When Will The Vampire Diaries Season 9 Release Date?

The Vampire Diaries Season 9

The Vampire Diaries season 9 juuuuu release date, cast, and all we know so far. The Vampire Diaries Season 9 is still in the works. The confirmation of The Vampire Diaries Season 9 will take a while. We are not aware of any official updates to The Vampire Diaries Season 9 but expect that it will be soon.

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural drama for teens. It’s an American series. All previous seasons of The Vampire Diaries have been released on The CW Television Network.

When Will The Vampire Diaries Season 9 Release Date?

Vampire Diaries Season 1 premiered on September 10, 2009 and was completed May 13, 2010. The Vampire Diaries Season 1 through Season 7 contains 22 episodes. The Vampire Diaries Season 8 contains 16 episodes. It was released on 21 October 2016 and completed 10 March 2017.

The Vampire Diaries fans have been waiting for Season 9 for a while. The Vampire Diaries Season 9 has not been renewed at the moment. However, we will keep you posted on any news regarding it.

Some rumors have circulated about The Vampire Diaries Season 9, claiming that it has been cancelled. However, it is not. It is still not confirmed. You should only believe the official update.

The Vampire Diaries Season 9 is expected to be released sometime in 2021 or 2022.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 will feature Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore and Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett. Zach Roerig will play Matt Donovan. Michael Malarkey will portray Enzo. Demetrius Bridges will portray Dorian Williams. Nathalie Kelly plays Sybil. Tierney Mumford is Lizzie Saltzman. Joel Gretsch will portray Peter Maxwell. Kayla Ewell will play Vicki Donovan. Reece Odum will play Karen.

It also features Sammi Hanratty playing Violet Fell, Wole Parcs as Cade and Lily-Rose Mumford playing Josie Saltzman. Allison Scagliotti plays Georgie Dowling. St. John Kristen Gutoskie is Seline. Matt Davis is Alaric Saltzman. Candice King plays Caroline Forbes. Ian Somerhalder is Damon Salvator.

Where can I watch the Vampire Diaries?

Where can I watch the Vampire Diaries?

The CW has The Vampire n Diaries available for viewing. The CW has all eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries. If announced, we expect that The Vampire Diaries’ ninth season will air on The CW.

The Vampire Diaries Season 9 could be announced. Let’s wait and see what happens next. We will update this page as soon as we receive any information about The Vampire Diaries’ ninth season.

How many episodes are in The Vampire Diaries’?

The Vampire Diaries has 171 episodes. Each episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 1 and Season 2 includes 22 episodes. Season 3 also contains 22 episodes.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 contains a total 23 episodes. Each episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Season 6 and Season 7 contains 22 episodes.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 contains 16 episodes. The number of episodes for the ninth season of The Vampire Diaries is unknown at this time. Let’s wait and see what happens next.

Are The Vampire Diaries Worth Seeing?

Are The Vampire Diaries Worth Seeing?

The Vampire Diaries series is definitely worth your time. It is one the most popular series on The CW. The Vampire Diaries can be viewed on Netflix.

Don’t forget to bookmark this site and to visit it every day for the latest news and updates. Keep checking back for the next update.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Review

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Review

“I Was Feeling Epic”: Eight seasons back, Elena Gilbert met Stefan Salvatore. They spoke all night. It was amazing. It was epic. Now, it was Stefan’s turn in the series finale. He had to do something, or better, something other that was extraordinary… and it cost him his entire life.

Let’s move on to the final recap. No, I didn’t weep as I wrote it. (Yes, I did.)

Bonnie’s collapse is the beginning of the action. Stefan tries CPR to revive Bonnie, but it doesn’t work. When Caroline’s vampire blood fails to work, we see Bonnie wandering through the woods when she spots Elena, who is lying in what appears to be a very comfortable bed. Elena is excited to meet her best friend and hug Bonnie. But then she realizes what it means. If Bonnie is here it means Bonnie has died. This is not OK with Elena. Bonnie was meant to live a full and healthy life, and then grow old. But Bonnie tells Elena that she can now be with Enzo… She’s ready.

Enzo is not. Bonnie is greeted by Enzo, who tells Bonnie that it’s not her turn before he pulls Bonnie back into the light. This causes Bonnie to wake up. Bonnie hugged Caroline and told Stefan, “I saw Elena.” “I saw Elena.”

Damon and Matt arrive back at the bell tower to stop Vicki ringing the bell. But Vicki tells them that there is nothing they can do. Damon is determined to prove that and throws Vicki from the bell tower. He has always loved to kill her. It doesn’t take her long to return and after he “tests” his theory by breaking Vicki’s neck, it’s clear: Vicki will just keep coming back to life. Damon then leaves Matt to talk to his sister, while he prepares for Matty Blue to fail.

Vicki tells her brother that Katherine instructed her to ring her bell every five minutes until Mystic Falls is destroyed. Vicki is certain that she cannot go back to hell. She would rather die and go, which is what she will do after she rings the bell for the 12th time. Matt realizes he cannot stop his sister and activates the evacuation protocol inciting a gas leak. The best part? He said, “Yes… again.” Poor Mystic Falls with its gas leaks.

Stefan and Damon are back at Salvatore trying to decide their next move. Damon says that Katherine “played long and won”. He thinks so before he turns the corner to see that Elena’s coffin has been empty. Damon finally gets to see Elena round the corner.

It was…sort of. Damon rushes over to Elena and gives her a hug, before realizing that something was wrong. He drops Elena in a flash, mostly , because she is Katherine. Her reaction? “Rude.” “Rude”

Katherine says that Elena is still in a spiritual coma after a quick “hello, brothers” greeting. Katherine uses a line from season 1 Damon to explain where Elena is. Here’s the whole explanation of this season. Since Katherine Pierce arrived in hell, she has been manipulating men to power. Cade has had her finger wrapped around, and that is why he was so interested in Salvatores. Katherine tells him, “He wanted me because I wanted you.”

Now, she has her ultimate revenge. All of Mystic Falls including Elena’s corpse will be set on fire at 10 p.m. Katherine says, “And I think one of your Salvatores will be going down with her.” The question is: Which one?

Stefan stabbing her with the bone knife that they made in the previous episode. This buys them some time before she inevitably wakes. They set off to find Elena. Damon and Stefan parted ways to cover more ground. Caroline promised to meet Stefan at school but Ric was not impressed. He wants Caroline to join him in getting the girls out. Caroline uses the “It’s Elena”, excuse, which has worked many times before. But Caroline now has daughters that need her. Ric informs Caroline that he doesn’t have to remind her of what it’s like for a mother to die. Ric isn’t pulling any punches here, guys.

NEXT – Caroline and Stefan say farewell

Caroline says she will get to safety but first she must meet Stefan. Stefan is the last glimpse he offers us before we find her body in the boilerroom. What’s the problem? Kai apparently helped Katherine spell the room so Elena couldn’t escape.

Stefan calls Damon, and informs him that they must get Katherine to break her spell. But, as usual, Katherine is just a few steps ahead of everyone. Kitty Kat, in all her glory — curly locks and all — is back and informs Damon she isn’t looking to negotiate. This time, not this time. Because she’s about get all she wants: Mystic falls will go up in flames with everyone. Damon calls her jealous because she says that Elena and Stefan would choose them over her. 

Two can play this game. We must not forget Katherine is a master at hitting the Salvatores. Damon’s greatest insecurity is hers. She says that she would choose Stefan, because she would. Any woman would. Stefan is the superior man. Damon then stabs Katherine.

Elena is still trapped under a spell and Stefan and Caroline are looking for a way out. They call Ric (and Bonnie) to get them to the Armory. Bonnie begs Stefan to help. Bonnie must save Elena and Damon. Ric has finished saving the day. He tells Caroline that it is time to leave the town and go to the Armory via the tunnels. Bonnie is unable to decide for herself and he hangs up.

Stefan informs Caroline at the high school that Damon must be contacted. At the very least, he has to convince his brother that he wants to leave. Caroline had promised Ric that the girls would not grow up without a mom, and Stefan accepts. He tells her, “Family first.” Caroline reminds him that they are a family now. She cries out, “Don’t let me leave you,” in a moment sure to break your heart. Stefan must move quickly if he wants to convince Damon. He can’t do this unless he is sure she’s safe. He tells her, “He is my brother.” He said that family is the most important thing.

Caroline leaves the Armory with one last “I love you” and heads towards the Armory where Bonnie is, once more, trying to find a way to save her life. Bonnie discovers that Ric had begun research for Project Hail Mary, a.k.a. Bonnie gets an idea for destroying Cade’s hell when she sees the research that Ric and Dorian had started for “Project Hail Mary.

” Ric came to the conclusion they would need a few millions volts of magical energy to destroy hell. This roughly corresponds to the amount of energy in hellfire. Bonnie calls Stefan quickly and informs him that Katherine must be in hell to destroy it. He’s ready to do whatever it takes.

Caroline arrives at the Armory and must leave Bonnie behind in order to travel with Ric, Bonnie, and the girls. Bonnie says, “I’m going to save the world” and she needs to drive off in her car. Ric promises to feed Caroline, so Bonnie Bennett leaves her best friend one last thought: “Don’t do anything stupid Bonnie Bennett.” Bonnie, as she has done many times before, promises that she will be fine. However, she also knows there is a good chance she won’t.

Damon returns to Katherine’s tomb to tell her that Bonnie is going to draw the hellfire through tunnels to protect the town and then send it back to hell, where Katherine and Damon are waiting patiently. Damon informs her that he is looking forward to his death beside her. (How fitting that Katherine should be buried in the same tomb where she spent all her years desiccating.

Damon has at least that plan. Stefan has a different idea. Stefan, ever the martyr, Mshows up and, after Damon daggers Katherine – she’s almost caught with Elijah at that point in terms how many times one can be daggered – the brothers have their most intimate conversation to date. Damon is ready to sacrifice himself and asks Stefan to tell Elena that this was done for her to make amends for his mistakes. Stefan also has past mistakes to make: Bonnie and Enzo are his owes. It is a debt he owes to many people.

Damon quickly reminds his brother that Enzo was not his fault. But when Stefan claims that Stefan is responsible for every droplet of blood he has spilled, Damon counters that he’s spilt more. Stefan attempts a new approach when it becomes clear that neither of them is going to give up on the fight for “who needs redemption most?” In 60 years, he’ll be gone. Damon, on the other hand, still has an eternity ahead of him with Elena. Damon, however, tells his brother that the meaning of eternity is much less without him.

“You think that I want this?” Stefan tells his brother that he just got married. It’s almost two centuries since Stefan made Damon a vampire. But he tells Damon, in one of my favorite lines of the hour: “I have fought for you to become the man who deserves all the happiness out there right now. So let me do it for you.” Damon isn’t moving. Stefan responds with “Then let’s do this for us.”

This is where I take a breather, because I’m still crying as I write this. We’re not finished yet with the tears…

NEXT: Stefan’s big decision

The finale brings us our first exchange of “I love you”, after the season had brought us our first Salvatores “I love yous”s. Before Stefan can respond, Damon says “I love you little brother”, before Stefan can reply. Here’s the tricky part. Damon can force Stefan to do something. Stefan is human.

Damon, with tears in his eyes compels Stefan to go out of the tunnels. He will not stop until Damon’s passing ends the compulsion. He tells Stefan, “I am the big sister.” “Sorry, I was not better at it up until now.” Stefan turns around and walks away.

I spoke two weeks ago about how Damon felt that he had to give up everything in order to save his brother. This was the reason I started the show. He’s shown that he is no longer the man who promised his brother an eternity in misery, but the man who will do whatever it takes to keep his brother alive. If I’m honest, I think there was a part in me that thought Damon would be the end of this show. However, that is not what happened…

Matt returns to the bell tower to visit his father. He is not trying to convince Vicki to stop doing what he’s doing, but to simply see his daughter. (Also, big props to this series for bringing back Tiki’s grandfather, who was the one who recognized Stefan in season 1. This caused Elena to examine his past to discover that he was actually a vampire.

After a final hug, Matt, Peter and Vicki head to the town square. Vicki will ring the bell the 12th time. Ric tells Caroline Stefan’s plan to save everyone, and Vicki does what she can: Ric pulls the car over so she can call Stefan.

Caroline leaves a voicemail for him and, just as I was beginning to think I can handle the conversation, Caroline said the best thing she could in this situation (and the thing that will make you cry the most): “I need your understanding.” Before telling him she loves him forever, she reaffirms that she understands. It is amazing! Seriously.

Vicki rings the bell one last time. As hellfire explodes, Bonnie manages to control the fireball and guide it through the tunnels to the Armory. This is, undoubtedly, the most difficult thing Bonnie has ever done. It was also the coolest thing a witch could have done with fire after season 2’s “sun-and moon” ceremony. Bonnie needs your help. Enzo, Grams, and Lucy are all there, thankfully. It took only six seasons before Lucy fulfilled her promise to Bonnie that Bonnie would be seeing her again.

Together, the badass Bennett ladies send hellfire back to hell. Bonnie declares before she falls, “I did it.”

We find ourselves in the high school. Elena is awake and we hear soundbites of earlier seasons. Stefan asks “Is it the Men’s Room?” As Elena turns the corner, bumps into Stefan.

Elena is naturally confused and asks Stefan for clarification. Stefan tells Elena that he doesn’t know if Bonnie is okay but that Damon would do anything to save Elena. He was willing. Stefan says, “I am human now.” He forced me to go. Damon ought to have known better. Stefan wouldn’t spend a single day as a human and not consume vervain.

Flashbacks to the time before the hellfire returned through the tunnels. Stefan returned to inject Damon with his blood. This gave Damon the cure. It undid the very thing that Damon had promised him. He forces his brother to vampirism just like he forced his brother into it. Now he makes him live the life he desires with Elena.

Stefan realized that his brother would never do anything stupid in that moment. Stefan would die and age without the cure. There was no way to save his life. Damon was out of the picture, so Stefan held Katherine in place, and just before he daggered him, he told her to, quite literally: burn in hell.

NEXT One last Stefan-Elena farewell

Elena quickly registers what Stefan is saying, jumping back to Elena and Stefan in the hallway. Damon is fine but Stefa… he did the right thing, he says to her. “Tonight, I saw a side to Damon that I hadn’t seen in a while. It was the older brother I looked up too, the one who enlisted during the Civil War to please the father of his father, the Damon whom I knew as a boy. I wanted Damon to be alive, and I wanted you the chance to meet him. Elena tells Stefan that Stefan is the better man, contrary to Katherine’s earlier statement. He is the right man.”

Stefan is the “better” man, but I have a minor issue with him. But Damon has completed his evolution. When his brother made him a vampire, he became a “villain”. He’s back to the man he was before his death, nearly 200 years later. This is not because he’s still human but because the self-described selfish vamp has learned to prioritize others. This one moment of redemption has brought both brothers their redemption: Damon because Damon was willing to give his life for others, and Stefan because Stefan did.

It is also a nod to the season two finale in which Damon, who was dying from a werewolf bite, said to Elena that he believed she would have liked him if he had been human. She’s finally going to meet that guy.

Stefan returns to the moment and wipes a tear away from Elena’s eyes as he says, “It’s great to see you, Elena.” One last time.” They hugged one last time before he whispered one final message to her ear. They then slowly separated, mirroring the moment she left Klaus in season 2. Their love story is over. This is what I love about this moment. 

This does not diminish Damon and Elena’s love story nor Stefan and Caroline’s love story. But the simple fact Stefan told Elena his brother was the right guy in this situation brings us back the love triangle that has been the foundation of this show so many years. It’s a lovely wink at the possibility that Stefan and Elena could find their way back together in the future. We won’t know. Stefan’s decision has ended their story. He’s also the reason their stories began.

It makes Katherine’s comment that Stefan is the better man at the beginning of the episode relevant again, without undoing many years of relationships. It was about which brother. But this time it wasn’t about Elena choosing. It was more about who would make the final choice. This time it was Stefan. Maybe it was Stefan who was going to make the ultimate sacrifice, or maybe it was Stefan.

Also, I have to give my hats to both actors in the scene. It seems like they have so many responsibilities. They cannot make this moment romantic because that would be odd. But they must acknowledge that they are saying goodbye to a great love. And they do it so well. Some of you may disagree with me and I understand your feelings, but I feel this moment respects all the vessels.

Finally, we have the lovely callback as The Fray’s “Never Say Never”, the same song which ended the pilot when Stefan arrived on Elena’s porch and she invited him in. That was the beginning of their love story. It was also the night they would have their first date. It marks the (also epic!) end of their love story.

As I walk down the hall away from Elena, which brought me back to season 4, when he did the exact same thing after hearing her tell Damon that she loved Damon, Stefan opens the doors and lets in peace. Lexi is waiting behind his Porsche, leaning against the door. She says “That was beautiful,” and he replies, “I was feeling epic.”

We get Elena’s last “Dear Diary” after Lexi and Stefan’s reunion. Damon wakes her up and she speaks to her voiceover, echoing the sentiments from the pilot. Today, I will smile because it is the day I can live again. Stefan was able to help her find a way to live again after the death of her parents.

Bonnie is watching over Elena as she wakes up. Bonnie finally found a way for Kai to be freed from his spell. They hug and then, in a moment that completely destroys me, both of them realize the truth of the situation. Bonnie tells Elena that Damon is with Caroline, “saying goodbye”

NEXT A farewell to your hero (with great hero hair).

Elena’s diary entry for the Salvatore Crypt continues as we make our way to it. “This life will not be without heartbreak. It will be beautiful and good.” While death brings peace, pain is the price of living. It’s the way we know we are alive, just like love. This is a common sentiment that they have repeated throughout the series. Elena telling Stefan to feel anything, and that emotions are what makes us human. After Alaric’s death, Stefan told Elena the same thing. It’s not about Alaric dying, but Stefan.

Damon and Caroline look at Stefan’s grave marker. It claims Stefan has “now at Peace.” and Caroline believe that. Damon isn’t so sure. She tells Damon that “we’ll see him again”. He is certain they will reopen hell for Damon Salvatore. This is a heartwarming moment for the characters who have come so far. Remember when Caroline was Damon’s puppeteer? She tells Damon, “Don’t be so sure.” Damon somehow won Caroline Forbes over, and that’s quite an accomplishment. They’ve all come together, despite losing Liz and Stefan.

While we are talking about bringing people closer, Caroline walks out to Elena, finding her standing there. Damon finally gets his reunion and kisses Elena as if he meant it.

Elena sits Caroline down and tells her what Stefan whispered to her ear: “Tell Caroline that I heard her,” he said. “And I will also love her forever.” He understood her message! (And now, I’m still crying. Just kidding. (I haven’t stopped.)

Everyone pays their last respects to Stefan as a final farewell. Caroline departs the snow globe that Damon gave her, which Damon then follows with his daylight band. Damon is human now thanks to Stefan. What about the grave? Elena also left her necklace if you pay close attention. He did the first thing to protect her many years ago.

Elena’s voiceover continues into many other voices, and she says that the best thing about losing someone is “Life goes on.”

A final montage reveals that Matt was awarded a bench in recognition of his work as Mystic Falls sheriff. He’s also considering running for mayor. Tyler and Vicki watch Matt with pride, before walking off to their peace.

Bonnie is determined to keep her promise to Enzo. She will travel with Enzo, regardless of whether she realizes it.

Ric and Caroline have opened the Salvatore Boarding School For the Young & Gifted. Damon determined that Stefan’s last wish was fulfilled. Jo is there to look after her daughters as Liz does hers. Then there’s Jeremy Gilbert who has returned to teach children. This doesn’t seem like the best idea. What does he teach? How to cut wood in tight spaces?

But that’s not all. The school was opened by KLAUS MIKAELSON, who donated $3 million! Caroline was also given a letter. I have transcribed it in its entirety because I love you all.

“I have often imagining the possible paths that your life could take, but your chosen path is better than I could ever imagine. I am grateful for your contribution to the noble cause. I look forward to meeting you one day. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Yours, Klaus.” It doesn’t matter how long it takes. You guys, it’s impossible for me. This is unacceptable. Ric’s voiceover says, “That is just the beginning of a new story.” BUT, IS THIS A STORY THAT THEY’RE GOING TELL? !

NEXT – One last diary entry

We then cut to Elena, who is leaning against the Salvatorecrypt. She visits Stefan while she writes in her green notebook. After graduating from medical school, she returned to Mystic Falls to continue her studies. She wanted to live long and healthy, which she achieved, although her age remains a mystery.

She writes, “And this’s my story: weird, messy and complicated, sad, wonderful. Amazing, and above all, epic.” Stefan is the reason I have it all. I was devastated when I first met him. I had just lost my parents, and I was completely dead inside. He brought me back to my life and I will continue to live it as best as I can.

A crow land on the roof of the crypt just before Damon arrives, another pilot callback that will make you feel good.

We see that Elena is wearing a wedding band as we join forces with Damon. We hear Damon’s voiceover saying that he is worried about Stefan not seeing him again, as he doesn’t believe he merits peace. She says, “But he’s wrong because I know peace exists.” It lives in all of us. This is the promise for peace — that we will find each other again one day after a long and difficult life.

As she realizes she is back home, Damon disappears from the photo as I assume she is Elena’s killer. On the porch that she burned to the ground, Aunt Jenna, her dad and mom, and even Uncle John are waiting. I guess Jeremy was busy at school. The series finale sees the girl who lost her parents during the pilot get them back. She ends the episode with a Gilbert family hug.

We then cut to Stefan and this is when it all goes sour. This is the moment that I realise how this show is ending. Stefan stands at Salvatore House and opens the door to find Damon. Damon greets Stefan, saying, “Hello brother,” but this time he isn’t the villain out to ruin Stefans’s life. The Salvatore brothers were reunited peacefully this time. After all, it’s family first.

They are reunited in their redemption and we close the show with a Salvatore brothers hug. This is the best way to end the show.

There are many emotions about the finale. It didn’t go as planned. I wish it had been longer. This would have given some scenes more breathing room. There was so much happening in the final act, I believe it would have been better if viewers had more time to feel each moment. On a smaller scale, though, I’m not sure how invested I am with the “Caroline & Ric open school” story. However, there were many things that worked.

As I said, the best thing about this finale was to find a way for every love story ever told. I feel like I have closure on all of them, and perhaps a little hope for one. But no one is the “winner”. This is no small feat.

To be honest, I always imagined an ending that was more like what Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson originally imagined in season 2. However, I understand why the show veered too far from the love triangle to make it work. They did a great job in terms of the show’s current state and the things that worked.

If we are talking about major themes and the redemption of all it all, I love that a show about vampires concludes with peace. While I may not understand the mechanism of peace, which could be a problem for some viewers, I do know that this show was ultimately about love and family. Who would have thought that a show that began from loss and followed the lives blood-sucking animals would be so successful?

What did you think about the final? Leave your comments or reach me on Twitter @samhighfill with your thoughts. Check out my chat with the showrunners , and the casts’ reaction to the finale.

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