Atsuhiro Sako : Everything You Need To Know

Arc of the Internships

IN MHA, Atsuhiro Sako, often referred to as Mr. Compress is a Villain associated with the League of Villains. He is a part of the Front Guard of the League of Villains. The group he is a part of together with his team is the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp thread.

APPEARANCE Atsuhiro Sako

Atsuhiro Sako

Atsuhiro is an imposing, slim person with pale complexion. His eyes are dark brown and slightly slanted towards the back.

If he is dressed as the character of a villain, he is wearing a dark orange shirt that has an elevated collar, under which he has a black jacket and tie that has an emerald stone. Also, he wears black pants, tall white boots that have black tips and gloves that are dark red. In the course of the assault on the camp for forest warfare He wore a long, yellow coat as well as a black hat with the red ribbon and an white feather on the left side, as well as one of his masks that have a geometric design that he wore under an balaclava that has cutouts to cover the eyes and mouth.

After K Chisaki injured his right arm Atsuhiro started wearing prosthetic arms that was given the arm through Girana.

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PERSONALITY Atsuhiro Sato ( Mr Compress )

PERSONALITY Atsuhiro Sato ( Mr Compress )

Compres. Compres is an entertaining and humorous person. He acts this way not just with his acquaintances however, but also with his adversaries. When he was talking to Kai Chisaki, he nevertheless retained his cultural beliefs.

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Atsuhiro is known for talking in monologue and displaying his magic tricks before his adversaries. This is his greatest advantage, however it can also be one of his disadvantages however. A good example of this is during the battle against the camp of the forest, when Compress employed his own uniqueness to compress ice pieces and confuse his adversaries while fleeing from the followers of 1A. 

They were confident that they would win, Compress removed his mask, and was discovered to have his balls from Bakugo as well as Tokoyami within his mouth. When the villains were about to escape and flee, suddenly Yuga Aoyama whipped out his Navel Laser that he directed at the back of Atsuhiro. A group of 1A students managed to block Tokoyami. Through his quickness, Dabi caught Bakugo at the last minute and demanded Compress to look into it. The man instead appeared angry that someone had destroyed his show.

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5 Strange Secrets About Atsuhiro Sato or Mr. Compress’ Compress Quirk

Is Mr. Compress’ Quirk factor Limited?

Is Mr. Compress' Quirk factor Limited?

The ability of a person to use their Quirk depends on the Quirk factor. If this factor is lost, they can’t call upon their Quirk again. Many people’s Quirk factor spreads across their entire body. But Mr. Compress is different. His Quirk factor is restricted to his arms. After he was injured in a brief battle with Overhaul, his Quirk value was reduced to his right arm. Although Mr. Compress received a prosthetic left hand, that arm can’t use his Quirk.

What Flexibility Does Mr. Compress Have?

There are many Quirks that can be used in the My Hero Academia universe. These limits and conditions have in-universe explanations. They may also have power limits. Several Quirks have the ability to alter the physical properties of items, but they cannot be used on living matter like Mudman’s Quirk. Momo’s Creation Quirk cannot be used to make organic matter. However, Mr. Compress’s Quirk is able to be used on both living and nonliving objects, without any restrictions. He can compress people like Katsuki Bakugo and can even compress entire cars and let them out later. He does not violate the Quirks’ unofficial rule that “you cannot affect living things”.

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MHA Creator Mr. Compress Keeps His Favorite Artistic Inclusion

Now it is obvious that Kohei Horikoshi loves drawing human hands. He incorporated hands into many MHA characters such as Tomura Shigaraki covered in hands and Izuku performing Smash Attacks with his fists. Because his Compress Quirk is only effective when his hands touch the target, Mr. Compress relies heavily on his hands for fighting. Although his Quirk factor is contained in his arms and wrists, he cannot hit the target with his elbows or wrists. He must only use his hands to strike. The theory is that if he loses his right hand, it would render him unable to use his Quirk, even though his right arm extends from the wrist to his shoulder.

What Happens to Mr. Compress’ Victims

It is clear that Mr. Compress will use his Quirk to place a target in suspended animation when he uses it on a living creature, typically a person. The victim is prevented from dying or suffocating while they are compressed. They also don’t get oxygen and likely won’t be able to recall their time in the “marble” object that represents their compression. Both Fumkage Tokoyami and Katsuki Bakugo were found in their marbles. They had been frozen, or placed into suspended reanimation, when Mr. Compress showed them the compressed forms. The theory is that Mr. Compress could keep someone like this suspended for many years.

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Is Mr. Compress breaking the laws of Physics?

Is Mr. Compress breaking the laws of Physics?

Many Quirks can bend or break the laws of physics, sometimes appearing to be supernatural. This is Mr. Compress’ Quirk. He can shrink objects and then restore their full size later. Compressing an item or person reduces its weight. Mr. Compress can hold the marbles in his hands or carry them around with him.

The Compress Quirk, as its name suggests, simply shrinks an item to a smaller size. However, because these marbles are so light, it is evident that most of the material is lost. For example, a 150-pound person won’t be transformed into a 150-pound marble by Compress. Even anime series like Fullmetal Alchemist do not bend the laws of Physics so severely. Edward Elric would be shocked to learn that Mr. Compress is violating the law of conservation. Like magic, the target’s mass temporarily disappears.

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