Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain : Our Top 25 +

Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain are quite rare. After all, the whole concept of storytelling revolves around the good guy fighting and winning against the bad guy. But every now and then we see those rare anime where the MC is a villain.

Some of them are pure evil villains and the rest are villains doing good as well. Although it entirely depends on our personal judgment to decide if a character is bad or not, in this article I only consider what the people/characters in the mob inside the anime think about the main character. So this list will be made up of some anime where the MC didn’t do anything definitely wrong, but is considered a villain by the people of his world. So without further ado, here are some of the best anime where the MC is a villain!

Top Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

Top Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

This Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain is based on the popularity of the characters, their contributions to the story and also on my personal opinion. You might not agree with the list

29. Angels Of Death

 Angels Of Death

This is a strange show. It doesn’t give any backstory. It only tells us about Rachel, a little girl who woke up one morning in the basement of a building. She wants to die. She met Zack, who is also a main character. He is a coldblooded murderer. Zack is determined to escape the place he finds himself in. Rachel and Zack agree to make Rachel go out with Zack and kill her as she pleases. To everyone’s surprise, Rachel becomes more and more desperate to live, and Zack begins to murder others to escape and live. Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

28. Black Jack

Black Jack

This is a classic 90s show. Black Jack tells the story of Hazama, a doctor who has never been registered and has a dark past. Kuro saves people from nearly incurable diseases, but the person he cures must pay a high price. His social status has been damaged and people refer to him as greedy or inhuman.

 They still recognize his abilities and consider him the best doctor. Black Jack is a psychoscientist who does some bizarre experiments.

27. 91 Days

 91 Days

Angelo lives in a similar world to Gangsta. 91 Days shows us Angelo’s life. After brutally murdering his parents and siblings, Angelo is back to seek revenge after all these years.

 Although the plot is obvious, the most important reason this show is on this list is how well they choreograph it and how Angelo gets his revenge. A must-watch show. Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

26. Monster


Monster is an anime that will give you chills. Monster is an anime that will make you think twice about your decisions and show you how they can come back to haunt you many years later. Dr. Kenzou Tenma is a top neurosurgeon and is considered the best in the country. Recently, he got engaged to his hospital director’s child.

He is confronted with a difficult decision as he tries to get promoted. You can either perform regular surgery as planned, or brain surgery on a well-known person to give him greater priority. It is likely that the doctor chose to perform brain surgery on the second patient because the original one died. When a similar situation arose years later, the doctor held firm and performed surgery on Liebertinstead the mayor of the town. was arrested for doing this. He lost his job and gained no respect from society. The doctor is slowly losing control of his thoughts and choosing between right and wrong.

25. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown is a sci-fi anime that has been praised for its quality. It shows us Japan in 2039. The proud nation of Japan has been under the control of GHQ, or the military for ten years after the virus epidemic. A group known as the freedom fighters was formed by people who were opposed to this military oppression. During one of these missions, Shu Ouma, our protagonist, receives the Power of Kings.

 The ability to draw out your deepest desires is called Power of Kings. Shu now tries to control his power and is used by his commanders. He loses his humanity and becomes a cold, ruthless leader who controls others. You will do anything for Japan’s restoration. Even if it means becoming a brutal dictator. Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

24. Dororo


Although Dororo has a historical feel to it, it’s still more of an supernatural production. Hyakkimaru is the protagonist and first-born son Lord DaigoKagemitsu. Daigo faced famine in his country at one time. This was so severe that Daigo became afraid of his land falling and his power being lost . Daigo even abandoned the path of Buddha and started praying for the demons. However, Daigo’s desires were not fulfilled by the 12 demons. Daigo would have a firstborn with no limbs or nose, eyes, ears, nose, ears or skin. They will still live, even without these features.

Hyakkimaru, our protagonist, is here. After being saved by a doctor, Hyakkimaru now seeks revenge. Hyakkimaru doesn’t care about the logic of his father saving so many people. By killing each demon, he gets one of his lost features.

23. Future Diary

Future Diary

You have probably heard of Future Diary, or heard the name Yuno Gasai, unless you’ve been living under a rock. This show is so dark and gory, it made Yandere a popular genre.

Yuki Amano, our MC is a lonely high-school student who writes a diary on his smartphone. He is granted the power of God and receives a unique diary which tells him about the future. Yuki is suddenly dragged into a match against 11 other diary holders. He is then dragged into a death match against b>11 other diary holders. Yuno is a psychotic killer who would kill Yuki to be with him alone. Yuki eventually loses his humanity, and he becomes somewhat like Yuno. Future Diary taught us a lesson: Never trust a woman who has pink hair.

22. Zettai Karen Children

Zettai Karen Children

As we have seen, people who are more powerful will often use those below them. This is also true for Zettai Karen children. The future is here, and people with or ESP powers will continue to grow at an irregular pace. Many corrupt people are trying to make criminal use of these ESP users.  Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

Hyoubu Kyousuke, our protagonist, is also a rat from this lab project and has ESP abilities of his own. After suffering many hardships from these evil people, and being looked at differently from his friends and family, Kyousuke decided to help these ESP users and protect them from this harsh world. Kyousuke made some poor life choices that led to him being portrayed as a villain.

21. The Rising Of Shield Hero

The Rising Of Shield Hero

This entry is slightly different. The Rising of Shield Hero shows that the MC may not be evil but is depicted as such by the world. A group of heroes were summoned to save humanity. They are called , spear hero and sword hero as well as bow hero and shield hero. 

Our MC Naofumi was the victim of bad luck. He can’t attack, let alone use a weapon for damage, and has the power to shield. As if that wasn’t enough, Naofumi is also accused of assault . Naofumi is now enraged and will do anything to exact his revenge. He escaped and got a few friends. Raphtallia is Naofumi’s partner. She is the reason that the MC never becomes a complete villain. We were all able to get together and hate one anime character, which led to some great memes.

20. Code Geass

Code Geass

Because I doubt that many people don’t know the classics, I want to start with the basics. Code Geass tells the story of rebellion. There is no alien race or demon lord, only a different country. Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

These people are not evil. They have dreams and hopes, and they do everything possible to protect their country. One man, however, decides to change all that. He, a formal prince, longs to regain the glory of his former nation. He wants to pay recompense for those who were wounded in war, including his family. Although he does pull off a great guy move at the end, the death toll was high.

19. Talentless Nana

Talentless Nana

Talentless Nana shows how ordinary people can kill superheroes. Let me clarify if the plot seems confusing. 50 years ago, supers and humans fought a huge war. But somehow, the humans won. This was when the crazy lab experiment began where any superhuman would be sent to the island to receive “training”. In reality, the island was a place to murder any superchild who might be a threat in future.

 Nana, the main character of the show is in a class full of super-children. Nana claims that her mind-reading powers allow her to read the faces of super children. Nana’s mind-reading abilities are correct most of the time. But when they don’t, Nana quickly plans a murder to eliminate that superchild. Problem arises when Nana realizes that these children are not evil and she must kill them.

18. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

What would you do if your family were murdered by the girl you love and you found out? Elfen lied tells the story of Lucy, and other special power users who were victims in lab experiments. After their minds broke, Lucy used her powers to free herself and killed everyone in the lab.  Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

This story shows how Lucy tries to live a normal existence but her past traumas haunt her, and she loses control over her powers. Lucy has a crush upon Kouta. Kouta is a bit jealous of Lucy. She doesn’t let anyone near Kouta. It’s dark and gory. Did I mention that she has a personality disorder?

17. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo has become a place where Zombies with strange abilities are emerging. Every day, many people disappear. Ken Kaneki spends his final day as a human with the woman that he loves. The main plot is not spoiler-free. Kaneki was found in a hospital with ghost organs. Kaneki now craves human flesh and displays every sign of being an evil ghoul. He was instantly the monster he hated. While the show is about Kaneki living with humans, there are moments when Kaneki unleashes rage on people.

16. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Pre-spoiler: At first glance, it seems that this show is way too light and PG to feature a serious evil character. But nope. Koro-sensei is the main character and central face of the show. He threatens to blow up the moon if they don’t comply with his demands. Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

Then he teaches the children how to assassinate. He taught them some other things, but it was still suspenseful. Ok, so he didn’t plan to blow up the moon. The dude is one of the greatest assassins and has probably more skeletons than any “bad guy”!

15. Great Pretender

Great Pretender

The Great Pretender cast features some of the most talented conmen the world has ever witnessed. They travel the globe looking for rich assholes, and they don’t stop until they have conned them out of every dime.

Our Character don’t give away any of their money, even though they might sound like Robin Hood. They buy an island and some drinks, throw parties, and stuff like that. Our Character might not be warlords. However, I don’t think it’s fair to call them the “good guys”.

14. Gangsta


Gangsta is an anime that depicts a world in which Mafia Gangs control all power. Our characters, Nicholas Brown and Worick Archangelo, are the best mercenaries around. They take on jobs no one else would for any amount of money. Our protagonists meet a prostitute named Alex Benedetto while working on one of these jobs. They decide to protect her. She was also on the job and is now a target for other mercenaries.

One wise man once said that “all fights between MEN were caused by a woman.” Mafia groups target women because they have the ability to assassinate and they begin to take down anyone who stands in their way. This causes a shift of power and begins a war.

13. Nanbaka


Nanbaka is set in Japan’s No. 1 prison and the criminals who live there. Think of Deadman Wonderland, but no one was falsely convicted. Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

Although the four main characters appear to be jovial guys who want to have fun, it’s important to remember that they are in prison for a very good purpose. This is not their first time in prison. They managed to escape all of the other prisons. Nico and Juugo are particularly worrying, but I won’t spoil the reason.

12. Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill

The story of Akame Ga Kill doesn’t seem to be new. Multiple times, anime has shown us how lords exploit the poor and torture them. He, our protagonist, came from a remote village to seek a job and a better lifestyle. Tatsumi was shocked to learn that his village people were tortured by their lords, whipping and torturing them in a cell. Tatsumi saw all of this and stumbled upon a gang named Night Raid.

 Although they call themselves a revolutionary force, the empire views them as terrorists. The MC is basically a terrorist gang that joins the king’s tyranny to liberate the empire.

11. Blast of Tempest

Blast of Tempest

This one is a bit confusing. I’ll try my best to keep it brief without spoiling any details. A man dates his best friend’s sister secretly, which is already a little tinny. Anime Where The Main Character Is A Villain

Then a goddess is added to the mix and the power tug of war begins. Both friends are left with the choice of which side they want to pull. Let’s just say there was a lot of backstabbing and a lot more lying. Then, the most intricate whodunit game began. Although it may sound confusing, you will soon get the idea.

10. Darker than Black

Darker than Black

Darker than Black tells the story of Hei, a contract killer, who is also known as “Black Reaper”. Ten years ago, two gates opened in this fantasy world: heavens gate, and hells gate.

 Japan gained the hell’s gates. These gates were home to contractors who, at great cost to their humanity, gained the power of mass killing. Hei is the electricity manipulator mercenary. He is using his power to exterminate other contractors that pose a threat Japan. Hei is a merciless, cold-blooded killer. He isn’t exactly a hero.

09. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

Alucard is the essence of evil. He is a powerful vampire who can kill entire armies and takes on forms that even my paralysis demon fears.

Alucard isn’t too concerned about anyone except his master. He loves to play with his enemies when they are near death. His enemies are, of course, literal popes or saints. In case you didn’t get the evil vibe, Alucard, however, is the most likeable character on the entire series. So I will not be bothered by the murder.

08. Overlord


Although it was obvious that I would include the Ainz Ooal gown in this list, let’s just say that Ainz wasn’t a villain right from the beginning. So that’s the story of Ainz. Ainz didn’t log out when Yggdrasil closed the game. He wanted to enjoy his final moments in the game he loved so much, and look back at what he had achieved during his playthrough. Ainz remained in the game even after the servers closed. 

Ainz, who is currently being isekaied in fantasy gaming worlds, is the most powerful person in the game. He has some of the strongest NPCs by his side. Ainz, just like every normal person, should seek a way back to his world. Instead, Ainz chose to conquer this world and we see Ainz doing some questionable acts that clearly portray Ainz’s character as a demon lord, who kills for pleasure. Ainz has an assistant named Albedo, who wants to bang him.

07. Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance is the story of two terrorist friends as they set up bombs all over the city and taunt police officers to find them. You might wonder how they make fun of them.

You can use riddles to reveal the location of the bomb. Although it might sound like a joke or prank, they are still terrorists. No matter how hard I cried at the end or whether they were justified, terrorists are terrorists.

06. Redo Of Healer

Redo Of Healer

Another day, another isekai. The Redo of the healer is similar to The Rising Shield Hero, but with one twist. It’s dark and not very child-friendly. Keyaru was a normal boy living his everyday life. 

He was soon able to use his healing powers to get escorted to the king to party with other heroes and embark on a long journey. Keyaru was able to reset the world that had given him nothing but pain. He traveled back in time to start his revenge plan. He murdered everyone who had wronged him and took everything that belonged to him. 

05. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

You’re familiar with the scenario where the father of the protagonist is killed vows revenge and then travels around the country meeting new people and learning more about himself.

 They realize that revenge is not the right answer. The formula was a little messed up by Vinland Saga’s protagonist.

He had hoped to kill his father’s killer, but ended up being his private assassin. As his assassin he killed dozens upon dozens of innocent men. In the hope of revenge and becoming more powerful. This is a very different way of doing it.

04. Death Note

Death Note

The story is similar to Code Geass. It follows Light Yagami who, like Code Geass was, was given the power of killing anyone if they had a name or a face in their minds. Light was gifted such a powerful weapon because the grim reaper was bored. Light did an amazing job entertaining Ryuk, the reaper.

 He gradually murdered all the criminals he saw on TV, and created his own world with his ideology and twisted up justice. Light became the villain, or a murderer, when he was too overwhelmed by his power.

03. The Saga of Tanya the Evil

The Saga of Tanya the Evil

Tanya literally uses the word “evil” as her title. I can’t believe she didn’t deserve it. is technically a soldier performing her duty. But she does it in the most horrible way.

She has no remorse for her murder. Tanya can’t even remember the faces of those she killed. Even her subordinates don’t feel safe around her. She will slap you with a gun and make you feel bad for acting up. She’s a different kind of woman.

02. Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is a masterwork that held our attention as it unfolded. It began with Eren wanting every titan to be killed and a safer, better world for people. But, Eren was in so much pain and agony, he became the Titan who would destroy everything. Eren was the person he hated most.

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01. Berserk


Berserk’s Griffith is undoubtedly one of the most jaw-dropping backstabs of all time. Guts and Griffith are brothers in arms. They had many adventures together and won numerous awards.

 However, when it came time to politics Griffith treated Guts as a pawn. As if that weren’t enough Griffith made a deal with the demons, and also gave up his humanity. This anime doesn’t do justice to the show. It is so great that I encourage you to read the manga.

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