Aldgoat Skin & Aldgoat Leather Farming (FFXIV): Everything You Need To Know

Aldgoat Skin FFXIV

Aldgoat skins can be harvested by defeating aldgoat-type creatures in FFXIV.

Aldgoats are horned animals with woolly coats, and they are very similar to the goats that we have but are more massive in size. They can be cultivated by mobs at two different places:

  • Camp Drybone (X:15, 22:22)
  • Near the entry point into Halatali (X:16.8, Y:28.6)
Neon Genesis

Additionally, there are two varieties of aldgoats you could find within Eastern Thanalan:

  • It is the Myotragus Billy, male aldgoats
  • The Myotragus Nanny female aldgoats

They can be found between levels 16-18 and typically occur in groups.

However, even more Myotragus Billies are spawning close to Halatali at the FATE level 19 “Men Who See Goats” (X:17, and Y:29).

A different kind of aldgoat is available in the game, dubbed the Mourning Billy/Nanny. However, they are only available at the end of the level 40 bard course mission “Bard’s-eye View”. They’re not the best to farm.

Aldgoat skins are also awarded from levequests, and then obtained through your retainers, however farming mobs on your own is the quickest and most reliable method.

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Levequests Aldgoat Skins from Levequests

Levequests Aldgoat Skins from Levequests

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Levequests are quests that can be repeated and can be a fantastic source of XP specifically to craft and gather classes.

Along with the experience as well as experience, the issuing NPC can also decide to provide you with an item (or things) as a form of compensation.

The Aldgoat skin could be a reward at level 15 or levels 20 of tradecraft quests for the class of leatherworker.

There are three NPC’s who are able to give these quests:

  • Qina Lyehga in the East Shroud (X:17.2, Y:27.2)
  • Gontrant in New Gridania (X:11.8, Y:13.4)
  • Nyell in the South Shroud (X:25.5, Y:20.3)

Here’s the list of quests they have available that could give you aldgoat skins

  • Qina Lyehga
    • A Swarm of Ringbands (Level 15.)
    • “Back in the Band (Level 15)
    • Themselves On Their Feet (Level 15)
  • Gontrant
    • Choke Hold (Level 15)
    • “Heads up” (Level 15)
    • Skin Off The Backs of Their Guests (Level 15)
    • and Hide (Level 20) and Hide (Level 20)
    • “Playing the Game” (Level 20)
    • My sole reason to take (Level 20)
  • Nyell
    • “Hands on” (Level 20)
    • “Open to Attack” (Level 20)
    • Making a punch (Level 20)
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Aldgoat skins FFXIV: Hunting Exploration Ventures


Hunting expeditions are the chance to replenish your supply of aldgoat skins , even more quickly.

This feature lets your retainers set out to search for objects that you’ve specified.

Your retainer has to be a Disciple of War or Magic to go out and explore these ventures The option of the collection of aldgoat skins is accessible when your retainer is at or above level 18.

Be aware that, in order to establish the class of a retainer you need to have that same class unlocked and leveled your character, too. © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

The process of completing a hunt is 60 minutes long, however, it can be cut down to 40 minutes by increasing the level of your retainer.

The number of Aldgoat skins that your retainer returns is between 5 and 15 based on the average iLVL of the machine they are using.

There is also the possibility of getting aldgoat skins through Level 15 Field Exploration venture, but they take around about 18 hours to complete, and do not even provide any guarantee of what you’ll get. These types of projects are more about the amount of experience points the retainer earns after you complete these (and not the most ideal to farm items).

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Aldgoat skins FFXIV Uses

Skin of Aldgoat Uses

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The skin of the aldgoat is utilized in a variety of leatherworking recipes that are specifically designed to make the aldgoat skin as well as four different types of Skybuilder’s leather.

The four types of skybuilder’s sleeve are all available to collect and can be exchanged to Skybuilder’s Scrips.

Aldgoat leather is one of the components utilized to create a variety of items of equipment including the equipment set made of boarskin.

To make an aldgoat-like piece of leather, you’ll require:

  • Earth shard x1
  • x1 aldgoat skin
  • x1 Alumen

All equipped with a leatherworker of level 17.

It’s important to note that Aldgoat leather is also found through treasure hunts, using an alder treasure map.

In addition to making crafts, these pieces of leather are also used for the completion of the leatherworker tradecraft quests “Fire and Hide” (Level 20) and “Skin off Their Backs” (level 15) from Gontrant in New Gridania.

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