Who is Michio Kaga?: Everything You Need To Know

Michio Kaga

Michio Kaga is the first character of Slave Harem throughout the Labyrinth of the Completely different World. He is a conventional specific particular person from Earth who was ultimately transported to the Completely different World.



Michio is a conventional making an attempt youthful man who often wears a jersey beneath each little factor. He has purplish eyes and hair. His hairstyle notably changes subtly as a result of the story progresses; small tufts of hair to the perimeters of his head stick up like devil horns (a sign of his deviousness).



At first, Michio was melancholic. Because of he lived a lifetime of being perpetually bullied, being bodily abused main school and dealt with as an outcast in highschool, he felt agitation within the course of most of his pals and believed that the world is rotten.

After he agreed to enter the model new world he thought was solely a sport, he acted like he would often play a sport. When he realized that he couldn’t log out, Michio turned further cautious and commenced performing further logical collectively together with his survival as his #1 priority.



Michio lived a lifetime of being perpetual bullied. In main school he was bodily abused so he found kendo and aikido making him pretty sturdy. When he reached highschool he was dealt with as an outcast.

Disinterested with the world he lived in, eventually whereas making an attempt over a suicide site with none precise intention of suicide, an advert for what appeared like a fantasy MMORPG caught his eye.

Clicking on the advert, he made his method by the tactic of what appeared like typical character creation, nevertheless sooner than he might choose his stat settings he wanted to play a roulette-like sport on an internet web page labelled as a “bonus elements internet web page”.


he first couple of events he obtained low scores usually throughout the 10s and 20s nevertheless since he beloved attempting to get the perfect he might obtain he carried out it until he obtained a 99.

Utilizing his bonus elements, Michio tinkered collectively together with his character settings discovering that he can reset his stats at anytime since he had achieved rolling 99 bonus elements.

He moved his stats spherical until he was glad and clicked a b***on agreeing that he was in a position to throw away his current world and reside in a single different.



Michio introduces new types of meals and cooking sorts which don’t exist throughout the Completely different World to his slaves, who all say that each little factor he cooks is delicious.

He often permits his slaves to select their very personal garments and instruments, nevertheless will choose their intimate placed on and recommends instruments with further slots.

Michio has been mistaken for a member of an Order of Knights as a consequence of his fluent Brahim. One factor he found from Alan was that it was unimaginable for various species to breed with each other.


Thus even when he wished youngsters eventually, he wouldn’t have the power to have them naturally with any of his women.

 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio



 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

Whereas looking the online for suicide strategies, Michio comes throughout an advert that requested if he needed to be irreversibly transported to a different world. With nothing else to do and pondering it was simply one other on-line fantasy RPG he accepted and created an account making an attempt to get greatest character he may create.

Completed creating his character, a splash display comes up and asks “You’ll now be transported to a world with the settings you select, coming again just isn’t attainable, do you continue to settle for”. After he accepts, he passes out and is thrown into the Different World.


 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

When he wakes up in a barn close to a village, Michio is below the belief that he is entered the fantasy recreation. Though initially thrown off about how “lifelike” it was he brushes it off as an development in digital actuality expertise. Michio reaffirms his stats and setting then begins taking part in the sport.

He finds he nonetheless has his garments on in addition to a sword and ring however realizes that he lacks a pair of sneakers when he sees a pair of trainers outdoors.

Pondering that it is one thing much like starter gear, Michio places them on, however abruptly acquires the job Thief, however he brushes it off as nothing severe.

Michio heads out and inconspicuously observes villagers as he unknowingly heads nearer to the village heart. When he arrives, a troupe of bandits announce their a**ault on the village.

 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

Since he saved the village he gained a stage in each his Villager job and his Thief job elevating them each to Lv2. Later, he additionally gained the job Hero which has important capability bonuses.

The village chief, Somara, thanked Michio for saving the village and supplied him a room and board for the nevertheless lengthy Michio meant to remain within the village.

Village Life

 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

Waking up in Somara’s home, Michio began contemplating his place as a visitor within the village. He figured he was a nuisance to the villagers and that the one cause they handled him with respect the way in which they did was due to his show of energy the day earlier than.

With Tirihi’s husband, the village’s former strongest combatant, lifeless, Michio thought that the villagers have been afraid to anger him. With that in thoughts, Michio wasn’t truly highly effective sufficient to tackle the village so he tried to get together with them as a lot as attainable.

Somara introduced spoils of battle, the thieves’ gear, to Michio’s consideration. As a result of Michio had killed a lot of the bandits all the gear was his for the protecting, however since a villager killed one Somara requested Michio if the village may maintain one portion.


 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

The following day Micho and Bikka departed for Vale at dawn. Whereas touring they noticed a Gradual Rabbit in addition to a Gumi Slime. Bikka instructed Michio in regards to the Gumi Slime and stated that they need to wait till it leaves their path, however Michio decides to kill it utilizing Durandal.

It takes 2 hits with Durandal to complete it and it drops Slime Starch that Bikka purchases off of Michio for 80 nars and in addition pays him tenfold for shielding the wagon, however because of Michio’s 30% promoting bonus he will get a complete of 1040 nars.

Alan’s Provide
 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

After parting with Bikka, Michio returns to Alan’s to listen to extra in regards to the city’s workings in addition to to inquire extra about shopping for a slave. After a quick dialog Alan presents Roxanne as a slave to which he’s exhilarated. Alan explains Roxanne’s promoting factors and the overall advantages of proudly owning a slave, significantly a feminine slave.

When Alan tells Michio the worth, Michio he realizes that she just isn’t together with his funds however decides to have a look at different slaves solely to be dissatisfied. Michio tells Alan that the others merely pale compared to Roxanne nevertheless it was simply unlucky that he can not afford her, however to his shock Alan presents to order Roxanne for 10 days to ensure that Michio to have time to gather sufficient cash to which Michio eagerly agrees.

Vale Labyrinth

 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

Michio heads off in the direction of the Explorer’s Guild to search for employment as a result of Alan stated that cash may be made simply in a labyrinth. He discovers that he can not learn what’s written on the job board so he pays a younger woman to learn it for him.

After discovering nothing of speedy significance, he heads to the Vale Pavilion on the suggestion from Alan. On the inn he meets the Innkeeper and pays for two days of room and board. He checks out the room for some time however leaves for the labyrinth quickly after.

First Expedition
 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

On the primary ground of the labyrinth Michio good points the job Explorer and learns the way to use the abilities Dungeon Stroll and Objects Field Operation utilizing Incantation Shortening.

He explores for some time and finds himself in a Demon Room and surrounded by Needle Woods. He fights his manner by way of them utilizing Durandal and Overwhelming. On the finish he picks up a bunch of and branches and three leaves.

First Intermission
 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

Michio returns to the Vale Pavilion round night and receives recommendation about the place to promote his loot. He shortly heads to the Adventurer’s Guild earlier than they shut down for the evening.

There he sells the branches however retains the leaves. When he returns to the Vale Pavilion he eats dinner and heads to his room. He decides to rearrange the order of his jobs and discovers that he had gained the roles Warrior, Swordsman, Service provider, and Herbalist. within the Herbalist’s talent Crude Drug Creation, Michio used it on a leaf and 10 antidotes have been crafted.

Second Expedition
 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

Michio wakes up reasonably early within the morning, and after having a dialog with the Innkeeper, leaves the inn. Outdoors he decides to check out Warp to go the the labyrinth, the place he tries out the Warrior’s talent Rush.

Later that day he arrives within the ready room, the place he finds folks ready in line. One of many folks there inform him that the road is for getting into the boss room and that if you defeat the boss you may go to the following ground.

He enters the boss room and fights an Udo Wooden. After a bit issue he defeats it and will get a Wand.

Changing into a Wizard
 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

Michio explores the second ground the following day and begins searching Needle Woods and Inexperienced Caterpillars. He realizes that if he encounters extra Demon Rooms he will likely be in bother, so he decides to learn to a**ault with magic. He tries utilizing Meteor Crash however he nonetheless does not have sufficient MP for it.

He then tries Complete MP Launch which can use all of his MP for one magic a**ault. He succeeds and will get the Wizard job, however finds out that expending all of his MP causes him to expertise extreme despair.

Bounty Searching

New Supply of Earnings
 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

The following day, Michio challenges the second ground boss, White Caterpillar. He defeats it and goes on to the following ground. He finds the Kobolds there too weak. Michio finds that he’s not incomes cash quick sufficient to purchase Roxanne and decides to do some bounty searching.

Looking for Thieves
 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

Michio begins his search within the slums. He discover nothing and decides to go to the labyrinth’s fourth ground for some time. He finds and defeats a Mino however is frightened of being skewered. He returns to the slums and finds a number of thieves harassing a girl. He watches as they take her away and does nothing to a**ist.

 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

After leaving the guild, Michio comes throughout a thief. He follows the thief outdoors of city however stops when it will get darkish. The following day, with the deadline being tomorrow, Michio decides to go out and discover the hideout, which he does after secretly following a thief he finds within the forest.

He goes again to get some sleep earlier than ending them off. Early the following day, he makes use of Warp to get contained in the cave the place he finds 4 thieves sleeping. Utilizing the factor of shock and a bit magic, Michio shortly dispatches all of them. He decides to chop off their left wrists to retrieve their Intelligence Playing cards and leaves the cave.

First Slave

Changing into a Grasp
 HISTORY OF Kaga Michio

Michio returns to the Slave Buying and selling Firm and asks for Alan. Because of his Low cost Negotiation, he solely must pay 422,800 nars for Roxanne. Alan tells him that it’s his obligation to supply his slave with residence, meals, and pay for his or her taxes. If he abandons his obligations or treats his slave remarkably unfairly, his contract will likely be annulled.

 Jobs OF Kaga Michio

  1. Villager
  2. Thief
  3. Hero
  4. Farmer
  5. Explorer
  6. Warrior
  7. Swordsman
  8. Service provider
  9. Herbalist
  10. Wizard
  11. Monk
  12. Alchemist
  13. Weapons Service provider
  14. Armor Service provider
  15. Prepare dinner
  16. Intercourse Maniac
  17. Bounty Hunter
  18. Knight
  19. Murderer
  20. Village Chief
  21. Gambler
  22. Slave Service provider
  23. Jobless
  24. Priest
  25. Adventurer
  26. Grand Wizard
  27. Nice Hero

Skills AND ABItitY OF Kaga Michio

Skills AND ABItitY OF Kaga Michio

Michio initially begins off as a standard villager, similar to everybody else within the Different World. Nevertheless, because of his Bonus Expertise, he is ready to develop stronger at an accelerated price and concurrently make the most of the results of a number of Jobs to enhance the capabilities of himself and his celebration members.

Michio modifications weapons relying on what enemy he’s going through. When utilizing magic, Michio makes use of the Sacred Spear of Elevated a**ault to spice up his firepower. In melee fight, he switches over to utilizing his signature weapon, Durandal.

Due to Michio’s capability to vary to no matter job he has unlocked, he has entry to all kinds of expertise.

Bonus Factors

Skills AND ABItitY OF Kaga Michio

Due to the bonus factors he acquired earlier than arriving within the Different World, Michio is ready to use them to entry expertise that no on else possesses. Additionally they have a varied vary of makes use of; a number of job use, speedy expertise achieve, transaction enchancment, and so forth.

Different Skills

Skills AND ABItitY OF Kaga Michio

Michio is expert in Kendo and Aikido from his time coaching again on Earth. He’s additionally a succesful prepare dinner, as his celebration members are all the time amazed at how scrumptious the meals he cooks all the time is.

Enemies OF Kaga Michio

Sabo Baradam

Sabo Baradam

Sabo Baradam acquired into battle with Michio when a member of the previous’s family was unable to defeat Roxanne in a duel. Sabo wished to struggle her, however Michio determined to struggle him himself. After feeling belittled by Michio he tried to kill him, however was immediately defeated and killed.

Baradam Lady

Baradam Lady

Michio disliked Baradam Lady as a consequence of how she interacted with Roxanne. Nevertheless, he was prepared to let her maintain her life after her defeat at Roxanne’s arms.

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