Strongest My Hero Academia Villains : Our Top 40

Boku no Hero Academia is filled not only with powerful heroes, but also with powerful villains. Who is the Strongest My Hero Academia Villains ?

While both sides have considerable power to their name, no doubt the spectrum of power the villains have displayed is concerning. The villains of My Hero Academia are some of the most powerful and ruthless, and, admittedly, that’s probably one of the reasons this show has garnered so much attention.

Top Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

Top Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

Instead of generic antagonists, this series does a fantastic job of introducing layered villains that perfectly counter our heroes. In this article, I have listed the top villains in My Hero Academia based solely on their skills, power, experience, and current status.

40. Cider House

Cider House

Cider House is a group made up of villains who began Coming They took money from people during the holidays and turned it into a crime. Over a period of time, they closely monitored the heroes and streets to determine their schedules. Month He devised a plan to terrorize civilians. This group’s leader has a unique ability to manipulate. Carbonated water. He is also able to create huge waves of water and surf on them. He can also create a huge wave of water and surf on it, which allows him to be very fast. looting The things he desires. Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

39. Shin Nemoto

Shin Nemoto

Shin Nemoto is one the eightmembers in Kai Chisaki’s Shie Himsaki. He is extremely skeptical and distrustful of others. He is a complete emotionless person and has never been happy. Kai Chisaki is the only person he’s met who is as pure and sincere as he, so he trusts him. He believes he is specialin this group because he has the most knowledge about Kai Chisaki’s plans. He believes he deservesto walk side-by-side with Kai Chisaki.

Shin, like other Shie Hissaki members, is very loyal to Kai Chisaki. His quirk Confession requires that his victims answer all of his questions honestly and can’t lie. This is especially useful when he needs some important information.

38. Toya Setsuno

Toya Setsuno

Toya Setsuno was one of the Shie Hissaki members that Kai Chisaki founded. He is bold, boisterous and loud. He has a dark past that he seems not to have moved beyond. In fact, he tried to kill himself once. He also appears to be mentally insecure. Because he loveshim, he has given his entire life to Kai Chisaki since he lost his dignity.

He feels like garbage, just like the Shie Hissaki members. However, he has developed a strong bond with the seven other members of the Shie Hissaki group due to their similar views. Toya has a quirk called Larceny that allows him to steal any object from his target and then move it in his own hands. To do this, he must see his target and there is a limit on the items’ sizes.Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

37. Innsmouth


He can lift an adult man with one arm and punch metal and rock with enough strength thanks to the Quirk of Innsmouth. It can have all the physical characteristics of an octopus and use their natural abilities, including multiple sprawling legs, infinite suckers, and the ability to spit ink out of its siphon-mouth.

36. Big Sis Magne

Big Sis Magne

Big Sis Magne was one Members The League of Villains. Big Sis Magne, despite being a woman looks exactly like a big guy who is always up for a fight. She’s Absolutely When it comes to fighting . She wanted to live a happy life, so she joined the League of Villains. Because she didn’t see the freedom, she refused to join Shie Hissaki. She’s intelligent She is a good thinker and quick to react. She is also very aware of the world around her. Big Sis Magne’s quirk, Magnetism This allows her to magnetize humans. Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

35. Deidoro Sakaki

Deidoro Sakaki

Diedoro Sakaki, one of the Shie Hissaki members. He is an alcoholic, and can often be seen drinking alcohol all the time. He is able to aim the daggers exactly where they are needed, even though he is intoxicated. He’s been shown to have confused speech because he was intoxicated all the time. Some people find his strange habits creepy. He is energetic and quick to anger. Sloshed is his quirk that allows him to cause his targets to lose their balance or get dizzy. He can then catch his targets off guard.

34. Yu Hojo

Yu Hojo

Yu Hojo is one memberof Kai Chisakii’s group. He is a quiet, collected, and serious person who doesn’t like to speak much. Kai Chisaki is his only loyal friend. He is cruel and ruthless toward his enemies, but soft and kind to his team members. Yu cannot seem to forgive others for their past mistakes and holds a grudgeagainst these people. He was once a complete failure and had no confidence in himself. Kai Chisaki, however, rehabilitated his self and made him feel confident in his abilities.

Kai Chisaki is his hero and he feels indebted to him. His quirk Crystallize allows him to make sharp crystals using his body. It is very similar to Red-Riot’s quirk, and can be used for both close combat as well as long-range attacks. Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

33. Soramitsu Tabe

Soramitsu Tabe

Soramitsu Tabe is a member of the Shie Hissaki. He seems to be very unstable. He must eat every day. Because of his quirk, he is socially inept and cannot act well in public. He had lost all hope of the future, so he joined Shie Hissaki to meet other weirdos who had lost their dignity. He is a strong friend and admirer of his group members. Kai Chisaki is his hero and he will give his life for Kai and the other members of the group. He has Food which allows him to chew any food, no matter how difficult it may be. He can also digest the things he ate quickly.

32. Mimic


Mimic is the general manger of Shie Hissaki. He is responsible for all business matters and accountsof Shie Hissaki. Because he is often seen counting large amounts of money, he could be called the treasure. He is quick to become upset and will attack anyone who attempts to make his boss feel embarrassed. Although he is a loud critic of his colleagues, he has strong bonds with them and cares deeply for them. Mimicry is his quirk that allows him to manipulate other objects by transferring his mind and body into them. Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

31. Moonfish


Moonfish is a member of Vanguard Action Squad, and a villain associated with the League of Villains. His quirk Blade-tooth allows him to increase his teeth, and reshape the way he likes. It is a creepy, but powerful quirk. He is often seen talking to himself and seems crazy. He is obsessed with eating flesh and is distracted if he gets too hungry. The League of Villains was formed because he could eat more flesh without being caught. He told Shoto, Bakugou that he would not be distracted by their flesh while fighting.

30. Kendo Rappa

Kendo Rappa

Kendo is a very violent and aggressiveguy, who loves to fight. He is always open to learning from opponents. He doesn’t believe in using weapons to fight. He uses his body against his enemies. He is servingKai Chisaki and unlike other Shie Hissaki members. This is because he believes he will be able defeat him one day. He is passionate about startingfights, and inciting his opponents to fight him with all their potential. He is a man of honor who will fight without any help. His unique Strongarm ability to rotate his shoulder at lightning speed allows him to hit his targets with incredible strength. Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

29. Wolfram


Wolframs’ abilities remain largely unexplored, but All For One was happy to trust him with a Muscle-enhancing Qirk. All For One was expecting great things from Wolfram. Wolfram leads a small group of villains. His subordinates were capable of fighting on the same level as the prodigal students in Class 1-A for a brief time.

Wolfram demonstrated strategic intelligence by pretending to Be a villain hired to steal Don’s amplifying device. Wolfram was able pass himself and his subordinates off as a group for hire of fake villains. Sam and David did not recognize Wolfram for what he was. This indicates that Wolfram has taken steps in order to remain under the radar.

This advantage was likely lost after the chaos he created on I-Island. She can manipulate metallic material by physically touching its surface. He can be used both offensively and defensively, creating flexible pillars that crush his targets, or tall walls to trap his enemies.

Wolfram’s second Quirk, All For One, allows him to increase muscle mass and greatly increase his strength. This Quirk is similar to One For All but not as powerful.

28. Curious


One of the Meta Liberation Army members is Curious. Her name reflects her interest in journalism and curiosity. She was determined to publish a compelling story. With her engaging and authentic stories, she wanted to win people’s hearts. Heiko Toga’s history is what Curious is interested in and she wants to tell a story about it. She is a brave woman, but she can be reckless in fighting. She was in danger of being stabbed by Himiko’s knife while she was fighting Himiko. She was still eager to fight Himiko. Landmine is her quirk. It can make anything a bomb if she touches it. Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

27. Muscular


Muscular is part of the Vanguard Action Squad. He is also affiliated to the League of Villains. He is a largeman who enjoys terrorizing people and is always willing to fight for his cause. He is extremely violent and won’t stop attacking anyone who attempts to bother him. He is a sadist and obsessed with shedding the blood of his enemies. He thinks he is superior to others, and tends to judge others. He complimentsIzuku Mioriya’s strengths despite his inflated ego. When he is fighting and killing people, he doesn’t have a clear goal. He does it for the sheer thrill of it. His quirk, pump-up allows him to manipulate and increase the strength and speed of his muscles.

26. Mustard


Mustard is part of the Vanguard Action Squad, and also affiliated with The League of Villains. He is a Practical Individual who thinks before he takes action. He is not as reckless as most villains. He is just like all other villains. Mercy Anyone. He also tends to be a negative persona towards the heroes. He thinks that U.A students are like little children and loathes that they feel this way. Superior To others. He wants the world to be more like that. Mustard’s quirk, Gas This allows him to create a type of gas that can be used to put others to sleep. Sleep . Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

25. Spinner


Spinner was a member of the League of Villains, and later became one of Paranormal Liberation Front’s lieutenants. Spinner is a villain just like the rest. He loves Stain and follows him. He dresses like Stain and copies his style. He follows Stain’s example and has no problem keeping his morals in order. He’s bulliedin his past for his appearance and is delighted whenever someone compliments him.

He is deeply concerned for his comrades, and will sacrifice his life to protect them. Spinner began to question All For One’s goal because he didn’t want to followthem. This is a sign that Spinner has a sense of morality. Spinner’s quirk Gecko gives him the characteristics of a Gecko, and makes him behave like one.

24. Mr. Compress

Mr. Compress

Mr. Compress is a villain associated with the League of Villains. He is later one of the lieutenantsof Paranormal Liberation Front. He is a loud, boisterous man who loves to talk. He jokes a lot, for some reason. He is arrogant with his opponents and his comrades. He cares about his comrades, and trains them. He believes heroes can be corrupted, and he wants to make society better. His unique Compress ability allows him to compress any item into a small Marble. Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

23. Giran


Giran is a member of the League of Villains. He also serves as a Scout to recruit new members for the organization. He is passionate about money and doesn’t care much about anyone or anything else. He smiles with a confident smile. He is also very eccentric. He is not interested in money, no matter how much he may be obsessed with it. He is an ethical person and will not reveal any information about his clients to anyone, even if he’s being tortured. His clients are the ones he shows kindness to. His quirk, Muddied makes his target forget all about their memories for 5 minutes before and after.

22. La Brava

La Brava

La Brava is someone who can fall in love easily. She was devastated by her first rejection. She was so depressed that she wanted to commit suicide. After watching Gentle Criminal’s videos, however, she found some hope and was able to get rid of her depression. She was thrilled when Gentle Criminal accepted her. Gentle Criminal was her protector and she was fiercely loyal to her. She was willing to give her life for him. She is intelligent and could hack U.A’s computer system to gain access to all information. She is very unique. Her quirk Love allows her to increase the power of the one she loves by telling them how much she loves them. Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

Gentle Criminal

Gentle Criminal is a man who looks like a gentleman, but is flamboyant and dramatic. He enjoys being odd to others on the internet. His internet persona has taken over his real-life persona. Although he didn’t respond well to criticism at first, he was able to pick himself up again and face his critics confidently. He does not like violence on innocent civilians. He targets those who don’t appear to be gentlemanly to him. He enjoys being well-known but doesn’t care much about making a lot of money. Elasticity is his quirk. It allows him to stretch anything once he touches it.

20. Twice


Twice is loud and funny, with two personalities. He is a clash of personalities and contradicts himself after uttering every sentence. Because of his mental instability, he is actually quite like that. His identitycrisis drove him insane. Because he was lonely, he used to make clones of himself. Because he wants to make friends quickly, he tends to trust people easily. He is devastated when he is betrayed or hurt by his friends. He cares deeply for his friends and doesn’t like to see them suffering. Twice’s quirk Double allows him to create clones from anyone he likes.

19. Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga

Himiko always has a creepy smile. She is obsessed with Deku, and she wants to be near him every day. She has a twisted view of friendship. Himiko is a sadist and enjoys torturing other people. Himiko is fearless and a skilled combatant. She believes in a world where everyone is free from the control of heroes. She is a free-spirited individual who does what she wants. She has the ability to transform into any person she chooses. She can even imitate their voices. strongest Hero Academia

18. Skeptic


Skeptic is the Meta Liberation Army’s lieutenant. Skeptic believes in his quirk and doesn’t follow the rulesof The Hero Society. He is also a loyalfollower for Re-Destro. He cares deeply about his comrades. He is very reckless in battle, but rarely gets into trouble. If someone is trying to harm his comrades, he gets cruel. His quirk Anthropomorphic allows him to control and create puppets for his targets.

17. Oji Harima

 Oji Harima

Oji Harima is unknown. However, his abilities have been compared with other powerful villains such as All For One (the emperor of criminal underworld) who was strong enough challenge All Might and Destro (the leader of a terrorist army which was able to resist various governments for many years). Oji Harima’s Quirk is unknown at this time, but it is probable that he is extremely powerful, considering his history as one of the most notorious villains in history. strongest Hero Academia

16. Kurogiri


Kyudai garaki, from the, created Kurogiri. Corpus Christi Oboro Shirakumo, and was given the responsibility of looking after Tomura Shigaraki. He is calm and collected. Level headed individual. He is fiercely loyal to Tomura Shigaraki and All for One. He is polite, and talks politely with heroes.

He introduces himself to others in a formal way. He doesn’t care about anyone’s life, and will not hesitate to murder anyone who tries to attack All For One and Tomura Shigaraki. He has no problem with Tomura’s personality, and he continues to take care of him and follow his instructions. He was taught to follow orders. Kurogiri has a quirk called Warp Gate that allows him to manipulate dark fog, which also acts as a portal into another location.

Trumpet is the leader of the Heart and Mind Party and a member the Meta Liberation Army. He is calm, collected, and well-informed. He is extremely smart and manipulative. He is a natural leader who can motivate his subordinates. Trumpet is aware of his power and can be quite arrogant. Trumpet, like all the Meta Liberation Army members, is loyal to Re-Destro. He is able to use others for his own benefit. His Quirk, Incite is what he uses to motivate his followers and improve their abilities.

15. Destro


Although Chikara’s capabilities are not well-known, he has been likened to the all-powerful All For One. Chikara was the Super Power Liberation Army’s Supreme Commander. He fought against many nations for many years before he succumbed to his fate. It is not known what Chikara’s Quirk type was or his abilities. It is likely similar to his son’s Quirk which allows him turn frustration and stress into raw power. Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

14. Kyudai Garaki

Kyudai Garaki

Kyudai, a deranged doctor who is loyal to All For One, is fiercely loyal. He didn’t like Tomura and he did not believe that Tomura was worthy of All For One. He has made a lot Nomus, which have caused havoc all over the world. Kyudai is very proud of his deadly creations. He is not easy to trust and is very secretive. He created the Nomus and is very protective of it. Mirko’s death has caused him to become visibly upset. Although he appears calm and collected most times, he can be prone to panicking when he encounters heroes. He is younger than he really is because of Life Force. Although he claims to have lived for 12 years, he doesn’t appear that old.

13. Stain


Hero Killer, also known as Stain, is a notorious villain who has killed many Pro Heroes. He is a cold, aggressive, and ruthless guy who has no mercy on anyone. He believes all heroes are corrupt and All Might is the true hero. He is determined to end the Hero Society and to live in a society without heroes. Stain is brutal but he doesn’t shed the blood of innocent civilians. He has no mercy on his targets. He only acknowledges heroes who are pure, and not those who are heroes for fame and money. After tasting the blood of any person, Stain’s Quirk allows him to paralyze them.

12. Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant is a prohero turned villain . She is a Serious She is a focused, determined person who will not let anyone get in the way of her goals. She is as fearless as she was when she got there. scared All For One at their meeting. Lady Nagant was positive and kind in her past. Her superiors were not so kind. She was a murderer and became an evil person because of it. She believes in the Heroes Are deeply corrupted and want to be a World Free from heroes and their corruption Lady Nagant’s unique ability, Rifle allows her to make a rifle using her right elbow. She can also create many different types of bullets. Strongest My Hero Academia Villains

11. Hood


Hood was Dr KyudaiGaraki’s high intelligence Nomy. He is obedient to Kyudai Garaki and does what he says. Hood could not speak properly, and stutter when he tried to speak. Hood was eager to fight stronger opponents. He would become bored after defeating one of his enemies and then move on to the next. He began to wonder if there were any other heroes as powerful as Endeavor after he had defeated Endeavor. His intelligence was exceptional, which gave him the advantage over Endeavor. Hood is able to use his many quirks to control his limbs, regenerate and fly, as well as store other items within his body.

10. Noumu


The USJ Noumu was one of the most successful LoV creations. Although it couldn’t beat All Might, the fact that this thing was able to keep up with him in speed is quite impressive. All Might was able to work with him due to his shock absorption and regeneration. He is only slightly behind High-End because he lacks Versatility, Intelligence and is still a brawler.

09. High-End


All while not as physically strong or fast as the OG noumu, it’s his versatility/abilities and Intellect that sets him slightly apart imo. Even his processing regeneration seems to be equal to that of the USJ Noumu. He easily defeated the Pro-Hero Endeavor. While it is obvious that All Might isn’t as powerful as All Might, it’s worth noting that High-End lost to Endeavor’s essentially amped Hawk. This particular noumu is, as I have said before, the smartest of them all.

08. Gigantomachia


Gigantomachia is a member of the League of Villains. Gigantomachia was formerly a bodyguard for All for One, and then, the All for One’s SuccessorTomura Schigaraki. Gigantomachia, despite his intimidating appearance is actually very polite. He can become aggressive and annoyed quickly if he isn’t being listened to. He can also be very impatient. Like his colleagues, he is fiercely loyal and dedicated to All for One. Only All for One can calm him down when he is displaying his extreme anger. He will destroy everything if All for One tells him. Gigantomachis’s quirk Endurance allows him to increase the power of his morale.

07. Kai Chisaki

Kai Chisaki is the leader for the Shie Hissaki. He is calm, collected, and an antisocial sociopath. He believes that humans are unable to have quirks because of his fear. He believes humanity is suffering from an “illness” because of these quirks. He hates those who make use of their quirks for personal gain and has a tendency to be downright judgmental about them. He is a huge egotist and believes he is the only person who has not been corrupted by his quirk. He is intelligent and thinks before he does anything. Kai is a germaphobe. Kai hates to touch anything he considers filthy, and he will scream every time he touches it. Kai Chisaki’s peculiar Overhaul allows him to manipulate matter by touching it.

06. Geten


Geten was an officer in the Meta Liberation Army, and then he joined the Paranormal Liberation Front. Re-Destro is a loyal friend and respects Geten greatly. He made him very powerful. He believes those with greater power should be at the top. He won’t allow anyone to get in the way Re-Destro. He is a skilled fighter and takes pride in Ice Manipulation which allows him to fight.

05. Re-Destro


Re-Destro seems to be a completely new concept. Normal A cheerful, easy-going and happy person. He believes in creating an environment where people with weird and complicated quirks can be accepted. But he is not alone in his belief. Allgemein He has a cheerful disposition, but he is a selfish and ruthless man who won’t hesitate to kill anyone who stands in his way. He is not. Satisfied He is unhappy with the Hero Society’s current situation and wants to make a difference in the world. He is also proud of his achievements and is quite arrogant. His quirk, Stress He can turn anger and stress into power.

04. Dabi


Dabi, the oldest son of Endeavor, joined the Villain League to get revenge on his father Endeavor. Dabi was obsessed with beating All Might and his dad and would train tirelessly to achieve this goal. He was so obsessed with his training that he almost burned himself.

After being abandoned and having a dream that was too heavy, he wanted to be acknowledgedby Endeavor. Dabi became distant and dark, and eventually ran away from home to become a villain. Dabi, after becoming a villain, became reserved and cold, aloof, and didn’t show any emotion. Dabi also became very powerful and was eager to fight Endeavor, and all the other heroes. Dabi’s unique Blueflame ability allows him to create extremely destructive Blue Flames directly from his body.

03. Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki, a sadistic and deranged individual who loves to destroy things, is Tomura Shigaraki. He can destroy everything and everyone he touches with his Decay ability, which makes him a great villain. He isn’t concerned about anyone but All for One, who made him so strong. He hated heroes and would wish for their downfall. He was also a big fan of the League of Villains and wouldn’t allow anyone to underestimate it. Decay is Tomura’s peculiarity. He can make anything dusty if he touches it.

02. Nine


Nine is the antagonist of the Movie “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising”. Nine is calm, collected, and emotionless. He is not affected by anything around him. He remains cool-headed even in dangerous situations. Nine cares for his friends, despite his cold and unfeeling demeanor. Nine wants them to realize their dreams and his own. He believes those with more quirks should be permitted to rule the society, and not the less talented. While he doesn’t intend to kill innocent civilians, he threatens them with their quirks. Nine does not like to shed the blood of innocenthumans. Dr Kyudai gave Nine seven quirks.

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01. All For One

 All For One

All For One is the most powerful opponent of our heroes and he refuses to stop his evil plans. He is a sadistic man who prefers to control everything from the shadows. All for One is a popular group of people, but he doesn’t care much about them. If they are not of any use to him, he will immediately abandon them. Because he knows how powerful he is, he’s using Tomura to try and crush the Hero Society. All For One is a dark and evil organization that will give our heroes trouble. His quirk All For One allows him to steal any quirk from anyone he touches. He can also use multiple quirks.


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