Anime Characters Who Turned Into What They Hated : Our Top 15+

Anime Characters Who Turned Into What They Hated happens more often in anime for whatever reason. .Some characters are just too weak to resist the cruelties of fate. It’s not easy to be a fictional character, despite what you might think. Even though they might be important enough to have plot armor, tragedy can strike almost every time. While that’s bad news for them it is good news for the audience who loves some angst.

It is fascinating to see characters struggle with unwanted change and their journey suppressing it or accepting it. The result of their actions is what makes anime so interesting. Highly anticipated episodes feature protagonists who return to life stronger than ever after enduring the hells. These badass moments are what we live through vicariously.

Not all characters have such a cool ending. Many give in to the darkness while others become a hollow shell. Let’s take a look at the ten characters who have turned into what they loathe most, and how they dealt with it.

Anime characters Who Turned Into What They Hated

This list is a list based on popularity, appearance in the anime and also my personal opinion.They could be that you are not of the same opinion with the classification

17. Garou


Garou is the antagonist in the One Punch Man season 2 anime. He was bullied as a child for his love of monsters. Garou hated his bullies, and couldn’t understand why they thought so. He became a bully and raped his fellow students as well as any hero he could.

Garou’s hypocrisy is double-folded. In the most recent chapters of One Punch Man , Garou the “Hero Hunter”, neutralizes multiple monsters to protect some fallen heroes. He continued his path as a monster even though he was disillusioned with his beliefs after these events. Anime Characters Who Turned Into What They Hated

16. Pain/Nagato


Nagato grew up in war-stricken Japan and was subject to constant suffering until Jiraiya introduced him. Nagato was taken under the wing of the Konoha Shinobi, who promoted peace and understanding in anime. Jiraiya was a great inspiration to Nagato, who helped create the Akatsuki in order to promote peace.

The hopeless shinobi’s vision of the world was distorted by his experiences with betrayals and terrible losses. He adopted the pseudonym Pain to describe the things he hated the most about the world.

His intention was to bring peace, but his controversial methods made him one of those monsters he hated and rejected as a child.

15. Ophelia


Ophelia was Claymore No. 4 in Clare’s family, proud of her strength and identity. She was a sadist and loved the thrill of war and the mutilation her victims. Ophelia’s cruelty was not limited to humans, but her fellow soldiers who had been subject to her bloodlust.

Ophelia, despite her playful and sarcastic natures, was unusually serious about “Awakened Beings.” After witnessing one of her relatives die, Ophelia was traumatized and developed an unhealthy obsession with them. Ophelia, in fact, vowed to only kill Awakened Beings. She even forced Claymores into awakening so she could fight them.

Ophelia’s mental illness while fighting Clare on a mission led to her awakening in an unimaginable twist of fate. She was devastated to see her reflection in the water after realizing this. Ophelia had become one of the “monsters”, which she wanted to destroy. Her hatred for the Awakened Beings was so deep that Clare took her life. She found peace in this way.

14. Vegeta


Vegeta is a great example of an anime villain who becomes a hero. Although his morals may be questionable, the Dragon Ball character was created as a man who wanted nothing more than power and quality battles. Before Goku defeated him, he wanted to wipe out Earth’s population.

Vegeta is reluctantly revived by Frieza and brought to Earth via the Dragon Balls after the battle. He views humans as weak and rejects Earth’s culture. Vegeta is able to have a child with Bulma as the anime progresses and is more assimilated into Earthly life.

Cell was defeated by him, and he played a significant role in the protection of the planet. We see Vegeta transform from Goku’s sworn enemy to his friend in the unfolding events of Dragon Ball Super (although he wouldn’t admit it).

13. Zero Kiryu

Zero Kiryu

Zero was born to a Vampire Hunter family and learned to kill them as a youngster. He began to believe that every vampire was innocent after his encounter with Yagari’s fiancée. Zero began to hate vampires after his encounter with Yagari’s fiance.

Kiryu became a vampire after he was awakened and he felt disgust at himself. He feared becoming a Level E threat. His hatred for all Purebloods led him to want to kill vampires and resist the temptation to drink blood.

Zero had a miserable outlook on life and tried to kill himself using an anti-vampire gun, but Yuki stopped him in time. Although Kiryu accepted his fate later, he still had trouble seeing himself and any other vampires as anything other than a monster. Anime Characters Who Turned Into What They Hated

12. Dabi


Surprise surprise: My Hero Academia’s villain Dabii was actually Toya Todoroki, the number 1 hero’s oldest son. It was his tragic childhood that led him to take such a different path.

Endeavor was proud to have Toya Todoroki, a child born with a fire quirk that was more powerful than his father’s. He trained him from an early age. Dabi was a diligent student and hoped to be a hero who could surpass All Might.

Toya’s inherited resistance to fire and cold meant that he would always burn himself when he used his Quirk. Endeavor called him a failure, and began to focus his efforts on creating another powerful child.

Toya was overwhelmed by the dreams and hopes of his father, and then abandoned when they could not be fulfilled, which led to him falling into despair. He lost control over his Quirk, and set fire to an entire forest. He was presumed dead after the ferocious incident. Dabi survived, but his traumatizing experiences made him a horrible villain.

Endeavor’s traumatizing abuse and abandonment led to Dabi accepting the dark side of life and giving up his dream of being a hero.

11. Origami Tobiichi

Origami Tobiichi

Origami Tobiichi was a bitter person because of her parents’ murder. She lost all common sense when she was in the vicinity of a spirit and tried to kill it. When Origami discovered that Shido, her love interest, was actually a spirit sister, she tried to kill her. Tobiichi was only stopped by Shido telling her about Phantom’s existence.

Origami’s desire to attain power grew as the series progressed. Origami joined DEM and accepted a Sephira Crystal, which turned her into Yi, the most hated spirit. Origami was finally able to fight equally against Spirits. Her disgust was so strong that she decided to end all her lives after killing all of them. Anime Characters Who Turned Into What They Hated

Tobiichi quickly discovered the Phantom’s identity and the reason for her parents’ deaths. She was filled with guilt and pain and ended up in an emotional breakdown. Origami Tobiichi, unlike most characters on the list, wanted to be the creature she hated to have enough power to eliminate them all.

10. Shigaraki Tomura

 Shigaraki Tomura

Every BNHA fan knows the sad history of Shigaraki. He was a hero to his family and sought out heroes to help him. But now he is a villain/criminal. Although it would be inaccurate to say that Shigaraki hated villains, considering how Shigaraki, his grandma Nana Shimura, wanted him to be a hero, it is impossible not to mention him.

09. Shigeo Kageyama

 Shigeo Kageyama

Fans’ favorite series of Mob Psycho 100 is the Mob Psycho 100 series. Shigeo Kageyama is known for having fewer emotions but actually has all of his emotions stored up by his psychic powers. Mob, who hates using his psychic abilities to harm other people, can be added to this list. Mob keeps his psychic abilities under control. Mob’s psychic powers can explode if his family is hurt or someone attempts to harm those he loves.

08. Acnologia


Fairy Tail fans are familiar with Acnologia’s past and the danger he poses to the world. His past, as with most characters, is nothing short of tragic. Acnologia, in fact, was a Dragon Slayer who became a Dragon Slayer because he used Dragon Slayer Magic too much.

Acnologia was an early doctor who took care of dragons in his life. In a twist of fate, they murdered his family, destroyed his city and claimed the life of a child. Acnologia was transformed into a brutal, bloodthirsty and violent Dragon Slayer after this terrible event. He vowed to kill all dragons he could.

Unfortunately, because of the excessive use of his Dragon Slayer Magic, and bathing in blood of his victims. Acnologia began to take the form of a Dragon. Acnologia, unlike most of the characters on this list was happy to be called the Dragon King despite his hatred for what he did. Anime Characters Who Turned Into What They Hated

07. Shinichi Izumi

 Shinichi Izumi

Parasyte’s main character, Shinichi Izumi hates parasites. Who knew that the person he would most hate in the future would also be the one he would loathe? Shinichi hated parasites for their brutality in killing people. However, he hated them and later doubted his hatred. The fact that Shinichi was a terrible parasite-host and that he still hated them doesn’t change.

06. Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha is often referred to by many as “Naruto who chose a different route.” He Uchiha was left alone as a child and was therefore driven to become a Hokage. He wanted to be recognized by Konoha and help make the world a better place.

Obito was raised in a war zone and had to join the conflict firsthand. Obito and his family were forced to travel on missions. He grew up seeing so much suffering, betrayal and bloodshed in the world. His life was ended by a tragic accident.

Madara Uchiha saved Obito just as he was about to die. When he saw Kakashi stab Rin, the girl that he loved, Uchiha became more confused. Obito saw that children were being forced to be soldiers and kill their friends.

He supported Madara and believed that an illusion of happiness was the best way to end suffering and horror. Obito Uchiha was determined to achieve this goal and became the person he most hated.

05. Mikaela Hyakuya

Mikaela Hyakuya

In the Seraphs of the End series, Mika has had to face some serious challenges as he tries to rescue his family from an orphanage. Mika, not knowing what lies ahead, offers blood to Ferid Bathory, a vampire. Mika didn’t know that the thing he hated most would be his worst nightmare. He hated vampires because they destroyed their family and orphanage. He was left behind and was forced to become a vampire by Third Progenitor Krul Tepes.

Yuuichirou is the last family to be saved from the vampires. However, Mika has become a vampire. Fans realize from the sadness expressed by both that not all vampires will spare their family.

04. Kaneki Ken

Kaneki Ken

Kaneki resented ghouls for their brutality and desire to consume humans . He initially had a bright side and began to take a liking for Rize-san (a young girl who was interested in having a relationship with him). Rize turns out to be a ghoul and takes Kaneki to an abandoned building site to feed him.

Rize is also killed when Ken Kaneki is badly injured in an accident. Kaneki is unable to live on his own and must be assisted by Rize to insert Rize’s organs in Kaneki’s failing body. This will make him a half-ghoul. Kaneki was disgusted by ghouls but he needed to make it work in order to survive.

03. Light Yagami

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is a relatable character. We all have darkest desires. He was blessed with the chance to be a Light. He hated criminals and all those who made this world miserable. Light couldn’t help but feel his curiosity over the Death Note lying on the school grounds. He brought the notebook along and tried to understand it.

Light made it clear how to use the notebook and had all the criminals killed one by one. You should never lose sight of the limit. Light began to lose himself and his true goals. Light became an antagonist in the series, despite being a villainous character.

02. Hiei


Hiei, a cold-blooded and malicious demon, is introduced in the Yu Yu Hakusho anime. He will do anything to reach his goals. Hiei hates humans but is forced to join Yusuke. Later on in the story Hiei rejects any comments made by other demons regarding his human associates, and he remains distant from them.

Hiei, however, eventually learns to be compassionate for his friends and offers help unprompted. Although he started his life with hatred for humans and their emotions he slowly integrated with his human friends

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01. Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager

This list wouldn’t be complete without Eren Yeager, Attack on Titan’s typical example of someone becoming the person he hates most.

In the very first episodes of the series Eren was adamant about his hatred for the Titans. His mother was eaten by a Titan and this led to Eren’s desire to eradicate them from the Earth. Eren was so determined to achieve his goal, he joined Survey Corps, despite the dangers.

But, fate made a cruel joke of Eren once more. Eren discovered the truth about the Titans, the history between Eldia Marley and learned how to unlock his father’s memories. Eren now vows to save his father from the Titans and the history between Eldia and Marley. Anime Characters Who Turned Into What They Hated

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