When Will Engage Kiss Episode 13 Release Date?

When Will Engage Kiss Episode 13 Release Date?

Engage Kiss Episode 13: Aniplex has created Engage Kiss, which is a Japanese mixed media project. A-1 Pictures produced a television anime series. It premiered on July 20, 2022. Tsunako designed the characters and FumiakiMaruto wrote the script. Square Enix developed an app called Engage Kill to follow up the anime series. Every episode is loved by fans who started asking questions as the 12th episode was being released.

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It can be difficult for viewers to find information on the episode’s release date and spoilers online. We’ve compiled everything we can about Engage Kiss Episode 13. Release date and spoilers. We’ll also talk about the anime voice cast as well as other anime series, such as Engage Kiss. The entire article at nntheblog is worth reading.

Engage Kiss Synopsis

Engage Kiss Synopsis

Bayron City, located in the Pacific Ocean, is a Mega-Float City. It is owned by no nation. Because of its Orgonium mining, it has been at the center of the attention of the whole world. This is a great new energy resource. However, there are reports of D Hazards, demons that few people know about. Shu, a young man living in Bayron City manages a small military firm that takes care these creatures. He has never been in excess of money. Kisara is his high school best friend and helps him with daily chores. Ayano, his ex-girlfriend, works for a rival firm. Ayano, a demon, is married to Kisara and has signed a contract with Shu. As events unfold, what will happen to their relationship?

Engage Kiss before Episode 13

Engage Kiss Episode 12 Recap

Shu and Kisara are now in a new relationship. Shu recognizes that Kisara has her affection and decides she will defend Kisara. Balon City lies directly in the path of the massive attack from the S class demon Kanna. It is impossible to conceal the immense damage caused by the fireballs from the airport. The crisis in Veyron City already has an effect on other countries.

Thus, it is unlikely that independence and autonomy will be preserved at such a rapid rate in the city. Ayano continues to be pursued by Kanna, a person who is not considered significant. Ayano tried to fight back, but couldn’t resist the S class demon’s brutal attack. She gave up fighting and decided to give up. However, this was only the beginning.

Episode 13 of Engage Kiss Release Date

Engage Kiss Episode 13 Release Date

Japan fans and international viewers will be able watch Episode 13 of Engage Kiss from September 24, 2022.
Engage Kiss Season 1 Episode 13 Overview

Name of the seasonEngage Kiss
Episode NumberEpisode 13
GenreRomantic Comedy
Kiss your first kiss Release DateJuly 3, 2022
Season 1 Episode 13: Engage Kiss Release DateSeptember 24, 2022
Numerous seasonsSeason 1
NOD44 days
Television ShowsJapanese Anime Serie

Engage in a Kiss Story

Engage Kiss Story

The mission of a pink yandere, a lazy man, and his ex-girlfriend is to save Veyron City. A-1 Pictures’ “Engage Kiss”, which is comedy slapstick, has been promoted by the studio to be an original product. Although I don’t have much knowledge about the history of anime production, I can say that the things we’ve seen so far have been very taxing on our resources. It is stunningly beautiful. That is obvious.

It’s a pleasure to watch the fight sequences, particularly the one in episode 3. It is easy to see the character designs. The way they were built can tell you a lot about their character. These are the only positives that I can see. “Engage Kiss” doesn’t know what kind of movie it wants. Is it a comedy about Shuu, a low-class Japanese man, and Kisara his high school demon friend? What about the deeper story of finding old memories and making new ones? The show includes a joke about sexual violence.

Where can I view Engage Kiss Episode 13 online?

Where can I watch Engage Kiss Episode 13 online?

Crunchyroll offers online streaming of Engage Kiss Episode 13 Original Japanese dub. English subtitles. Fans are encouraged to support creators by watching the official platforms.


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