Air Gear Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

Air Gear Season 2

Air Gear season 2 is always a topic of conversation when it comes the popular manga written by Oh! Great. The anime was released by TOEI Animation in 2006. It is probably the first sports anime that has been well received by both fans and critics. Fans are left wondering if Air Gear season 2 will be coming soon, with old anime being remade and continued. Is Air Gear season 2 possible without further delay?

Air Gear : A Quick Recap

Air Gear : A Quick Recap

Air Gear is about Itsuki Minami, or ‘Ikki’ as short, and her adventure to discover the world of Air Treks. Also, Air Treks (or AT for short) is a type of futuristic inline skating that has taken the globe by storm in terms both of popularity and demand. 

He is a tough street fighter and a member of “The East-Side Gunz”. He discovers that a pair of Air Treks are in his home and is propelled into a new world filled with trials, turbulence, and all the chaos that will follow.

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Air Gear Season 2 Coming Soon

Air Gear Season 2 Coming Soon

Air Gear is a manga series written and illustrated by Oh!great. It ran from November 2002 to May 2012. There were a total thirty-seven volumes published by Kondansha. From November 6, 2002, to May 23, 2012, it was serialized in Kondansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. TOEI Animation (One Piece & Dragon Ball), adapted an anime and aired between April 5th 2006 and September 27th 2006.

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The anime received a 7.51 rating on MyAnimeList from more than 160,000 viewers and ranked at 538 in terms popularity. Even though the anime aired more than a decade ago it still enjoys a high level of popularity.

The anime covered 14 volumes of the series. In 2011, an OVA was released along with a limited edition release of volume 30. Studio Satelight (Fairy Tail & Hellsing Ultimate), is the animator of the OVA, instead of TOEI Animation. The OVA features three main characters voiced by different actors.

The manga is now finished and Oh! With the manga now finished and Oh! Studio Satelight and TOEI Animation have not yet made an announcement about Air Gear season 2. There’s still hope, though, as Air Gear is a Kondansha sports anime that is very popular.

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Air Gear Season 2 Release Date

It’s been more than ten years since Air Gear season 1 was released by TOEI Animation in 2006. TOEI Animation has not yet provided any information regarding the possibility of renewing the series or a remake. With the overwhelming praise from critics and fans, the anime was able to attract new viewers and fans.

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Satelight Studio released OVAs on their 30th volume. A musical was also announced. From January 7 to January 21, 2007, the musical play was performed. The musical was loosely adapted from manga and focused solemnly on the male protagonists. The original casts of anime are recast as they appear in the musical. The plot centers around the battle between team Kogarasumaru and team Bacchus.

The musical made a third comeback, the most recent in 2010. Fans waited eagerly for the return of Kogarasumaru, despite Ikki’s story ending in the manga. The manga sold more than 18 million copies by August 2020 and was awarded the Kondansha Manga Award for the Shonen category. 

Air Gear’s popularity is strong, despite the fact that it has been around for many years. Ikki and his friends still have a chance to make a comeback in the near future, but fans will need to wait and watch a bit longer.

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Air Gear Cast and Characters

Air Gear Cast and Characters
Itsuki “Ikki” MinamiKamakari Kenta (OVA), Nobuhiko Okamoto
Kazuma MikuraKENN (Black Butler).
Ringo NoyamanoIse Mariya, Haruka Komatsu (OVA)
SimcaTanaka Rie (Persona 3)
SpitfireTsuda Kenjirou (Jujutsu Kaisen)
Agito WanijimaKikuchi Kokoro

Air Gear is a network that serves many interesting characters. These are some of the characters who might be recurring in season 2.

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Itsuki Minami (or “Ikki”) is the main character of the story and the leader for Kogarasumaru. The Noyamano family introduces him to AT, and he is often described as a crow.

Kazuma Mikura: Also known as Kazu, he is a childhood friend to Ikki. He was influenced by him and eventually joined Kogarasumaru. Spitfire is his protege, and he’s the next Flame King.

Air Gear Cast and Characters

Ringo Noyamano, the successor to team Sleeping Forest or Thorn Queen. She is one of the Noyamano sister to introduce Ikki at AT.

Simca: Also known as Simca The Swallow or the “Migratory Bird”, Simca is the leader of the group Genesis.

Spitfire: The current Flame King, and an ex-member of the Sleeping Forest.

Agito Wanijima is the other personality of Aikto Wanima. He was a member the Wind SWAT, before joining Kogarasumaru.

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