oleff, Wonders, Jemima Kirke and Nico Tortorella are strong cast members. They include Max Milner and Alexandra Doke. Omid Abtahi and Kathleen Munroe are also included. Schwartz and Savage authored every episode of the series, and were showrunners and executive producer under their Fake Empire banner together with Liz Rowinski. Jesse Peretz is an executive producer and directs four of eight episodes.

Where to see it

city on fire

Every Friday, new episodes will be released until the show’s final episode on June 16, 2023. Although there is no trailer for “City on Fire”, Apple TV+ has released first-look images which give us a glimpse at the characters. As Charlie and Samantha, we see Wyatt Oleff and Chase Sui Wonders, while Nicky’s gang are in action.

It is just one of many new titles that Apple will stream in 2023. Others include the dramedy “Shrinking”, which premiered on January 27, and fellow novel-turned streaming series “The Last Thing He Took Me.” Apple TV+ originals like “Schmigadoon!” New seasons will be released this year.


city on fire

Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage were set to showrun and write the 8-episode TV Series adaptation of Garth Risk Hallberg’s novel City on Fire. Schwartz, Savage, and Lis Rowinski will produce the series through Fake Empire Productions. Apple TV+ will distribute it. Jesse Peretz, who will be directing the first two episodes of the series and also producing it, was announced as the director on October 29, 2021.


city on fire

Wyatt Oleff, who was cast on October 29, 2021 was added to the cast. Chase Sui Wonders was also added to the cast on January 19, 2022. Additional casting was announced in March 2022.


The series was shot in April 2022, under the working title Brass Tactics.

About Apple TV+

city on fire

Apple TV+ is now available in more than 100 countries and regions via the Apple TV App on over 1,000,000 screens. This includes iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac, as well as popular smart TVs such Samsung, LG and Sony, VIZIO and TCL. It’s also available at tv.apple.com for $6.99 per monthly with a seven-day trial. Customers who activate an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, Mac, or iPod touch, can get three months of Apple TV+ free of charge for a limited period. 

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