When Will King’s Raid Successors Of The Will Season 2 Release Date ?

When Will King's Raid Successors Of The Will Season 2 Release Date

Fans have been waiting for King’s Raid Season 2, even though it has only been a few short months since the last time they saw it on TV. Although the anime series has a compelling storyline, it didn’t reach its full potential in its first season. The show’s viewers hope to see more of it as they believe it will improve in the second season. Is the show being renewed by the studio? These are the most recent details.

By KING’s RAID Official

King’s Raid, or King’s Raid II: Ishi wo Tsugumonotachi is a Japanese action adventure fantasy anime series. Vespa has remade the South Korean mobile game with the same name. The first season of this series was animated jointly by OLM animation studios and Sunrise Beyond animationstudios. The anime’s first episode aired on October 3, 2019. It aired 26 episodes before it ended on March 27, 2021.

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King’s Raid Season 2, Renewal Status

Everyone had mixed reactions to the first season of anime. Although it received some positive reviews from viewers, the show failed to impress critics. This had an impact on ratings. It currently has a MyAnimeList score of 5.99, which is quite low. It is still very popular with almost 50K members of its MAL group. The anime will be able to obtain the source material for King’s Raid Season 2 because it follows the same plot as the game. It all depends on how many discs this anime series sells. Producers might be able to make a profit and get the green light for the second season.

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King’s Raid Season 2, Release Date

Before the official update by its creators, it is difficult to predict the release date for the sequel to the anime. Fans can expect King’s Raid Season 2 sometime in 2023 if the renewal is approved by the end this year. This section will be updated as soon as the green flag arrives. Keep checking The nntheblog to receive all the latest anime and manga news.

King’s Raid Anime Review

This first season opened with a positive note. It sets an interesting storyline. The show’s first episode caught the attention of viewers. The series’ first episode even shocked viewers by showing demons killing many people. After that, the quest to find the holy blade begins to get the protagonists killed by the demons. Although the anime isn’t unique, its story is interesting and decent.

Surprisingly, the characters had their own backstory and were very good. King’s Raid is a disappointment in terms of its animation and art. Its OP, ED and all the other OSTs are also very average. Although the show initially seems interesting, it quickly became a boring fantasy drama.

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