Hunter X Hunter Season 7 : Everything You Need To Know

hunter x Hunter Season 7

Hunter X Hunter is one of the most famous anime series that was released in the 1990s.

Like most anime series, Hunter X Hunter is inspired by a manga. Yoshihiro Togashi began it in the beginning of 1998.

The manga was initially made into an anime in 1999 and ended following a short period. The series ended in 2011. Madhouse came out with a new Hunter X Hunter anime series which concluded in 2014 after six seasons.

An English dub version of the show was made available by Toonami in April of 2016.

The season 6 , which was the English version finished in Toonami too The need for the season 7 grew more intense.

Are you sure that Hunter Return for Season 7? Hunter Return for Season 7? Let’s find out.

What We’ve learned about Hunter The X Hunter so Far

What We've learned about Hunter The X Hunter so Far

The story centers around Gon Freecss, a small child who was abandoned from his dad at a very early age.

Gon finds out that the father of his Ging Freecss is an internationally renowned “Hunter” as a profession. Inspiring by his father, Gon is determined to be an official “Hunter” and.

He is able to pass the strict “Hunter Exam” and is an accomplished “Hunter” the same way as his father.

In this epic adventure of upwards and downwards, Gon is introduced to the other main characters from the show, Kurapika, Leorio, Killua who become his best friends. At the end of the show, Gon meets his father and father.

What happens next? It’s nothing too significant.

There is a sudden end to it!

We are concerned about that. We want to know when there will be a season 7 of the Hunter X Hunter anime series? Are there an official statement? If there isn’t What are the odds of being renewed?

To answer many questions, it is necessary to consider a variety of aspects and other aspects. There’s no”Yes” or “No” here since it’s a bit complex!

Let’s first look at some official information concerning the series.

Official Announcements and The Release Date For Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Official Announcements and The Release Date For Hunter X Hunter Season 7

With an aching heart We must be honest with you and inform you that there have yet to be any official announcements on an extension of the contract yet.

Madhouse doesn’t appear to be in any way planning to continue the show as of right now. They are currently working on the production of various anime series.

But wait another second. Silver linings are a thing we all love aren’t we?

The creator of the series Yoshihiro Togashi has said that he is going to provide a satisfactory conclusion to the show.

There’s a silver lining to us.

We now know that there’s no conformity as of yet, we’ll have to wade through the water and discover the answer to the question we asked “Will it be season 7 of the animated series Hunter X Hunter?”


The Most Explicit Plot Of Hunter X Hunter Season 7

The Most Explicit Plot Of Hunter X Hunter Season 7

The 2011 anime hasn’t yet covered the previous four books of the manga. Therefore, we can presume that creators for the series will pick the place they left off.

So, in Season 7, we’ll witness the start of an entirely new adventure – one that will take us towards the Dark Continent. It will be a more hazardous one than Chimera Ant, and chances are that nobody will make it through the return adventure.

A spoiler for you. Gon remains behind. This means that even if the majority fans heading into in the Dark Continent die, Gon will not be left behind. Although it may seem, it’s really disappointing for the majority of people who are.

Gon is somehow restored to his pre-nen condition and thus is no longer nen at present.

Season 7 will focus on what’s known as the Dark Continent as well as the other world that isn’t yet mapped Ging spoke of.

Additional Source Material Details for Hunter X Hunter Season 7

The material that is the basis for the anime is Togashi’s manga. The manga comprises number of 36 issues. The anime has not yet been covered the previous four volumes.

Let’s say that Madhouse chooses the final 4 installments as the base material for Season 7. Is that enough for another season?

Most likely not. Furthermore the Dark Continent Arc is not yet finished.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volume 1April 5 April 5, 2005
Volume 2May 3 May 3, 2005
Volume 3July 5 5, 2005
Volume 4September 6 5th, 2005
Volume 5November 8 on, 2005
Volume 6January 3 3, 2006
Volume 7March 7 2007
Volume 8May 2 May 2, 2006
Volume 9July 5 5, 2006
Volume 10September 5 5, 2006
Volume 11November 7 2007
Volume 12January 2 January 2, 2007
Volume 13March 6 2007, 2007
Volume 14May 1 July 1, 2007
Volume 15July 3 2007, 2007
Volume 16September 4 2007, 2007
Volume 17November 6 November 6, 2007
Volume 18January 1st January 1, 2008
Volume 19March 4 in 2008
Volume 20May 6 7th, 2008
Volume 21July 1st July 1, 2008
Volume 22September 2 September 2, 2008
Volume 23November 4 on, 2008.
Volume 24January 6 the 6th of January, 2009
Volume 25March 3 March 3, 2009
Volume 26January 5 the 5th of January, 2010.
Volume 27March 1st 2011,
Volume 28September 4 September 4, 2012
Volume 29January 1st, 2013
Volume 30May 7 May 7, 2013
Volume 31December 3 2013, 2013
Volume 32April 1st April 1, 2014
Volume 33March 7 7, 2017
Volume 34March 6 7
Volume 35March 5 2019, 2019
Volume 36August 6 7

I’m not sure what I am writing about, but as I type this, I’m feeling an impression that the wait for Season 7 is going to be quite lengthy.

Another big problem is the health problems of mangaka Togashi.

Togashi has been suffering from serious health issuesthat are the reason he isn’t being able to complete the story in the manga. Additionally, he is confronted with a lot of pressure from fans as well as producers.

The people who are eagerly awaiting the next show are fine. However, when it’s all about someone’s health then the health of the person is paramount. What would you suggest?

Things aren’t going well for us, don’t they?

A small hope for all of you.

The greatest and possibly the most assured hope for us is the dedication of Togashi to give the series a satisfying conclusion.

Sales and Profit Information To Hunter X Hunter Anime

Sales and Profit Information To Hunter X Hunter Anime

Everything is dependent on the financial success of the show. Why would producers continue spending money on nothing? We are aware that sales information can be a key element in the success of a series.

If you’re a lover of anime, you may already know that it’s a very costly undertaking to create an anime. Most production companies are able to lose funds.

What is the profit and sales margins for Hunter X Hunter? Hunter X Hunter look like? Does it match our expectations? Or, is it against us?

Let’s glance…

Manga Sales

I am very happy to announce that the manga is a huge hit. It’s a fact that I can’t stress enough!

More than 78 million copies of this manga have been sold in 2019.

It was among the “top five best-selling manga series” in Japan during the year 2018.

Merchandise Sales

Due to the fame of the series, there’s plenty of Hunter X Hunter merchandise available across the globe. You can purchase them at,, and

There are printed T-shirts, blankets as well as stickers and more to take home.

Sales Of Hunter X Hunter Anime Series

You may already be aware that this Manga Hunter X Hunter has been two times adapted into an animated series. The first show was first shown in 1999, followed by the most awaited and loved version, which started airing in 2011.

The 2011 season has been met with widespread critical acclaim. All over the world, fans have become enthralled by the series and are eagerly awaiting the next season.

Even though we don’t have numbers to provide in this particular instance however, the amount of traffic in Social Media Platforms, Google trends and the ratings show that the margin of profit for the 2011 anime show isn’t lower!

Do you want to know more about the characters we’ll meet In Season 7?

Famous characters we Hope to Meet In Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss

Gon will be the primary antagonist in the animated series Hunter X Hunter. He is the son Ging Freecss who is a renowned hunter in the field of. Motivated by his father Gon is determined to be an official “Hunter” and throughout the show we witness him accomplishing his objectives.

Gon is a fan of adventures and is an very friendly boy. In his early years his father was absent from Gon to follow his dream and later, they are picked by him too. He had a dream of becoming an exceptional “hunter”.

Gon will return during Season 7 and will be one of the principal characters.

The next item to check is Kurapika.



He is the last survivor of Kurta Clan, as well as a Blacklist Hunter, Kurapika is likely to be a returnee in the form of one of the principal characters of Hunter X Hunter Season 7.

Kurapika is extremely intelligent, but brutal. His anger can be destructive to him and leads him to commit crimes of a criminal nature.

Apart from his issues with anger, Kurapika is very much worried about his family members. In the show that his closest friends turn into his weak spot.

Also, Kurapika is a fan of power!

Check Out : Kurapika chains

Leorio Paradinight

Leorio Paradinight

Another main character from the series is Leorio.

He is among Gon’s closest companions and an expert “hunter”. Leorio has a fascination with money. According Leorio, there’s no place in the world that isn’t money (which I believe is true). Leorio is aware of how crucial money is in order to live in the modern world.

While he says that earning money is his main goal however, we learn that he is aiming to become a doctor in the near future. The profession of “hunter” can help him earn money to fund his medical education.

You see? Leorio was interested in becoming a doctor, but he could not pay for it financially and that’s the reason he is fascinated by money. Everyone has their own personal story!

In the next episode We also discover that Leorio is aspiring to become a doctor in order to aid those in need. Therefore, wealth and money are not the only elements.

We anticipate that Leorio will be back as One of the principal characters in Hunter X Hunter Season 7.

Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck

Killua is Gon’s closest friend. He is part of the famous Zoldyck family one of the families of assassins that are known to kill anyone in exchange for a fee for it. Killua was the chosen as their heir, however, Killua had other ideas.

The fact that his fate is decided by someone else wasn’t to his taste.

What did the man do?

He left the estate , and Instead of being an assassin the man turns into an “hunter”. When he was a child, Killua has always been an adventurous person. He was also an extremely proficient assassin.

In Season 7 Killua is returning in the role of one of the major characters.

The following item on our list isn’t an excellent one in general certainly.

Hisoka Morow

hisoka morrow

Hisoka was the principal antagonist in the show Hunter X Hunter. Also, Hisoka is known as a serial murderer, and was a former member of the Phantom Troupe.

Do you remember that Phantom Troupe? The same group murdered all participants of the Kurta Clan and sold their eyes in scarlet for sale on black markets. I hope you’ll are aware that Kurapika is the only remaining one of Kurta Clan.

Hisoka is a self-centered and boastful individual. He is a fan of fighting powerful opponents, however, Hisoka knows his limits well. So, you won’t find him fighting against someone whose strength is out of his reach.

Hisoka is Kilkua’s and Gon’s partner, and adversary, depending on the circumstance. It’s certain that he’s an opportunistic person.

We’ll be seeing him return to this role during the seventh Season of the show.

Other determining factors for Hunter X Hunter Season 7

The end of the last season will tell you what will happen in the following season of the show. If the conclusion is thrilling, fans could be looking forward to the next season with great anticipation. Let’s talk about some of the additional factors.

Finalization of Hunter X Hunter Season 6

There’s been some confusion between the fans over the end to The Hunter X Hunter anime series.

Here, I’ll represent the majority and myself.

The end in Season 6 essentially an opportunity to start anew. Gon is finally reunited with his dad, but what happens next? Nothing significant happens, and the show is over.

This isn’t even an ending. We know that is the case because the manga isn’t finished.

While one could say that it was an open-ended ending for us to imagine it (which we’re already doing) however, we’re still not happy with the ending. If you ask any fan who is a major supporter of the show, and you’ll receive the same response.

This is the Trailer Of Hunter X Hunter Season 7

As there’s been no official announcement there is no official trailer or teaser. We’ll update this page once we know that the season 7 trailer 7’s season is available. At present Let’s see what’s the some of the issues surrounding the show?

The Controversy Around Hunter X Hunter Hunter X Hunter

Are there any issues in connection with the show?

The debate among viewers over the ending is evident. It’s not an enormous problem. People are inclined having different viewpoints on the same topic, which is common.

Another thing that could be described as controversial, is the enormous pressure the production company has put up on mangaka Togashi in order to complete the storyline. This is completely unfair. Togashi has a serious health problem, and pressures him to treat him like a patient is unprofessional.

Other than that the manga or the series manga have not been subject of major controversy.


Therefore, the majority of aspects are in favor of an eventual season 7, with the exception of sources.

There has been no changes to the material source for nearly 2 years . Therefore, we’ll need to wait a bit longer.

The wait will be soon over when enough content is accessible.

Till then, Sayonara!.

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