When Will XO, Kitty Release Date?

When Will XO, Kitty Release Date?

XO, Kitty, a romantic dramedy streaming series by Jenny Han, will premiere May 18, 2023. Kitty Covey embarks on her own quest to find true love. Anna Cathcart will reprise the title role.

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What Time and Where is XO, Kitty Releasing

XO, Kitty

The last part of the trilogy was a success and was released in 2021. In March, it was announced that a series sequel to To All the Boys was in development. Each episode will be a romantic comedy, each one being half an hour long. The spin-off series was officially approved by Netflix in October. It is the first live-action series to be based on a Netflix original movie. Two years later, the series was officially released. In October it was also announced that all 10 episodes from XO, Kitty would be released together on May 18, 2023. You can watch Kitty as a teenager on Netflix. While you wait, why don’t you enjoy a marathon of all three parts on All the Boys exclusively on Netflix?

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Preview of XO, Kitty

XO, Kitty

Kitty has grown from being a 9-year old witty matchmaker to a more wittily-voiced teenager. Now, with a series dedicated solely to her search for love, it’s no surprise it’s one my favorite shows. Kitty’s third installment of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Always and Forever, was a few years ago. In that series, we were introduced to Kitty’s adorable love interest Dae. Kitty asks a stranger to take the family picture during their spring break trip to Seoul. She is overwhelmed and confused as she struggles to complete the introductions. Kitty and Dae are the perfect match-cute. Although the movie did not show much of their relationship, it was much appreciated by many.

Four years ago, we last saw Kitty, the youngest Song Covey sibling. Since then, a few things has changed. Kitty is determined to make her mark and will leave her Portland, Oregon home to enroll at KISS (the Korean Independent School of Seoul), where her mother used to go. Kitty’s long-term boyfriend and long-distance boyfriend Dae is also a KISS student. Things aren’t always as easy as they used to be for Kitty, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Review of XO, Kitty

XO, Kitty

The romance genre is a popular entertainment genre that has used many perspectives. From star-crossed lovers and fiery affairs to explore every aspect of this fascinating emotion, it has often been used in many different ways. The romance genre has something for everyone, whether it’s the dramatic grandeur of epic romance or the lighthearted flirtation of romantic comedy. What happens when comedy is incorporated into romance? This is a great combination of love and laughter, two universally relatable themes. This winning combination ensures that we both root for the characters and enjoy the journey to their happy endings. We are entertained by the witty banter, the funny misunderstandings and the quirky characters. Jenny Han’s bestseller To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before was adapted into a movie that has become a fan favourite for exactly these reasons.

XO, Kitty

The trilogy of films adaptations of the books was a sweet and balanced mixture of romance and family-friend bonding. Unfortunately, it ended in 2021. To the delight of many, 2023 will bring a new spinoff series XO Kitty. It focuses on Kitty, the youngest Covey sibling. Lara Jean (Lana Condor), Peter (Noah Centineo), and their decision to remain together despite long-distance relationships. In a similar rom-com fashion this theme will drive Kitty’s story.


XO, Kitty

It was announced in March 2021 that To All the Boys would be producing a series. Each episode will be a half-hour romantic comedy. Awesomeness and ACE Entertainment will develop the series as a Netflix exclusive. Jenny Han, the original author of the books, was reported as the creator, writer, and executive producer. She also wrote the script for the pilot together with Siobhan Vivian. Anna Cathcart, who was also reported to be returning to her role of Kitty Covey, was also mentioned. [10] Netflix ordered ten episodes six months later. The network also announced other crew members. Sascha Rothchild, Matt Kaplan and Han were appointed executive producers. Han will be joined by the former as showrunner. Choi Min-yeong and Anthony Keyvan were cast as series regulars. Yunjin Kim and Michael K. Lee joined the cast in recurring roles. Production had already begun in Seoul by that time. 

Do you have any XO Kitty clips?

XO, Kitty

You sure can. You can see Kitty’s matchmaking skills in action in the video clip. This is proof that KISS and Kitty are fated to be together. Keep coming back to Tudum for more XO, Kitty news.

Is there a trailer for XO, Kitty

XO, Kitty

The official trailer for XO, Kitty has yet to be released. Netflix released a first clip from the series to coincide with the official announcement of the premiere date on March 22, 2023. The clip shows Kitty as a grown-up, explaining her case to her stepmother and father for allowing her to attend the same boarding school that her mother attended in Korea. It also happens that her long-term boyfriend, Dae, is studying at the school. “I know when two people will be meant for each other” and, in true Kitty fashion, and being aware of her ability to matchmakers, she prepared a presentation that includes a picture of Lara Jean with Peter. We re-witness the buzzing Chemistry in the 3-second flashback while reminding her father about her role in Trina’s relationship.

She also finds her mother’s box. It contains everything she collected over a year at the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS). She is upset at how little she knows about her mother and her Korean heritage, and she decides to enroll herself in the school to make a connection. As fate would have it, she was awarded the same scholarship as her mother. We’ll find out when the series premieres on Netflix. Will things turn out as Kitty expects?

To see XO, Kitty, you don’t need to watch the To All the Boys Trilogy.

XO, Kitty

The short answer is no. Han and Rothchild are the best people to answer this question. Continue reading to find out how XO, Kitty fits into the To All the Boys universe.

Kitty Now

XO, Kitty

Kitty fell in love with a Korean boy while on vacation with her family. Her story was left unfinished because her two sisters went off to college.

Bring Her Sisters Back

XO, Kitty

Anna explained to J-14 that Lana had sent me a text saying that she understood how much responsibility it brought in Korea. She also said that it was an honor to have the opportunity to run a show. It’s still amazing to me that I was given this opportunity.

Anna teased that Lana would be returning to the show if Anna said so.

How was it to see Kitty become the main character in her own story?

XO, Kitty

Han: It was for us about giving Kitty the opportunity to explore her inner self, and to give a glimpse into her thoughts. Lara Jean is the central character of To All the Boys. We’re in her head. Kitty is clearly a side character in that story. We don’t know her thoughts. Kitty is a very expressive person. She wears her emotions and thoughts on her sleeves and says what she thinks.

This was the best part about exploring her character. She’ll say whatever comes to her mind. Kitty is definitely a loud-talking character.

Rothchild: Kitty’s drive as a child — sorting through her sister’s stuff and setting up people — is what she uses in XO, Kitty. She is a leader and makes the right decisions. This is what propels her forward in her story and her relationships.

Korea Filming

XO, Kitty

According to Deadline, Kitty will travel halfway around the globe in order to reunite her boyfriend from long distance. The teen discovers that she is not the only one who knows everything about love once she arrives.

Anna exclaims that it was the best experience she has ever had. It is amazing to be able to work in Korea, and in the new world of Kitty Covey. It was great fun to jump in and learn as we go. Korea is a stunning country and I spent four months there. It was a great experience. I felt that I saw different areas and I still have so much to explore. We were able to shoot in many different parts of Seoul and the surrounding areas. It was amazing to see.

Lana’s Thoughts

XO, Kitty

Anna’s ex-costar from To All the Boys, Lana Condor, stated that she thought the spinoff would make complete sense. However she said that she didn’t know much about it. Entertainment Tonight was broadcast the news in April 2021.

Kitty, the actress said, “I think she is… truly just scene stealer.” If it comes to light, I would support it wholeheartedly.”

Lana was asked by ET about a possible appearance on the show during a May 2021 interview. She stated that she would support Anna Cathcart’s work because she is amazing and that Kitty was a wonderful role model. “I love the To All the Boys universe more than most people realize. As a fan myself, I am always open to returning to that universe because it was so kind and beautiful.”

What are the episodes of XO Kitty?

XO, Kitty

There are 10 segments in the first season of XO’s Kitty. Each show lasts approximately 30 minutes. The segments’ directors are Jennifer Arnold, Jeff Chan and Pamela Romanowsky. Katina Medina Moa is Katina Medina.

Would you agree with XO, Kitty being its own story?

XO, Kitty

Jenny Han: XO Kitty is certainly its own thing. This story could be started with XO, Kitty. You could follow Kitty’s journey like you are just meeting her for the very first time. She is the big fish in a small pool, and she believes she knows everything in Portland. She is then rudely surprised when she is placed in a new location like Seoul. This is very relatable and universal.

Sascha Rothchild, I agree. Although XO, Kitty is set in the same universe that To All the Boys it is very different. It’s so fresh that new audiences can enjoy it and go back to the movies or read the books if necessary.

XO, Kitty synopsis

XO, Kitty

Netflix shared the official synopsis of XO, Kitty. It sounds amazing!

Kitty Song Covey, a teen matchmaker, believes she knows all there is about love. She’ll soon discover that relationships can be a lot more difficult when you’re putting your heart on the line.

We also know that Jeff Chan, Jennifer Arnold, Pamela Romanowsky, Katina Medina Moa and Pamela Romanowsky will be directing this season.

Kitty meets Dee, a boy who is always and forever with her on a family vacation to South Korea. They eventually fall in love and start a long-distance romance. Kitty and Dee will meet up again in the spinoff series. However, it doesn’t seem like things will go as planned.

We loved watching Kitty, the sassy cat in To All the Boys and thought she deserved more screen time. It’s a pleasant surprise to see her in the lead role.

Where are the XO Kitty photos?

XO, Kitty

Here we are in our metaphorical binder. These are the first photos of XO and Kitty. They give us a glimpse into Kitty’s world, from Portland to Seoul. Kitty will be more likely to wear a attention-grabbing little black top or crop top rather than an overall and a high ponytail.

Han says that although she is a bit older, Han still believes she has the same Kitty style but with a new edge.

Rothchild concurs, saying, “Now she is not just a little brother.” She’s her love interest and we’ll be following her on her journey.” The XO, Kitty team maintained the “essence”, but “tweaked” her wardrobe a bit. It’s still fashion-forward and very unique in its own way. We re-aged her look to make it more relatable about her love and her journey.

One photo shows Min Ho, Kitty’s trendy new classmate. He’s a bad boy, rich boy and top boy. Han says that Min Ho is Kitty’s arch-nemesis from the beginning. Min Ho is a YA bad boy, just like every other YA bad boy. Han says that Min Ho has his own reasons and sadnesses.

We also see Yuri who, according to Han, “rules” KISS. Yuri, a heiress, is seldom seen without her “minions”, including these photos. Han says, “They were so beautiful that we just kept giving ’em more stuff to do.” Rothchild revealed that the pals wore coordinated outfits. She adds, “And, for viewers that really pay attention, they will see that each minions has the same color palette that continues throughout every episode.”

XO, Kitty

Jina (Yunjin Kim), Yuri’s mom and principal of KISS, can be seen chatting with Kitty in these photos. Rothchild said Jina comes across as stern and cold. “But Kitty’s journey involves getting to know Jina, as she has ties in with Kitty’s past. You see a lot more than you realize when you first meet Jina.

You can view the entire gallery to see the rest XO, Kitty’s cast. You may just see a few more familiar faces.

Kitty, Who is in the Cast of XO?

XO, Kitty

Anna Cathcart is ready to charm the audience as she plays Kitty Covey. Kitty was a fan favourite right away after her movie debut. Kitty was not only the main driver of Lara Jean’s letters being delivered to her crushes but she also supported Peter and Lara Jean. In XO Kitty is ready to fulfill her sister’s romantic dreams by making them a reality for her in the future. Choi Min-Yeong will be joining her as Kitty’s long distance boyfriend. Choi is not a huge Harry Potter fan, but Choi Min-Yeong is. Choi has participated in many K-Dramas such as Itaewon Class and Chicago Typewriter. But this will be his first time.

First American Netflix series.

XO, Kitty

The duo stars alongside Kitty’s classmates, Gia Kim plays Yuri, Sang Heon Lee plays Min Ho, Peter Thurnwald portrays Alex, Regan Aliyah plays Juliana, and Anthony Keyvan is Q. Anthony is best-known for his work on Love, Victor, a spinoff series that is based upon the 2018 film Love, Simon. Yunjin Kim plays Jina, Michael K Lee is Professor Lee, Jocelyn Shelfo plays Madison. A first-look clip revealed that John Corbett, Sarayu Rao, and Trina Rothschild will reprise their roles as Kitty’s father and stepmother. However, it is not yet known how much they will be involved in the series, which will mostly take place overseas.

Kitty, Who is Making XO?

XO, Kitty

Awesomeness and ACE Entertainment are creating the half-hour episodic series as a Netflix exclusive. Jenny Han, who is also the author of the original novels, co-wrote and produced the pilot script along with Siobhan Vivian. She serves as the show’s creator and writer. The show’s executive producers are Han, Sascha Rotchild and Matt Kaplan. Han is also the showrunner. The series directors are Jennifer Arnold (Emily In Paris), Jeff Chan, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Pamela Romanowksy and Katina Medina Moa (Emily In Paris). 

To All The Boys who participated in XO Kitty:

XO, Kitty

Anna Cathcart is a Kitty

Sarayu Blue as Trina

John Corbett as Dan Covey

Regulars in series

Choi Minyeong (he/him will play “Dae.”

Anthony Keyvan (he/him will play Q. (Past Credits : Love, Victor and Genera+ion).

Gia Kim (she/her), who’ll play “Yuri.”

Sang Heon Lee (he/him), will play “Min Ho.”

Peter Thurnwald (he/him will play “Alex.” (Past Credits, Players, BUMP).

Regan Aliyah (she/he) will play “Juliana”. (Past Credits – Club Mickey Mouse).

Roles that recur

Yunjin Kim (she/him) will play “Jina.”

Michael K Lee (he/him will play Professor Lee). (Past Credits : Stage Performances by Jesus Christ Superstar, Miss Saigon South Korea)

XO, Kitty

Jocelyn Shelfo (she/her will play Madison). (Past Credits, The Summer I Turned Pretty and American Soul)

Anna Cathcart, Minyeong Choi(Dae), Gia Kim/Yuri), Sang Heon Lee(Min Ho), Anthony Keyvan [Q], Peter Thurnwald (“Alex”) with Yunjin Kim (“Jina”), Sarayu Blue („Trina”), John Corbett (“Dan Covey”) Michael K Lee (Professor Lee), Jocelyn Shelfo “Madison”) and Regan Aliyah (“Juliana”)

Anna Cathcart will reprise her role as Kitty Song Covey on the spinoff series. We are hopeful that we will see Lana Condor returning to Peter’s role as Lara Jean, and Noah Centineo back in Peter’s role.

Jenny Han is also the creator of the new teen series. We’ll keep you updated as more cast members are revealed.

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