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Where is Kakashi in Boruto?

Kakashi Hatake is a shinobi of Konohagakure’s Hatake clan. In the anime, Obito is seen to be crushed by a rock giving Kakashi his Sharingan and proceeded to convo on how Kakashi was a better Shinobi than he’ll ever be. Obito later seemed to die at the hands of the rocks. He was assigned to Konoha’s Anbu Black Ops by his sensei and fourth hokage, Minato. The span of 3-5 years he would be apart of the anbu and when Minato passed away, Hiruzen appointed Kakashi and decided to take him off the Anbu because people with ‘good-hearts’ shouldn’t be tasked with the ruthless missions Danzo appointed them with. He became Hokage at the end of Mangas. So Where is Kakashi In Boruto ? (Xanax)

So Where is Kakashi In Boruto ?

Kakashi Hatake

I think he’s been sometimes visiting hot springs but mostly going on secret missions. Remember that the kakashi in Boruto is still like 20 years younger than the Hiruzen the Part 1 of Naruto. I think the cover story is that he’s visiting hot springs.

I have evidence to support this ofc. The first is that in Boruto episode 106, Kakashi, Mirai and Guy go visiting a bunch of hot springs and at first Mirai thought it was an S-Rank mission, but then she found out it was just Kakashi and Guy goofing around because they wanted free time to relax. However to the end of the arc it was revealed that him and Gai’s mission was to investigate young people going missing.

Long story short the cover story for the mission was that Kakashi and Gai were visiting hot springs.


By Shiino_9

In the Kakashi Retsuden novel he goes to Rikkidu country on an S-rank mission, and long story short when he returned to the village and Mitsuki asks where he has been since he’s hardly seen in the village, Kakashi responds by saying he’s been visiting hot springs.

Kakashi is still too young to have retired from Ninja duty, we also know that the village has some small knowledge on the Kara organization. So logically after team 7 defeated Kaguya and learned that there was a whole clan of beings as strong as her it only makes sense for Kakashi to keep in top shape to help out when ever or however he could


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