86 Season 3 release date : Everything You Need To Know

86 anime Season 2

The finale of season with 86 Eight Six Episode 23, was released Saturday, March 19 th by the Japanese television channel Tokyo MX. All 23 episodes of anime 86 Eight Six English subtitles can be viewed now on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll subscribers can view the episode for free on Saturday, March 26th. However, the adventure may continue as Crunchyroll subscribers can watch the episode on Saturday, March 26th. The ending was a cliffhanger that gave hints of a sequel. A-1 Pictures is expected to confirm a sequel – 86 Eighty Six Season 3 if rumors are true.

86: Six is an anime series that was inspired by the homonymous light book written by Asato Asato, and illustrated by Shirabi. The manga adaptation by Motoki Yoshihara was serialized in Young Gangan, a seinen manga magazine by Square Enix in 2018. A1 Pictures took up the anime adaptation of this series. They are well-known for anime series such as Anohana and Your Lie in April. Sword Art Online and Kaguya Sama. Love is War.

86 Season 3 release date

After its Spring 2021 release, the anime series gained attention. The release of 86 Eighty Six Season 2 has brought it to 8.2/10 on IMDb and 8.6/10 on My Anime List.

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After a difficult broadcast with the previous two episodes, 86 Eighty Six’s second cour has concluded. It appears that the adaptation of Asato Asato’s light novel and drawn by Shirabi will be taking a short break and will return with the 86 Eighty Six season 3. We have all the details!

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Is there a Season 3 of 86 Eighty Six?

Is there a Season 3 of 86 Eighty Six?

Fans want it back in the sequel, and there’s enough evidence to believe that 86: Eighty Six will soon return with Season 3. The leak suggests that 86: Eighty Six Season 3 is already in production. An illustration of special significance was shared after the broadcast of 86 Eighty Six Episode 23. This raises hopes for a sequel in 2022.

A-1 Pictures has yet to confirm the news. It is possible that A-1 Pictures will announce the news at the special event of the 86: Eighty Six set to celebrate the anime’s 10th anniversary.

This event will be held in celebration of the broadcast anniversary for 86: Eighty-Six Episode 1. The voice actors and cast of 86 Eighty Six will attend the event. We can expect to hear important announcements about 86 Eighty Six Season 3, which will be made during the event.

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86 Eighty Six Season 3 Predictions

86 Eighty Six Season 3 Predictions

Because there are still many adaptations to make, 86 fans are thrilled about Season 3.

As of March 2022 86: Eighty Six light novels has 11 published tankonbon volumes, of which only three have been adapted into the 23 episodes. This includes the epilogues and Volume 1. Only 9 volumes of 11 tankonbon volumes were translated into English.

A-1 Pictures has the potential to release another 69 episodes, which can then be divided into six more seasons each of 12 episodes. It is possible to expect the return of the series, Episode 86 Six Season 3, in Fall 2022.

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86 Characters & Cast from Anime

86 Characters & Cast from Anime

In addition to the English dub, there was localization for Spanish and Portuguese as well as German. Here’s the English dub:

  • Billy Kametz as Shinei Nouzen
  • Suzie Yeung as Vladilena Milize
  • Jonah Scott as Raiden Shuga
  • Maureen Price and Anju Emma
  • Erica Mendez as Kurena Kukumila
  • Casey Mongillo is Theoto Rikka
  • Alejandro Saab as Daiya Iruma
86 Characters & Cast from Anime

The dub release date for 86 Season 1 was June 19, 2021. Many new voices were introduced in 86 Episode 12, which marked the start of 86 Season 2.

  • Zeno Robinson as Kiriya Nouzen
  • Kimberley Anne Campbell is Frederica Rosenfort
  • Ernst Zimmerman is Keith Silverstein
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The December 4, 2021 release date for the 86 Season 2 dub was December 4, 2021.

If the third season has been approved for production, then an English dub of Season 86 will likely be announced in the near future.

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The author has already made the final decision on 86 light novels endings

The author has already made the final decision on 86 light novels endings

Based on the 86 light novel by author Asato, and Shirabii, the story for the anime TV series is called 86. Asato started writing middle school on the basis of ideas she had in elementary school.

In 2016, the grand prize for the 23rd Dengeki Novel Prize was awarded to the first volume of 86. The author revealed that she used to write for Kadokawa’s light novels label for young girls, before realizing that 86 was very masculine. Although she didn’t believe Dengeki Bunko would be a good choice for her contest, she entered anyway to see what would happen.

The main series had reached 86 Volume 10 by June 2021. Asato claims she has the ending to the story in mind, but won’t disclose how many books remain.

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She stated that the general sequence of events and story’s end are more or less set. “The chief editor has seen the summary for each volume (just few sentences per) and the ending of the story. While I know how much of the story I have, I would like to keep it a secret.

There are also 86 side stories to go along with the main books. Some of these stories were adapted for anime. Magical Girl Regina Lena was the exception, which was not included for obvious reasons.

A Dengeki Bunko announced in December 2021 that the light novel series would get its first 86 spinoff. It will not be published traditionalally, but it will be serialized on the Novecomi App in Spring 2022.

The new 86 story is not being written by Asato. It will instead be written by SOW and Kuroganeya, an illustrator. New characters and vehicles will be featured in the Federal Republic of Giad story.

To create the 86 manga version, Asato also collaborated with Motoki Yoshihara. It has been serialized in Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine from 2018, and is now up to Volume 3.

The author has already made the final decision on 86 light novels endings

Asato stated, “For the manga I approved the characters and manuscripts and answered any questions that the artist might have about the story and setting.” “Pretty much every single time, I said, “Wow, these look great!” and made no suggestions for improvement. Motoki Yoshihara, the artist, and his staff did a fantastic job. I am very grateful.

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Multiple manga spin-offs exist. Suzume Somemiya created the 86: Operation High School manga, which was launched in 2020. It is an alternate universe in which the Eighty-Six lead a peaceful existence as students. Shirabi launched a prequel manga series called “86: Fragmental Neoteny” in April 2021.

North American publisher Yen Press has released the English translation of the light novels as well as the main manga series. The manga spin-offs don’t have an English version. The English 86 manga has been updated to Volume 2 as of March 2021. As of August 2021 the English 86 manga was up to Volume 8. Volume 9 is scheduled for January 18, 2022.

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Asato Asato’s illness delayed the release of Volume 86 Volume 11.

Asato Asato's illness delayed the release of Volume 86 manga Volume 11.

The February 2022 release date for 86 Volume 11 is set. It was originally scheduled to be released in December 2021, but Asato’s health issues forced the delay.

The title of 86: Eighty Six Volume 11 is Dies Passionis. This translates to Day of the Passion. Although it is a Latin term that refers to Good Friday, the meaning of the title may be different depending on the context.

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Asato , creator of 86, based the book idea upon Stephen King’s The Mist as well as Obama’s drone strikes

Asato , creator of 86, based the book idea upon Stephen King's The Mist as well as Obama's drone strikes

“Cute is justice!” Asato Asato: Girls in pilot suits are justice!

The story of 86 revolves around the themes of racism and politics. Although Americans might argue about whether systemic racism exists in their current government institutions, it is a present cruel reality in the Republic of San Magnolia.

The Republic of San Magnolia is portrayed as the first modern democracy in the fictional world. Similar to America’s past support for slavery, despite having a Constitution that ostensibly provides liberty and justice for all, so the five-colored flag of Republic stands for freedom, equality and brotherhood, justice and nobility, despite the fact that the majority Alba has institutionalized discrimination against Colorata immigrant groups.

It would be considered an act of evil for a country to deny a pork its human rights. If you define someone who speaks a different language, someone with a different culture, or someone with a different heritage, as a pig in human body, any oppression or persecution you may inflict on them would not be considered cruel or inhumane.

A quote from the 86 Light Novel.
Asato , creator of 86 Anime Season 3, based the book idea upon Stephen King's The Mist as well as Obama's drone strikes

Interviews with Asato Asato, creator of 86, revealed that she began writing the story in 2014 when she was just 26. The Mist, a 2007 film, was her first inspiration. Although the film is set in a supermarket she thought, “What if it was not limited to a single country?”

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Asato actually changed the setting three times. She first scrapped “a fortressed, mist-covered city” and then rejected a near future city that was surrounded with a fog of nanomachines. She was considering changing the perspective of Lena and Shin so they were based at different times in time. This would have been a twist similar to So I’m a Spider So What? light novel series.

(86 Season 3 will adapt Volume 4 Under Pressure. It features a subway terminal that looks like a labyrinth. Asato stated in the Volume 4 Afterword that she chose this setting because she disliked Tokyo’s subway stations.

Asato , creator of 86 manga well as Obama's drone strikes

American politics also inspired Asato. From watching news coverage about former U.S. President Obama’s drone strikes in Middle East, Asato’s idea that the Handlers were like drone operators was born. Asato wrote a light novel series on drone warfare ethics and how soldiers would function in battle.

Executive Order 6609, which declares the Colorata enemies of the Republic and strips them of all humanity by declaring them unvoluntary humanoid pigs in the book, is used to confine them to concentration camps. This is an actual reference to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s real-life Presidential Executive Order 9066. The USA held Japanese, German and Italian Americans in internment camp during World War 2 in 1942 because these groups were considered a threat to national safety.

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The magnolia, Republic’s nameake, is another reference. This flower is the state flower in Louisiana and Mississippi and the national flower of North Korea. The name of the country also refers to authoritarian governments as well as the history of slavery in the American South.

Payton Campbell, the Yen Press editor assistant, said that he was most impressed by the series’ honesty and openness when it comes to genocide. He emphasized this in an interview with Roman Lempert, the book translator.

86 season 3 release DAte
By Genooo

“This book is about war. One sad truth about war is the way hatred is often used to accomplish one’s goals. Campbell stated that the goal of this book was to humanize large portions of the population, so that no one would blink an eye as they died fighting an impossible war.”

“86–Eighty-Six” is a deeply emotional book. Asato Asato-Sensei wishes you to feel every ounce the hatred the Eighty-Six have towards the Alba with the same intensity as you process their apathy.”

The plot’s direction was also affected by the author’s childhood. Asato claims that she was raised in a family that loves mecha anime. As a child, she watched several Gundam movies and Knights of Sidonia was one of her favorite Gundam films.

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Video games such as Final Fantasy Tactics can also be an influence. However, she claims that the design of the mecha in 86 was influenced more by horror movies like Philip K Dick’s Second Variety and Stephen King’s Mist.

eighty six anime season 2

The Legion mecha is particularly modeled after the terrible military action depicted in the Mist books. She read several primary sources to learn how tanks work.

Why did she choose a four-legged design over a realistic tank or Sci-Fi bipedal mech?

“I think they’re awesome. “That’s it!” declared the completely based creator.

Asato spoke out about a weak tank and said, “Isn’t it romantic?”

Asato is passionate about military culture. Asato loves military culture and writes her books to Black Hawk Down’s OST. Her pen name is a reference the “Acth Acth”, a German flak gun.

Payton also discussed the technology used in the books.

This book has many parallels to World War II from a historical perspective. He said that although the Juggernauts are fictional robots, the Legion’s unmanned drones and their weapons and attachments were made with real-world technology.

“For instance, understanding how an EMP works helped me understand Eintagsfliege: The mayfly robots which travel in swarms with the ability to disrupt electronically the processes of enemy troops.

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Asato said that Shin shared one trait, and she was unsure if Asato took aspects of her personality and incorporated them into the character.

She explained that Shin is a bit careless and lazy when it comes to cooking. “Not as bad as Shin, though, because I season correctly and remove the eggshells.

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86 Eight-Six manga/light novels series compared with the anime

86 Eight-Six manga/light novels series compared with the anime

Studio A-1 Pictures is extremely loyal to the core of the books. Their anime masterpiece of action, characterization and humor is undoubtedly a better version of the source material.

However, that doesn’t mean every important detail could be squeezed into 23 episodes. Given the TV’s episodic format, certain details may be reduced or removed.

Asato, creator of 86, explained that anime is a time-limited medium. As such, you have to be more limited in your descriptions and dialogue. You have to communicate information using dialogue. That was something I found particularly challenging.”

86 Eight-Six manga/light novels series compared with the anime

Volume 1 of Light Novel was more character-driven than action-heavy. The battles were not described in detail, except for the final fight. The anime producers had plenty of scope to expand on the premise and add a lot more anime-original action scenes.

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The battle was the focus of the books that 86 Season 2 Volume 2 and 3 adapted. Due to the need to finish two books, and so much action taking place, the number anime-original scenes fell… and many details from books were cut.

The anime’s second season was faithful, largely because of the direct involvement by the creator in the production process.

Asato stated that he attended the scriptwriting meetings and approved visuals and character designs. He also answered questions about the story. There were many questions about characters, mecha and various objects. It was difficult …” to answer them all.

why watch 86 season 3 ?

Asato also joined the editor, producer, editor and other staff to conduct the auditions for each major character. She commented on how the person auditioning matched her mental image of the character.

The first episode of the second season contained little foreshadowing moments that referred back to Season 1. Even though the Albas of San Magnolia believe their propaganda, the false peace continues to show cracks. One crack in the fountain dedicated Saint Magnolia pointed to the Grand Mur’s fall.

The most notable change was that the first season ended with a cliffhanger. This was because it adapted part of Volume 1: Epilogue 1, and Volume 2: Chapter 1. The second season presented the story in chronological order. Season 2 Episode 1 skipped Volume 1 Epilogue 2. This was significant because it featured a scene that was set at the end Volume 3.

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The first season’s end should not include Lena’s actions in Volume 1: Epilogue 1. This episode briefly showed the fall of Lena and Lena’s ramshackle defense. Even though Epilogue 1 revealed the liberation of the Federacy and Lena’s fate, it was important to skip the bulk of this epilogue in order to preserve the anime’s chronological adaptation.

Season 2 Episode 1 didn’t explain the rescue of Spearhead. The anime simply mentioned Shin’s brother Rei as a white knight, who asked his younger brother to let go of him but not forget him. The anime showed Shin, a grieving man, receiving a metal fragment with Rei’s name on. However, it didn’t explain how it got there.

According to the books, Rei started following the Spearhead Squadron once Shin had defeated Rei as a Legion Shepherd. After transferring into a backup unit (the Dinosauria in the anime), Rei continued his adventure with the Spearhead Squadron. Rei was able to recover his senses after the unstable data transfer, but his unit would soon be shut down due to data corruption.

When Is eighty six Anime season 3 ?

Rei lived out his final days, before succumbing to his younger brother. Rei rescued Shin when he was in trouble and fired on the other Legion. Rei carried Shin and four other Spearhead members to safety, only for them to be killed by the Federal Republic of Giad.

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Season 2 Episode 2 gave Lena many new scenes to keep her engaged in the story. One of the lowest points of the series is her absence during Volumes 2 and 3. Lena was given more love by the anime, but it didn’t explain why Lena had a red hairstyle or why she accepted the nickname Bloody Reina. She knows that she is trampling on the lives of others to achieve her goals.

It was also notable that Frederica was given more scenes, including seeing Eugene and Nina. Later episodes emphasized this chance encounter and how it related Frederica’s involvement in other people’s lives…and deaths. Frederica was still present in many scenes, including the unveiling of the Nachzehrer Hangar.

Season 2 Episode 3 continued the academy training with Shin’s dangerous jumping maneuver, which earned him a zero. It was only briefly mentioned in the light novel.

Eugene’s poverty is not explained by the anime, as his family were nobles from Empire of Giad. Many of these noble families lost their fortunes when the revolution took place and the Federacy was in control. The nobles who were spared had industries that were helpful to the ongoing war effort.

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Eugene’s final moments were handled with great care. Although Eugene was not injured, Shin asked Shin to take Eugene’s picture locket. Shin had to walk for several meters to reach Eugene.

Season 2 Episode 5 adapts the ending to light novel Volume 2. The anime altered the scene in which Shin received Eugene’s letter so that he was in his Reginleif cockpit and not his room. Shin encountered Frederica in a hallway that was otherwise empty at the moment Morpho’s railgun attack hit the base.

The credits for this episode revealed a major spoiler for the series, listing Masaki Terasoma, a Japanese voice actor, as No Face’s voice. This is because the actor was previously listed as appearing in another human role in Season 1 Episode 4. This effectively spoils the surprise of No Face’s identity for anyone who searches this 86 voice cast detail.

Even readers of light novels don’t yet know No Face’s true name, but foreshadowing has led fans to believe that he is related to a certain person. Although this article will not spoil the surprise, it is possible that fans are being massively trotted by playing to fan theories regarding No Face.

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Season 2 Episode 6 featured a wonderful scene in which Shin’s dead comrades transform into their tags. The anime depicted Shin’s moment in the moment rather than just relying upon a monologue. Shin’s reaction when Federacy officers referred to the suicide squad mission by the spearhead was chilling.

The anime missed Dustin’s speech, but this was due to time constraints.

Flashbacks of Kiriya and Frederica from Season 2 Episode 8 were anime-original.

Season 2 Episode 9 did not include a cameo appearance by two new characters, Prince Vika, and Lerche. They will be important in Season 86 Season 3. These two characters were not officially introduced or named until Volume 5. However, it was obvious based on Volume 3’s description that this was their first appearance in light novels.

It is predicted that the final episode of 86 Season 2 Episode 23 will coincide with Volume 3 and Volume 1: Epilogues 1, and 2.

This is the perfect stopping point, since Volumes 2/3 are a single story arc (Run Through the Battlefront), which brings together Lena as well as the survivors of Spearhead.

There are many books that can be used to make 86 Season 3 with multiple courses. If they want to get ahead of the anime, English-only light novels readers can jump to 86 Vol 4: Under Pressure or 86 Vol 5: Death. Be Not Proud.

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It is unclear if the anime’s third series will continue to adapt two books per season, or if it will resume the same pacing as the first season. The next story arcs will have action but the overall narrative of Volumes 4, 5, and 7 (which will probably be adapted by the 86 Seasons 3, and 4) focuses on character development with the romance plot becoming more prominent as the story progresses. The current story arc, which is still unfinished, begins in Volume 8. This will be likely to be adapted by the 86 Season 5.

Unfortunately, 86 manga readers will need to wait years before the manga catch up with the anime TV series.

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86 anime TV spoilers for Season 3 (plot summary/synopsis).

86 anime TV spoilers for Season 3 (plot summary/synopsis).

Note: This news story was published prior to the 86 Eighty-Six Season 2 Episode 12 launch date. It will be updated as necessary. These spoilers assume that the story will be picked up by 86 Eighty Six Season 3.

Lena and Shin have finally been reunited!

Last time we saw the 86 anime, the Gran Mur was destroyed by the railgun-type Legion the Morpho. This was controlled by the neural ghost of Shin’s deceased brother, the Shepherd Kiriya Neuzen, who used to be Augusta Frederica’s caretaker. Shin and Spearhead Squadron defeated Morpho, liberating the Republic citizens who remained.

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The Eighty-Sixth Strike package has been created by the fusion of processors from the Republic’s Eighty-Sixth Sector as well as the Federacy’s Vargus Nordlicht Squadron. Lena, now part of the Federal Republic of Giad’s army, is in command, fulfilling her promise to catch up with Shin.

Lena hopes to help the Eighty-Sixers become more normal people. Racism is still a problem.

Lena feels guilty for the deaths of Eighty-Six people she was responsible for and frustrated at her inability to prevent further deaths. Shin assures Lena that it wasn’t her fault and that they are working together for the benefit of the unit.

Lena slowly brought out Shin’s soft side. Lena now tries to make Shin feel at home, so that he doesn’t lose his life in battle.

They will be going to Charite, an abandoned subway tunnel. The Charite Underground Labyrinth is now home to an underground Legion production facility.

Lena was unable to survive that dangerous mission and is annoyed by Shin’s recklessness and willingness to risk her life. Lena is unable to understand his way of thinking and believes he takes unnecessary risks. These angry disagreements create awkwardness in their relationship.

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Based on the information they found in the Legion base, Zelene Birkenbaum, the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package has set out to track down the Legion developer. They follow the trail to the frozen northern land of the United Kingdom Of Roa Gracia.

The 86 and Lena are greeted by Prince Viktor Idinarohk (the 86) and his personal guard, Lerche, who is a pilot for an Alkonost, which is semiautonomous mecha that can fight on snowy terrains. Shin quickly discovers something is not right with Lerche.

Lerche turns out to be one of many humanoid robotics called Sirins. This is a reflection on the 86 machines that are embodied within them. The Sirins, or Artificial Fairies, are similar to the Legion but they also house structural copies the human brain.

Shin is unable to accept the new, creepy machine comrades. He believes they are the same as the Eighty-Sixers used by the Republic of San Magnolia. The Sirins are made to fight another’s battles as an expendable unit, which effectively makes them the opposite of the 86’ers.

These machines are different from humans because they have personalities. Instead of being forced to serve, the Sirins offered to copy their brain structure. To prevent brain collapse, the base personalities and memories of the Sirins were removed and replaced with a pseudo-personality.

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Their backups can be redeployed to fight again even if their mechanical bodies are destroyed. The Sirins are known for their inexplicable ability to respawn endlessly. Their Handler commanders can issue orders that would ordinarily be considered war crimes.

The goal of the Sirins is to stop biological humans dying and becoming like them. They are willing to give their lives for humanity.

Lerche can understand why Shin is so reckless, but he feels almost insulted that human soldiers would risk their lives to fight in a war in which technology has outperformed human capabilities. Lerche attempts to teach the 86-year-old to appreciate his life, since humans can fail again and they can do it again. This is something that the dead cannot do.

Shin has trouble finding something to live for, as he only knew the Legion since childhood. Shin also struggles to forgive himself for the things he did in battle.

Princess Viktor helps Lena to understand the thinking of both the Sirins as well as the Eight-Sixers. This helps Lena grow as a person as well as as a Handler through understanding their past experiences. Lena tries to understand Shin’s point-of-view and closes the gap that has grown between them.

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The Legion is busy making plans for their end, while the characters are busy developing emotionally. Lena, Prince Viktor and the commanders find their way inside a fortress citadel under siege from the Legion!

They will be haunted by the sights they see at this battlefield for their entire lives.

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