When Will Silo Release Date?

When Will Silo Release Date?

Silo, previously known as Wool, is a science fiction streaming television series. It is written and created by Graham Yost. It is also based on Hugh Howey’s Silo series of books, and was directed by Morten Tildum. The science fiction book Wool is his first contribution to the Silo Trilogy.

The author self-published the book as an ebook in 2011. It includes illustrations that depict the post-apocalyptic world. Simon and Schuster licensed the book, and it became a bestseller.

The plotline of the upcoming series is also intriguing. 

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Although Silo will be set in the far future, Apple TV+ won’t make it difficult for you to catch the latest offerings. Silo will be streaming on Friday, May 5, so you don’t need to wait for months. You’ll soon be exploring a huge bunker and a dangerous world. And all the mysteries and secrets that it holds.

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Preview of silo


Apple’s “Silo”, a series of dystopian novels based on Hugh Howey’s New York Times bestseller trilogy, is inspired by Apple’s. Graham Yost, Emmy-nominated screenwriter and showrunner, has released a teaser trailer and photos of the series. The first three episodes are directed by Morten Tyldum, an Academy Award nominee. Rebecca Ferguson is the executive producer.

Silo is the story about the last ten million people on Earth. They live in a mile-deep tunnel, protecting themselves from the deadly and toxic world outside. But no one knows why the silo was constructed and anyone trying to discover it risks being killed. Juliette is played by Ferguson. She plays Juliette, an engineer looking for answers to the murder of her loved one. However, she stumbles across a mystery that is much deeper than she ever could have imagined. This leads Ferguson to realize that lies won’t kill, and that truths will.

Rebecca Ferguson is the series’ leader. She plays ‘Juliette’, a self-sufficient, hardworking engineer. Tim Robbins plays Bernard, the head IT at the Silo. David Oyelowo plays Holston, the silo’s sheriff. Rashida Jones portrays Holston’s wife Allison, who works as an IT specialist. Common portrays Sims, the head of judicial security at the silo. Harriet Walter plays Martha Walker, ChinazaUche portrays Paul Billings and Avi Nash portrays Lukas Kyle.


“Silo” was written by Graham Yost (“Band of Brothers,” “Justified”) and directed by Morten Tildum (“Defending Jacob,” „The Imitation Game”). Ferguson, Tyldum and Yost are the executive producers of the series, along with Hugh Howey, Silo series author. The executive producers of the sci-fi drama were Nina Jack and Remi Aubuchon. Graham Yost also serves as the showrunner.

Hugh Howey wrote Silo, a series post-apocalyptic sciencefiction books that began in 2011. It includes the story “Wool”, and was published with four sequel novelslas to form a novel of the same name. The series includes Wool, Shift, Dust and three short stories. Wool: The Graphic Novel is also included.

Review of silo


This story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where every person who survived survives is in the Silo. The Silo is an underground city that is one hundred forty-four stories tall. It can be viewed from many angles. This long series features many unique characters. The first is Holston, who is the sheriff of Silo.

As you get to know Holston better, the character of Holston becomes more involved in the story. Although he has seen worse days, there are still good days. His wife Allison died a few years ago after she became psychotic due to being underground and demanded that she go outside. This is considered a death sentence in their universe. It seemed that she was dying intentionally, and she couldn’t bear it any longer.

The sheriff felt responsible for her death. His worries are not over, as he still has thousands of people in the Silo. These people only know the outside through the dust-covered cameras and sensors that are placed on the surface. They see the toxic and frightening environment.

Our review reveals the city’s system of justice. It states that the death penalty for a horrible crime is to be sent outside to live in a life-threatening environment. It would seem that this is a death sentence. However, a few characters might surprise you when they are sent out. 

Thanks to the original books, the series is lengthy and the short stories that were added to it make the story even more interesting. There are many things that go on in these books. The Silo has a strict regulation on life. Everyone must have their fair share because they don’t have much.


Each person has a task, each one more difficult than others.

Hugh has also created a class for people. There are three levels: those who live at the top of the Silo, the mid-levels and those who live at the bottom of the Silo. Hugh has thought of everything to make the series as unique and exciting as possible.

Based on what you’ve read in this Silo review, you can be confident that the books will appeal to you. If you love science fiction post-apocalyptic stories, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to take a closer look at these books.

Silo Movie Satellite Rights


Everyone is eager to watch the Silo movie in their home from as soon as it’s released in theaters. The film producer will give the Satellite rights to a TV channel in order to broadcast the film on television. We will soon provide an update regarding the Silo movie satellite rights. We will shortly update the official channel with satellite rights to the Silo movie for streaming on their platform. A massive promotion will take place before the satellite release.

Silo stars who else?


Rashida Jones, a comedian and actress who has starred in Parks and Recreation and The Social Network, will play Wool. The drama will feature Allison. Harriet Walter (Rocketman and Killing Eve) and Common star as well. The Walking Dead’s star Avi Nash plays Lukas, an IT expert.

How to watch Silo on Apple TV+


You can watch the movie online streaming on the OTT Platform by visiting the official OTT Website or downloading the OTT App

Register with your phone number and email ID to create a password if you’re new to the Platform.

You can login to your OTT platform if you’re an existing user by entering your login id or password.

After logging in, you will be taken to your home page. Here you can view the most recent movies streaming on the OTT platform.

The search tab is where you need to enter the Movie name into the search bar.

You will then be able to download the movie. You can now watch the movie by clicking the Watch Now button. Select the language you wish to view the movie in.

You will need subtitles if you are unable to see the text. Please enable the subtitle option in the bottom right corner.

Enjoy the movie in the comfort of your own home.

Silo Movie OTT Platform Name


The OTT platform has a variety of movies. If you’re looking for Silomovie OTT Platform for watching movies online, you have come to the right place. Officially, Apple TV+ has the Silo Movie OTT Rights. The post-promo will soon be available. Soon, the official updates will be posted on Apple TV+’s social media accounts! Apple TV+ also allows you to stream more movies.

Silo in Apple TV+ plot


Silo takes place in a toxic, tragic future. Rebecca plays Juliette or Jules, an engineer who is independent and hardworking. Jules lives in a silo, hundreds of stories deep. This is Jules’ only chance to survive on a poisonous planet. They are required to adhere to the rules that they believe will protect them. Some survivors rebel against these rules and wish to dream of a better tomorrow. They are considered dangerous and are punished by being forced to go outside to “clean”. They won’t be able to survive this task.

The story of Wool takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The Silo is a subterranean city that lies 144 feet below the surface. It houses what little of humanity. You must follow certain rules, the most important of which is not to talk about or even think about going outside.

Anybody who wishes to help is allowed to clean the sensors outside that serve as cameras for the outside world. All the cleaners will soon die from exposure to toxic gases as they are exposed. Jules, played in Rebecca Ferguson, is determined, responsible, and stubborn engineer who is chosen to be The Silo’s sheriff. Soon, she is assigned to the same fate as Holston’s former sheriff and wife.



Silo will premiere in May and tell the story about the last 10,000 humans on Earth. It is set in an enormous structure located a mile below the surface of Earth that protects them from the toxic hellscape. Apple TV+ revealed this information. Even though the silo has been home to the last remnants, nobody knows when or why. These and many other questions will keep Rebecca Ferguson’s Juliette occupied on her quest for the truth, regardless of what it might reveal.

If the show is anything like Hugh Howey’s New York Times bestseller dystopian trilogy then it will provide an expansive look at Silo, its inhabitants, and those who want to discover the truth behind the lies.

There have been many attempts over the years to adapt Howey’s trilogy. But Silo, an Apple TV+ series, is the first. Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox initially purchased the film rights in 2012, with Ridley Scott leading the charge and Steve Zaillian as the chiefs. A TV adaptation was also in the works at AMC but they were also cancelled.

Cast of silo


Silo cast — Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette

Rebecca Ferguson, a Swedish actress, is most well-known for her role in Mission: Impossible. In 2021, she played Lady Jessica Atreides in Dune the sci-fi film. She is seen as Jenny Lind in The Greatest Showman and also stars in Doctor Sleep, Men in Black: International and The Girl on the Train. In addition to her role in The Greatest Showman, she plays Queen Elizabeth in The White Queen TV miniseries.

Silo cast — Tim Robbins plays Bernard

Tim Robbins plays Bernard, the power-hungry head in IT. After playing Andy Dufresne’s role in The Shawshank Redemption, Tim was Hollywood royalty. He was also a star in Mystic River and High Fidelity, as Harlan Ogilvy. He has also been seen in TV shows Castle Rock, Here and Now and The Spoils of Babylon. He is married to Susan Sarandon, an actress.

Silo cast — David Oyelowo plays Holston

David Oyelowo plays the role of Silo’s Sheriff. He is determined to find out why his wife did not clean the external sensors, and he died while doing so. David played Martin Luther King in Selma, the 2014 film. He also starred as Javert in Les Miserables on TV. He has also appeared on Spooks, Small Island and Star Wars: Rebels as well as the BBC1 drama The Girl Before.

Silo Movie trailer


The Silo trailer has been successfully released. The official trailer for Silo has been attached. You can watch and enjoy the trailer below. We are constantly updating the information regarding The Silo Movie. If you have any questions, please comment below.

Silo Movie Digital Rights | Silo OTT Platform Details


Silo is an English Sci-Fiction Film. It stars Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins and Rashida Jones. Avi Nash and Chinaza Uche are the producers. Morten Tyldum directed the film. The central board of film certification has approved the movie with a certificate “TVMA”. Here you will find the Silo movie OTT Platform and digital rights for streaming online, Silo Movie OTT release dates, Silo Satellite rights, and Silo TV Channel rights.



Apple TV+ provided the world with a glimpse into Silo’s world in March 2023. It did this by releasing a teaser trailer. This contained a lot of details and images from the series. Although the trailer’s 97 seconds don’t give much information about the show’s first series, it does ask a key question: “What if all you know is false?”

It was hard to not be intrigued by the dystopian setting, and the myriad mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the planet after watching the brief footage.



Silo’s first season will consist of 10 episodes. However, not all of them will be available simultaneously. Apple TV+ announced that the two first episodes of the new dystopian sci fi series will air on Friday, May 5, with eight additional chapters appearing each week until June 30, 2010.

Apple TV+ announced the rollout model. It also revealed that Morten Tyldurn (who previously worked on Defending Jacob) would be the director for the first three episodes. However, other filmmakers have yet to be disclosed.

Morten’s career includes movies such as The Imitation Game, Passengers and Headhunters.



Graham Yost is perhaps best known for his work on the FX series Justified. He will now be running Silo as writer and showrunner. The Hollywood screenwriter who created classic action movies in the ’90s like Speed and Broken Arrow has a long history on small screens. He has written numerous episodes of everything, from Band of Brothers to follow-up series The Pacific, Sneaky Pete, and even The Americans.

Yost will also be one of the show’s executive producers along with Hugh Howey and Morten Tyldurn.

As we near Silo’s May 5th debut, expect to hear more about it. While we wait, you can take a look through the 2023 TV schedule and see what’s on the horizon.

Hugh Howey – Wool and Silo novels


The science fiction novel Wool

(opens in a new tab

He is the first book in the Silo trilogy. Hugh Howey published it as an e-book and self-published it in 2011. It includes illustrations depicting the post-apocalyptic environment in which it is set. Simon and Schuster licensed it and made it a bestseller.

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