Best Selling Mangas : Our Top 30+

Acclaimed by young people (but not only), the success of manga (Best Selling Mangas) is well established, they are now an integral part of pop culture. In France, more than one in two comics purchased is a manga. But which are Best Selling Mangas?

Top Best Selling Mangas

Top Best  Selling Mangas

The Top 30+ Best-Selling Manga of All Time features the top 20 best-selling manga of all time in Japan. You can find the top

33. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

With the slow but steady growth of the “quirks”,, which refers to new and strange super abilities, the number of them has been steadily increasing. The majority has talents that range from controlling elements to the ability to shapeshift and other abilities. The 20% of humanity is left vulnerable and weak. Izuku Midoriya is one of these normal, powerless human beings with no quirk.

When Izuku was a young boy, the hopeless child wanted to be a hero. Izuku is unfortunate to have no quirk, which causes him to admire heroes and take note of their achievements whenever he can. It seems his perseverance and admiration paid off. Izuku meets the top hero, who is also his number one inspiration. His name is All Might. All Might was blessed with the ability to pass on or inherit. You have probably already identified the lucky one. All Might chose Izuku as the rightful heir in order to receive his ability.

Izuku enrolled at UA academy, a renowned institution that is known for its outstanding program in training heroes and improving a student’s quirks . The freshmen and new enrollees of this year are extraordinary with great potential. Izuku made new friends at the Academy with the other bright but strange students. Izuku will soon discover the true meaning of being a hero, as he faces the growing danger from an evil group. Best Selling Mangas

32. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

A war that has been ongoing for many ages has finally ended without anyone’s knowledge . In the shadows lurking supernatural and mysterious creatures known as “Curse”. They threaten humanity. These superhumans, “Jujutsu”, wizards use magical techniques in order to end the Curses.

Yuuji Itadori is a high school boy who discovers an old, dry finger. He swallowed the finger without realizing that it was one of the fingers of Sukuna Ryoumen . After the incident, he discovers he has been dragged into a terrible war and thrown into an unknown realm full of Curses .

After a few encounters that brought him to some important people and Jujutsu wizards he set out on his quest to discover the hidden sorcerer within him. He enrolls in the JujutsuHigh School. The manga will reveal the next events.

31. Rurouni kenshin

Rurouni kenshin

Hitokiri battousai, a well-known assassin was alive during the golden years of Bakumatsu. His brutality assassin was widely recognized throughout the country. But Hitokiri disappeared one day during the Japanese Revolution, when everyone is distracted by war. Even though Hitokiri had disappeared out of nowhere for ten years, just the mention of Hitokiri’s name sends fear to the veterans who were there before him disappearance.

people are unaware that Hitokiri, an assassin, has stopped living the life he used to live in order for him to reflect on his crimes. Hitokiri made the decision to alter his name to Kenshin Heura. This was a traveling warrior with a better outlook and a strong desire to transform his life. Kenshin vows to never return to his assassination enterprise and instead focuses on protecting the helpless. He meets Kaoru Kamiya and witnesses Kaoru being attacked in a fake Hitokiri. Hitokiri, now known as Kenshin and living in Japan, offered to help Kaoru. Kaoru offers Kenshin the chance to rest at the Kendo Dojo as a payback. Kenshin refused.

Rurouni Kenshin is with Hitokiri, a.k.a Kenshin, and his journey to need. Will the assassin-turned-bringer-of-justice maintain and keep his new values when threats from his past job and current situation emerge? Best Selling Mangas

30. Fairy Tail

 Fairy Tail

His search to find his father Igneel is a success. Natsu Dragneel is a passionate, caring, but fierce magician. He and his sidekick Happy meet Lucy, the family Heartfilia . She is a young celestial wizard who wants to become a true celestial magician and join the famous wizard guild Fairy Tail.

Natsu was able to witness Lucy’s kidnapping unexpectedly and helped her. After saving Lucy from being kidnapped, Natsu provided shelter in the Fairy Tail guild and helped her. The strange group of wizards set off together on their many journeys, earning both loyal companions and deadly enemies along the way.

29. Kinnikuman


Kinnikuman, a popular name for Kinniku Suguru is shy, awkward and a little dumb . He is a gyudon-devouring Choujin, or in other words, a super hero. Kinnikuman seems to be of royal blood. He is a prince from a planet different than Earth. A prince from an alien country. Kinnikuman is an alien prince with a strange, mysterious and pitiful appearance. However, he is extremely respectable and is well-known for his ability to transform himself into someone quite powerful when needed.

Kinnikuman, along with Meat-kun, Terryman, and Ramenman, is aspiring to be the best Choujin in their land. With his incredible heart, desire and endurance, he beats villains 10 times stronger than he. Kinnikuman’s friendship mentality often transforms the minds of his foes and other villains, and makes them come to his side.

He emits the energy of a dumb creature that makes those around him think he will remain one for the rest of their lives. One thing is certain, Kinnikuman is set to become the “Hero” that he deserves. Best Selling Mangas

28. Sangokushi


Sangokushi is a manga by Yokoyama Mitsuteru, inspired by the book of Chinese history Luo Guanzhong’s “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, in the fourteenth century.

Luo’s book contains important happenings that occurred at the beginning and end of 168 AD. This is the end of the Han Dynasty. It was followed by the reunification of the land of Three Kingdoms.

Yokoyama’s adaptation starts with the Han Dynasty falling and ends in the collapse Shu-Han. This was narrated by a warrior.

27. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Alchemists are smart people who have been gifted with their abilities from birth. Alchemists use their skills to create, control and modify things . Alchemists have a lot of potential but their abilities are underrated and not as powerful as people think. Human transformation, or the ability to bring someone back from the grave, is strictly prohibited and anyone who attempts to do so will be punished severely. Alphonse, Alphonse, and Edward decided to break an ancient tradition and resurrect the mother. They also have to pay a severe penalty because they failed to bring their mother back from death. Alphonse was unable to lose his entire body , while Edward lost the left leg. Even worse, Edward’s right hand was also sacrificed in order to wrap Alphonse’s soul in an armored costume.

Alphonse and Edward traveled across the country for several years in search of the Philosopher’s Stone. They had a positive outlook and high hopes of being able to regain their physical form with its magic. Unfortunately, their search for the mythical stone led them to discover deeper mysteries than they expected or saw. Best Selling Mangas

26. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

Tsubasa Ohzora, a 11-year-old boy who quickly and immediately became a soccer star at the new school where he was enrolled. Roberto Hongo was his coach and mentor for the team sport. He is from Brazil. Tsubasa’s promising abilities and potential in soccer are evident in Coach Roberto. He quickly offers the child the opportunity to play with him in Brazil. Tsubasa is still learning and gains confidence with each game. His friends are his old opponents. His dream tournament, the World Cup, is rapidly approaching.

25. Vagabond


Shinmen Takezou, a aggressive, violent, young boy, lives in Japan in the 17th century. Shinmen has such wild characteristics in both his mental and physical self. Shinmen’s strong personality earned him hatred and terror from his community. This forced Shinmen and Matahachi Honiden, who are his best friends, to leave their rural life behind and seek out something more exciting. In the hope of achieving honor and glory, the friends entered the army. Everything went according to plan until the conflict in Sekigahara between and the clan of Tokugawa. Our main couple barely survived after the Toyotomi suffered a crushing defeat against their opponent.

Shinmen returns home to fulfill a personal obligation to Matahachi’s family about their survival and current state . On his way to the Honiden Family, Shinmen is confronted with accusations from people about things he clearly did not do. Because of his history of violence and aggressiveness, the people accuse him of killing Matahachi. He was hanging from a tree to death when he was arrested. Fortunately, TakuanSoho, a traveling monk decided to help Shinmen, who was being accused of being a “demon child,” removing him from the situation, and giving him an identity to avoid being taken into custody. Shinmen began to live under the new name Musashi Miyamoto.

Vagabond is a fictionalized version of the existence Musashi Miyamoto. He is known as “Sword Saint”, for his skill in using swords during battles. The manga depicts his transformation as a warrior obsessed with becoming invincible, to a changed warrior who gradually realizes the value friendship and kindness in his life. Best Selling Mangas

24. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecss decided to become a hunter in order to find his father. Gon’s father fled to explore himself and seek adventure. Gon says that being a hunter was more difficult than he expected. The Hunter exam determines if one can be a hunter. The probability to pass the exam is just 0.00001 percent. When he took the exam for Hunters aspirants, the adventure began. He meets many people who have the potential to become Hunter. These include the mysterious Killua, the vengeful Kurapika and Leorio. Hunting enthusiasts who seek adventure are at great risk, but Gon is determined to be the best.

23. Baki, the Grappler

 Baki, the Grappler

Baki Hanma was raised by his mother, who is wealthy and can take care of his needs. Emi Akezawa is his mother and is supportive of her son’s future activities. Emi supports Baki’s studies and training in the hope that her son will be as strong and as ruthless as Yujiro Hanma (her husband and Baki’s father). Baki was able to perform better than his prescribed training. He then sets off to continue on his father’s brutal training , meeting many strong warriors along the way. Baki confronts his father later. Baki eventually confronted his father.

Baki travels around the world to continue his vigorous training and rigorous practices after his father’s defeat. He stumbles upon an underground combat area years later. Here he fights several strong warriors from various martial arts disciplines. This is where he began to improve his combat skills and strength . He has a great dream to surpass his old self and become more . even exceed his father’s strength, and overcome all the obstacles that he will encounter on his way. Best Selling Mangas

22. Sazae-san


Sazae is more focused on being with her pony than anything else in life. She does not like to wear fancy clothes or have a kimono and cosmetics in order to impress her husband.

Many of the original plots for this manga focused on Sazae and her husband, who she always bosses around. It is because of the unneeded opinions of her neighbors, who insist that her husband should lead the family and that she should follow her husband. As a result, Sazae became a feminist and participated in many amusing events because of her involvement in the local liberation club for women.

21. Kingdom


The manga centers on the conflict that was sparked by the fight for the construction of Kingdoms and Domains, specifically . This is a 5-century-old battle between different territories. Two young boys, Piao and Xin, were enslaved and lived in poverty .

They are driven by their need to escape their circumstances and dream of becoming a great general in the war, and a master of all the battles their territories are involved in. Piao , one of their brothers, died tragically because he had this dream. He decided to go to the capital and join someone who would give him the opportunity to realize his dream. He was met with danger, which led to his tragic end.

Xin aspired thus to become a general and fulfill his dream. He worked hard to become more bold until he achieved his sweet success. Best Selling Mangas

20. Touch


Touch, a Japanese manga about the twin Uesugi Uesugi brothers Kazuya and Tatsuya is featured in Touch. Their story is accompanied by the story of their neighbor Minami Ashura. Tatsuya is an talented athlete and is always better than his twin brother Kazuya. Despite their vast differences in skills, Tatsuya still allows his brother Kazuya to have the attention and opportunities . As the twins move towards high school, Tatsuya and Minami form a love triangle. They are competing for Minami ‘s heart. Tatsuya discovers that he may not just want to give Minami this time to Kazuya, as he has always given all his attention to his brother.

Kazuya was unfortunate to be involved in an unplanned traffic accident just one day before the regional tournament finals. Tatsuya with his natural talent and brilliant skills in the field, filled the position his brother. He used this incredible skill to help Kazuya achieve his goal of qualifying Koshien and bringing Minami there.

19. The Kindaichi Case Files

The Kindaichi Case Files

Kindaichi Case Files contain detective stories about horrible murders. Often with a mysterious twist. This often includes closed-door investigations or other murders. One perfect example is a murder that takes place while the remaining suspects have no reason to suspect . Its plot closely resembles that of Detective Conan.

The Japanese manga does not depict the criminals as psychotic killers and the crimes are not done solely for their own personal gain. All of the confirmed criminals are with dark issues. This includes high levels of psychological anxiety and emotional trauma from other people. These criminals use their mistakes to motivate them to commit the crime. The criminals are often shown as kind people. This is far away from their true image of being cold, ruthless criminals, like some shows. The killer often commits suicide after being caught. Best Selling Mangas

18. Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo

Makunouchi, a young boy of 16 years, is the main character in this manga. He is currently in high school. He is also a responsible, helpful, and supportive son. He always helps his mother with the family’s business . He is a busy person who has a hard time interacting with others. This makes him an easy target for school bullies. Mamoru Takamura saved Ippo from being bullied by a high school group. Mamoru is a professional fighter and trainer. He decided to take Ippo to the boxing club of Kamogawa after this incident.

Ippo’s life was forever changed by his experience with Mamoru, who saved him from being bullied. He realizes that he has a hidden talent for combat sports like boxing and decides to pursue it in the professional and competive field. Mamoru, however, doubts Ippo’s dedication and places him in an impossible assignment. But Ippo was determined and worked hard to achieve his goal. He learns how to be strong, while meeting new friends and facing formidable opponents.

17. First of the North Star

First of the North Star

A war of nukes caused destruction in a dystopian world. The water has stopped flowing and the ground is dry and dead. Other than humans, all other life forms on the planet were extinct or very few. was therefore extinct.

Flash forward to the next generation and cruelty reigns supreme while humanity falls and the powerful take control of the helpless. Because people are most dependent on water and food , the world is only . Kenshirou, an unknown warrior emerges from the chaos with his incredible knowledge of martial arts. Kenshirou is an expert on the 2000-year old Hokuto Shinken Martial Art discipline. Kenshirou has the rare ability and knowledge to be the savior for the people, or not. Best Selling Mangas

16. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

These terrifying giant-like monsters, which look like humans, have been living on Earth for many years. They have survived to the present. These monstrous, savage creatures called “Titans” were a major threat to humanity’s survival. They prey on anyone who has an apparently uncontrollable desire to eat human flesh. Humankind was unable to effectively defeat the Titans so they were forced to hide in huge walls surrounding what may have been the last safe refuge on the planet.

Eren and his friends Mikasa, Armin, were forced into this chaos because they also lived within the wall. Although there was some peace initially, one Titan destroyed part of the wall and this is where the human challenges begin. Eren and his friends joined forces with the army that eliminated the Titans. These adventures lead to many secrets about Eren, the Titans, and their origins.

15. Astro Boy

Astro Boy

Ochanomizu is a well-known professor at the Ministry of Science. He works hard with his colleagues to awaken Atom, . Atom is a robot invention by scientists at the Ministry that houses a live heart. While we’re still at this, Atom is the first robot to have a heart in his system. He is also considered a major breakthrough in science by the Ministry of Science.

The robot is Professor Umatarou Tsunami’s excellent work. He is well-known for being more imaginative and creative. Professor Tenma designed the robot in memory Tobio, his son. Professor Tenma made the decision to turn Atomoff before he mysteriously disappeared. Professor Ochanomizu appears on the scene, because he opposes the idea to completely shut down such a significant scientific achievement and let it go to waste. Best Selling Mangas

Although Atom appears to be a 9-year-old robot, he has amazing intelligence and a great sense of humor. He also has emotions. The robot is quickly rejected and discovered by another scientist that Professor Ochanomizu is the best one in the Ministry of Science who can appreciate Atom.

The reason scientists rejected the masterpiece is because, even though Atom and his type are already being applied in the modern world’s future, robots can only be recognized as objects regardless of whether they are tools or weapons . They are also viewed as a potential threat to humanity.

Atom spends his most time protecting both humans and machines. He inspires them to form meaningful friendships so that can live together. Best Selling Mangas

14. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Dio, a London-born child, is adopted by the Joestars due to a past debt. Jonathan Joestar is apparently indebted from the father of Dio. Although Jonathan is open to Dio, Dio plots against Jonathan’s foster family to get their wealth. As Dio’s plans became more dangerous, Jonathan felt compelled to confront him and tell him about all the plans he had been making. Best Selling Mangas

13. Bleach


Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student, is attacked at home by a Hollow. The anime portrays this demon as a horrible demon that consumes all of humanity. He meets Rukia Kuchiki later, a Soul Reaper, who is injured after saving his family’s lives from the dangersome Hollows. After all that happened, Ichigo accepted Rukia’s offer to use his skills to save his family. Ichigo was able to become a Soul Reaper by acquiring an ability similar with Rukia.

Because Rukia is unable to regain her skills, Ichigo is given the task of hunting the Hollows. This assignment was not just for Ichigo. He is now joined by Inoue and Sado as well as Ishida. Each of them have unique and exceptional abilities against the hollows. He realizes that The Soul-eating Hollows is not the only threat to humanity. Best Selling Mangas

12. Oishinbo


Shiro Yamaoka is the manga’s MC. He is well-known within the Tozai News offices for being a direct man who can do all work. However, natural laziness prevents him doing so. He was nevertheless assigned to create something for Tozai Newspaper. This “Ultimate menu” will be used as a way of remembrance towards the century old news office. Yamaoka was given this important task by all office workers. It is because Yamaoka has characteristics that are different from his colleagues: an extremely sensitive taste and knowledge about foods and beverages, and a great skill in cooking.

11. Crayon Shine-chan

Crayon Shine-chan

Shinnosuke Nohara is our little main character. Although he may seem to be a innocent child, anyone who has taught knows that teachers can be anything , except being completely innocent. Shinnosuke Nohara, also known as the child who came from hell, is well-known for this nickname. He is only 5 years old and has physical abilities that are not related to his age. He makes disrespectful comments and engages in crazy antics which continually offend everyone at school. Shinnosuke is a very charming and funny person. This hilarious and humorous comic is a huge hit in Japan. It exposes the terrible potential for devastation and disrespect children have worldwide. Best Selling Mangas

10. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Tanjirou Kamado, a young boy living on a remote hilltop with his family of poor people, is Tanjirou Kamado. After their father died, Tanjirou Kamado took over the responsibility of caring for his mother and siblings. He travels to the next village one day, after a cold day in the mountains. He decided to market his charcoal . He is forced to stay there by a mysterious and creepy man, who warns him of the strange monsters that lurk in the forest at night . These are evil hungry creatures that eat humans.

Tanjiro is awakened by the bright sun in the morning and finds a surprising surprise. This will forever change his life. His family was killed by demons. The man from last night warned him of. Seeing her sister Nezuko escape the attack is painful, but is slowly becoming a demon like the monsters that attacked her family.

Tanjiro was filled with hatred and promised to destroy all Demons. This drove him to search for people who will join him to slay the Demons , and finally find the cure for his sister’s suffering .

09. KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops

KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops

This manga is about Tokyo Cops. Kankichi Ryotsu (also known as Ryosan), is the main character of this manga. He devises a plan to make money and attract money-making syndicates . He creates a new device, or profits from a trend. Kanchiki is a great performer and can seek the assistance of Keiichi Nagawa if things go wrong. As with any scheme, Kanchiki’s plans can lose control at times and eventually loses all progress. Although his plans are almost always fun-driven, the majority of the humor in this manga comes from the characters with sometimes bizarre qualities. Nakagawa is a rich character and Ai Asato is a transgender. It’s interesting that they aren’t passionate or sincere about their job as policemen. Ryosan is still the top officer at their headquarters. Best Selling Mangas

08. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

Sakuragi was a happy young man with crimson hair when he made his debut at Shohoku. However, the more Sakuragi spent time on the school’s basketball court, the more he fell for the game and realized his new vision . After he made major errors in the match against Kainan, everything came to an halt.

After making an error that caused them to lose the game, Sakuragi cut his hair to show his love. He has never been able to accept it. Sakuragi has a deep love for Haruko Akagi, and he relies on her inspiration to win every game. Sakuragi is a high school boy who is full of joy. He is sometimes a hard-working athlete but most of the time is tough and a troublemaker . Rukawa is his constant companion. This school life manga chronicles Sakuragi’s journey to becoming one of the greatest basketball players his age.

07. Black Jack

Black Jack

Osamu Tzuka’s Black Jack published only 25 volumes over its 10 year run, but it is still one of the most-sold manga with more than 176 million copies sold. This manga doesn’t have a central plot like other stories. Instead, it contains many stories with their own plots.

These stories involve Doctor Black Jack, a brilliant doctor who doesn’t actually hold a medical license but still helps people medically. Instead, Doctor Black Jack spends his time solving a wide range of medical problems that are often dangerous or mysterious. Best Selling Mangas

06. Doraemon


Doraemon, a robot that looks like a cat and came from the future, is Doraemon. To assist Nobi Nobita, he traveled back to his origin time zone. Nobita is a lazy boy who has no in his life. His dreams, knowledge, school life, and everything are all referred to when we say “nothing”. Nobita is bad in sports and has poor grades. He is also terrible at all things even simple games. Doraemon has a challenging mission ahead of him, but because he was born in the future, he is well-equipped with an extensive stockpile of amusing and brilliant inventions. Problem is, he’s not equipped to assist as a robot cat. This puts the duo in serious trouble. Nobita and Doraemon are a hugely loved duo not only in Japan, but around the world.

05. Detective Conan

Detective Conan

Detective Conan’s captivating, mysterious, and never-ending story is a huge hit around the world.

Conan is a master at finding and sticking evidence together. Conan is stuck in the body of a child and has created his own disguise.

Conan shares a strong bond with Detective Mori, and his work is just as thrilling as you could imagine. It’s not fun for Detective Mori. Conan puts a sleeping needle in Mori’s neck every time there’s an incident that requires thorough investigation. Conan then imitates Mori using his bow tie. He explains everything and exposes all the plots and schemes. Although it might be painful for Mori, he accepts every acknowledgment and appreciation. Best Selling Mangas

04. Naruto


Naruto Uzumaki’s declaration of his dream of becoming an Hokage, a position that is given to the strongest and most powerful Konoha Ninja, is believed by no one. Since he was a little boy, Naruto was hated and mocked every day by his village villagers. They don’t dislike Naruto because he can be noisy, naughty or incompetent with his ninja skills . But they hate him because he was possessed by the Nine-Tailed Fox or a demon. This dangerous and scary demon has a history of invading the Konoha village before Naruto was . The sacrifice of the Fourth Hokage brought an end to the attacks of the Nine-Tailed Fox. In Naruto’s infant body, the demon was locked up.

Later, Naruto was given a spot on the 7th Team. Here he meets Sakura and Sasuke as his team companions. Hatake Kakashi, an experienced and highly respected ninja from Konoha, mentored them. When assigning the ninjas their teams, Naruto must collaborate with the other. This was Naruto’s first experience working in a team. Naruto must understand the meaning of teamwork so that he can fulfill his dream of becoming an true ninja. He must undergo intense training and missions to achieve this.

03. Golgo 13

Golgo 13

This manga is centered on the main character, and the title of Golgo 13. Golgo 13 is the most wanted-after assassin worldwide. He has kept this title for over 40 years. Golgo 13 is a hired assassin who can be used for a variety of purposes, including personal and private matters or to create a significant conflict that could change a society.

His true identity and his origin are still a mystery and no dares to discover it. One amazing fact is what makes him a legend in this field. Golgo 13 is a tireless worker who never fails to complete his job on time. He also makes sure that is never missed. He never repeats a job. Best Selling Mangas

02. Dragon Ball

 Dragon Ball

Bulma is a strong girl who is passionate and hot-headed. Bulma has a personal mission in order to find the legendary Dragon Balls. These mystical balls are the seven dispersed magical globes that summon a Dragon and give a single Wish to the one who collected them all.

The dragon balls will be again after the wish has been granted. Bulma has one goal, and this is her ultimate dream. To find the perfect boyfriend. Bulma meets son Goku on one of her trips. He is an orphan with supernatural strength and power. Goku has only known Bulma throughout his entire life. Goku keeps his grandfather a Dragon Ball as a present. Bulma responds by asking Goku to accompany Bulma on her journey to find the rest of Dragon Balls.

Things get out of control after this meetup as Goku is chased by many creatures with incredible power and superhuman abilities. They met some important people while protecting Bulma. Goku also learned how to defend himself and discover his true strength, which could defeat any enemy that that pursues him and his loved ones.

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01. One Piece

One Piece

The World Government had already planned the execution of Gol D. Roger, King of Pirates. But, just before his death, he revealed that he had discovered a large treasure. This treasure is called One Piece and is located in the Grand Line. It is difficult because the Grand Line is an infinite extension to the ocean, and nobody knows the exact location. After declaring that anyone brave enough and worthy could claim all the treasures, Gol D. Roger was killed. This was the Golden Era for the Pirates.

After many years, Monkey D. Luffy , a mysterious, happy-go lucky, young boy, is ready to embark on his own voyage in search for One Piece and accept the infamous title of Pirate King. He was adorned with a straw-made hat, a small boat and an extraordinary body that can reach into miles and use different objects. This led to a fascinating quest to recruit a group of loyal pirates who will join him on his journey. He also built a great vessel to sail into Grand Line and ultimately take the top spot among pirates in the Ocean.

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