When Will Euphoria Season 3 Release Date?

Euphoria Season 3 is confirmed. This means that the toilet door banging fun will continue. Here are the facts.

Euphoria Season 3 Will Change Everything By Bopping

*Warning! This article contains spoilers for Euphoria season 1 and 2*

Euphoria season 2 came to an abrupt and bitter end in the first quarter of this year. We have not been able stop the waterworks ever since.

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The finale of the eight-part season was viewed by viewers on February 28, 2022.

Euphoria Season 3 Release Date

The mourning process was difficult to say the least. But, seriously, what would we do without Maddy’s mood swings or expertly-applied cat eyeliner? HBO was kind enough inform us in advance that season 3 of the show had been confirmed.

The Euphoria Instagram account posted a clip to Instagram on February 4 to announce that season 2 wouldn’t be over for Jules and Maddy, Kat, Nate and Cassie. The channel captioned the clip, “#EUPHORIA was renewed for season 3”.

When Will Euphoria Season 3 Release Date?

Francesca Orsi (Vice President of HBO programming) stated that “Sam, Zendaya and the entire Euphoria cast and crew have taken season 2 to extraordinary heights, challenging narrative form and convention, while still keeping its heart.”

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“We could not be more honored to work with this gifted and wildly talented team, or more excited for our adventure together into season three.”

Everything you need about Euphoria season 3

What’s the story in Euphoria season 3?

What's the story in Euphoria season 3?

We’re left with many questions after the heartbreaking finale of season 2. For those who aren’t familiar, Nate calls Cal the police to report that Cal has a USB disk of all his father’s sexual relations. Cassie and Maddy had a huge fight at Lexi’s play at school.

Rue seems to have forgiven Jules about her drug addiction. It’s unclear how these things will play out in season 3. (Surely Cassie won’t forget Lexi’s play? We are curious to see if Nate’s brother, who appears in family portraits on the series, will make an appearance.

What's the story in Euphoria season 3?

We are also curious to know if we will ever learn what Cal did to his relationship with Derek, his friend and love interest. If Cal returns to the show in season three…

The biggest question is whether Fez (Angus Cloud) survives after being shot accidentally by Ashtray at the end season two. Fez attempts to take responsibility for Ashtray’s death at the end season two.

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WHAT HAPPENED in Euphoria season 2?

WHAT HAPPENED in Euphoria season 2?

Season 2 had a bittersweet end: We saw Lexi’s brilliant play in its second act (including a riveting intermission thanks to a rogue Cassie, Maddy), watched Nate hand over his father to police; Rue came to terms with her grief; and we saw Fezco & Faye being arrested while Ashtray was shot to death in a shootout. team.

When will the third season of Euphoria be available?

When will the third season of Euphoria be available?

First, Euphoria is available on HBO in the US, and on Now in the UK. You’ll need to be on the alert for information about the release dates of the show on these platforms. It’s important to remember that Euphoria season 2 was delayed by Covid-19. We expect season 3 to arrive in 2023 if everything goes well.

HBO claims that Euphoria has been the second most watched channel show since 2004, behind Game of Thrones. Episode one of Euphoria season 2 has surpassed 19 million viewers in the US. An average of 16.3 millions viewers tuned in to view the episodes of the second series. 

When will the third season of Euphoria be available?

Variety reports that Euphoria has been tweeted 34 million times in the US, making it the most popular show of the decade. Zendaya was awarded the Emmy for Outstanding Lead actress in Drama Series for Euphoria, at the 72nd Emmy Awards in 2021. This could have been the most memorable reaction to any Emmy Award.

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HBO has not yet announced a tentative release date, but fans speculate that season 3 might premiere in 2024.

Who is the Euphoria Season Three Cast?

Who is the Euphoria Season Three Cast?

It will be a delight to learn that Zendaya will reprise her role as Rue Bennett. She will also star alongside Euphoria regulars Hunter Schafer (Jules), Jacob Elordi(Nate), Alexa Delmie (Maddy), Barbie Ferreira [Kat], Algee Smith (“Chris”), Sydney Sweeney (“Cassie”), Maude Apatow (“Lexi”) and Dominic Fike (“Elliot”).

Sweeney opened up about how she believed her character would be killed in season 2. Entertainment Weekly reported that she believed Sam Levinson, the series creator, was going to kill her. “I believed that I was going be killed.”

Who is the Euphoria Season Three Cast?

“The hanging out of the window was actually me hanging out of the window,” she said, recalling a scene from season two where her character stuck her torso out the car window during a high-speed adventure with Nate. It was very random and in the moment. It was a random and very in-the-moment event. But I thought Cassie was being killed. It was so disappointing. It became a strangely dangerous, sensual connection between these characters. It became what it was.

Sweeney shared her thoughts on what the fans might expect from Cassie in season 3. Sweeney stated that there was a little bit of Cassie she could play with and she said that she was crazier than Maddy during a scene with Nate. “She got a lot more evil, dark and serious and she wasn’t as frantic. It would be great to see her develop more of this streak.

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The Cast

Ferreira addressed tension rumours between Levinson and her recently on the set. According to The Daily Beast, the pair were allegedly ‘butting heads’. A February 2022 cover story by The Cut featured Ferreira and Levinson reportedly ‘arguing.

However, the actor claims that rumors of problems are exaggerated. Insider spoke out to say that the interesting thing about this season was that there are many more eyes watching it. “I have seen so many things and some of them are untrues, while others seem like little mundane things.

The cast

“Sometimes things take on a life of themselves, and they aren’t rooted in truth. But it’s okay because it’s just passion and curiosity and all the good stuff. It was something I wanted to do so I signed up. It’s mine. I will take the good with the bad.

Elordi recently stated to Variety that, while you shouldn’t suffer from it, I believe there is great value in working hard…And they [take] care. This is my family. Sam works twice as hard if I work long hours. Zendaya works three times as long if I work long hours. It’s all about us.

Cast of Euphoria Season Three

HBO also issued a statement in defense of Levinson’s set. It stated that the well-being and safety of crew members on its productions is a priority. All safety protocols and guild protocols were followed. Complex shoots are not unusual in drama series. COVID protocols provide an extra layer of security. All guilds, including SAGAFTRA, are in constant communication. No formal inquiries were made.

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Although Zendaya’s participation in the show was questioned due to rumors that her character might be cut off at the conclusion of season 2, Casey Bloys (Chief Content Officer at HBO) stated to TVLine that Zendaya, an Emmy-award winning actress, will be in season three. It’s difficult to imagine the show without her. We couldn’t agree with you more.


It was reported that Zendaya’s boyfriend, Tom Holland, made a brief appearance in season 2. (read more here) Although Holland expressed his desire to be a Spider-Man actor, it is still unclear if he will get a role.

Buzzfeed News reports that the actor was seen on set during season 2. Zendaya previously stated to Entertainment Tonight that he had been discussing his role.

Is there a trailer for Euphoria season 3?

Euphoria Season 3 Teaser | HD
By Movie Society

You won’t see one until quite some time. If season 3 is released in early 2023 we have a feeling we won’t see a trailer until either late 2022 or very early 2023.


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