Who would win, The Borg or The Dominion?

Who would win, the Borg or the Dominion?


Star Trek Since Gene Roddenberry’s introduction to the wild and wonderful universe in late 1960s, has introduced many interesting and diverse alien species. Although some of these alien races were only briefly shown and are often shrouded by unsolvable mysteries they played important repetitive roles such as Vulcans or Klingons who played crucial roles as friends and foes.

Some of the franchise’s most memorable adversaries were the Borg, and while they changed a lot over the years, they remained some of the most feared and dangerous adversaries the Federation had ever seen. This was before the Dominion appeared in the events that took place in Deep Space 9Starfleet and most of the Alpha Quadrant were nearly destroyed by this attack. Despite their quadrant-shattering war which spanned far and wide within Federation space, they were never seen going up against Borg. This begs the question: Who would win in a fight against the Borg?


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While it might seem obvious, the Federation suffered a major defeat to the Borg. The Dominion nearly destroyed them until the end of the war. The truth is more complex. As powerful as the Dominion was, they had one major drawback against the Borg, specifically something unique to the Borg race (if it’s possible to call it that): assimilation.

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The Dominion’s greatest strength, meanwhile, lies with its leaders, the founders. They are an alien species of organic changelings who can shapeshift, but they are also naturally incontinent. They exist as a joint entity, a kind of connected hive that looks suspiciously like a large lake of viscous jelly, taking on physical ‘bodies’ only on rare occasions and separating from the hive jelly.

Their ability to shapeshift and adapt in a large, massive way gives them an advantage over other animals. They are adaptable and can challenge potential predators in many different ways. By connecting like a honeybee, they can learn vast amounts and share their knowledge to create an unparalleled intelligence. They have an advantage due to their speed and natural strength, but also a weakness. They are not immune to diseases and can become incapacitated. This prevents them changing their form. They are also as susceptible as other organic races to energy weaponry. They are not gods, but they can still be harmed by many of the same things that they are. When it comes to emotional weaknesses such as stress, greed and anger, the Founders are far from God.

They could all be targeted by their enemies for these weaknesses, but it is unlikely that they will ever discover. The founders are so shrouded in myth and legacy, revered as gods, that it’s highly unlikely anyone would talk openly about what could potentially harm them. Even the Vorta, their right-hand man, who might know, probably wouldn’t reveal this weakness, since they were such a strong-willed race.

This is where the Borg Assimilation Advantage comes in handy. All it takes is for one of the Vorta to be brought into the collective, and all of the Founders’ secrets would be revealed, highlighting exactly how to bring the Founders to their knees. With the knowledge of the Vorta and Jem’Hadar absorbed by the Borg, the Founders would have been helpless, either assimilated or wiped out by the raw firepower the Borg possess. It has never been mentioned in the canon whether the founders can be assimilate. They are likely to be unable due to their shape-shifting nature, and their natural non-corporeal status. But they can still easily be destroyed due to another flaw of the founders against the Borg: a single failure.

This term is used often when discussing computer programs and algorithms. It is ironic to use it instead for Borg. One point of failure is a single event that causes a system to fail. If it fails, it takes down the entire system. For the Dominion this is the only point of failure. This refers to the Founders or, more specifically, the individual changelings they send into the universe to gain information and experience that can be shared with the beehive jellies. With the exception of DS9’s space cop Odo, their function is to go out, collect data, and then return to the docked ghost. They could infect one exchanger with a disease that is effective enough to make them a carrier and infect the entire collective.

It’s important to note that while the Borg didn’t have the same flaw at one point, this was completely ruined by the introduction of the Borg queen in the movies and the unpopular Voyager Television series. Although defeating the Queen would be a huge setback for the Borg, it wouldn’t endanger their entire race. The Borg would continue to exist without central guidance, it has been proven (perhaps until a new queen chooses). Plus, all this military weakness doesn’t take into account the fact that the Dominion wouldn’t have the same weapons to attack even the Borg. The Borg technology is so sophisticated and diverse, as it’s a Frankenstein of hundreds upon hundreds of races merged into one. It took the Federation many years of careful study to create primitive weapons that could be used against them. The Dominion probably doesn’t have these weapons. However, things could change if Captain Janeway was captured by the Dominion. Janeway is a war criminal and has repeatedly proven to be a Borg-conquering queen. This may have been due to poor writing skills rather than actual skill. ).

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