When Will Tamayomi Season 2 Release Date ?

Tamatomi Season 2 Release Date

Although there are no details on the development of season 2, Tamayomi is working on it. Once an update is available, we will post it on this page. To be the first to hear when a decision has been made, subscribe below to our season Two fanalert. We are always interested in your opinions, so please leave them below.

Tamayomi Season 2 is now available. It’s been one year since the last time fans saw Tamayomi. Baseball is a popular sport in anime. Many shows revolve around this sport and nearly all of them have received positive reviews. Tamayomi is no exception. The anime impressed the viewers. When will we be able to see the second series? These are the most recent details.

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Tamayomi’s Baseball Girls anime is a Japanese series of sports animation. It’s a remake of Mountain Pukuichi’s manga series with the same name. Studio A-Cat animated this first episode. This anime was first viewed by viewers on April 1, 2020. It aired for twelve episodes. The Season 1 finale aired June 17, 2020. Since then, fans have been searching for Tamayomi Season 2.

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Tamayomi SeASON 2: Release Date

Tamayomi SeASON 2: Release Date

The time at which the renewal is completed will determine the release date. The show could return if the producers wave the green flag before the end of the year. Tamayomi Season 2 will be available by 2022, or the first half 2023. We promise to update this section when the exact date is known. For all the latest details, keep checking The nntheblog.

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Tamayomi season 2: Renewal Statute!

Tamayomi season 2: Renewal Statute!

The first season received a positive response from viewers. However, it did not get the same response from experts. This show received mixed reviews from critics. Its score of 5.73 on MyAnimeList was also very low. The anime has only 10K members in its MAL Group. There have been eight volumes of the manga series. Only half of the content was adapted for the first season. Studio A-Cat has the source material for Tamayomi Season 2 so that’s good news. The manga is still available, and they will eventually have more.

The popularity and low ratings for the first season might prevent creators from renewing Tamayomi Series 2. The chances of the anime returning are low at the moment. The possibility of the anime returning will increase if it is more popular.

Tamayomi – The Baseball Girls Anime Review

Tamayomi - The Baseball Girls Anime Review

The anime series focused on cute girls playing baseball. It had many flaws, but the most notable were the visuals and storyline. The show will be ranked in the middle of both the best and worst sports anime. As there are no fillers, the general pace of the show is excellent. The plot was also lacking depth. This show’s best episodes were the five that featured a fierce baseball tournament.

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To fully understand Tamayomi, however, you need to be familiarized with baseball. The animation and art used in the series was pretty average. The anime isn’t groundbreaking or extraordinary, but it’s worth checking out.

Tamayomi - The Baseball Girls Anime Review

TAmayomi Synopsis

Since their childhoods, Yomi Takeda has loved baseball as much as Tamaki Yamazaki. Yomi’s talent for throwing the ball with magic seemed to be a result of playing catch together. They promised that they would continue playing baseball together when they were older, but soon separated. In the years that followed Tamaki became a skilled catcher but Yomi didn’t get very far despite her throwing prowess.


Yomi decides to give up her passion and enrolls at Shin Koshigaya High school for her first year. Despite her best efforts to avoid baseball, Yomi meets Yoshino Kawaguchi and Ibuki Kawaguchi who are both avid fans of the game. Tamaki also happens to be there, and they decide to play catch, reviving Yomi’s passion for pitching.

Yomi, Tamaki and their fathers, Ibuki, reunited to fulfill their childhood promise. They are working together to revive the school’s baseball team, which had been in hiatus. Shin Koshigaya’s girls baseball team now wants to win the national championships.

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