Anime Princess : Our Top 60+ Princess Anime Characters

anime princess

Every girl dream of becoming princess. Sure, but who would blame them?

Princesses are considered to be amazing, charming certainly rich and occasionally, they be a bit sexy too!

This is the reason this list of princesses from anime turns out to be quite a long one, regardless of whether it’s fiction or not.

And I’m sure you’ll agree: the world of anime is filled with a lot of distressing damsels However, there are numerous brave female royals who bring glory and fame for their kingdoms.

Who are the most popular Cartoon Princess Characters?

Top 10 Most Admired Anime Princesses By MsMojo

A lot of Anime fangirls dream of become an anime princess, and of course, we can all blame us for wanting to look as beautiful as princesses.

Most Princesses are famous for their beauty, kind nature, start rich and, sometimes, kicking some males’ butts !

In order to celebrate the dreams of a lot of anime fangirls, today , we’re putting together a list of anime’s princesses and, if I’m honest, the world of anime has a long list of stunning anime princesses.

Today we’re going to discuss some of the most memorable anime princesses. the world of anime. These anime princesses are courageous and bring glory and fame to their kingdoms.

27. Pina Co Lada From Gate

Pina Co Lada

Pina is a dark-red haired woman, as well as eyes that are of the same hue. She is known to wear light armor , with heavy shoulders, and a shirt that exposes her the cleavage. For formal occasions the dress she is wearing without the right strap.

Pina Co Lada is an stern and serious personality. began as an anime princess, However, after spending some time with Itami she was introduced to otaku tradition and got profoundly inspired by it.

She also isn’t familiar with the traditions of Japan as evident by the delegates reach their hands out, which, according to the princess’s tradition, is only used for wedding ceremonies.

Fortunately one of the aides will guide her in the right direction. Pina is an extremely loyal member of her Empire, and she will go to whatever it takes to protect its existence.

26. Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi from The Cross: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi

Angelise is a gorgeous young Anime Princess who has long, golden locks and eyes that are pink. Her figure is slim yet beautiful figure, with a large chest.

After her lessons on Arzenal her tone increases. When she was an imperial princess , she often dressed in dresses. In her role as an ANime princess, she spoke with a an elegant and proud voice.

If she lets go of her royal past and accepts her identity as the Norma Norma, Angelise changes drastically in appearance and character.

25. Lenessia Erhart Cowen From Log Horizon

Lenessia Erhart Cowen

Rayneshia is a gorgeous young Anime Princess, popular for her beautiful her long light blue, knee-length hair which has a braid on the left side, with bangs swept towards the right and deep blue eyes.

Her dress code is up the discretion of Elissa (Rayneshia’s personal assistant) because Rayneshia herself is a fan of wearing comfortable pajamas that are not suitable at social occasions.

Rayneshia is a laidback, dull and lazy girl who loves nothing more than eat, daydream and take a nap throughout the day.

24. Serenity From Sailor Moon Serenity from Sailor Moon

Serenity From Sailor Moon Serenity from Sailor Moon

The Princess Serenity has been portrayed as an anime queen who shares the same style as her reincarnation Usagi Tsukino; she has blue eyes, long, blonde hair braided into two buns with flowing hair, and a golden crown on her forehead, which signifies her as a part to the family royal of Silver Millennium.

Serenity dressed in a white flowing dress with shoulders that were white and separated from her gown, an intricately decorated bodice adorned with hoops of gold, and her bust highlighted by a row of gold beads.

23. The Lacus Clyne From Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

The Lacus Clyne

At first at first Lacus appears to be childish and an airhead. However, it is because of her idealistic and peace-loving nature. Under the surface, she is the pop star and PLANT idol.

She’s actually a profound and philosophical human being, and this is what she shows in her speeches throughout the show – mostly about the growing divide in the relationship between Naturals as well as Coordinators. She also discusses the absurdity of pleading for peace while using weapons in hands, and the true cause of war being in the human heart.

Lacus is extremely charismatic and strong-willed. She is also determined. Anime Princess

22. Kougyoku Ren From Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


Kougyoku is a petite female anime character with pink eyes. Her hair is long dark, dark pink hair that is secured with her gold metal Vessel. She typically wears her long, extravagant gown that signifies her status as a royal.

She wears her clothes with a calm demeanor and will often conceal her face in her sleeves when she’s embarrassed. Kougyoku’s most appealing feature is her variety of facial expressions, which convey the many changes that occur within her heart.

She is known to play the role of a child however there are occasions when Kougyoku as the obstinate imperial princess, is dressed in the coldest mask to overwhelm her adversaries at the diplomatic scenes

21. Lala Satalin Deviluke From To Love-Ru

Lala Satalin Deviluke

Lala is a stunning teenager anime princess sporting long hair of bubble gum pink and emerald-green eyes. Her hair is curvaceous, and is often described as the perfect girl. The most distinctive feature of her is her tail that extends from the bottom of her back.

The length of her tail is thin, and has an oblong tip. Another thing to note is that she is nearly always sporting a clipped hair with large black swirls that circle once and then pointing downwards. It is her robot friend Peke who creates the outfit she is wearing.

The first episode of the show, she is often seen wearing her costume robot Peke’s “Dress Form”, in what could be described as an extended model that is a re-creation of Peke herself.

20. Hakuei Ren from Magi Hakuei Ren From Magi: Magic: The Labyrinth of Magic

Hakuei Ren

Hakuei is a sweet and determined lady with an unwavering sense of justice, as an anime Princess. Her goal is the creation of a just and unifying world. To achieve that noble goal, Hakuei strives to achieve peace and unification of the world, aided with Kou Empire. Kou Empire.

It is an attractive young lady who is average in height with long blue eyes and dark hair. She has thin, split-ended , eyebrows, and an abrasion on her chin, which is in the same location as her brothers and mom, Gyokuen.

Her headwear has evolved from a simple hair ornament on her right with a metal band with crests of horsetails that frame her face.

19. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti (Dog Days)

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Millhiore is a cute anime princess who has long hair of pink and eyes that are purple. She also wears pink dog ears and tail. She wears royal clothing. Her hair is cut short in front and long in back.

As the official leader of her nation, she’s respected by all the people of the country. She is also a performer as well organizing events and concerts and performing before the entire nation, regardless of her position.

Millhiore has been the main person that brought Cinque into Flonyard initially, sending Tatsumaki to open the portal to Earth as Cinque is trying to leap off from a certain height in the school.

18. Carla/Charles (Fairy Tail)

Carla/Charles (Fairy Tail)

Carla is a tiny, white Exceed, with brown eyes and pink ears which is smaller than the eyes of Happy. There are two whiskers on either one side. Carla wears a pink bow on the tail’s end.

Carla’s normal top is red and mustard yellow top, with the red bow tie. She is wearing a pink skirt in this top. Carla as well as others, appears to change clothes regularly.

When Carla makes use of Magic She sprouts two angel wings to fly. The Pink Guild Mark is located on her back, and it is the image of her human body.

17. Lilliane von Phoenix From Kaibutsu Oujo

Lilliane von Phoenix

Lilliane von Phoenix usually known as Hime. She is beautiful and youthful Anime princess. Her look is similar to the rest of the Royal Family: blonde hair and eyes that are red with pupils that are slit.

Her hair is around waist-length , and she wears an elegant silver Tiara. She usually wears an black dress that has been her go-to dress since her the time she was a child. The gauntlets were later added.

The dress appears to be shorter in when the first chapter begins. In the last chapter her clothes change completely, comprising a light colored sweater-coat dress shirt in white, skirt as well as rainboots.

Fully mature, she has two tiny hair spikes that are on her forehead. She also has stopped wearing a Tiara.

16. Relena Peacecraft from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Relena Peacecraft

A once rich, wistful teenager, Anime Princess Relena grows more mature over the course of the course of the show as she discovers more about the reality of her life and plays an active part in re-building the future.

Then she dedicates her entire life to the pacifism taught by her family, however she acknowledges that in her OVA Endless Waltz that peace isn’t achieved just by handing it over the masses and that fighting is needed.

In the beginning she is seen falling in the love of Heero when she goes to all lengths to be close to him during the happenings in Gundam Wing.

15. Asseylum Vers Allusia From Aldnoah.Zero

Asseylum Vers Allusia

Asseylum has been described as an idealist, and peaceful Anime Princess. She believes in peace-loving solutions and considers the inhabitants of Earth in a positive light. Contrary to many Martians hers, she appears to view the people of Earth as humans who are just like us.

Asseylum is said to be regretful of the events that resulted in her involvement in the Second Earth-Mars War between the Martians and the inhabitants of Earth Yet she believes she is obligated to end the war.

Asseylum is caring, kind and compassionate. However she’s too naive to believe that her grandfather would discover that she is still alive, the war would come to an end.

Asseylum soon realizes her mistake and discovers that certain members of VERS used her as a reason to begin a war against Earth.

14. Sakura From Tsubasa Chronicles

Sakura From Tsubasa Chronicles

Sakura Also is known by the name of Anime Princess Sakura is a fictional character , and is one of the protagonists of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, manga written by as illustrated and written by Clamp.

The character, later referred to Clone later referred to as Clone Sakura or Sakura Li is a protagonist in the Clamp crossover series, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and xxxHolic. Her character has similar the way she looks and her personality like her Cardcaptor Sakura counterpart.

Tsubasa Chronicle takes on a fresh story that has new histories for all its characters. She is also featured in a different Clamp publication, xxxHolic and appears in numerous cameos throughout the other chapter.

13. Emeraude From Magic Knight Rayearth

Emeraude From Magic Knight Rayearth

The Princess Emeraude, the monarch of Cephiro and is a goddess-like figure who all of the people pray for prosperity, peace and security.

She was also the first individual to bring Hikaru Shudou, Umi Ryuuzaki as well as Fuu Hououji into the mystical world of Cephiro to form the famous Magic Knights.

Princess Emeraude is a beautiful blonde with long hair, with blue or green eyes.

12. Latifa Fleuranza from Amagi Brilliant Park

 Latifa Fleuranza

Latifa is a girl in her teens with yellow hair. She wears a silver tiered tiara with blue eyes. The length of her hair is hips and her hair that completely covers her forehead. She is wearing a peach and white dress.

The top layer features flowers at the bottom the dress. Latifa wears a pink corset. Latifa has white gloves. She is wearing two necklaces of different sizes , as well as an open wrap in white.

Latifa is a happy person and is frequently observed smiling with a happy face. She is a compassionate and enthusiastic person who is seen to be concerned regarding the prospects of her amusement park, and its demise.

11. Stephanie Dola From No Game No Life

Stephanie Dola

Stephanie can be described as an Imanity anime princess with shorter red hair embellished with a huge blue flower. Stephanie has blue eyes. an attractive figure with large breasts. She is also wearing an outfit from Sora that caused the Idols to be jealous.

She is wearing a cardigan that has no shoulder along with a maid-like dress, as well as a pair of boots and leg warmers. In the first episode she wore this gorgeous dress that was gifted to her by her grandfather.

After losing the dress to Chlammy and Chlammy, she was required to put on a towel prior to getting dressed by Sora wearing a dress made out of a mattress. After the siblings defeated Chlammy in a contest to win the title of Imanity, Steph regained the dress, and it has since become the primary staple of her clothes.

10. Nausicaa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaa from Na

Nausicaa is the adored Anime princess of Nausicaa, the Anime Princess of Valley of the Wind. She’s only 16 however her wisdom goes way beyond her age. She has devoted herself to helping her fellow citizens and has even tried to find a solution to the miasma disease that numerous sufferers suffer.

She is courageous, brave and wise. She is smart, wise trustworthy, loyal, honest kind, caring and everything one seeks in a real heroine. She is adamant against all enemies and will give up her life to help the lives of those who are around her.

Her flying and fencing capabilities are superior to those of troops of the enemy.

9. Euphemia Li Britannia From Code Geass

Euphemia Li Britannia

Euphemia is believed to be a the most gorgeous anime princess. The hair she wears is pink and is styled in a downward direction with two buns per one side. She’s taller than normal height, and is slightly smaller in comparison to Lelouch as well as Suzaku. The most common outfit she wears is an all-white and pink dress with the rose choker.

While she is a part of the Britannian royal family, she is still kind and open-minded towards everyone she meets and shows respect to all people, regardless of whether they are Britannian.

This respect is likely to stem from her childhood experiences as a child with siblings Lelouch and Nunnally her mother who was not part of the nobility, and were considered to be a joke by other members belonging to the Britannian Imperial Family.

8. Lucia Nanami From Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Lucia Nanami

Lucia Nanami plays a Disney Mermaid Princess from the North Pacific Ocean, keeper of the pink pearl and the protagonist of the story. Lucia is a land explorer who goes to find an innocent boy who she rescued in the past seven years.

She is not aware of the dangers of the oceans and her task until she is informed about the dangers from the “older older sister” Nikora. Her character is defined by her naivety and simplicity and the determination and drive that are typical of manga shojo heroines.

Lucia quickly falls in the love of Kaito but he is unaware and is in fascination with Lucia’s mermaid-like form.

7. Cornelia Li Britannia from Code Geass

Cornelia Li Britannia

Cornelia is beautiful as she is fierce on the battlefield. She has long, dark hair is worn loose or as half-up, half-down crown braid with two strands encircling her face.

Her eyes are a lavender-purple and her lips are natural pink hue although she wears a magenta lipstick when she is out when she is out in public. She’s very tall Anime Princess, and is slightly larger than Lelouch.

Her clothes tend to be the wine red color combination with gold accents. an ecru cape, with a dark inside, and high-heeled boots.

6. Nefertari Vivi from One Piece

Nefertari Vivi

Vivi has a youthful Anime Princess who has long, wavy blonde hair that is light blue, and two locks that hang down on the opposite one side that started at around the length of her chin but had gotten over her shoulders by her last appearance prior to the time-skipped.

She usually has the hair pulled up in the ponytail, with brown eyes. She is slim in her body, but she prefers wearing more modest clothing as Nami and Robin wear.

Vivi has been seen in many different high-heeled footwear that include white high heel boots as well as White high-heeled sandals along with blue wedges.

5. Tutu From Princess Tutu from Princess Tutu

Tutu From Princess Tutu

Duck transforms into a dramatic transformation in appearance and outfit when she transforms into the princess Tutu. Long braids, freckles and hair strands that are layered disappear and her height grows by a little.

But, she has her hair that is red-orange as well as blue eyes which includes the long strand of hair that resembles the feathers and hair she wears on her head, both in her human and duck form. The dress she is wearing appears to have been inspired by Odette’s outfit in Swan Lake as the dress is white. feathers of white encircle Anime Hair of the Princess.

Also, she wears a tiny gold crown at the crown of her head and her pink pointed shoes and an oversized pink tutu under she wears a white gown.

4. Mei Chang From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Mei is a young, short girl from Xingese ethnicity, with fair skin, dark eyes, with dark hair braids with her hair slicing into two buns that are on the opposite side of her hair. The buns drop six strands of hair that extend all the way to her knees.

She wears dark and light-colored Eastern-style clothing as in those of the Xingese traditional royal outfit and a light-purple purse that is worn around her left shoulder as well as her right waist. She’s often seen holding her panda Xiao Mei, her pet.

In her early years, Mei wore her hair in two pigtails, similar like Nina Tucker as shown when she recalls the day that she got to meet Xiao Mei.

3. Yona Originating from Akatsuki no Yona

Yona Originating from Akatsuki no Yona

Yona is considered to be a beautiful young woman frequently referred to as beautiful and adorable. Yona is a slim girl of short height with fair skin. She is very similar to her mother Kashi with the same size eyes, round, violet facial characteristics.

But, like her, Yona had curly red hair which she resented greatly because red hair was not common and was what made her stand out among other women.

Then it becomes clear that she is red-haired it is not due to an inheritance genetically related to her (both of her grandparents are black) However, it is because it is the result of the resurrection King Hiryuu.

2. San The Princess Mononoke

3. San The Princess Mononoke

San is a gorgeous young Anime Princess with a normal body build, who wears rough clothing and a cape made from an animal’s fur. She also appears to have an amaranth-red warpaint on her face. The headpiece she wears is with a tiny diamond on her face.

Also, she has long, straight, and dark brown hair. She also has deep blue eyes that are that are slightly parted at the middle. The necklace is medium with three fangs that are tied around her neck.

She is seen wearing long and dangling oval-shaped earrings throughout the entire film. She’s also extremely swift, agile and robust and appears extremely adept at using spears and daggers.

The mask she wears is her most famous aspect. The mask is made of red and has ears, white lines of wavy lines. It also has three bright yellow holes to create a mouth and eyes.

1. Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino

Usagi is a princess from anime and has eye color of blue and blonde locks which she wears in her odango. Her skin is porcelain and a slim body. She is the smallest in the Senshi.

The dress that Usagi typically has on is blue middle school Sailor uniform. The uniform features a blue Sailor collar and 2 white stripes. There is a red ribbon at one side of the dress, which she secures her magical locket to. She wears a white shirt with blue sleeves-cuffs. They have three white stripes that resemble the collar.

In summer she wears a white short-sleeved blouse that has puffy sleeves. She wears a blue pleated skirt , which has an emerald ribbon at the back. She typically wears white socks with her black cross strap Mary Jane shoes.

This is our top 50+ Anime Princess Characters

15 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Anime Characters By TheThings

Our love for royalty never ceases to be present. The royal life is one of captivating and exciting elements.

It’s a sort of escape from the everyday life of everyday people.

We otakus have an array of royalties to swoon over, ranging from beautiful to ferocious.

This is the definitive guide to the most famous Anime princesses you can take a look at. This list excludes Princess Tutu as she’s the duck!

50. Mana, Princess Mana

Mana, Princess Mana

Animation: Jewelpet Movie: Sweets Dance Princess

Mana Hime, also known as Mana Hime, also known as Princess Mana is the princess of the Sweetsland Kingdom, which is a land that is made up of sweets!

In the film The Jewelpets travel her home country to celebrate Mana’s 7th birthday.

Despite her age she dreams of becoming an Manga artist. She enjoys eating cakes and dancing.

Her hair is beautiful and pink that she wears with the crown that allows she to accumulate and utilize the magic of Sweetsland.

Her eyes are big and red and is wearing a gorgeous pink gown that has bows and hearts that make her adorable.

49. Suzu


Anime: Coluboccoro

In the eco-conscious and sci-fi film, Coluboccoro, a 14-year-old Suzu embarks on a trip in nature’s spirit to find peace and nature in the devastated villages of an unknown world.

There is not much information about her history, however she is the Shaman family lineage, and she is the descendant of the Shaman lineage.

When Suzu releases a seed sprout in his Forbidden Grounds, Suzu’s world alters.

She discovers the mysterious strength of her bloodline, which helps her to save people from this world.

Her determination and disciplined upbringing in a community of knowledgeable people help bring them to victory, making her a courageous princess.

48. Princess Licori

 Princess Licori

Animation the Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is a 4-part ONA (Original Net Anime) designed to show the stunning landscape in Saitama Prefecture. Saitama Prefecture.

Princess Licori symbolizes her “Fall” Season. Princess Licori was missing for a while for a while and King Fairies is begging Higan to find her.

When he spots her slurping in some candy in the street, he quickly invites her back in the kingdom.

While they travel toward the realm, they meet a kind human being who assists in making the adventure more enjoyable.

This causes Licori and Higan reconsider the fairy’s view regarding humans in the end.

Despite the overflowing episode with cliches, the ‘Kawai-ness’ in the show is the thing that makes Princess Licori one of the most loved.

47. Sophie


Animation: Doraemon Movie 30: Nobita’s Great Mermaid Naval Battles

Sophia (also known as Sophia or Princess Sophia is the princess of the mermaids from an underwater realm that dates back to the past known as Planet Aqua.

Doraemon, Shizuka, and the other gang members must help Princess Sophia discover the legendary sword that can bring peace to the mermaids and underwater civilizations.

She is the main character in the film, as well as Shizuka’s fictitious love lover.

Many look up to Princess Sophia as a re-imagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid.

Many agree that Princess Sophia is not a fully Mermaid, and wears only the “Mermaid Costume” for underwater travel. Princess Sophia is adorable but also brave.

At the conclusion of her own film, we discover that Sophie becomes Princess Sophie is crowned the Queen at the end of her own movie. Planet Aqua and the Aquarians!

46. “Princess Of Despair / Cure Scarlet Twilight Twilight

Princess Of Despair / Cure Scarlet Twilight Twilight

Anime: Go! Princess Pretty Cure

Princess Twilight might not be the most beautiful of princesses, but she is an incredible one!

She introduces herself first to be the child of Dyspear in The Pretty Cure to overcome them.

She believes it is that all you need to do in order to become princess, is to have been born into royalty , and she regards the Cures as frauds.

Then she discovers an unopened perfume flask and a key which drains all of her energy.

She realizes that she’s not Dyspear’s daughter!

After her purification through the Trinity Explosion of the Cure, she realizes that she is actually the daughter of Towa Princess in Hope Kingdom.

Twilight begins going under the name of Cure Scarlett and then joins the Cure. Twilight’s adventure from villainous princess to becoming being a Cure is stunning and thrilling to watch!

45. Leona


Anime: Dragon Quest Dai No Daibouken Series

In the story of the Dragon Quest Dai, No Daibouken Series, Leona, Princess of Papnika is required to help rebuild the kingdom of her parents after she discovers that her dad has died either missing or dead following the destruction of her kingdom by Hadlar.

Leona is a Sage training and is proficient in the art of magic.

She’s proficient with Mera Type and Hyado kind spells, but she is adept with healing spells, such as Behoma.

The show centers on the reconstruction of her world following her return to The Ultimate Demon King.

Leona is an important player in officiating as one of Avan’s disciples . She also inherits the fifth sign from Avan by the queen of Carl, Flora.

Feisty and brave in every sensuality, Leona is a force to be faced with in the series.

44. Odette, Princess Odette

 Princess Odette

HTML0 Animation: Swan Lake

The 1981 Anime adaptation of the renowned ballet Swan Lake by Pyotr Tchaikovsky is a delight to see!

The adaptation also features exquisitely crafted music composed by Tchaikovsky and is true to the plot.

She is in the grip of the curse of a wizard, which turns her into an swan every day. The spell of the wizard can only be broken if she is loved by a man wholeheartedly.

Odette is a sweet and somewhat unassuming princess.

She’s dressed in white clothing, symbolizing her purity. This is why the wizard feels attracted by her.

Odette is an innocent damsel need of help, who is waiting on her prince to rescue Odette from being a victim an evil person.

Anyone who loves the intricate classical pieces and classic anime must definitely check out the anime version of a stunning story.

43. Princess Fala

Princess Fala

HTML0 Animation: Go Lion, Voltron: Fleet of Doom

The Princess Fala is the queen from Planet Altea and is the successor to the throne.

In 1983, the year Fala was born in 1983, the Galra Empire invaders take place and takes the lives of the whole family. This resulted her birth becoming unreported and she being born in the castle that was destroyed.

When Fala reached the age of 16 she ran into five slaves who had escaped from Galra.

Together they were the Golion pilots, who returned the sought-after entity of Golion.

Wearing a stunning, sleek headband with a white and pink embellished dress The Princess Fala is a complete picture.

Her role in establishing the five pilots’ alliance is what gives her an important part of the show.

She even assumes the role of piloting her own Blue Lion after Shirogane Takashi’s death. Princess Fala plays an important role in bringing down the Galra empire to its knees.

42. Princess Romy

Princess Romy

Animation The A LOT of Days Around the World

The animated adaption of Jules Verna book, 80 Days Around the World’s Princess Romy (based on the novel Aouda) is an ogre-colored Lioness.

She is saved from the hands of Rigodon along with Willy Fog from being burnt alive along with her late husband on a funeral pyre India.

Romy gets the title of”princess” after getting married to an Indian Rajah. She belongs to the merchant’s lineage. The only woman among Willy Fog’s band.

The Princess Romy Joins with the other members to find her relatives in other parts of the world.

As the story progresses As the series progresses, she’s devastated to learn that her family have disappeared.

She serves as a doctor for any wounded that the group meets on their travels since she is a gentle, sweet and shy princess.

Romy wears a black veil over her, however after she has been saved, she is adorned with the white veil.

In the final chapter of the storyline at the end of the series, at the end of the story, Romy is engaged in the final episode to Willy Fog as their adoration for one another grows over the plot.

41. Arete


The Arete, Princess Arete

The animated film, 2001’s Princess Arete is based on the novel “The Clever Princess” by Diana Coles. It’s a non-conventional princess fairy story.

Princess Arete is finding her royal life routine, and as she grows her significance increases as well.

Every princess must find a man to marry, Boax comes along and charms her into becoming the traditional princess.

He brings her away to his castle prior to the wedding ceremony and tells Arete his prophecy has been said to be fulfilled where a princess her name Arete will end his entire life.

Arete is the one who stands up to him. is freed from his curse and is freed from his grasp.

Arete shows a great determination which makes her a unique animated princess.

The film is thought of as one of the most popular female anime films ever.

40. Princess Camille

Princess Camille

Animation: Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

The film Little Nemo, Princess Camille is the role of the deuteragonist.

She plays a crucial role in the plot of the film. She has to make difficult choices as her father and the king of Slumberland become trapped in Nightmare King. Nightmare King.

Camile together alongside Nemo and Flip have to find ways to escape Nightmare Land where Camille’s decision-making abilities and her skills as a princess can help them locate her father.

She is compassionate, caring and warm, but she does look difficult to impress initially.

The beauty of her face is stunning. long, auburn hair that is slicked into a ponytail, over which she wears the gold crown.

Fair skin tone, beautiful blue eyes and pink lips. She wears a gorgeous aqua green gown which highlights her beautiful features.

39. Princess Of Traumere

Princess Of Traumere

Animation 100 Sleeping Princes as well as the kingdom of Dreams

100 Sleeping Prince and the Kingdom of Dreams is an action-RPG game that came out as an ONA game in the year 2017.

A Anime adaptation was released in the latter part of 2018 and features 12 episodes of its own.

The premise of the game and anime is that a young girl finds herself taken into The Dream World.

She realizes that all living beings on earth are governed by the energy of dreams.

The Princess Traumere is the main character that must protect The Dream World from creatures who are able to steal dreams of people, known as the Dream Eaters.

It is important to consider in this regard is that contemporary princesses aren’t seen as damsels in distress now, but rather as powerful and powerful characters that add more depth to the narrative and their character story arcs.

38. Emeraude Emeraude

Emeraude Emeraude

Animation: Magic Knight Rayearth

Princess Emeraude is known as the Pillar of Cephiro. She is the goddess all the people of Cephiro ask for peace and security.

She is beautiful and ethereal with flawless skin, deep blue eyes, and long flowing, long blonde hair.

The tiara is delicately adorned with a jewel of green and a delicate white gown that symbolizes her pureness.

Emeraude is caught in a moment of being in love with a priestess, Zagato. Her mind is consumed by Zagato’s thoughts.

She has to make the hard decision of quitting her love to the benefit of Cephiro.

Emaruade calls The Magic Knights. They are summoned by her and destroy Zagato within a dream world , sending Emaruade into a state shock.

The transformation of the gorgeous goddess to Dark Emeraude is shocking.

She is possessed of hatred and vengeful thoughts to get revenge for her lover’s death.

The Knights get a vision from the great Emeraude and demand for their death so that they can be reunited with her beloved Zagato.

The intricate details and the transformation of the transformation of Emeraude make her a captivating character one should be awed by!

37. Minami Kaido Cure Mermaid

Minami Kaido Cure Mermaid

Anime: Go! Princess Pretty Cure

Cure Mermaid is the alter persona that is Minami Kaido. She has the power of the water. She transforms the Mermaid Princess.

Minami in real life is a student at in real life at the Noble Academy and is known as the Academy’s Princess. She is meticulous, compassionate and has a great sense of duty.

She hopes to be an acceptable person and would like to become a better person and help people around her in some way.

She has a hard time achieving her own goals and also the wishes from her loved ones. But she comes to a compromise of making a firm decision and following her dream.

As an Cure Mermaid, her eyes are bright blue, and her hair curls into a curly ocean blue ponytail that is ombre towards the bottom. she has purple streaks all over her head.

She is wearing a blue top with an azure and light blue collar, and her flowing skirt made of pale pink as well as blue and white knee boots is adorable!

As she shifts between various styles, so do her clothes showing her various abilities.

36. Hime Shirayuki

Hime Shirayuki

Animation Happy Cure Pretty Cure

Shirayuki Hime may also be referred to by the name Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky.

Hime is a fashion-conscious snob who decides to turn into a Cure to help save her beloved Blue-Sky Kingdom.

She’s sometimes shy and is prone to avoid uncomfortable situations because of her shyness.

Hime is a wild imagining which can lead her to trouble.

Similar to any similar Cure Princess, Hime too transforms into various forms, increasing her abilities during battles.

Her design motifs are circles and her motifs are circles, Moon as well as the Sun and feathers. Hime is a huge blue eye and a marine blue hairstyle with voluminous bangs that resemble the cut of a hime.

As as a Cure Princess, she sports eye color that is light blue. Her hair is a pastel blue. She wears an gold crown and a blue bow hair accessories too!

She wears a white-winged , sleeved top with a navy blue vest . She also has an edgy blue pleated skirt that has an edgy white Petticoat.

35. Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte

Animation: Princess Principal Series

Princess Charlotte the heroine of Princess Principal is a victim of a switch with Ange when she is a victim of revolution.

Then, she’s called Princess.

Before the revolution began, Ange was a pick-pocketer struggling to stay alive.

She was then able to meet Princess Charlotte (the real princess from Albion) whom she is currently called Ange.

Charlotte and Ange were best friends and spend lots of time with each other.

Despite trying to prove that she’s not Charlotte, Ange begins to lead a royal lifestyle which is a far cry from her previous times.

Princess is kind, polite and humble, despite her status as a princess.

She is a member of the commonwealth spy group (which Charlotte too becomes a part of) to become the next the queen of Albion and unite the nation.

This raises suspicions about whether she is an agent double or not.

Despite the controversy the Princess has remained committed to her responsibilities, and is able to comprehend the realities of her new lifestyle. It’s a lot of luck! !

34. Charlotte


Anime: Berserk

Charlotte Beatrix, Marie Rhody Wyndham is the Princess from the Midlands and the only remaining member of the royal family.

Charlotte is an expert in embroidery making, and she is also a vital player on the battlefield.

Charlotte is even fighting her father, and even landed some severe blows that left him bleeding when he tries to make her a rape.

Her reflexes were even quick enough to detect and block a deadly dart to safeguard her lover Griffith.

She is just a human, yet she is strong-willed but friendly and soft spoken.

Her love for Griffith regardless of the fact some say that he is arrogant and an oaf.

She is adamant about her affection for him and stays committed her to him through the entire series.

Charlotte is brunette with a pale complexion . She also has dark eyes. Charlotte has a slim build and can be seen wearing a variety of formal clothes.

33. Relena Peacecraft

Relena Peacecraft

Animation: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Series

She is the daughter of an Earth Alliance Minister and the last remaining heir to the reign of the Sanc Kingdom, Relena Peacecraft is the female protagonist of the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

She lives a peaceful life as a well-off daughter, but she longs for more excitement in her daily life.

She encounters Heero Yuy who is who is a Gundam pilot. She becomes involved in the conflict between the colonial powers and Earth.

She finds out that she is one of the daughters of King Peacecraft of the Sanc Kingdom and she becomes her voice for the future battle.

When she discovers the truth behind her after which she makes the decision to lead an era of peace in accordance with the teachings of her family.

Relena is later aware she can’t beat this battle without fighting. Heero will stand by her even when it means risking his life.

Relena is a strong and confident woman that is empowering to witness as she turns into a queen.

32. Ayeka


Anime: Tenchi Muyo Series

Ayeka Masaki Jurai is the Princess of the Imperial Jurai Family. Jurai.

Certain of her traits shift throughout her appearance in the Tenchi Muyo Series but her role as a timid , but strong princess is the same.

Ayeka finds herself into love with Tenchi and will do everything she can to win his affection. Even if that requires fighting her arch-rival Ryoko Hakubi.

Ayeka can be courteous well-mannered and elegant.

However, she can also appear to be snobby and a bit frightened at times in the event that she senses that anyone close to her is at risk.

Ayeka is on Earth after she has left her state of suspended animation after leaving her home.

She’s looking for her half-brother and fiancé, Prince Yosho but is not able to locate Yosho on the planet and.

She is able to detect the presence of Ryoko Hakubi, the person responsible for avenging Jurai and kidnapping Yosho 700 years ago.

In the end, Ayeka could possibly be hundreds of years old, however she is still beautiful as well as young enough to compete for Tenchi.

31. Lum


Anime: Urusei Yatsura

Lum Also called Lum Invader, in Japan is the principal female character of Urusei Yatsura.

Lum is paired with Ataru Moroboshi as he is chosen by a computer for playing tag that puts their fate and the destiny of world in the balance.

Her father says Ataru she will be Lum engaged to her if he is able to be able to catch her and win the contest, which he succeeds in doing.

He proclaims his victory. Lum does not understand his words and interprets them as the purpose of a proposal. She decides to become his wife and fall into love Ataru.

Lum’s looks are adorable her ears are pointed and long, green hair.

Additionally, she has two tiny fangs , and two hair horns that make her look as a cute little devil.

She’s usually seen wearing the Tiger bikini, but she is also seen wearing a school uniform while attending the school on the planet Earth to appear as a normal Earth girl.

Lum has amazing capabilities also, she can climb to various levels, create huge electrical discharges, and make a variety of devices that nearly always result in chaos.

30. Lucia Nanami

Lucia Nanami

Anime: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Lucia Nanami is a key character in the animated series. Lucia constantly has a huge smile on her face . She is able to tackle any task with enthusiasm.

She is famous for her exquisite jewelry designs.

Lucia has a heart of gold and is kind to everyone close to her, however she can display signs of jealousy when Kaito is with other women.

There are many girls who’s fascinated by the guy. Like all fairytale princesses Lucia also has an alter persona and it’s that from the movie “Aqua Regina”.

Lucia features dirty brown hair and dirty blonde eyes and adorable appearances. In order to transform her into a mermaid, or idol form Lucia needs the aid of a pearl like the other Mermaids from the series.

Her hair is bright and blonde which she has left open, and gorgeous blue eyes that complement her Aqua Regina attire. She also is the keeper of Aqua Regina’s staff.

Lucia’s voice. As she transforms it , is transferred by a microphone-like device known as an e pitch.

It has been proven extremely effective and efficient in tough situations.

29. Himeya Anthy

Himeya Anthy

Animation: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a follower of the crusades of a highly skilled duellist Utena Tenjou.

Anthy is a mysterious girl believed to be a complete stranger with no thoughts or needs other than whatever her present master demands of her.

Anthy is believed to be of Indian origins because she wears an adornment of a tiny bindi or jewelry marking on the forehead of her.

Because of her past of abuse, Anthy at times appears as vengeful and tragic. She shifts between selfless love, passive-aggressiveness, and helplessness.

It is also believed that she is one of the dark princesses of the princesses at Ohtori Academy.

In her role as the ‘Rose Wedding In her role as the ‘Rose Bride’, Anthy is adorned with an emerald-colored tiara with golden spikes and wears a red sleeveless dress.

It also has other features including a shoulder tassel.

The dress is bordered by sea-green fringes on the ends and comes with two wristbands that can be worn as bracelets. Her long, flowing purple hair and deep brown eyes.

Anthy is a bit childish however she is a soft-spoken, affectionate and oozes an abundance of love for animals.

The complexity of the character is extremely interesting and create Anthy an extremely intriguing, yet charming princess.

28. Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste

Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste

Animation A Sleepy Princess at the Demon Castle

Aurora is the Princess of the Unified Human Nation of Goodereste.

She is kidnapped by the Demon King, who is determined to create fear among all the people in the kingdom.

He is looking for The Hero, whom he would like to defeat and bring to an stop the conflict between demons and humans.

Princess Aurora is completely unaware of the world around her. She prefers to find the perfect location to sleep rather instead of paying attention to what’s happening in her vicinity.

However, in order to find her ideal spot she will do everything necessary, even when it means fighting monsters.

The Princess Aurora is a tiny young girl with beautiful flowing purple hair and eyes of purple with stars-shaped pupils that indicate her royal origins.

She wears the white polka-dotted robe and purple robe with an robe of white pink.

The bear’s shape is purple and pink shoes that have white fluffy balls.

27. Hime / Lillianne Von Phoenix

Hime / Lillianne Von Phoenix

Animation”Princess Resurrection

Lillianne Von Phoenix also known as Hime is the female main character in Princess Resurrection and also the princess of monsters.

As opposed to her other children, Hime does not care about the throne’s position even though she has all the characteristics of an emperor.

Hime typically appears uninformed, however she displays emotion or sadness in difficult circumstances. Her expressions can be a bit sadistic sometimes to attract the attention of Hiro.

Hime is a kind and eternal soul that can become an obstacle once she has surpassed her siblings.

She demonstrates her competence in a battle scenario and displays all the traits of a true leader.

She is adept at using every weapon she has at her disposal It could be an axe, a defibrillator, or a variety of swords.

The blonde hair is highlighted which are red eyes with pupils that are slit.

Hime is typically seen in an edgy black dress, with gauntlets that are added later in her dress.

Although Hime having the independence of a woman, she still requires the assistance of her maids to cook and clean for her.

Hime is a very well-loved character in the show as she portrays cute, but fierce, yet sweet.

26. Angelise Ikaruga (Ange) Misurugi

se Ikaruga (Ange) Misurugi

Animation Cross Ange

The most beloved princess of the Empire of Misurugi, Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi.

Angelise hasn’t let her princesshood hinder her progress as a more powerful person.

After witnessing the death of her loved ones, Ange comes to accept her status as a Norma and transforms into a fresh person.

Ange has demonstrated extraordinary strength and has mastered the game of laria.

Like the way modern princesses are depicted Ange is a symbol of strength and transformation.

She has to deal with hardships, but she is a beautiful young woman. Angelise is a gorgeous young woman with what Embryo refers to as fiery eyes, blonde hair and pink eyes.

She is slim and supple.

Ange has had to face a lot of hardship in her private life, but she is always able to face challenges with confidence.

25. Code 011 Princess Of Klaxosaurs

25. Code 011 Princess Of Klaxosaurs

Animation: DaRLING in the FRANXX

The most distinctive princesses we have listed can be the Princess of Klaxosaurs or Code 011. She’s nearly 60 million in age!

She was given the code of 001 by APE who she hates because of her talents as a head for Klaxo Sapiens. Klaxo Sapiens.

001 hates humans, as they murder her fellow friends. She expresses her anger when she encounters her doctor. Franxx who has an odd first encounter.

As a member of an elite race her characteristics are distinctive and unique. Blue-skinned, she has flowing blonde hair that is light blue and glowing blue eyes.

There are dark dark lines beneath her eyes and throughout her body. She she also has an extended tail.



Anime: Danganronpa Series

Sonia NEVERMIND was meant to become the Princess from the Kingdom of Novoselic at the time of her birth.

A cheerful, polite girl. Sonia is kingly and is respectful of people around her even though they’re not royals.

Due to her background her parents, she may appear a bit slow at times, however she’s extremely smart and has the ability to do sophisticated political analysis.

Then, in Novoselic, Sonia has always placed her people first over her royalties, demonstrating her commitment to her duties , which she takes seriously.

Sonia is an imposing, young woman with pale skin tone and long blonde locks with blue eyes.

She’s usually often seen wearing an all-white and green dress with a long red ribbon, with an silver jewel in her chest.

Her last name has been derived from the album by Nirvana of the same name.

23. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Animal: Dog Days

The princess and suzeraine from Biscotti Republic. Biscotti Republic. Milhiore Firianno Biscotti is an eminent leader and singer.

Every aspect of Milhoire is cute and sweet and adorable, even her name! But when it comes down to protecting the people she loves, Milhoire wields her Excelide.

She summons heroes from Earth as her country is in danger of utter destruction. She’s a fierce fighter and has a fervent commitment to her people.

Even though she is a royal fulfilling her duties she also holds shows as a renowned singer. This is all in the age of 13! !

The gorgeous pink hair and purple eyes. Add adorable pink dog ears and the tail.

22. Hakuei Ren

Hakuei Ren

Animation: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

If you’ve ever watched Magi and are aware how Hakuei Ren is an imposing commander, with a strong conviction of the law.

Hakuei has a deep conviction of justice and strives for peace in the world through the advancement of into the Kou Empire.

She isn’t just an idealist, she displays remarkable resilience even when placed in danger.

She has a long list of attacks to use the Djinn Paimon. She is a young lady with average height, dark hair and blue eyes.

She wore the headband with a delicate design, but now she wears a headband made of metal with crests of horsetail.

Being strong in her command is a plus, but cooking isn’t her forte the only thing she excels at.

21. Asseylum Vers Allusia

21. Asseylum Vers Allusia

Animation: Aldnoah: Zero

In this sci-fi saga, Asseylum Vers Allusia is the Empress of the VERS the Empire of Planet Mars.

Asseylum is a sweet princess who treats everyone equally around her.

She also looks at people from Earth in a positive light , and she tries to prevent an imminent war between the two worlds.

She is believed to possess stunning beauty and is able to make tough decisions that are in the best interests of all.

She has proved to be an effective hand-to-hand fighter and is a good source of physical strength, sufficient to flip someone effortlessly.

Asseylum believes that pacifism too, however she believes that combat is one way it is possible to achieve.

20. Latifa Fleuranza

Latifa Fleuranza

Animation: Amagi Brilliant Park

The very first Girl Boss we’ve got on the list! Latifa Flueranza, the General Manager of Amagi Brilliant Park as well as the queen in Maple Land.

Latifa is committed, caring and dedicated to the cause of Amagi.

After a contract with an evil wizard that went disastrously wrong Latifa is stripped of her magic powers and now lives a normal life as the park’s general manager. the park.

She is able to locate all the things she needs on her own while taking care of the park.

The curse also makes her unalterable, she remains 14 for eternity! Despite all the hardships, Latifa always has a smile on her face. And she has made her commitment to the park crystal transparent.

The model wears a peach white dress, paired with the pink corset as well as an oversized necklace.

The eyes of her are blue, and she wears long blonde hair, which she puts on an elegant tiera.

19. Chibiusa


Animation: Sailor Moon Series

The time is now to talk about the dark skinned character from the the sailor moon series.

Usagi “Chibiusa” Small Lady Serenity is the goddess from the 30th Century Earth.

As her mother’s name suggests Chibiusa’s actual title (Usagi Tsukino) signifies “Rabbit of the moon”.

Chibiusa is a fierce and brave young girl who battles Usagi and doesn’t appreciate her involvement in her company.

She enjoys being with people and is very adventurous.

Chibiusa wants to be like her mother , and she takes her mother’s Legendary Silver Crystal.

However, in a bizarre turn in the course of her life, she winds in trapping her mother in a gravestone of quartz.

She is taken back to the future by Sailor Ptolemy to reverse the effects from her choices. Chibiusa has hair of pink tied in a rabbit-shaped odango, and has eyes that are red.

Chibiusa is dressed in a sailor’s uniform with bows in red, but afterward, her attire changes to blue. Chibiusa is adorable and is sure to win anyone’s heart with her adorableness!

18. Pina Co Lada

Pina Co Lada

Animation The Gate

The name Pina isn’t the same as the drink. Pina is the head in the Rose Order of Knights.

Pina has noble motives and is determined to prevent the possibility of war in Japan and her homeland which is why she aligns herself with JDSF.

Pina was the first princess to be an own otaku! She is educated about the otaku lifestyle from Itami is heavily affected by Itami’s influence.

After seeing the power that is Japan’s Japanese Army, Pina decides that she must make peace with them in order to save her country, a decision that is not like her father’s choice.

She is a highly intelligent strong, capable and dependable leader. Pina is a skilled swordsman as well as a skilled tactician and has a captivating personality both on and off the field.

Pina is a brunette with dark red hair that matches her eyes.

She’s wearing light armor and short skirt and a shirt. She is also seen wielding the sword.

17. Shirahoshi


Animation One Piece

One of the largest princesses in our list Princess Shirahoshi is the mermaid princess of the Ruguyu Kingdom.

She’s a huge person in comparison with her dog Megalo but she is smaller as her daddy.

It’s possible to call her cute , but massive but in a good way. She could literally hold Luffy in her hands alone!

The actress has long flowing pink hair with the hair grip is a taiyaki-shaped.

She is wearing a halter top that is adorned with pearls, and her broad-shape tail is tied in a ruffle on her waist.

With her size, one could believe that she has a big personality. However, she actually is very fragile and will be prone to crying over the most insignificant of things.

Shirahoshi was in exile for a long time, and is able to tell little about the world outside which is why she appears as extremely fascinated.

However, Shirahoshi is an incredibly kind and gentle princess who isn’t afraid to express any anger or resentment towards anyone.

16. Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen

Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen

Animation: Log Horizon

Raynesia is the daughter of the most famous family in the East League of Free Cities.

Being a member of such aristocratic families The brunt of attention of the society is directed towards her.

Raynesia seems as a princess model an adorable, well-mannered, and sensitive princess.

However, what she wants to do better than be princess is to rest all day long living an easy life.

She isn’t a fan of taking on tough tasks and is not a fan of the deceit and manipulative methods used by nobles.

She is famous for her beautiful appearance. Her long silver hair is tied to her side, and eyes that are dark blue.

15. Sakura


Anime: Tsubasa Chronicle

The Princess Sakura also known as Sakura Li is the protagonist of Clamp’s series that crosses genres.

She’s a lot like the character from the Cardcaptors Sakura however, she is totally different background.

Sakura is warm, loving and will do everything she can to protect the lives of the people in her vicinity.

She’s sometimes overwhelmed with fear of not being able to safeguard her children.

But that doesn’t keep her from having an enormous smile in her eyes and working hard. She is able to go from joyful to sad.

Sakura has large eyes with green hues and strawberries blonde hair. Sakura has a slim body and is gorgeous.

14. Nausicaa


Animation: Nausicaa Valley of the Wind

The list is not complete without including Ghibli princesses. Nausicaa The princess from the Valley of the Wind is an amazing , well-structured princess.

She is strong, compassionate and has a unique bond with animals.

She has been observing the environment surrounding her since a young age, and believes it to be insane to take on in the Sea of Corruption.

She views the war as an insignificant action.

However, she accepts the responsibility she is required to take care of her people and the kingdom she loves. Nausicaa is considered to have excellent values and a great sense of duty.

Her ability to guide people to victory, while remaining conscious of the natural world is a wonderful trait Nausicaa is blessed with.

13. Stella Vermillion

Stella Vermillion

Animation: Chivalry of an Unfailed Knight

Stella is often referred to for her role as Crimson princess from the Vermillion Empire. She is 30 times the power of a regular Blazer.

However, Stella is having trouble controlling her power and has to be extra dedicated to make the most of them.

Her appearance is hot and fiery initially. However, as her personality grows older, she is more gentler and more mature towards all people.

She is desperate for Ikki’s attention and may sometimes turn sexual too.

If he does finally fall her love, Stella lets him do what he likes and is the most happy princess around town. Her skin is beautiful and white with a beautiful set of eyes.

Stella has long , crimson locks and a gorgeous body.

12. Chi Kiki’s

 Chi Kiki's Anime Princess

Animation: Dragon Ball Z Series

Chi Chi the princess of Fire Mountain and wife of Goku, one of the most famous characters from anime, Goku. Chi Chi is the beautiful mother of two amazing kids, Gohan and Goten.

We first think of her as a shy and quiet princess. However, she develops into a flamboyant and fierce character.

In essence, she’s taking care of her family, as she is caring for them with a great deal of affection.

Chi Chi is the typical mother figure that everyone has in their lives. Chi Chi is educated in martial arts, but she doesn’t find it very useful.

We’ve all grown up with Dragon Ball Z and Chi-Chi symbolizes the 80’s as well as everything we like about our birthgivers!

11. Cornelia Li Britannia

Cornelia Li Britannia Anime Princess

Animation Coding Geass

Cornelia is the princess second in line of Cornelia is the second princess of Britannian family of the Imperial. One of the most well-known sisters, following Euphemia, Cornelia is admired by Nunnally for her ability to be a superb combatant and skilled tactician.

She is proficient in Knightmare Frame combat and is widely acclaimed for creating Area 18.

As brutal as she may be when she is on the field, she’s a stunning woman who is able to defend her position with aplomb.

The blonde has long, fuchsia locks and eyes that are lavender. She is tall and is usually dressed in wine-red outfits that have gold accents and high-heeled boots.

She is mentally tougher and more confident than her peers however she’s equally caring for them too.

10. Nefertari Vivi

Nefertari Vivi Anime Princess

Animation One Piece

Vivi isn’t the typical princess. She is a very sensitive and humble princess.

She puts the needs of others over her own, and doesn’t even ask for the respect of a king!

She is a courageous strong, determined character who is able to easily defeat adversaries.

Despite not having much battle experience Vivi is able to hold her the top spot in numerous combats. She was the main person for bringing the Straw Hats to one.

Nefertari is kind, compassionate and is an integral part of the plot from One Piece.

The blonde has long, blue hair and nearly always has the hair pulled up.

She has a slim figure and can be seen sporting different kinds of high-heeled boots, white high-heel sandals as well as blue wedges.

Nefertari has been recognized as an extremely popular character on numerous occasions, and it’s always a delight to see her on screen.

9. May Chang

May Chang Anime Princess

Fullmetal Alchemist: Anime: Brotherhood

Every FMA followers are aware of Mei (pronounced as May) Chang, the sweet little girl with a huge strength within her.

Mei is an intelligent, independent and courageous warrior.

Mei has a great understanding of the art of Alkahestry. She travels from the deserts to Amestris and her beloved pet Panda Xiao-Mei.

She is searching for the Philosopher’s stone , and she seeks guidance from Edward Fullmetal Alchemist Elric.

Mei is, for the age she is, Mei has proven courageous and has the enormous burden to rebuild her Chang empire.

Mei features fair skin with dark-colored eyes.

Mei also wears light and dark oriental-style clothes that reflect her Xingese roots and an ethereal purple bag on her shoulders. Mei is an absolute Rockstar!

8. Nunnally Lamperouge

Nunnally Lamperouge Anime Princess

Animation code Geass

Nunnally is the most prominent character from Code Geass and the main character in Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally.

She was the princess from the Holy Britannia Empire and was the 87th lineal descendant to the throne of the Imperial Empire of Britannia and the last viceroy of the Area 11. Nunnally is a very elusive persona.

She is considered to be extremely kind and compassionate, which is often seen as a disadvantage.

However, she later exhibits signs of cold-heartedness as well as brutality.

After being blinded and handicapped by her father as an infant, Nunnally grows into a shrewd and knowledgeable woman while she fulfills the duties of a princess prior to being banished together with her brother.

A very complex and complex character, with many different appearances which makes her story an engaging one to be rooting for.

7. Usagi Tsukino

Usagi Tsukino Anime Princess

Animation: Sailor Moon Series

This list can’t be complete without not mentioning this one: the Sailor Guardian of Love and Justice Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino.

Usagi is one of the most well-known anime princess that exists.

Her roots are in the moon’s civilization. Later, she is reborn an human on Earth and is reborn as Sailor Senshi’s leader. Sailor Senshi.

Usagi is often selfish and unselfish, but she is still deeply caring and trusting to those she loves.

Usagi as many claim is a feminist’s idol , but the narrative suggests otherwise.

This could indicate her distinctive personality, which suggests that Usagi isn’t a typical princess warrior.

But is he also brave and intelligent, becoming one of the planet’s most powerful guardians.

6. San

Hancock BOA Anime Princess

Animation the Princess Mononoke

Another Ghibli Princess we have on our list, San, also known as Princess Mononoke or the Wolf Girl is the main female character from the film. The Princess is the also known as The Wolf Gods.

As a child of her wolf brothers, she behaves and thinks as they do too. San is a true strong warrior princess who is defined by her love of the natural world.

After being adopted by Moro, the Wolf Goddess, Moro, San naturally acquired animalistic instincts and ended in hating humans.

She can show compassion and shows it towards her fellow inhabitants of the forest. She then warms to Ashikata and starts to show admiration and affection for human.

There are many debates about the character traits of San and how they are fabricated, however, that doesn’t mean that she is any less loved. San is the most accurate representation of confidence and strength.

5. Yona

Yona Anime Princess

Anime: Akatsuki No Yona

Yona meaning “dove” in Hebrew, is the Crown Princess of the Kouka Kingdom and is the Reincarnation of the King Hiryuu.

She is forced out of her home after the murder of her father by a wanted man.

She later learns that her cousin was the one who killed him. She also learns that he was determined to take over the throne in order to become King.

Yona was spoiled in her childhood, but when she witness the death of her father and her world is completely changed.

She chooses to defend the people in her kingdom. She goes from being a sweet, naive woman to a fierce toughened warrior while maintaining her the courtesy and respect for the people around her.

Yona develops her skills of archery, swordsmanship self-defense and observational skills to defend her honour at all cost.

Yona’s transformation process is breathtaking to see and she was even chosen by fans as second-most liked character in a poll conducted by Hana To Yume , in the year 2014.

4. Stephanie Dola

Anime Princess

Animation: No Game No Life

Stephania is the daughter of previous King of Imanity and, following his death, she made a bet on becoming Imanity’s queen. country.

She is clever and utilizes her grandfather’s method of watching and analysing the other person’s gameplay.

Even though she’s an Imantian woman, she has tremendous physical and mental strength and endurance to tackle tough tasks.

Steph finds herself forced to fall to love Sora who she hates initially, after she loses consecutive games to Sora.

She began to lose her mind in the process but she soon begins to feel a connection with the man and eventually falls in love with him.

Steph is a gorgeous and voluminous girl, with long red hair that is adorned in blue blossoms, and blue eyes.

Stephs fame is more popular than that of of the characters in this anime show.

3. Euphemia Li Britannia

Euphemia Li Britannia Anime Princess

Animation code Geass

Euphemia is the 3rd princess in the Britannian Imperial Family. She is Lelouch’s half-sister. the one he loved most in the wake of Nunnally.

Euphemia was the sub-viceroy of Area 11 However, the position was never a part that seemed to entice her.

She is awed by Cornelia for her beauty as well as the tactician. dislikes combat but has been piloting her own Knightmare Frame.

The Imperial Family is known to be a bit too extravagant.

However, Euphemia is a warm and open-minded member of the family, giving everyone respect even though they’re not royal.

2. Hancock BOA

Hancock BOA Anime Princess

Animation: One Piece Series

To complete our list of Top 50 Anime Princesses of all time is Hancock BOA from the One-Piece Series.

The last few years have witnessed a steady increase in the popularity of the anime series . This means that it’s not Luffy being the most popular persona.

Hancock’s fame is unparalleled as she is the perfect mix of beauty and brains.

She is also known as the name of Pirate Empress, or Snake Princess, and is the ruler of Kuja tribe. Kuja tribe. Hancock has to be the most gorgeous woman on earth.

She’s thin and tall, with black long hair that extends beyond her waistline. She is dark-brown in eyes, large eyelashes and light skin.

Hancock has donned numerous costumes throughout the entire series.

The most prominent is an open red blouse that has loose sarongs as well as the Kuja symbol on it , showing her legs.

An elongated white cape that is adorned with epaulets can be found among the top levels of Marines. For a complete appearance, red high-heel shoes make her look more impressive.

Also, she has an inscription of a slave from The Celestial dragon on her back which she kept from view for quite some time.

Hancock loves Luffy and appears to be very at ease when Luffy is around, but he’s unflappable and calm when he’s not around.

She is also considered to be extremely powerful within the Kuja tribe.

She has a tremendous physical strength and can take on many adversaries with a lot of effort. She is also an expert of deceit and subterfuge.

Euphemia is a sweet, pink-colored girl cut in two buns. She is typically spotted dressed in a pink and white dress with an elegant rose choker.

She was the 2nd person in the family to be the first to find out her brother’s dangerous alter ego.

She forms a strong and romantic connection with Suzaku Kururugi because they share the same faith system.

Euphemia is regarded as to be the most beautiful and delicate out of the Britannians.

1. Carla or Charles

Carla or Charles

Animation The Fairy Tail

Carla (Sharuru to Japanese) can be described as an Exceed. She was discovered at the time by Wendy with an egg, and they’ve been in love since. She is a tiny white Exceed, with brown eyes and pink ears.

She typically wears mustard-colored tops with a skirt . She is also sporting the tail with a bow! Carla is a very firm person and does not show any emotion, but the one person she really cares to is Wendy.

In the course of the film, Carla despises Happy and is irritated by all the presents she receives from him.

After he discovers the facts about their mission, Carla recognizes that Happy also has a similar idea and displays the brave side.

Carla is a magician with many capabilities similar to Aera and she can transform into human.

She can even transform into an Yokai known as Suiko and is skilled in hand-to hand combat, too.

There’s some disagreement over her real name, but Carla and Charle is the more well-known names.


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