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Dragon Ball Z: “F” is Resurrected (ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル Z 復活 の 「F Dor, Doragon Bōru Zetto: Fukkatsu no” F “) is The 15th 🐲Dragon Ball Z movie. April 2015, during “Golden Week”. This film is an extension of the earlier one.Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods).

The principle of “F” is ResurrectedThree chapters were adapted from the manga. The artist was ToyotarōThe first chapter was released in February 21, 2015.


PeaceIt has arrived EarthAfter the fight against The God of Destruction Bills. However, this is not a permanent solution.

Many years later Freezer’s deathHe is now in hell. He recalls Namek and Goku’s statements about him being a super fighter. He then recalls. TrunksHe claims that the tyrant made a mistake, since he is also a super-warrior. In FreezerAs he muffles the word “super warrior”, he recalls how he was first cut in two and then cut into smaller pieces before being vaporized. Earth.

Wick FreezerShe wakes up with a panicked, startled look. However, she quickly changes to an expression of anger. The Angels of HellBeautiful beings, but they make quite a lot noise.

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Space is one of the most important places in the universe. Freezer’s shipsSorbet is informed by Sorbet that Planet 448’s rebellion is too strong to be contained. Sorbet orders reinforcements to be sent there but is informed that other forces are fighting on other planets. PlanetsOnly a handful of them can be sent. Angrily, he orders the withdraw. The reactions of The Z WarriorsTo the darkening sky.

He sits down on the command chair, and activates. The trackerHe asks commanders if they have discovered the planet where the Namekian survivors are found. Despite all the spy cameras that were out, they couldn’t find one. He then said that they had no other choice than to go to Earth. Tagoma, standing beside him, is to prepare a vessel for two people. Subordinate shocked that Sorbet wanted to go. But Sorbet assures him that Mr. Freezer will return to prepare a ship for two people. The meaning of life.

On EarthGohan and Videl demonstrate the new born Pan to Little HeartAs the sky darkens, Namekian concludes that Shenron was invoked. Elsewhere, Ten Shin HanChaoz and Chaoz halt their farm work. Krilin, however, is fining some punks. Krilin wonders whether Pilaf and his company are planning anything. The Dragon Shenron grants the It is a terrible wish.

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Shenronhas been summoned and Sorbet and Tagoma are in front of him Pilaf’s gangthey are still children. Two of Freezer’s subordinates noticed Mai had six dragon balls, and they helped her locate the seventh. Then, they invoked. The dragon. This one advises them to ask for what they want, and it will grant them their wishes. Pilaf informs Sorbet it is possible, while Mai quietly begs her master for permission to let them express their wish after all the work they did collecting the dragon balls. PilafHowever, he tells them that they are powerless.

SorbetThe dragon is asked to resurrect. FreezerShenron is silent, however. Sorbet questions him about what’s wrong. The dragon tells Sorbet that it is possible to bring him back, but not possible because his spirit is in hell. The meaning of lifeAs it would make no senseHis soul to bring him back into that state. The resurrection of Freezer’s pieces.

SorbetThis should not be a cause for concern. TagomaHe suggests that he use the same recovery cameras that he uses to help him rebuild his master. Sorbet’s fears dissipate, and he tells Sorbet that it doesn’t matter if he is in pieces; he just wants to live it again. The dragon is not happy to use his power this way and he cannot help but access it. He then reveals his Let your eyes shineAs he grants the wish.

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FreezerHe suddenly vanishes from his cocoon and into hell, only to reappear in pieces before Sorbet. Freezer is unsure where he is while Cor Petit & Gohan spot a familiar ki. FreezerHe tries his best to get better, but the pieces just fall to the ground. He thinks that he is able to see his body, and that it is not hell. Pilaf’s gang is scared when they first see Freezers’ pieces. However, when Freezers’ eyes look at them, they suddenly become hysterical. Sorbet takes the pieces home and tells them that this was exactly what they expected. Mr. FreezerThey will be able, with the life force and technology that they have, to fully regenerate Shu. Shu quickly asks for a million of the zennis, before they can request any other wish. Both wishes fulfilledThe dragon leaves.🐲

Dbz Resurrection F
The ship departs, and takes off. Pilaf, ShuAnd MaiDusty ground. Freezer’s parts have spasms inside a healing device. Tagoma, a nearby man, tells Sorbet he is concerned about Freezer’s resurrection, since he was a tyrant at the end. Sorbet tells Sorbet that they don’t have any choice because Freezer was defeated. The World Trade OrganizationThey were plunged into chaos and have no other choice than to continue their adventure. FreezerThey reorganize the troops. Tagoma wonders whether he has this kind of ability. Sorbet surprises him by telling him that it is the evil power that Freezer has and that they don’t want to fight the remaining Saiyans but rebuild their troops.

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Gohan, on Earth, notices the Ki that he has detected disappearing and wonders why. Cor PetitHas a negative feeling.

Inside the space The recovery tankFreezer is having nightmares about his final moments in Namek. GokuWhile he was outside the tank Sorbet he was done. TagomaHis master is being watched by the other soldiers.

All of a sudden FreezerHe wakes up in a state of fury. Except for Tagoma, Sorbet, all the soldiers’ trackers have been destroyed. As it inspects the area, the recovery tank bursts, and the liquid inside spills. Hesitantly, SorbetHe is greeted and addressed by Freezer Freezer asks him his name and Sorbet says he’s a former student. Chief OfficerThird Star Region. Freezer recognises him immediately, even though he doesn’t remember much. He finds it funny that Sorbet had been leading his forces but that he has brought Freezer back to life. The subordinateTells him it was because of the dragon balls. The new model tank for recovery.

Tagoma says that he took part in the return Freezer. Sorbet adds that he is an outstanding warrior and that, together with Shisami, they are on par ZarbonDodoria. Sorbet suggests they also could resurrect King Cold. Freezer, however, disagrees and says that his father is selfish. The tyrant points his finger at a soldier and kills him with one finger. Sorbet then looks at him in disgust. Belief. Tagoma was killed by Freezer.

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FreezerHe tells Tagoma that he will not be satisfied until he has dealt with the Saiyans who did this to him. Tagoma protests. He suggests that it is better to ignore them all and reassemble as soon as possible the army. FreezerHe fires another shot at him and sends him out of the window. Depressurizing another soldier draws another soldier in. The compartmentSorbet commands that the protective shields are lifted.💪

As The soldiersFreezer says that they are unable to perform their duties and have returned to their previous positions to help their men. Sorbet tells Freezer that the Saiyan namedSon GokuHe has grown very strong. Freezer jokes that it is all about getting stronger. But Sorbet continues to tell him that even the Saiyan could defeat. The Buu MonsterAfter that, they didn’t have any more data. Freezer thinks about the Buu Monster, and recalls his father telling him to not put a hand over two people: The Buu Monster or the God of Destruction bills. Freezer realizesIt’s much more than he thought.

However, FreezerHe informs his subordinate that he was born a genius and does not need to train. Sorbet asks him if he can get stronger and Freezer tells him that he will be able to unleash his full potential if he trains. Sorbet inquires if he’s capable of becoming stronger. Freezer answers that he believes he is, and that if he takes four months to train seriously, he will be able unlock his full potential and eliminate the need to use it. The SaiyansWhile laughing mischievously, he kept his eyes open and closed. Whistling Goku. Vegeta.

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Time goes by and there is always more. EarthJaco of Galactic Patrol went to the Capsule Corporation with his friends Bulma and Dr. Brief. He was told Bulma is a friend and foe of Freezer. However, Freezer has been revived. EarthWith one thousand soldiers. The woman tries to summon Whis by using strawberry ice-cream, but it does not work. Bulma then asks her friend when Freezer will be here. The Galactic patrolmanHe says that it takes about an hour. Hysterical, the girl reports the situation to the Z Warriors.

KrilinBulma’s voice interrupts him while he arrests two criminals. He returns to his home, changes into his gi, and asks Bulma questions. The A-18to shave his head. He also asked his wife and daughter not to approach him. The A-18 comments quietly as he leaves. The “great” situation.

Meanwhile, GokuAnd VegetaThey are on Bills’ planet and training with Whis, his boss. However, even though they both attack him at the same time, God’s assistant is too powerful and dodges blows easily. Goku and Vegeta are told by him that they must perfect their fighting style and attack without thinking. Otherwise, they are too slow to win. There is nothing at the moment. an explosionBills has caused a lot of problems. He wakes up and says they won’t let him rest peacefully. Whis claims he can fix it because he can go back in time for a few seconds. Whis was asked his identity.God’s assistantThey are told he is “a Being named Whis.” Freezer’s 1,000 soldiers.

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Dbz Resurrection F
When Freezer’s shipAs a salute, the tyrant arrives on Earth and immediately destroys Northern City. The soldiers have already departed the ship; the Z Warriors are able to see Freezer’s power and move there. Gohan hasn’t specifically informed Goten and TrunksThese people are reckless and they don’t care about the fight. Krilin and Ten Shin Han, Little Heart Gohan, Gohan, Turtle Elf, and Little Heart are the Earth defenders. Buu, who has fallen asleep, is also not present. Bulma and Jaco arrive together at that point. The Galactic Patrol spacecraft. Bulma answers Freezer’s question about Goku and tells him she is on another planet. Planet training.🐲

Eventually, Freezer’s armyEarth’s defenders are able to fight back against the attack. They are deliberately trying to avoid killing them, the tyrant realizes. Little Heart is faced by Shisami once there are no fighters left. Because of exhaustion, Freezer’s soldier and the Namekian are on equal footing. GohanSorbet is terrified when he transforms into a super soldier and eliminates his master’s enemy. FreezerTells his subordinate he doesn’t know how terrible super warriors can be.

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Each warrior takes a magic bean to help him or her recover. FreezerThe tyrant laments his soldiers’ condition and one of the soldiers apologizes for being too weak. The tyrant says that is no excuse, and kills them all with an energetic attack. Freezer then tells GohanHe says that he has grown since his last visit to him and then stabs him with one simple punch. Krilin shudders when he sees that his friend isn’t made of dust. Because they can’t give Krilin a magic bean, Little HeartUses a Kiai on his chest to get Gohan’s heartThe magic bean is then given to him by beating him again.

Elsewhere, Oracle FishWhis is taken to Whis to deliver the message. Bulma tells Bulma to hurry, as Freezer has returned and is now on Earth. Whis states it will take 35 mins to get there. But Bulma assures Goku that they are able to teleport there. Bulma asks Bulma for help from the Z Warriors. Goku states that he is far away so he doesn’t know how he will detect them. Vegeta is instructed by Goku not to hold his hand but to return to Earth. The Saiyan princeGets angry. Goku reminds Bulma not to hurry and then reluctantly shakes her hand. They quickly get to Earth with the Instant Change of Place. The Temple of Bills.

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Goku and Vegeta arrive at EarthFreezer tells the story of his torture in hell. But, the day has come for justice. Goku is alive and well, so he decided to train to become stronger. Goku admits to this and claims that he has become stronger. Although he admitted that he was taken by surprise last time, the tyrant said that he would fight back with his final form this time. GokuHe is impressed and tells him that, if he were not so evil, he could be a good competitor. However, this angers Freezer even more. The tyrant is amazed that Goku didn’t transform into a super fighter, but Goku assures him that he doesn’t need his help and they fight without being touched. GokuTransformed into Super Warrior God Super Warrior.

Freezer then attacks more but Goku doesn’t budge. Vegeta begins to become upset and goes to the place where they are fighting. Goku is attacked by Vegeta, who tells him to take it seriously or change his position. Freezer believes Vegeta still holds some loyalty to him. Vegeta reluctantly lets them fight and the fighters pause. Freezer is impressed with Goku’s power, and Saiyan realizes Freezer is hiding something. The tyrant expects the exact same from his opponent. Goku then focuses on his task, his hair stands up. Blue turnsAs well as seeing a blue aura.

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GokuIt is basically the super-warrior state with the power of Super Warrior god, which would explain why it is so. Super Warrior God Super Warrior. Freezer is happy and begins to focus energy. This leads to a new transformation. Freezer calls it an easy name but refers to the new transformation by the name Golden Freezer. Vegeta is impressed and invites Goku to fight. Vegeta says that Vegeta won’t accept. Freezer’s rivalIs Kakarot. Golden Freezer vs. Goku in Super Warrior God Super Warrior.🐲

The fightThe fight is more evenly matched after the restarts. Whis is being viewed by Bills who says that Vegeta & Gokuthey don’t fight together, and that they are too proud of being called donkeys. Whis claims that the God of Destruction was Whis. The same.

Freezer starts to loseThe fightGoku compliments Goku for his accomplishments in power. Freezer is grateful but informs her that he won’t be giving her any presents. He shouts at that point. God and BillsHe complains that his entire family is FoodThey will soon be buried if they don’t fight somewhere else.

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Dbz Resurrection F

GokuThinks so FreezerShould leave to go home, even though he is superior. He has found his weakness. Vegeta counters that Freezer seems incredulous. The Tyrant, surely consumed by the idea of ​​revenge when he achieved the new transformation he went to Earth, not getting used to it, so that the force is fades quickly. Use the Malignant Ring Laser to make Sorbet

After being submerged for a while, you can finally get out of the water. Freezer 💪 starts throwing lightning bolts at Goku, dodging or deflecting them. He then slaps Goku in the face but does not do anything. Goku throws the next. a huge KamehamehaFreezer attempts to repel him with an energy burst, but to no avail. Goku is on top and Freezer emerges from the water humiliated. However, he smiles. That moment lightning struck Goku and pierced his heart. It’s SorbetA laser beam was fired from the home of, Ring.

Freezer begins to attack however GokuHe beat him, humiliating him and mocking his “bad behavior” of dropping his guard and exposing his vulnerable body at a glance. energy. Vegeta is offered the final blow by the Saiyan savage, but Vegeta calls Goku an idiot for failing to listen to Whis’ warnings. Because Goku is annoying him, he still needs him. FreezerVegeta proposes the Saiyan again to be the supreme commanding officer of his forces. However, Vegeta decides to totally destroy the tyrant as there is no way that he can loyalty to the one who exterminated. Planet Vegeta.

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Vegeta tells KrilinGive KakarotOr he will die. Krilin does this, but Freezer tries interfere by sending lightning bolts at them. Vegeta however diverts their attention. One of the rays, but it kills Sorbet. Goku thanks Vegeta but makes fun of him by saying that he will only take the best of The fight. Vegeta becoming Super Warrior God Super Warrior.

Vegeta boosts his PowerHe reveals that he is also capable of transforming into Super Warrior God Super Warrior. Freezer becomes scared and fires lightning bolts at the opponent. However, it is futile. VegetaThey are all deflected. He starts to defeat the tyrant. Desperate, FreezerVegeta is ready to give him the gift. The final blow.

Freezer sends Energy ballDirectly to the ground beneath him, everything cracks and magma emerges. All except him are killed when the Earth explodes. BillsThanks to the wizard of God and Destruction, a barrier was put in place to protect Whis, Goku, and their families. Goku regrets that he didn’t finish Freezer as soon as he could. Whis then decides to go back into time.Three minutesBills tells Goku, however, that it was his soft-character that caused the incident. Freezer was the favorite to win.

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Whis then hits ground twice more and it is still not happening. Yet again FreezerVegeta is about to give him the last blow. Goku yells, “Freeezer! He gives him a powerful punch and finishes him withA huge Kamehameha. Freezer screams in pain as his body becomes completely disintegrated.

For those who are suffering from depression, there is relief The victoryVegeta’s screaming at Goku interrupts the action, causing him to give his coup de grace. Bulma explains to her husband what went wrong, and Goku apologises. It is not appropriate for Bills. A God of DestructionBulma asks Bulma if he can fix a world, and he says that he will in gratitude host a party when the Northern City is back to normal. The dragon ballsThis is what satisfies Whistler.

The woman is asking JacoIf he cannot arrest Whis, control over the time is a serious crime. Vegeta, despite his explanations, is not satisfied. Goku says that if they had been fighting together, the following would have happened. Whist’s adviceNone of this would have been possible without you. Vegeta flatly denies that he would do that. Goku, however, laughs and states that he feels exactly the same. VegetaIt is the first time that they have come to an agreement on anything.

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In the meantime, HellAngels and stuffed animals gather round the tree to shout “Welcome!” FreezerHe’s back at the beginning, still suspended from the tree. a cocoon.

Placement on the timeline

The film is set in the three-year period that BillsHe was meant to fall asleep after the events of The Battle of the GodsBills, after not being capable of sleeping well due to Goku and Vegeta training on the your planet. It was established in the years prior to the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, which took place in the year 784. Being a sequel to 🐲 Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the GodsIt is found between the chapters 517And 518The manga

Dbz Resurrection F

History production and development

Original author of the series. Akira ToriyamaOnce again, he is in charge of the scripting and design of characters in the film. The September issue of Weekly Shonen JumpToriyama explained that he didn’t plan the film but is putting in a lot of work to make it. He is not only getting involved but also “complaining about the little lines of dialogue.” He promises that there will be more action scenes and that the story will be longer. “totally fun.”Toriyama claims that her first manga editor was praised for the effort she’s put into this new film. The workShe has, but this editor seldom does.

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This film is about a new phase of the series that takes place after the events in the previous film. Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the GodsAs a continuation of, write the author Dragon Ball manga

In an earlier interview, the Saikō JumpThe author states that, if a film was made after March 2014 Battle of the Gods(2013) Vegeta would love to be the lead role. However, these are just intentions. Nothing is finalized. 

There will be two new characters in the film. Sorbet and Tagoma. Both still have the name with puns, as Sorbet gets its name directly from the frozen “sorbet” dessert, while Tagoma’s name is derived from the Japanese word tamago (卵), which means “egg”. As with Freezer’s minions and elites, mercenaries and soldiers, see the description by Akira ToriyamaThe names of the Super Exciting guides were “unified as the food one puts in their mouths” [a refrigerator]. “. In its original form, the poster with Freezer, Vegeta and Zarbon, Dodoria. Captain Gineu.

Akira ToriyamaAfter listening to Maximum the Hormone’s song “F”, he had the idea for the movie. To pay tribute to the idea and thank it, he included the “F” in the title of the movie as a reference. The 2015 Jump Party poster features Freezer and Vegeta in their first form. Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Jeice. Burter. Recoome. Guldo. Captain GineuIt is a tribute.

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At Jump Party 2015The film’s plot was revealed in several key details: Krilin is now a police officer; Freezer is training for his first fight in his life. Super WarriorDuring his battle against Freezer as he no more needs The transformation. The dialogue was not recorded.

In February 2015It was revealed that Freezer was in hell after his death. The pop idol group also was in hell. Momoiro Clover ZIn the film, he will play a new set of characters.“Five Angels From Hell”


  • Character name Voice in Japanese Voice in Catalan
  • Goku Masako Nozawa Marc Zanni
  • Vegeta Ryō Horikawa Joan Sanz
  • Gohan Masako Nozawa
  • Cor Petit Toshio Furukawa Xavi Fernández
  • Krilin Mayumi Takaka
  • Ten Shin Han Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Bulma Hiromi Tsuru Tsuru Rosar Contreras
  • Videl Yūko Minaguchi
  • Follet Tortuga Masaharu Satō Josep Maria Mas
  • Freezer Ryūsei Nakao Domènech Farell
  • Sorbet Shirō Saitō
  • Tagoma Kazuya Nakai
  • Shisami Tetsu Inada
  • Bills Kōichi Yamadera Alfonso Vallès
  • Whis Masakazu Morita Marcel Navarro
  • Fish Oracle Shōko Nakagawa
  • Shenron Kenji Utsumi
  • Pilaf Shigeru Chiba Toni Astigarraga
  • Shu Tesshō Genda Albert Trifol
  • Mai Eiko Yamada Carme Ambrós
  • Pan Yūko Minaguchi
  • A-18 Miki Itō Pilar Morales
  • Angels of Hell Momoiro Clover A
  • Jaco Natsuki Hannae
  • Trunks of the Future Takeshi Kusao Aleix Estadella
  • Narrator Jōji Yanami Enric Isasi-Isasmendi
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  • Insert song(IN): Maximum the Hormone – “F”
  • EndingMomoiro Clover Z: “Z no Chikai”🐲

Dbz Resurrection F


  • Goku(Saiyan Beyond God), Vegeta (Saiyan Beyond God), in opposition to Whis
  • Gohan (Little Heart), Jaco, Krilin and Ten (Max Power) vs. 1000 Freezer Soldiers
  • Cor Petit vs. Shisami
  • Gohan (Super Warrior), vs. Shisami
  • Gohan Vs. Freezer (First Form) 💪
  • Goku (Saiyan Beyond God). Vs. Freezer.
  • Goku (Super Warrior God Super Warrior) Vs. Golden Freezer (Definitive Evolution)
  • Vegeta (Super Warrior God Super Warrior) Vs. Golden Freezer (Definitive Evolution / True Shape)

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