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Annin Dragon Ball

An’nin (アンニン, An’nin) is the guardian of The sacred FurnaceThis is The 8 Divisions, the boundary between life on 🌎 Earth The Otherworld. She is one of few Enma Daioh-workers who doesn’t appear to be an Ogre but instead seems to be a humanoid in physical form. An’ninIt is eternal and immortal, presumably.

Concept and Creation

She is based on Tiěshàngōngzhǔ(“Princess Iron Fan”) is a Chinese character featured in the Chinese novel Journey to the West. The 🐲 Dragon Ballon which series is based. She was also the original owner of The Bansho FanThe fan that the Monkey King must subdue The flaming mountains.


Annin enjoying noodles in front Goku Grandpa Gohan. Annin is the sole caretaker the Eight Division FurnaceThe position has been held for more than ten thousands years. Despite her attractive looks, she is actually very ancient. A youthful appearance.

GokuConfronts AnninWe were alerted to the raging flames on Fire Mountain that threatened to devastate Gyuma. AnninThe sole purpose of rejecting this request is to prevent the demons escaping to another world. As if the flames could be extinguished forever. Momentary timeThey are granted full access to the entire world The living.

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GokuHe refuses to budge on their request, and he continues to try to convince them. AnninThis leads to an argument between them, which ultimately leads to a short fight in which Goku discovers his true age and unwittingly taunts him for her. Enraged Annin transforms into a giant to pulverize the miniature-sized hero, employing several different methods to do so (for example, using his head pieces to attempt to stab 💪 Goku, as well as the storms caused by the flapping of his cape). Annin unfastens the hatch to the Eight Division FurnaceGoku.

GokuDue to the sheer power and unstoppable strength of the fan, she is able to overcome her furious attacks. This shocks the entire crowd. AnninHer sudden and easy presence.

AnninSoon, an alternative method is suggested to extinguish flames. Goku guides Goku through the flames in the eight-division furnace to smother and safeguard the fire. GyumaAnnin and his family. Annin was never seen or mentioned after her appearance.

Annin Dragon Ball


Annin confronts GokuWith his guan dao. Annin displays a high level of control with his guan dao. Guan DaoExcellent reflexes and power that surpass natural human abilities. Annin has a remarkable endurance level that is far greater than the human ability to do so. Other normal beings. This is because she was able to cut a rock into thousands of pieces by using just a few drops. A simple bowl of noodlesHer gigantic form brings out her full strength and weight. His theoretically, it is possible to StrengthHis giant form becomes more monstrous, allowing him greater aggression. He fought briefly with GokuHe was not quite his fiftieth or more foot tall, but he was able counter his attacks and fought back. A level playing field.

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  • AnninWind blew her cloak as she waved it around.
  • Feather SpearAnnin can lengthen the feathers of her head to attack her opponent. This technique is used against Goku in his giant and base forms. It can also be used in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.
  • Giant BlastAnnin shakes her head and produces large gusts wind that can knock down anyone with it Low levels.
  • Giant FormAnnin has the ability to grow to extraordinary heights. This multiplies her abilities. Strength 💪To superhuman levels. In this form, she seems to keep her reflexes intact and can face. GokuThis technique is best used head-on.


  • Guan DaoAnnin is able use Annin Guan Daoand her deadly power to the maximum extent, making it capable of dealing with lethal attacks.


Dragon Ball

23rd Tournament of Martial Arts

  • Annin vs. Son Goku = Undetermined

Voice Actors

  • Region Actors
  • Japan Keiko Yokozawa🌎
  • Spanish America Belinda Martinez

Annin Dragon Ball

In video games, appearance

  • Appeared in Nintendo DS video game 🐲 Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.

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