Anime Girls With Glasses : Our Top 45+

Anime Girls With Glasses

Glasses are not atypical, but if you’re an avid fan of the anime genre, you’ll find that glasses could be an important element of an individual. In particular glasses are the Japanese word meganekko is a reference to the notion of a “female fictional character whose charm or attractiveness derives largely from wearing glasses.” This means it is evident that glasses wearing girls is a popular anime theme and is the mainstay of anime culture.

This is an overview of the 40 most beautiful anime women wearing glasses. We’ll be using various sources to rank them according to their popularity and the overall quality of their work. The list will be quite diverse, with diverse characters from different genres and franchises.

Ranking The Best Anime Girls with Glasses ( meganekko )

Ranking Top 20 Anime Girls With Glasses By MangaAnimeINFO

The anime girls wearing glasses will be placed between 40th and 1st according to their popularity, influence and significance.

40. TamaeHonami

TamaeHonami Anime Girls With Glasses

Franchise: Chibi Maruko-chan

Momoko’s best-friend. Momoko. The glasses she wears. She’s gentle and feminine. She loves playing the piano.

39. Sae

Sae Anime Girls With Glasses

Franchise Hidamari Sketch

Sae was a young girl in an upper grade and is good close friends of Hiro. Her main artistic interests are writing fiction and photography She writes fiction under the pseudonym Aya Tachibana. She went to school specifically to discover ways to draw her work.

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Sae is athletic, tall and generally mature, but she also has a fun side that can be intriguing and clever. She is known to warn Yuno about potential issues before she even gets involved.

38. Shibata Mizuki

Shibata Mizuki Anime Girls With Glasses

Franchise the Irregulars of Magic High School

Mizuki is a popular girl who is known as “crystal eyes” who allows her to see parts of magic that are invisible to the majority of people. His capacity to think mentally can be a challenge, and he has to wear glasses in order to limit his vision. She is quiet, serene and feminine character.

37. Koharu Nanakura

Koharu Nanakura Anime Girls With Glasses

Franchise: Aikatsu Stars!

Yume is her best companion and roommate. Koharu is a serene gentle and modest woman who is always willing to help people who require it the most. She is a big fan of Yozora Kasumi.

She is a huge fan of her sweets and she always takes them around with her and give them to the people close to her. In episode 30, she goes along with the family Italy to work, but she comes back in episode 51 to study at Venus Ark.

Koharu is adored to the delight of Elza for her style and style, which she’s been pursuing for a long time. In episode 71, she is back to her time as an instructor at Yotsuboshi Academy. Yotsuboshi Academy and, with Yume she comes up with”Rainbow Barry Parfait “Rainbow Barry Parfait” in episode 73. She is an Sexy kind of idol and her color is purple and she’s part in The Moon Beauty Class.

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36. Ayame Sarutobi

Ayame Sarutobi

Franchise name: Gin Tama

Ayame Sarutobi (also known as Sacchan) according to what she is known is a kunoichi mafiast and skilled in bonding. She is obsessed with Gintoki and is prepared to go to any lengths to spend time with him.

She is suffering from severe vision issues, which can create confusion after she has lost her glasses. In real life, she’s serving as a waitress at a cosplay restaurant.

Her weapon of choice is Natto. If she isn’t “looking after the welfare” of Gintoki she is a dedicated and skilled freelance assassin. She’s often competing with Otae whom she believes to be deeply in love with Gintoki.

35. Kiyoko Shimizu

Kiyoko Shimizu Anime Girls With Glasses

Franchise: Haikyu! !

Shimizu is a third-year college student and is the head for the Karasuno volleyball team. She was previously a athlete in the athletics club and was enlisted by Daichi in the beginning of their year to become their team manager.

She doesn’t speak much and has a distinct and straightforward personality, yet she cares very much about the team and its accomplishments. She’s surprisingly shy as is evident when she tries to give encouraging words to team members.

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As she enters her final year at High School, Karasuno joins Yachi and helps her prepare to be a manager. of manager, which allows her to speak up and show her passion for her job. Because of her beautiful features Karasuno is referred to as the team that has “the cute manager”.

She is often observed by onlookers and adversaries as well as Nishinoya and Tanaka who both lust after her and are willing assistance to carry her around.

34. Shizuku

Shizuku Anime Girls With Glasses

franchise: Hunter x Hunter

Shizuku Murasaki is the 8th members of the Brigade. She is very forgetful , and when she forgets something, she isn’t able to recall it again. The opposition is often deceived by her slack and unassuming appearance, however underneath the quiet side of her is an exceptional fighter.

Her left hand is dominant. The first time she is seen, she is performing her task using her vacuum cleaner, which is used to clean the bodies of auction participants. In York Shin City, Brigade members attend auctions to steal priceless objects to sell.

Since joining the spiders following the death of the member number eight, who was killed by Silva Zoldyck, she is the only member of the spiders to not be involved in the extermination from the clan Kurapika being a part of the brigade just three years after the massacre.

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33. Asuka Tanaka

Asuka Tanaka Anime Girls With Glasses

Franchise: Sound! Euphonium

Asuka is a student who is in her final year. She is vice-president for the orchestra. The euphonium is her instrument, and is the conductor in the section of brass. She wears glasses in red, and is playful. She has the ability to manage well, however, she occasionally, she has conflicts with her fellow members.

32. Mari Ayuki

Mari Ayuki Anime Girls With Glasses

Franchise Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl

A sly friend of Tomari She tends to watch in silence the most bizarre situations, including the struggles of her acquaintances.

31. Sakuragi Matsuri

Sakuragi Matsuri Anime Girls With Glasses

Franchise Strawberry Marshmallow

She’s 11 and also an acquaintance of Chika however, she doesn’t get along well with Miu who isn’t afraid to smack her or hit her. She’s shy, naive and irritable, however, she is a charming persona. She owns a ferret pet called John and will soon make friends with Ana.

30. Sara

Sakuragi Matsuri Anime Girls With Glasses

License: Jewelpet

Sara is the scientist in the group. Half-Japanese and half-Taiwanese in origin and is also Sapphie’s girlfriend. Born 9 September and is 13 years old.

29. Cow Lady

Anime Girl With Glasses Cow Lady

Franchise: My Hero Academia

Cow Lady stands tall lady with long, shoulder-length wavy blonde hair with two curly, thick horns that hang from her head on the sides as well as the long, pointed ears of the cow. To dress up as hero, she dresses in a cowgirl’s outfit with the dark orange crop top that is tie at bottom over which she wears a sleeveless jeans jacket that has a rope tied around her neck.

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For a look that matches her torso, Cow Lady wears denim shorts that have been ripped at the hem. She also wears an authentic Western belt that has a big buckle that is with the form of the head of a cow. She is wearing leather gloves, ankle-high booties, as well as a hat of a cowboy worn around her neck as well as two tassels around her upper arms. Finally, she wears sunglasses in orange to complete her style.

28. Nori Sakurada

Anime Girl With Glasses Nori Sakurada

Franchise: Rozen Maiden

The older sister of Jun. She is her guardian since their parents are currently on a business trip across the globe and seem to be unaware of Jun’s health. Affectionate and loving, she occasionally has bizarre thoughts concerning her father. Unfortunately, often she is the one to suffer her anger-related tantrums.

Shinku always offers suggestions about everything from how to make tea, to how to take better charge of Jun. She is a huge fan of dolls.

27. Taeko Minazuki

Anime Girl With Glasses Taeko Minazuki

Franchise: Ai Yori Aoshi

A girl of a young age with glasses, unusual, with a serious nature , but lacking confidence she is extremely awkward and ignorant to the extent of easily being influenced she’s not gifted in any way, however she is determined and persevering and is a pleasure to help others.

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She is in her very first year of studying at the same school along with Kaoru and Tina who she has met at the club for photography as a new member and she is also hired as a housekeeper at the house of Aoi, where she will stay after she was dismissed from her previous position.

26. Riko

Riko Anime Girl With Glasses

Franchise Created in Abyss

Rico is a spirited 12-year-old girl who is determined to imitate their mother who was a famous cavewoman known as Lisa who vanished in the Abyss 10 years ago. Rico is still an apprentice in the Bercello orphanage. When she is an apprentice at the orphanage, she is equipped with an earpiece with a red whistle.

The eyes of her were damaged when she was lifted by her mom from the Abyss at the time her birth. Therefore, despite having being able to see normally, she is able to only see the outside world with special glasses in other words, she has headaches.

25. Maiko Ogure

Anime Girl With Glasses Maiko Ogure

franchise: Kill la Kill

The chief of the development traps that are used by the disciplinary committee, also known as the person who invented the traps that make students unable to wear their ultra-uniforms during their “day of forbidden delay”. It is an elusive and self-centered girl who swindles Ryuko by posing as an injured student in order to get her loosen her grip and take control of Senketsu.

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Her aim is to take over Satsuki by advancing up the social ladder at Honnoji Institute. Honnoji Institute, but she is ultimately found by Ira and is exiled from the school due to the crime of treason.

24. Tokiwa Kyoko

Anime Girl With Glasses Tokiwa Kyoko

Franchise Name: Full Metal Panic!

Chidori’s best friend. She’s slightly odd due to her insistence on taking pictures of things she finds fascinating. His role is vital, particularly beginning in season 3 (especially in the episode featuring the pervert dressed in the mask of a horse, dubbed “Pony”).

23. Clair Voyance

 Clair Voyance

Franchise: My Hero Academia

Clair Voyance is a curvaceous woman sporting bright blue eyes and a visor that has two large blue tinted lenses as well as straight, blonde locks that has an orange patch at the bottom. The actress wears a look-alike royal blue suit, with an opening that is large in her chest, which is occupied by a white high-necked shirt.

The suit is fitted with the dark magenta zipper that runs down the middle. Both short sleeves sport the WHA logo. The suit also has black thigh-high boots that have the same dark-magenta line that runs down her legs, and a brown holster that her pulse weapon is tacked to her right hip.

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22. Tsubasa Hanekawa

Anime Girl With Glasses Tsubasa Hanekawa

Franchise Bakemonogatari

Tsubasa is the main character in Tsubasa Cat belongs to the same category as Koyomi in whom she’s the President. Prior to the beginning of the novel, she was cursed by an evil bakeneko in the course of Golden Week, due to her family’s stress. Although the issue was subsequently resolved through Shinobu’s assistance returned just prior to the school’s festival due to stress and other issues.

21. Homura Akemi

Anime Girl With Glasses Homura Akemi

Franchise: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura appears as a Puella Magi who is featured in the Madoka’s Dream and is later sent to her school. Homura is an extremely beautiful and quiet girl who is gifted in both her intellectual and physical abilities that make her a well-known despite her odd and distant persona.

After having seen several Puella Magi suffer fighting for their lives, Puella Magi attempts to protect her fellow girls from the dangers of these contracts particularly Madoka.

Due to this she is Mami’s adversary however, she would like Madoka to be an Puella Magi to her side. She can keep track of time during combat and has a wide range of weapons however, she mainly uses weapons like grenades. The color of her hair is purple.

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20. Mey-Rin

Mey-Rin Anime Girl With Glasses

Franchise Black Butler

Mey-Rin is the housekeeper and maid housekeeper for the Phantomhives. She is quite naive and awkward. She appears attracted to Sebastian and frequently blushes when he gazes at her, and loses her temper further. She appears to be obsessed with the supernatural, but also likes reading ghost stories.

In the past, she was an in-house killer. Later, she was hired by Sebastian to guard Ciel in a mission where she was supposed to kill the father of her child.

Her eyes are extremely precise and permit her to operate a sniper rifle without a scope. rifle. To disguise her eyes that are sharp, Ciel gave her glasses immediately afterward. They are loved by Ciel greatly and doesn’t like the thought of taking them off however she is unable to see well in them as she’s hyperopic. Therefore, they aren’t suitable for her eyesight.

19. Miyuki Takara

Anime Girl With Glasses Miyuki Takara

franchise: LuckyStar

Miyuki who is known as Yuki-chan after Tsukasa she is a beautiful teenage girl who comes from a rich family with beautiful hair that is pink and eyes of purple. She is gorgeous, smart and polite. As a class representative during her first year of the high school system, she became acquainted with Kagami.

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Today, in identical class with Konata along with Tsukasa. Students are going to Miyuki much more frequently Nanako for assistance. Her character has been described as the typical of the meganekko character.

18. Chizuru Honsho

Chizuru Honsho Anime Girl With Glasses

Franchise Bleach

Chizuru Honsho is an undergraduate in Karakura High School and she is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki. She is a proud lesbian , who appears at peace almost every day. She is listed on the website as 31st student with Academic Excellence.

Chizuru is a lesbian who doesn’t conceal her sexuality and on any occasion she seizes the chance to kiss Orihime Inoue, praise her, and smack her breasts.

17. Arale Norimaki

Anime Girl With Glasses Arale Norimaki

franchise: Dragon Ball

Arale is a robotic child developed by Senbee Norimaki an inventor from the bachelor class living in Penguin Village. Arale is not different from a person even having myopia which is why Senbee is able to disguise her as her child sister and enrolls her in the Miss Midori class. Yamabuki (of which the scientist is evidently in love with her).

Despite her appearance appears to be an average girl of 7 years old, Senbee, who had not thought about what her child’s age might be, puts her at 13 years old at the time she enrolled her at school.

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The headmaster of the institution explains, Senbee could not have an older sister since her parents passed away as a young boy. For this reason, the principal is about to declare that she is his unborn daughter however, he quickly removes everything in order to be capable of presenting him to Midori as an elder brother.

As time passes, and the story becomes less and less plausible The story is then created (supported by a flashback to a lie) of finding it on the streets.

16. Mari Illustrious Makinami

Anime Girl With Glasses Mari Illustrious Makinami

Franchise: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Mari The Illustrious Makinami is an enthusiastic, fun and outgoing girl English descent, first seen by the movie the film Evangelion 2.0 It’s Possible to (Not) advance The film has not publicly revealed about her life or her family background beyond the fact the fact that she has a shady relationship with a guy named Ryoji Kaji. He is believed as being her superior.

At an undetermined time the first time she stepped aboard an mecha named Provisional Unit Evangelion 05 or Eva-05 with the approval by Kaji himself.

15. Saya Kisaragi

Anime Girl With Glasses Saya Kisaragi

Franchise: BLOOD-C

The main character of the show. Saya is a positive girl who tends to be extremely friendly. Despite her athletic abilities however, she’s very awkward and always gets in trouble, and often to arrive late for school.

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Saya attempts to safeguard all of us from what she calls “furikimono” that she exterminates and then, unconsciously, feeds on them, but she nearly cannot save them, and thus witnessing the deaths of many, including her own friends. Because of this, she suffers from headaches whenever she attempts to recall her experiences in the past.

14. Koyomi Mizuhara

Saya Kisaragi

Franchise: Azumaga Daioh

Childhood friend, despite herself being Tomo who believes that everything she does is the opposite. She draws herself in manga, mostly as her shortcomer. This isn’t without generating comical situations. when she is usually annoyed, she occasionally makes use of violence.

She appears to be having the role of being”the “voice of reason” of the group. She is professional and serious, however she occasionally, she has an unsettling spirit.

Studious is one of the best students of the class but she doesn’t meet the standards of Chiyo in terms of results, and her final grades are not particularly inspiring. She also appears to be very athletic, possibly due to her weight issues – she also puts on diets without success, though she is actually very slim, yet struggles to resist urge to eat.

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13. Moeka Kiryu

Anime Girl With Glasses Moeka Kiryu

Franchise: Steins;Gate

A strange and lonely young lady is required to find an IBM 5100, an old model of computer, that is revealed to be an integral part of the film, to to travel through the time. She’s not very talkative and communicates almost exclusively the aid of a laptop.

She’s very fascinated by the time machine. She’s an agent in the secret service of the SERN assigned to eliminate those who belong to the organization. She is obsessed with a person who she calls FB and has turned her insane.

12. Ichika Takatsuki

Ichika Takatsuki

Franchise In the summer waiting for the launch of the HTML0 franchise

Female protagonist Ichika is an alien from space whose ship crashed into Earth and caused fatal trauma to Kaito. Because the cells of her are like nanomachines and are able to recover, Ichika heals the boy by kissing him. She is with him initially to ensure that she is safe.

Being a bit unaccustomed to life on Earth Her behavior is very odd, but she is able to quickly adjust herself to at least cover her strange nature.

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A warm and welcoming girl She has just completed her 3rd year in the high school of Kaito. When she reveals her true identity to her peers nobody is particularly concerned. However, with the help of Kanna, Ichika declares herself to Kaito and they begin dating. After the conclusion of the show, she departs for the planet she was born on however, she is able back to Earth.

11. Nina Einstein

Nina Einstein

Franchise Cod Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

Nina Einstein is commonly seen in front of computers and reading books. Nina is afraid of Elevens (a type similar to Xenophobia) and was initially scared of Suzaku when she was a member of in the Student Council, but she appears to have accepted the idea.

She has a deep pseudo-lesbian affection for Princess Euphemia when she saves him in the gunfight at her at the Lake Kawaguchi Hotel.

She is an exceptionally smart girl. Nina totally loses her temper and rationality when she discovers the demise of Euphemia (for whom he was some kind of obsession) at the at the hands of Zero which is manifested as the end of the construction of FLEIA and then goes to the battlefield to take down Zero.

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10. Yomiko Readman

Yomiko Readman

franchise: Do you read or die?

Yomiko works as an official substitute schoolteacher however, her actual occupation is that of a shady Agent for the British Library’s Special Operations Division. Her father is of British origin, however she was born and always resided in Japan. She lives in a structure (which the owner owns) filled with books of every kind.

It is among the most potent Paper Masters (Kamitsukai) known for its most well-known abilities (in in addition to simple usage of the paper weapon, blade or throwing device) there is the capability to build massive “paper airplanes” that can take off and fly over entire structures of paper.

She always has the trolley filled with sheets of paper for the job. She is erratic and behaves as the typical child, but in actuality, she has an incredibly articulate and complex personality as well as a past.

She’s also an “bibliomaniac”, as one might infer from the space she lives in and her most-loved job (when she’s not engaged in a quest) is reading a lot of books.

9. Yolei Inoue

9. Yolei Inoue

Franchise: Digimon

Yolei Inoue is a brand new to the group of young people. Inoue is oldest and , by far, the most active. She is the first to step into the world of digital technology together with Cody who awakens their respective friends and hers is Hawkmon with whom she has a strong bond.

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Her parents are grocers. Yolei frequently brings foods to Digimon whenever they are within the world.

Straight and honest, she states what she believes (Kari is awestruck for this ability) and effortlessly falls in love with her characters (Ken, Michael, Willis). Yolei is able to establish, through the entire series, a strong friendship with Sora and, in particular, Mimi (whom she admires quite a bit).

She has the symbolism of love-sincerity. Twenty-five years after she and Ken marry and have three kids. Yolei has a tendency to panic easily and is a wife. Ken is an investigator.

8. Lisa Yadomaru

9. Yolei Inoue

Franchise Bleach

Always accompanied by an adult-oriented book she does not have a lot of resources, and she is able to stand for a short time against Ichigo in the hollow mode. The way she dresses is like a schoolgirl. she is a spirited young girl. She was vice-captain for the 8th Division, under the direction of Kyoraku Shunsui.

We can see the striking resemblance between him and Nanao whom she was able and read aloud to. His shikai zanpakuto looks like a giant spear. It was defeated by Aizen in the Battle of Karakura. After ten years, following the war with the Quincys her rank was changed to Captain of the 8th division.

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7. Yuki Nagato

Yuki Nagato

Franchise Its Disappearance Nagato Yuki-chan

Yuki Nagato was the sole remaining member with hair that was purple and brown eyes in the Literature Club, but later joined the SOS Brigade when Haruhi forcibly removed the space which the club uses. The picture shows her in the middle of reading The Fall of Hyperion, the second novel in the sci-fi trilogy The Cantos of Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

Yuki is not actually a actually a human, but rather an “humanoid interface” sent by a group of psychic entities to study the causes for”the “information explosion” of three years ago. It has exceeded anything they’ve witnessed to date.

The glasses she wore were not there, and she failed to bring them back into existence following her battle with Ryoko Asakura. She was in a type of parallel dimension. This was to Kyon’s delight, who would rather be without glasses.

6. Anri Sonohara

Anri Sonohara

Franchise: Durarara! !

Mikado’s classmate. Anri has turned 15 and seems to be timid and quiet young woman, yet she spends lots of times in the company of Mikado along with Kida. She is adorable and doesn’t leave the boys uninterested. She makes it seem like being completely out of touch with reality. She’s seeking a missing college acquaintance, Mika Harima.

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She also is acquainted with Seiji Yagiri. We discover that she is the actual Ripper and as well as the owner of Cursed Sword Saika and after beating the False Ripper She takes control of Seiji Yagiri’s “Cursed Sword Army”.

5. Sheska


Franchise: Fullmetal Alchemist

Sheska is an ex-library director of the First Division of the National Library of Central She was dismissed because she spent much all of the time perusing books in the library. Edward and Alphonse will visit her to see whether Tim Marcoh’s work on the Philosopher’s Stone was part of the First Division when it burned down. To their surprise, the research was in place.

However, due to Sheska who has the ability to recall every book she’s read at least once , and to the comma and find the book. In the future, she will join Lieutenant-Colonel Hughes in his service to translate the criminal case files he requires (these were burned by those of the First Division). She’ll be deeply affected by Hughes’s murder.

4. Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro can be described as a scaly type of ghoul often referred to as “The Glutton” for her appetite. She was born on the 11th century, but was moved to the 20th months prior to her death. The series begins when, at the beginning of the show she takes on Ken Kaneki, a student who is in love with her, whom she manipulates to consume him. During the attack, beams drop upon her, killing her.

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Organs from her body are transplanted to Ken Kaneki, who transforms Ken Kaneki into a half-man part-ghoul. Lize Kamishiro is a powerful strong, tough, and a particularly sadistic ghoul. She loves employing her charms to entangle prey and gaze down upon the other. She effortlessly killed and defeated some of the top leaders from the 11th prior to moving to the 20th century.

3. Nanao Ise

Nanao Ise

Franchise Bleach

Nanao Ise is the 8th division vice-captain that has to perform all the tasks often due to her captain’s insufficiency. She strives to be calm despite the oddities of her captain, such as engaging in flirting with her or insisting that she wash her feet with rose petals so that she can display in front of her adversaries.

Nanao wears glasses that are small and it’s apparent that she is frightened when she removes them.

Also, we will observe the physical resemblance as well as in his general behavior in his general attitude, to Yadomaru Lisa, who was vice-captain. She is the vice-president of the Shinigami women’s club. In the past specials, we discover that she is very skilled in kido, and, according to some reports, her book is filled with incantations about kido.

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2. Mirai Kuriyama

Mirai Kuriyama

Franchise beyond the Boundary

She is a shy girl who has been educated at the same school as Akihito She is planning to die because of some reason that is not clear. It is discovered that, just like Akihito she has the strange power of spirituality.

In fact, Mirai has the surprising ability to alter blood in any way you like, for example, creating a blood sword for instance, a weapon that is deemed to be hazardous and harmful by supreme authorities of the spirit world. Despite her anger her decision, she’ll gradually deny her decision based on her feelings toward her friends and, in particular, Akihito.

1. Shino Asada

1. Shino Asada

The Deuteragonist from The Deuteragonist of the Phantom Bullet arc, it is her Kirito encounters in Gun Gale Online, and whom he introduces into the world of. At the age of 16, Gun Gale Online’s most skilled marksman and the adoration of some players, she’ll first consider Kirito as a girl due to of her attractive character within the sport (the Kirito is the most rare M9000 model).

In her early years (when the age was eleven) she was a witness to an armed robbery in a post and was able to kill the robber with her pistol. This left her extremely vulnerable in real life, which caused post-traumatic stress whenever she’s confronted (whether specifically or simply by suggestion, using the help of a dummy gun or with the hands) by an firearm.

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15 cute anime girls with Glasses Select by Japan ( meganekko )

6 Cutest Anime Girls With Glasses By YuiiiScarlet

The fans of anime are enthralled by cute anime girls wearing glasses to the point that they’ve been their own character. Meganekko (glasses woman) are characters identified by the glasses they wear. They could be nerds, expert planners, timid or even witty. It all depends on the glasses!

So , today we’re going to talk about adorable anime ladies wearing glasses. I really think anime girls look adorable wearing glasses, so don’t waste time and begin.

Here’s the most adorable meganekko based on a fresh Goo Ranking poll. The poll shows a girl wearing glasses.

15. Sinon The Sinon Sword Art Online – 172 Votes

Sinon The Sinon Sword Art Online

Asada Shino is a cute anime character, who is known in the series as Sinon in Gun Gale Online>> (GGO), ALfheim Online (ALO) along with Project Alicization>>, in which she was temporarily using Solus as her Solus account. She she is the antagonist of The Phantom Bullet Arc and one of the main characters of the War of the Underworld sub-arc of the Alicization Arc.

14. Tsubasa Hanekawa From Monogatari Series – 173 votes

Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa another adorable anime character. It also happens to be Koyomi Araragi’s classmate and close friend, and class representative at Naoetsu private high school. She is regarded in the school as an outstanding and model student, who is loved by many.

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Yet, hidden by her academic achievements and her warm personality, is a difficult family life triggered by tragic circumstances.

13. Mari Makinami Illustrious From Rebuild of Evangelion with 206 votes

Mari Makinami Illustrious From Rebuild of Evangelion with 206 votes

Mari Makinami: Illustrious can be described as an Eva pilot and third party operative who was introduced in the Evangelion movie: 2.0 You Can (Not) advance. She’s a cute anime girl and stylish brunette, with glasses, and “twin tails”.

12. Tamae Honami From Chibi Maruko-chan 218 votes

Tamae Honami

Tamae Honami is the female character and her best friend Maruko of the Japanese manga and anime series “Chibi Maruko Chan’.

She is often referred to as Tama-chan by Maruko.

11. Kiyoko Shimizu From Haikyuu!! – 271 votes

Kiyoko Shimizu

Kiyoko Shimizu was previously the manager at the Karasuno High volleyball club.

As of November 18 she got married Tanaka and change her name Kiyoko Tanaka. She is currently employed as an Sports Store Employee.

Kiyoko is a tall girl with shoulder-length black hair and gray eyes. Her mole is distinct in the lower left of her chin. She is wearing glasses featuring pink-colored rims and a bridge.

10. Mirai Kuriyama from Beyond the Boundary – 324 votes

Mirai Kuriyama

Mirai Kuriyama  has been named the deuteragonist in the Kyoukai no Kanata series. She is a first-year college student and is a student in The school’s Literary Club.

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She is from an ancestral bloodline of Spirit World Warriors who possess the ability to manipulate blood. But, since these abilities are considered to be heretical by members of the Spirit World Warrior clans, she is deemed a scourge.

9. Koharu Nanakura From Aikatsu Stars! – 329 votes

Koharu Nanakura

Koharu Nanakura is the main character from the Aikatsu Stars! series. She is currently a student in four Star Academy. She is as the administrator of The Moon Beauty Class and student council president. She was once was a student at Venus Ark, but has since left the school.

8. Shibata Mizuki from The Irregular at Magic High School 334 votes

Shibata Mizuki is a pupil at First High School, a Year 3 Magic Engineering student during her second year. She is also a student of Course 2 in her first year, just like Tatsuya.

She encounters Tatsuya in the beginning of her day, and Tatsuya suggests that he must be cautious about the “eyes”. They become friends later on after spending time within the same circle of friends and in the same class.

7. Asuka Tanaka from Sound! Euphonium – 340 votes

Asuka Tanaka is a character from the Hibike! Euphonium series. She is in her third year of study, the Kitauji vice-president of the concert band as well as the section leader for the bass for the principal series. She is a euphonium player.

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6. Ichika Takatsuki from Waiting in the Summer – 347 votes

Ichika Takatsuki

Ichika Takatsukiis the main female protagonist in the show. She is a student from another country who has suddenly enrolled in Kaito Kirishima’s High School. In reality, she’s an alien who has come to Earth to discover her dream home. She helps protect Kaito from the wounds she inflicts on him when her ship collides with the earth.

5. Sarutobi Ayame From Gintama – 366 votes

Sarutobi Ayame

Sarutobi Ayame commonly known as Sa-chan is a ninja from Oniwabanshuu in training, however she is currently employed for a gangster. She also works part-time work working at Kunoichi Cafe.

4. Arale Norimaki from Dr. Slump – 622 votes

Arale Norimaki

Arale Norimaki plays the primary character in the Dr. Slump series. The android is created by Senbei Norimaki. She is famous for her charming, passionate character, her lack of common sense, and astonishingly powerful strength.

3. Miyuki Takara From Lucky Star 670 votes

Miyuki Takara (also known as Miyuki or Yuki-chan) was one of the principal characters of Lucky Star.

The daughter is Yukari Takara, and her unnamed father. She’s the moe of the group. She is also an stereotypically persona. She is a “healing-type” meganekko ( glasses-girl) persona. Some claim that she’s saintly.

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2. Homura Akemi From Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 679 votes

 Homura Akemi

Homura Akemi was one of the major characters of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series.

Homura is a young woman with black hair that is waist-length and blue eyes. In the current timeline she usually presents her face with a stoic (stoic face) on her face.

1. Sae from Hidamari Sketch 699 votes

Sae from Hidamari Sketch

Sae is an upperclassman (later graduated) from Yamabuki High School. He is which is the home of the Hidamari Apartments Room 102 as well as one of the initial Four cast participants.

I hope you enjoy this list of adorable anime characters wearing glasses, leave a comment below. Which are your top meganekko?


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