When Will Reservation Dogs Season 2 Release Date ?

Reservation Dogs Season 2, a Native American TV series about four teenagers in Oklahoma, deals with adult challenges and tries to fulfill their California dream. Sterlin Harjo, Taika Waititi and Taika Waititi created the teen comedy-drama series for FX. It was released its first episode on August 9, 2021. Reservation Dogs aired 18 episodes in Oklahoma. This made it the first series to do so. The show was filmed by Piki Films, a production firm founded by Taika Waititi, Carthew Neal and Film Rite.



The trailer for Season 2 Reservation dogs shows Jackie and Elora stopping at a gift shop, and their car breaking down. This trailer will give viewers a better look at their relationship since Season 1. The trailer will show glimpses of their relationship from when they were babies to today. Willie Jack is struggling with guilt over believing that all is her fault. Bear is now working alongside his uncle, Nathan Apodaca (also known as 420doggface208), in construction. Bear’s mom Rita ( Sarah Podemski), looks like she will have a lot of fun in Season 2. The reunion of the core group is teased with everyone hugging one another.

Reservation Dogs Season 2 Plot

Reservation Dogs Season 2 Plot

Season 2 of Reservation Dogs tells the story about the gang’s drifting apart and how they deal with their individual problems while still maintaining their friendship. Elora is accompanied by Jackie, her gang rival. Jackie takes a dangerous trip to California. Elora’s grandmother Mabel becomes ill. Cheese and Willie Jack find the ingredients to reverse the curse Willie Jack believed broke the gang. Bear is offered a job and discusses Daniel’s death with his father. Cheese is sent to a group home where he talks about Daniel. Willie Jack, Bear and Bear graduate high school. A letter from Daniel finally changes everything.

Many characters face their ghosts in this season while seeking guidance from ancestral spirits. The gang and other Natives on the reservation are shown releasing their past traumas to help them grow. They show support for one another, even in spite of the divisions within the community.

Reservation Dogs Season 2 Release date

Reservation Dogs Season 2 Release date

The premiere of Reservation Dogs Season 1 was broadcast on August 9, 2021. Season 2 was broadcast on September 20, 2021. Reservation Dogs Season 2 features ten episodes. This is in contrast to season 1, which featured eight episodes. Each episode is approximately thirty minutes long. The second season premiered on August 3, 2022. Its first two episodes were available on Hulu on FX. Weekly, Reservation Dogs Season 2 episodes were released on Wednesdays. These are the dates of all ten episodes in Reservation Dogs Season 2

EpisodeRelease Date
1August 3, 2022
2August 3, 2022
3August 10, 2022
4August 17, 2022
5August 24, 2022
6August 31, 2022
7September 7, 2022
8September 14, 2022
9September 21, 2022
Finale 10/seasonSeptember 28, 2022

Recap of Reservation Dogs Season 1

Recap of Reservation Dogs Season 1

Reservation Dogs was created by Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo. It follows four Indigenous teens, Elora (Devery Jacques), Bear (D’Pharaoh Won-A-Tai), Willie Jack, Paulina Alexis, and Cheese (Lane Factor), all of whom live on an Oklahoma reservation. They are troublemakers but have heart of gold. They are passionate about their community, and the friends and family they have. It has been one year since Daniel ( Dalton Cramer) died. They want to pay tribute to him by pursuing his dream of moving to California. They must first get the money to move and clear up any lingering issues at home.

They take a chip delivery truck and drive the truck to a salvage yard. They sell the truck to Kenny Boy ( Kirk Fox), but they keep the chips for Bear’s yard and charge 50 cents each. Officer Big ( Zahn Mclarnon), who is a light horseman stops by to ask them about the stolen chiptruck. However, the group denies knowing anything. Officer Big mentions other crimes in the town, including graffiti and taking copper out streetlamps. These are all minor crimes that were committed by the group.

NDN Mafia, which includes Jackie ( Elva Guerra), Bone Thug Dog( Jude Barnett), Weeze [ Xavier Bigpond] and White Steve ( Jack Maricle] drive up to toss paintballs at them to claim the street for theirs. Bear falls unconscious after one of their blasts. Bear meets William Knifeman ( Dallas Goldtooth), an Indigenous spirit who was present at the Battle of Little Horn. He was not killed in battle but was instead crushed by his horse. He enjoys joking around but William Knifeman gives Bear valuable life advice before he awakes.

It all began with the Gang Stealing a Truck of Chips

In the first episode, viewers are plunged into one of the “Reservation Dogs’ most significant thefts: the transport truck containing Flaming Flamers chip. Bear Smallhill (D’Pharaoh Woon’A-Tai), Elora Daan Postoak(Devery Jacobs), Willie Jack, Paulina Alexis and Cheese (Lane Factor), have been the most prolific thieves on the reservation. They rob everything and anything to sell to the “Meth Heads”, led by Kenny Boy and Kenny Cardarople. They want to flee their life on the reservation and move to California. They grieve the loss of Daniel and Big (Zahn Mclarnon), is their only hope.

The Indian Mafia

The Indian Mafia

The Indian Mafia, a rival gang, begins to stalk “The Reservation Dogs”, named by Mose (Lil Mike), and Mekko (“Funny Bone”) respectively. After an ambush with paintballs, Bear falls asleep and is redirected by a Spirit (Dallas Goldtooth), who tells him to use the influence of his crew for good rather than ruining people’s lives like the truck driver. Bear is also told by the Spirit that he was at the Battle of Little Bighorn. However, he didn’t kill General Custer. Instead, his horse fell into a hole and the spirit succumbed to the crushing weight of the horse.

Later, while the foursome is enjoying catfish, the driver describes how the truck theft has affected his life. Bear awakens and tells his friends of the vision. Elora later brings her share of the money to Bear and they attempt to buy the truck back. But, all that is left are the bottom platform as well as the wheels.

The NDN Clinic

The NDN Clinic

Jackie Guerrera, a rival gang leader, tracks Bear down and beats him. He is sent away with a bloody nose. He is accompanied by Willie, Elora, and Cheese to the NDN clinic. Cheese wanders off in search of candy, while Willie sells Willie’s homemade meat pie, and Cheese gets sucked into an examination. After his test, he puts on glasses to protect his dilate pupils and runs to his grandma at the hospital. Later, he takes her outside to get fresh air.

Elora visits the clinic when her stomach hurts. The same doctor who examined Cheese’s eyes also consults her. Elora is told by Dr. Kang that her stomach is likely inflamed from eating too many spicy chips. The clinic also employs Bear’s mom Rita (Sarah Podemski). Since Bear separated from her father, both Big the doctor and Big the policeman have their eyes on her. After hearing about Bear’s first fight she rushes out of the clinic in order to stop another skirm when the Indian Mafia arrives at the clinic to confront Bear and Co.

Change your mindset

Change your mindset

Although the friend group shares a deep love, the viewer can see their priorities shifting throughout the season. Despite their determination to raise money for the move to California, doubts begin to surface as they get closer. Halfway through the season Bear spends his California fund on Punkin’ Lusty ( Sten Joddi ). Bear commissions Auntie B ( Kimberly Guerrero), a medallion in the form of a microphone. However, it accidentally looks like a body part. Elora is unhappy that Bear would spend their money on a gift. Bear however is hopeful that they will be able quickly make up the difference. Punkin’ was supposed to be there for the Diabetes Awareness Frybread Feast gig, but he never shows up. Elora is upset by this incident and begins to wonder if her friends really want to move to California. Jackie sends Jackie a text and a strange kinship begins between them.

The tornado that struck the area on the day the group was supposed to depart for California leaves them trapped in a basement of a church with NDN Mafia and the rest of the town. Willie Jack spends some time in the woods with her father and recalls Daniel her cousin. She realizes that California is not something she wants anymore. Cheese soon declares that he’s out, leaving Elora, Bear, and Bear. After everyone has left the basement and the coast is clear, Bear waits on Elora to come pick him up at his driveway. Elora finally decides to pick Jackie up from his driveway and take all of the money they’ve saved for the trip to California.

Who is in it?

Reservation dogs is our main crew of four teens. They are: Bear (D’Pharaoh Woona-Tai), Elora(Devery Jacobs), Willie Jack, Paulina Alexis and Cheese (Lane Factor). It’s safe for us to assume that they will be returning to their roles. However, we hope to see more of the recurring characters, such as Zahn McClarnon and Lil Mike as Big and Funny Bone as rapping Mose, Mekko and Jackie, Elva Guerra and Dallas Goldtooth respectively. However, their future appearances are not yet confirmed.

Deadline reported that the season will feature comedic icons Megan Mullally, Marc Maron.

Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo are the executive producers and co-creators of the series. Harjo is also a showrunner and director.

What is it about?

What is it about?

The trailer shows that Jackie and Elora are not doing well and there are consequences for all. Willie Jack has to break a “white wizard curse”, Bear isn’t doing well on the construction site and the subject of love is raised more than once. Everyone seems to be reunited eventually.

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Jacobs stated to ELLE.com she hopes viewers will see “a wider scope” of her characters’ lives. This could mean that there will be more depictions of teenage life and weekend hangouts. She said that growing up in my neighborhood, weekends were filled with drama, competition, flashiness, flashiness, and snagging. And all the rest of it. “There is so much more to this world than we have ever seen. Season 2 will be a great season. I look forward to seeing more of the town and the wider world these kids live in.

Punkin (Sten Jondi), Bear’s father, is also possible to return. He has been seen in episode 4 of season 1 so far. He’s only seen in Season 1, episode 4. But, will we see him again if there is a Season 2? “I definitely believe we will,” Woon A-Tai stated Television Line. Do I believe Punkin will come to Oklahoma?” “No, I don’t believe so.”

Reservation Dogs Season 2 Cast

Reservation Dogs features a team of indigenous writers and directors. It also stars a majority indigenous cast from North America. The cast includes:

The Rez Dogs

  • D’Pharaoh Woona-Tai, Bear Small Hill, self-declared leader among the Rez Dogs
  • Devery Jacobs and Elora Dan Post oak
  • Lane Factor is Chester Williams, also known as “Cheese”,
  • Paulina Alexis as Wilhelmina Jacqueline, nicknamed “Willie Jack”
    • Dalton Cramer is Daniel, a friend of the Rez Dogs and Willie Jack’s cousin

NDN Mafia is the rival to Rez Dogs

NDN Mafia is the rival to Rez Dogs
  • Jackie is portrayed by Elva Guerra, leader of NDN Mafia
  • Jack Maricle is White Steve
  • Jude Barbette as Bone Thug Dog
  • Xavier Bigpond is a Weezer

You can also find these casts:

  • Sarah Podemski is Rita Bear’s mother
  • Dallas Goldtooth, William Knifeman is Bear’s spirit guide
  • Zahn McClarnon is Officer Big, a light-horseman
  • Gary Farmer, Elora’s Uncle, is Uncle Brownie.
  • Tamara Podemski, Elora’s Aunt, as Teenie
  • Bobby Lee plays Dr. Kang
  • Jon Proudstar is Leon, Willie Jack’s father
  • Kimberly Guerrero is Auntie B, Willie Jack’s aunt
  • Jennifer Podemski is Willie Jack’s mom

Reservation Dogs has some guest stars like Lily Gladstone and Bill Burr. Brandon Boyd, Joy Harjo (NOT related with Sterlin Harjo), Michael Spears, and Brandon Boyd are also among them.

Reservation Dogs Season 2 Rating

Reservation Dog’s Season 2 received positive reviews for its handling of dark material such as trauma, grief, and with humor that is not too blatant or excessive. It captures the feelings of a teenager wanting to leave the same place you live in and all the things you would do to find better pastures. The show depicts the experiences of teenagers as well as traumas. It also reflects the Native American vision.

Reservation Dogs Season 2 did better than season 1. It received a one-step increase from its 99% rating to 100% Rotten Tomatoes and several steps higher from 83/100 up to 93/100 Metacritic. The teen drama series currently has an IMDb rating of 8.1/10 and 84% on Google.

Have Reservation Dogs been renewed in season 3?

Have Reservation Dogs been renewed in season 3?
RESERVATION DOGS “Satvrday’” Episode 8 (Airs, Monday, September 20) Pictured: (l-r) Paulina Alexis as Willie Jack, Lane Factor as Cheese, D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai as Bear, Devery Jacobs as Elora Danan. CR: Shane Brown/FX

Reservation Dogs was renewed for Season 3 on September 22, 2022. This is before the end of the first season. The third season of Reservation Dogs will be available on Hulu in August or September 2023.

Watch Reservation Dogs Season 2

Reservation Dogs Seasons 1 & 2 are available on Hulu . Reservation Dogs Season 2 has a half-hour long episode. The total streaming time is approximately six hours. Reservation Dogs can be viewed on Hulu by anyone outside the USA using a VPN.

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