When Will Konosuba Season 3 Release Date?

Konosuba season 3 release date

The Konosuba anime series is known as Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo! In Japan, it is based upon a popular light novel. The anime adaptation is a light novel series. Kanasaki Takaomi directed the first season and Studio DEEN animated it. We had another season, and now it is about konosuba season 3.


Konosuba Season 3

We are going to explore the Konosuba verse.

Konosuba Story


Konosuba follows Kazuma Satou, a teenager who has “saved” the life of a young girl. Instead of being a typical isekai power fantasy, Kazuma is a more ordinary adventurer who uses his smarts and luck to achieve his true goal, which is to take down the Demon Kings.

Kazuma, always the outcast, is the straight guy (in more than one way) to his zany party member, who are the exact opposite of Kazuma. They are strong on the outside but borderline useless because of their debilitating personalities.

Aqua, the goddess water, has a love for partying and a penchant to drink; Megumin, a wizard that can only cast one spell; and, last but not least Darkness, a strong fighter who converted all her stats into strength to get more hits.

konosuba volumes

Konosuba Season 3
Light Novel17

Konosuba anime light novel volumes

kazuma & megumin
Konosuba AnimeLight Novel Volumes Adapted
Season 11-2
Season 23-4

Knosuba Cast & Characters

megumin from konosuba
CharacterVoice actor
KazumaJun Fukushima
AquaSora Amamiya
MeguminRie Takahashi
DarknessAi Kayano
WizYui Horie
YunyunAki Toyosaki

Anime Staff

Konosuba Season 3
Position for Anime StaffPersonal
DirectorTakaomi Kanasaki
Series Composition. ScriptMakoto Uezu
Character DesignKouichi Kikuta
StudioDeen, J.C.Staff

Konosuba Season 3 Release Date

Konosuba Season 3

Although the show was announced, it is still being produced and will likely take at least a year before it goes on air.

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The two first seasons of Konosuba were released in January. This means that the release date for the third season is likely to be January 2023. The average time it takes to release a new season after it is announced is 12-18 months.

Because of this, Konosuba season 3 will not be released in 2022. It is not something you can expect this year. However, we will be able to get the release date for it this year. As soon as we get information about the Konosuba Season 3 Release Date on the official konosuba Twitter account, we will update this post.

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KonoSuba Season 3: The Plot

Konosuba Season 3

Konosuba follows Kazuma, a young boy who saves a girl from a car approaching. However, upon his death, he is sent into a world that resembles that of a role playing game (RPG). There, he creates a dysfunctional group with knight Darkness, wizard Megumin and goddess Aqua.

Konosuba season 3 will likely cover volumes 6 and 7, as the film adaptations and the first two seasons covered the first five chapters.

He is enjoying the prize money as word spreads about Kazuma’s victory over the Devil King. This attracted The Crown’s attention quickly, and Princess Iris asked him to assist in capturing The Chivalrous Thief Chris who had stolen the empire’s treasure. The fight against the Devil King’s army ends in tragedy. Kazuma is forced to leave his group and exiled in shame. The former gamer who has been resurrected will have to prove his identity and uncover a huge royal plot. Season three will likely focus on Megumin and Kazuma’s blossoming love, which was a key theme of the 2019 film.

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