Wild Magic Table 5e D&D Guide : Everything You Need To Know

Wild Magic Table 5e D&D Guide

An D&D game is alive when magic occurs. It’s incredible and completely unpredictable. It makes the the world seem alive, vital.

It’s one of the reasons D&D classes are able to cast spells and are so fun to play. “The Wild Magic Sorcerer is a subclass of magic that is wild and unpredictable.

A sorcerer is someone with a sorcerous root and is the reason for their source of origin. Wild Magic might be the source of sorcerers, with the power of wild as their source.

It could be because of their exposure to the raw power of magic. You may also receive the blessings of a powerful animal.

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The magic of these sorcerers comes typically derived from wild, undiscovered and unorthodox sources. They may also infiltrate this world, without permission of the caster.

They are equipped with a class attribute known as Magic Surge. When an Wild Magic sorcerer casts a spell (not counting cantrips) further wild effects may be unleashed to assist or harm the player’s circumstance.

When an Wild Magic sorcerer casts a spell that is 1st or greater at level 1 the DM could ask the player roll the dice of 20.

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If the player’s roll produces a result of 1, then they have to roll the D100. This is the Wild Magic Surge Table’s subsequent actions depend on the result of the roll.

What is the Wild Magic Surge Table?

The Wild Magic Surge table contains many effects. To determine if there is a Wild Magic Surge occurs, choose a 1 on 20th.

The results will be compared with that of the Wild Magic Surge Table. Here are this Table. It’s taken direct from Player’s Handbook (page 103).

01-02You roll this table for each turn then ignore this result on subsequent rolls.51-52In the following minute the spectral shield will hover near you for the next minute. It grants you a +1 bonus on AC and immunity to Magic Missile.
03-04If you’ve got an arc to it, you’ll be able to observe any invisibility creature within only a couple of minutes.53-54For the next 5d6 consecutive days You are unlikely to get drunk from alcohol.
05-06A modron that is determined to be managed through the DM is set in a space that is unoccupied within 5ft of your location. Then it disappears one minute later.55-56Hair is shed It grows over the course of 24 hours.
07-08Fireball can be described as a third-level spell that can use to cast spells centered around you.57-58Within the next few minutes the next minute, any flammable object you touch that isn’t transported or used as a garment by a creature will explode into flames.
09-10Magic Missile is a 5th-level spell.59-60You can get the lowest-level spent slot to cast spells.
11-12Roll a 10 Roll a d10. Your height can change to a certain extent. You will decrease your height if the roll is uneven. You increase your size in the event that the roll is level.61-62The next moment.
13-14Cast Confusion on Yourself.63-64Fog Cloud is centered around you.
15-16You’ll gain five hit points each when you begin a turn during the following minute.65-66You can cause 4d10 lightning injury to up to three animals in the 30-foot range of the area you are in.
17-18A beard with feathers and long hair is growing until you start to sneeze. Then the feathers explode off your face.67-68You’re scared by the nearest creature until the next turn.
19-20Cast Grease on your self.69-70Then, for the next 30 minutes the creature that is within 30 yards becomes invisibly to you. If a creature is attacked or uses spells the invisibility ceases.
21-22Creatures cannot protect themselves from the next spell that needs the saving roll.71-72Then, for the next 30 minutes you will be immune to damage
23-24Your skin turns into a vibrant shade of blue. This can be reversed with a removal Curse spell.73-74For 1 day and 4 hours the poison is administered to any creature that is at least 60 feet from the location.
25-26Then, for the next few minutes there is an eye upon your forehead. Wisdom (Perception) tests, which are dependent on sight, may be carried out during this period of time.75-76Then, for the next 30 minutes the next minute, you’ll glow brightly for 30 feet. The creature you blind is less than 5 yards of you until the timer runs out.
27-28All spells with an action of casting time of 1. bonus casting time of 1.77-78You cast Polymorph on yourself. You are able to transform into animal for the time of the spell, if you do not make the saving roll.
29-30Teleport up to 60 feet, and you can see an empty space.79-80In the next second the illusion of butterflies or flowers petals will be flying around your area at a distance of about 10 yards.
31-32You’re taken into Astral Plane until your next turn. Then your return is to the place that you were in prior to or the closest unoccupied space, in the event that it is already currently occupied.81-82You may also take further actions right now.
33-34Increase the damage of the next damaging spell you cast within the next minute.83-84Every creature within 30 yards receives 1d10 damage from necrotic injuries. Hitpoints that equal what amount necrotic damage suffered are returned.
35-36Roll a 10. Then, roll the D10. Your age increases by several decades. The older you get, the more roll isn’t exactly (minimum of one year). You’ll age when you have a roll that is.85-86Mirror Image is a casting option.
37-381d6 flumphs controlled by the DM are at a distance of 60 yards from you and are terrified of your presence. They vanish after a minute.87-88Fly can be cast on any animal that happens to be at least 60 yards from the location.
39-40You regain 2d10 hit points.89-90In the next second your body becomes invisible. Others cannot see you for the duration of. If you use a spell or attack then your invisibility is cut off.
41-42You transform into a flower pot until the next time you turn. You’re a potted plant and are unable. The pot will explode if you get to 0 hit points.91-92It is instantaneously returned to life within the next second.
43-44Teleporting as far as 20 feet is a great feature that you can take in every single turn.93-94Every minute your size increases in one class.
45-46You are able to cast Levitate on yourself.95-96Every creature and person that are within thirty feet from your own body can be vulnerable to damage caused by piercing.
47-48The DM is in charge of a unicorn who is just 5 feet from your body, and disappears after a few minutes.97-98Then, for the next moment the room is filled with distant, ethereal sounds.
49-50In the next second you’re not able to speak. Pink bubbles will pop out of your mouth each time you attempt.99-00Any points of sorcery you’ve spent will be given back to you.

A lot of these effects only last for a minute. The whole time is about 10 rounds when you’re in combat.

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The effect will be active for 10 minutes. Metamagic is a third-level sorcerer feature, does not alter the effects if it’s an effect of a spell.

The spell doesn’t require any concentration if it’s not needed. The spell will last for the whole duration.

A spell slot can’t be used up when an effect casts the spell.

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What effects are there are the effects of Wild Magic Table cast spells?

What effects are there are the effects of Wild Magic Table cast spells?

The table has nine effects that permit users to use spells.

d100Spell castingLevel of SpellTargetDoes it concentrate only on you?
7-8Fireball3Animals, all animals, even youYes
9-10Magic Missile5You can choose to do so.No
13-14ConfusionN/AAnimals, all animals, even youYes
19-20GreaseN/AAnimals, all animals, even youYes
63-64Fog CloudN/AN/AYes
77-78PolymorphN/AIt is possible to turn into a sheep. (If your saving throw is unsuccessful you’ll turn into the form of a sheep).No
85-86Mirror ImageN/AN/ANo
87-88FlyN/AYou will see a random animal within 60 feet of you.No

What are the effects that what effects in Wild Magic Table summon creatures?

Three effects are used to draw creatures to an area that is not close to you.

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The creatures disappear in less than one minute and are directed via the DM.

d100Creature calledDistance to summoned creature
5-6ModronYour distance is 5 yards.
37-381d6 FlumphsWithin 60 yards
47-48UnicornYour distance is 5 yards.

Which of the effects on the Wild Magic Table are useful?

Which of the effects on the Wild Magic Table are useful?

While the word “useful”, is subjective Let’s apply it to describe beneficial outcomes:

  • The enemies of the enemy are damaged through these consequences
  • Your friends and you can feel the impacts
  • There is no need to suffer from these negative effects

Below is a list of results that have met the criteria above, as well as the reasons the reason they’re this way.

d100What’s the reason it’s so useful
3-4Take one minute to observe invisible creatures within your field of vision for one minute.This is particularly useful in fighting invisible enemies. It’s no longer required to know where they are and it doesn’t affect the attack roll.
9-10Use your Magic Missile spell at 5 levels.-level Magic Missile spell.Seven projectiles are fired non-stop, and can cause 1d4 plus 1 force injury each. The average would be 24 to 25 force damages if the dart was fired at one opponent. You could also select the targets of each dart.
15-16You’ll earn five hit points each time you turn during the following minute.This is particularly useful in times of low health. It will give you 50 HP that can be restored. You can’t raise your HP to the maximum level.
21-22If the spell you cast depends on an ability to save within the next minute, your person who is affected suffers an advantage in making the save.They are more likely defend yourself from spells that you cast than so they are more likely to be hit.
25-26In a matter of minutes after a minute, you will be able to grow an additional eye on your forehead. The eye you grow gives you an advantage when it comes to Wisdom (Perception) and other tests which require vision.Wisdom (Perception) tests that require vision can be advantageous. This makes it extremely beneficial in locating anyone or anything in a particular area.
27-28In the following minute spells that have an average casting time of 1 when fighting will replace with one bonus action.This lets you spell spells while performing other actions, like attacks or cantrips.
29-30Teleport to an area that is unoccupied within 60 feet of you.Teleporting is a way to get from danger like an entire group of enemies threatening you, or a massive boulder that is moving straight towards you.
33-34You could do the most damage to any spell you cast in the following minute.The maximum damage is extremely useful in the battle against difficult enemies. A Fireball spell can deal 48 damage to fire. This is due to the fact that it uses the maximum amount of 8d6.
39-40Heal by 2d10 HPIn the average, healing 2d10 HP could make you healthier by 11HP
43-44As an added bonus as a bonus, you can travel to 20 feet in the next 30 minutes.Another advantage is teleportation. This bonus action lets players to cast spells or attack and then teleport.
51-52The spectral shield appears . It offers a 2x bonus to your AC and immunity to Magic Missile.Your AC bonus makes you less likely to get hit by enemy. Additionally, you are protected from Magic Missile, which is an attack spell which shoots projectiles, which usually do not fail to hit.
59-60You can get back an expended slot when you cast spells that have low levels.Casters will find it very helpful to get back a slot in their toolbox of spellcasting.
65-66You can select three creatures in the 30’s of 30’s around you. Each one takes 4d10 lightning damage.This spell lets you determine who you can do harm to. You can cause more damage while fighting without risking the lives of your opponents.
71-72Within a minute you’ll be invulnerable to any damage.Any damage that is dealt is negligible so any damage you suffer will be reduced to half. If you’re hit by the Fireball spell that causes 28 fire damage and you are unable to make the saving shot, then you’ll take the damage of 14. The damage would be only 7 fire damage if could have made the saving shot. That’s impressive!
81-82Get immediate action.You may gain an additional action in your turn. This could be a massive benefit in numerous ways. You could attack once more and cast a spell or do other activities which normally require one action.
85-86Use spells with the Mirror Image spell.Mirror Image is useful because creatures that attempt to harm you will be attacked by an imaginary mirror image of you. This will make you less of an aggressor.
91-92If you pass away in the next minute, instantly restart according to the Reincarnate spell’s rules.You can cheat death! If you die within the next second it is not necessary to play the Death Save. The DM could create an unknown body or pick an appropriate form. You can however convince the DM that you want to keep your existing body.
99-00All your points for sorcery are returned.You can make use of all your points for sorcery to create spell slots with Flexible Casting feature. Flexible Casting feature or make use of a Metamagic option using The Metamagic option.

What elements in The Wild Magic Table are harmful?

Harmful effects are those that are in opposition in comparison to the beneficial effects as explained in the section that follows.

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Are they detrimental either to yourself or loved ones? Boost your opponents? This list contains descriptions of the results that have been proven to be efficient.

d100What is the reason it’s dangerous?
7-8Make 3 3rd-level Fireball magic that is focused around you.Everyone that is within 20 meters of you gets hit regardless of whether they are your allies or enemies. Also, you are struck. This is a deadly spell particularly at lower levels.
13-14You can cast the Confusion spell to yourself.This is a severe effect in the absence of an extremely High Wisdom save throw in order to avoid it. It is similar to Fireball and can affect the person who is who is within 10 feet of you. The confusion can result in a range of consequences. It could cause difficulty in moving in certain directions or be able to perform certain actions.
41-42Transform into a potted plant. You’re invulnerable and susceptible to any kind of injury. Your appearance will change back to normal once it’s your next turn or when your HP falls to zero.Combat is risky because it can make you incapacitated or susceptible to any kind of harm. In addition, you are unable to make any moves or react to anything, and you’ll receive the double loss! This is only valid until the next turn.
67-68You are scared of the creature closest to you until the close of your next turn.The condition of being scared means that is unable to roll attacks or make ability checks when the creature is within your view. This makes it less likely that you’ll be able perform your actions in a correct manner or hit an effective strike. It is also not possible to get closer to this beast.
77-78If you do not succeed on the saving throw, you can cast the spell Polymorph and change you into the form of a sheep.You can change into a sheep using this polymorph magic spell. It will reveal the stats of the sheep, including its HP. Sheep are low-performing, with the Intelligence modification (-4) as well as an Wisdom modifier (-3). Low HP is another characteristic of sheep, having an average of 1d8 or 4.

Other effects that aren’t considered harmful or useful and may have some utility based on the context, can’t be classified as these.

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The act of rolling an 83 or an 84 causes damage to all creatures within 30 feet of you.

The advantage is for adversaries however it can be devastating for allies.


What effects does this Wild Magic Table have?

This is the original Wild Magic Surge Table has 50 effects.

Do the Homebrew Wild Magic Tables for Wild Magic exist?


You can locate a lot of them on the internet or develop your own with the approval of your DM.

Do I have the ability to make myself a Homebrew Wild Magic Table?

Yes, provided that your DM is in agreement with it.

You are the one who created the campaign So make sure that you enjoy yourself while playing.

Are there any D1000 or D500 Wild Magic Table?

Yes. The internet is back to be your friend.

Reddit along with D&D Beyond have many threads on these topics regardless of whether the game is a d200 or d300 or D500.

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