When Will Mortel Season 3 Release Date ?


Deadly is also known by the name Deadly. It is a French supernatural television series. The audience has responded well to the Mortal series. When will season 3 of Deadly be available?

IMDb has given Deadly 6.5 out 10 points. The Mortal series combines drama, crime, and fantasy. To learn more about the third season, please read the entire article.

Will the supernatural TV series be renewed or canceled after the second season?

Mortel Season 3

Mortal season 2 is finally available on Netflix after a long wait. This series has six episodes, ranging from 40 minutes to 70 minutes in length. It is now available to stream on Netflix. The show has been watched over and over by many fans who aren’t sure if it will ever be renewed.

In November 2018, Netflix premiered the first season of the TV series. After a wait of 19 months, fans finally got to view new episodes on July 2, 2021. Is there an official release date yet for Deadly season3 on Netflix? Is the series going to be renewed or cancelled?

Mortel Season 3 TRAILER

Mortel Season 3

The trailer for Mortel Season 3 is still not available. It may be released after the announcement about the third season. Let’s check out the official trailer for the second season.

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Mortel Season 3 Release Date

Mortel Season 3

Firstly, it is still not known when Mortal Season 3 will be released. So, we are hopeful that it will soon be announced. It might be announced soon after confirmation of the third season in the Mortal series. The third season of Mortal will be available on Netflix sometime in 2022. This is July 1, 2022. Let’s wait and see what happens next.

Mortel Season 3

Mortal Season 1 was available on Netflix on November 21, 2019. Mortal Season 2 was available on Netflix on July 2, 2021.

We will update this page if we receive any information regarding the release date for the third season in the Mortal series. So this website is updated regularly so make sure you check it often. 

Mortel Season 3 Cast : who will be the chosen ones?

Mortel Season 3
  1. Carl Malapa as Sofiane Kada
  2. Nemo Schiffman as Victor Wanderwelt
  3. Manon Bresch as Luisa Manjimbe
  4. Corentia Fila as Obe
  5. Anais Thomas as Audrey Jourdant
  6. Lea Leviant as Melanie Tavares
  7. Firmine Richard as Elizabeth
  8. Georgina Elizabeth Okon as Elizabeth
  9. Jacob Vigil as Victor
  10. Marvin Dubart as Bastien Duponchel
  11. Sami Outalbali as Reda Kada
  12. Raphaelle Agogue as Celine Wanderwelt
  13. Elvis Pereira as Johnny
  14. Alika Del Sol as Lamia Kada
  15. Zoe Heran as Laurine Pelletier
  16. Daouda Keita as Ousmane Blanchard
  17. Jean-Francois Guerlach as Karim Kada
  18. Soumaye Bocoum as Kaina
  19. Bruni Makaya as Modibo
  20. Ryan Cargill as Kylian
  21. Assa Sylla as Nora Cissoko
  22. Magaly Berdy as Angela
  23. Stephane Brel as Herve
  24. Lou Lampros as Juliette Wanderwelt
  25. Anthony Paliotti as Laurent
  26. Kit Sheehan as Audrey Jourdant
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