Anime Characters With Ice Powers : Our Top 20+

Do you like Anime Characters With Ice Powers ? wearers are almost as common in anime as fire users. Water and ice powers are visually pleasing and can be used in a variety of situations.

Fire users in anime tend to be hot-blooded. Ice users, on the other hand, aren’t always cool and relaxed. Some of these powerful ice users are passionate and passionate about what it is they do and believe in.

Top Anime Characters With Ice Powers

Top Anime Characters With Ice Powers

This Anime Characters With Ice Powers is based on the popularity of the characters, their contributions to the story and also on my personal opinion. You might not agree with the list

23. Tsurara Oikawa

Tsurara Oikawa

Tsurara Oikawa (Nura, Rise of the Yokai Clan), is a character with a very powerful ice power. She is the leader of the Yokai Clan, and one of the most powerful characters of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.

Tsurara is a versatile character that can adapt to almost any situation. Tsurara’s ice power can freeze entire rivers and islands and she can use this ability to destroy her enemies.

Tsurara is a powerful opponent and will use her ice power to defeat her foes. She is also a skilled strategist who knows how to exploit her opponents’ weaknesses.

Tsurara Oikawa is a powerful character in Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. She is sure to challenge anyone who tries to stop her!

22. Miyuki Shiba

Miyuki Shiba

Miyuki Shiba or “The Irregular At Magic High School”, as she is better known, is a young girl who can control and generate ice. This power makes her the most fearsome student at her prestigious magical school. She is known for her antics, which often land her in trouble. However, her sharp wit and quick tongue keep her out of trouble.

Miyuki is most well-known for her wild behavior, penchant for getting in trouble and her penchant for getting into mischief. But there’s more to her than meets her eye. She is fiercely loyal and selfless to her family. She is also a strong believer in justice and will fight for the right cause, even when it means facing danger head on.

Miyuki is a magician with undeniable talent. She is an excellent magician and scientist. If she chooses to concentrate on her studies, she could become one of the greatest magicians in the world.

Miyuki is a bright, talented woman who has a lot to offer the world. However, she will have to work hard to realize her dreams.

21. Horokeu Usui

Horokeu Usui

Horokeu Usui, more commonly known as Horohoro, is part of the Ainu Tribe. He is also the son of Usui Lcan in the Shaman King series. Horokeu, along with Kororo his guardian ghost, can freeze the moisture in air to attack his enemies.

His oversoul used to channel into a snowboard in the past, but now it can be used as a shield. Horokeu’s abilities can freeze or shatter any object that comes in contact with his right gauntlet.

20. Brook


Brook is a member the Straw Hats Pirates led by Monkey D. Luffy who hopes to find the One Piece treasure. Brook was the musician of the pirate band that died. He was revived by the Yomi Yomi no Mi Devil fruits.

Brook, despite being the group’s drummer, is an exceptional swordsman who can wield ice in a powerful manner. After he has received his attacks, his sword slashes freeze his enemies with ice attributes.

18. Toya


Toya is an anime character from YuYu Hakusho. She is one of the most powerful ice-based characters in the series.

Toya is a Toguro Squad member and a formidable opponent to the main characters. Toya is a master at manipulating ice. He can create huge ice walls, freeze his opponents and even start a snowstorm. Anime Characters With Ice Powers

He is calm, collected and efficient in battle. Despite his calm exterior, Toya is a strong fighter and one the most well-known characters in the series.

YuYu Hakusho fans will remember his incredible battles and ice-based power display. If you love anime characters with ice abilities, Toya is one you shouldn’t miss.

17. Yukina Yu

Yukina Yu

Yukina Yu from the anime series Yu Hakusho is a character that has the unique ability of controlling ice. He is not to underestimate, despite her innocent appearance and gentle demeanour.

Her ice powers are strong enough to freeze enemies and create huge icicles, but delicate enough to create intricate ice sculptures that have incredible detail. Yukina is known for her kindness and compassion. She often uses her power to help others in need.

She has even been known to relieve pain and heal injuries. Fans love her for her strength and unwavering kindness. Yukina’s backstory is one of the most fascinating aspects of her character. She is the long-lost sibling of Hiei, a main character. This sibling connection gives depth to her character, and creates emotions throughout the series.

Yukina Yu is an intriguing character with powerful ice powers and a kind heart. Her touching backstory and unique powers make her an unforgettable addition to the anime world. Anime Characters With Ice Powers

16. Yukihina


Yukihina, an antagonist in Code Breaker, has minor sadistic tendencies. This is nothing new for an icy villain. He is able to create snow and ice out of water vapor, which he uses both offensively and defensively. Yukihina is a very unusual person. It can not be melted by fire.

It is difficult to defeat him as he can transform his body into ice, shatter and reform it, and he has the ability to transport wherever he wants. Yukihina can also use the ice to connect broken body parts; basically, he regenerates from ice.

15. Lyon Vastia

Lyon Vastia

Some fairy tail fans may remember Lyon as GrayFullbuster’s self-proclaimed competitor with a superiority complex. Lyon is a powerful man, but he can sometimes be very stupid. He replied, I believe, yes to Hiro Mashima’s question about how much confidence he needed.

Lyon is extremely competitive and Gray and Lyon both studied under the same master. Ur his Ice Magic is unique.

Lyon is also able to mold his ice magic into many living things; you can name any animal, and he can make hundreds of copies. Each of hisanimals have its own unique abilities. Anime Characters With Ice Powers

Lyon’s comfort with ice magic and familiarity allow him to create a clone. This is quite interesting.

14. Issac McCDougal

Issac McCDougal

Issac had grudges against his government, which drove him to become the antagonist of the series. He is now dead, unfortunately. Fuhrer, whom Issac was trying to kill, killed him.

He was capable of fighting on par with Ray Mustang in his prime, and is now considered the strongest member of FMT Brotherhood.

Issac, a water-based alchemist, can freeze blood and any other form of water. has been seen creating weapons from his own blood by freezing it in the series.

13. Katara


Katara was a popular otaku character. I still have a crush upon her. Her popularity was quite high; even the normal people knew about her existence. Avatar: The Last Airbender is available now.

Katara is a waterbender but she has learned a more advanced technique for waterbending that uses ice to create freezing mist.

Katara uses advanced techniques such as ice creeper and ice disc to defend herself while simultaneously freezing her enemies. Anime Characters With Ice Powers

12. Emilia


Emilia, a popular anime character from Re: Zero, has incredible ice powers. She is the main half-elf heroine in the series. Her beautiful beauty and graceful personality are what make her stand out, but her ice magic makes her truly unique.

Emilia has the ability to freeze enemies, make weapons from ice and summon giant ice elementals. Emilia, despite her incredible power, is a kind-hearted and gentle character who uses her talents for good.

Her backstory is also deeply tied to her ice powers, which adds to her complexity as a character. Emilia is an anime fan favorite, and her ice abilities are only one reason why.

11. Shouto Todoroki

Shouto is the hot and cold boy in MHA. He is unique in that he can use two opposing elements, fire and ice. He hates his fire quirk so he uses his ice quiirk more often and has developed proficiency in it.

Shouto frosts half the stadium during a match at the beginning of the anime. He is still capable of becoming the No. 1 Hero in My Hero Academia.

10. Geten


Geten has yet to make an appearance in the My Hero Academia anime. Fans have speculated hundreds upon Geten’s mysterious aura.

Geten, unlike Shouto doesn’t make ice. He manipulates the ice around. This is similar to an ice magnet. Then he molds his attracted snow into complex structures.

Geten has devoted his entire attention to ice manipulation (he didn’t go to school), and it has become a formidable foe.

09. Haku


Haku is a tragic character. He was used to manipulate people despite not wanting to kill them. Haku was still hungry for affection and was made into an assassin.

Naruto and Sasuke VS Haku. Naruto Uses Nine Tails Chakra, and Sasuke uses SharinganNaruto and Sasuke Vs. Haku

Haku’s Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals are a remarkable assassin. This optical illusion gives the appearance of being in multiple places at once, making it a great tactic to sneak attack.

To defend himself against attacks, he uses an ice dome and makes his ice release large spikes for attack. His ninjutsu is also implied to have an effect on his environment and cause snowfall.

08. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki

Although it might not appear so, Rukia is one the most powerful characters in Bleach. She is also currently the captain for the 13th Division. Rukia is a Kido specialist, which can be very useful when dealing with enemies.

Her Sode no Shirayuki has the ability to lower her body temperature so that she can freeze everything she touches. Rukia can freeze the floor beneath her feet and reduce temperature to absolute zero thanks to this ability.

07. Judar


Judar is not someone you want to be friends. He is a unpredictable Magi with lunatic tendencies. Judar is one the four Magi with Ice Magic.

His magic is able to direct ice shards anywhere and freeze the area. Judar can also transform his magic into a sword and combine his ice magic with wind magic to create huge tornadoes.

06. Karim Flam

Karim Flam

Karim Flam is a side character in the Fire Force series. He’s a Second Generation pyrokinetic who can freely manipulate and control heat. He also has the unique ability to generate ice using heat-sound refrigeration, which is the only ice user in this series.

Karim can manipulate ice to create forms that can be used to throw at enemies or immobilize Infernals. Karim’s abilities are enhanced by his musical instruments and the bell that lowers heat escape from Infernals or enemies.

05. Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster

When this man begins to strip, you know things are about to fall. Gray continues to strip even when he isn’t fighting. Gray learned this from Ur, his master. It was her way to survive in freezing conditions and use ice magic.

Gray is the Fairy Tail’s strongest ice mage. Gray is able to mold his ice magic like Lyon, but his strength is more dependent on creating inanimate objects.

You’ve seen the ice-eating videos of the mukbang? That’s Gray. That’s Gray.

04. Evangeline AK McDowell

Evangeline AK McDowell

Evangeline, unlike most other ice-users in anime has spent centuries perfecting her craft. She, an immortal, has spent her life traveling between Earth and Mars to defeat and fight against immortals and threats to humanity. Krystalline Basiliea is one of her most powerful spells. It is her own version Magia Erebia.

Magia Erebia infuses the mage’s energy with their attack magic to increase their power. Evangeline absorbs her strongest ice spell and is covered in ice armor. This spell allows her to use other ice spells, even without needing to chant incantations. It eliminates a mage’s greatest weakness.

03. Toshiro Hitsugaya

Toshiro Hitsugaya

Because of his unwavering attitude, Toshiro is the visual representation for the ice element. His no-nonsense attitude is what makes him a child prodigy who can create a tremendous amount of spiritual power.

Toshiro’s spirit power is channeled into a Chinese dragon which can freeze anything in its path in just a few seconds.

Toshiro is known for having the strongest ice Zanpakuto anywhere in the world. He is also the captain of Gotei 13’s 10th Division. His swordsmanship can control both ice and water.

02. Esdeath


Esdeath is a sadistic general and would not hesitate to hurt her enemies metaphorically and literally. She is also a strong believer in Charles Darwin’s theory, which can often be interpreted in a very bizarre way. She doesn’t care if innocent people are hurt in the process.

Esdeath has the ability to freeze time and use her Cryokinesis abilities in order to destroy her enemies. She summons an army of centaurs and creates weapons and daggers in large quantities.

This lady is too strong to be believed. She once frozen an entire continent. Can you believe it? An entire continent!

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01. Aokiji Kuzan

Aokiji Kuzan

Aokiji is the strongest user of anime ice. His Devil Fruit, Hie Hie no Mi (Hie Hie no Mi), allows him to manipulate, create and transform his body into Ice. It also holds the greatest potential of all Logia-types, since he can even alter the climate on an island. He can also make ice swords to incapacitate his opponents and freeze them.

Many One Piece viewers knew that this man was going to be on the top of the ice users’ list.

It’s understandable, because Aokiji is unique. While others may use the ice element to create ice, Aokiji can turn ice into itself. This is what I would consider an overpowered character.

Although he is antagonistic, his thought process and idea of justice are admirable.

His rank as a Marine indicates his extraordinary abilities, but he is often overlooked due to his laidback personality.

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