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KiriBaku slash ship between Katsuki Bakugo and Eijiro Kirishima of the My Hero Academia fandom.


CANON kiribaku

Opening/End credits

The Day: Eijiro appears with the fortification fad activated. Katsuki follows him using his explosions.

The Day: Eijiro appears with an activated fortification quirk. Katsuki follows him into the frame, using his explosion for flight.

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Quirk Testing Ark

The results of the entrance exam are displayed at the beginning. We see that Katsuki (and Eijiro) are ranked first and second, respectively. Katsuki won the villains category with 77 points. Eijiro was ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Another interesting fact is that their highlighted names were highlighted in orange (Katsuki) and red (Eijiro), their “signature colors.” On the first day of school, Quirk comprehension tests will be administered.

First, test your quirk by throwing a ball at them using their quirk. Katsuki’s explosive throw enabled him to reach 705.2 meters. This was a feat that visibly shocked Eijiro. He is overcome by joy at seeing the feat and loses all his nervousness.

CANON kiribaku

Battle Trial Arch.

“Sensei, stop this!” “This Bakugo is insane, he will murder him at this rate!”

– Eijiro Kirishima addresses Toshinori Yagi.

Although the boys don’t yet interact directly in this arc they do begin to form meaningful thoughts about Katsuki through his behavior towards Izuku. Eijiro comments on nearly every Katsuki move, but mostly negative.

He says his first observation after the fight begins is when Katsuki leaps out to attack Ochako and Izuku. This he refers to as a surprise attack. He claims it is “not manly at any time.”

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He soon realizes why Katsuki is so aggressive and unnecessarily upset. He says nothing to anyone, but he does not address any one in particular. The cameras are silent …” and he has a worried look on his face. It is difficult to tell.

Katsuki uses a howitzer kick towards the end of the fight. Izuku is unable to move. Bakugo shouts to God that Bakugo is confused and begs him for help. Katsuki fears that Katsuki might actually kill Izuku.

Eijiro starts to dislike Katsuki’s unsportsmanlike or, more accurately, “unmanly”, character after the fight is over.

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If you want bright and strong, Todoroki or Bakugo are the best!

– Eijiro addresses Class 1-A.

Eijiro, Katsuki and Shoto finally get to know each other in this arc. It started with the bus ride to USJ. The class has a short conversation in which they discuss each other’s strengths. Eijiro criticizes his quirk and is upset about it. However, he compliments Katsuki, Shoto, and says that their quirks are “bright, strong, and bright.” He then looks at Katsuki, smiling admiringly. Katsuki then looks away and hums, almost as if embarrassed.

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The Villain Alliance attacks the USJ class as soon as they arrive at the USJ. Katsuki, Eijiro and their team prove to be a formidable pair as they attack Kurogiri side by side, unleashing powerful blows. You can see them laughing at each other after Katsuki’s blast passes.

Kurogiri is able to seperate the students, however. Katsuki, Eijiro and their friends enter an earthquake zone together. There they are confronted by a large number of (low-level), villains. They are able to quickly make it to safety thanks to their combined strength. They decide that their work in this field is done and start arguing about the next assignment. Eijiro wants his classmates to help him, while Katsuki wants Kurogiri to be attacked.

While they are arguing, the chameleon-like antagonist jumps on them. Katsuki, however, manages to stop him using one hand. Eijiro compliments his quick reactions and praises how calm he seems to be. Katsuki explained that he understands their classmates are independent and don’t need them to help him. Eijiro interprets it as Katsuki believing in his classmates and will follow him wherever he goes. Katsuki smiles and they head off.

Later it was revealed that Kurogiri had been defeated temporarily. Katsuki holds Kurogiri to the ground and Eijiro is there to protect him. Kurogiri attempts to move but Katsuki grabs him and shouts: “You can try anything and I will tear you to shreds !!!” Eijiro laughs, “Uh-oh! That doesn’t sound heroic!”

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They look at one another after the fight and then run to the next villain. They stand together during the sweep.

  • Bakugo is considered “manly” by Kirishima, which is the highest sign of respect.
  • Bakugo is often invited to classes by Kirishima, who shows a willingness to make friends with him.
  • Bakugo is respectful of Kirishima, and calls him by his first initial.
  • Kirishima and Todoroki rescued Bakugo from the Villain Alliance.
  • The anime revealed that Bakugo had trained Kirishima rather than Yayoroza.
  • Bakugo regards Kirishima as equal, and Midoriya believes that Kirishima can save him without hurting any of his pride.
  • They often go to Kirishima to look for Bakugo.
  • Bakugo greets Kirishima often
  • In My Hero Academia Smash !! Kirishima is shown as having a crush upon Bakugo and trying get closer to him.
  • This was confirmed in a minor novel, where Kirishima plays Bakugo’s dragon at one of the anime’s ends.
  • Their relationship grows in the first episode. They go to the pool together late in the season. In the next episode, Bakugo tells Kirishima he must get stronger if they want to surpass their abilities.
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  • Bakugo’s and Kirishima’s training can often count as a date.
  • Fans loved Kirishima (Bakugo’s dragon), long before the supplement was available.
  • Kiribaku is second in popularity after TodoDeku.
  • Tumblr’s most popular and active spike is the kiribaku tag.
  • These two are often pictured together on official merchandise, along with many hetero spikes.

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