10 best manga with supernatural creatures

top 10 supernatural creatures

Stories that involve supernatural creatures will always attract the attention of the people and there are a lot of manga/anime that are based on folklore, myths or legends of certain parts of the world. Without a doubt these elements can be a real source of inspiration to create gripping stories.

From devils to fairies and even hanyō characters, we can see a large diversity when it comes from manga characters placed in different interesting stories.

Here I bring ten best manga with supernatural creatures that will make you dive into intriguing worlds!

1. Dandadan


Takase is a fan of supernatural topics and occultism but does not believe in ghosts. On the other hand, Ayase rejects the existence of occultism in this world but believes in ghosts.

Both Ayase and Takase have different interests, but they want to prove the other one is wrong and the topic they prefer does not exist in this world.

But what would happen when they both realised that both things they believed in actually exist? And what is worse, that they would get involved in various situations that revolve around supernatural events.

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Dandadan is one of the top recommendations if you want to read a manga related to supernatural creatures, involving creepy elements and a few action scenes. The art style is so good and detailed, so you surely will enjoy this one!

2. Mushishi


Mushi are another form of life that do not exist with a clear purpose in the world and thus, they cannot be considered good nor evil.

The Mushi exist according to their own natural law, but there is not much information about them as not many humans know about the existence of these creatures.

That is why Ginko, a mushishi, people who has the ability to see Mushi, travels to investigate more about their existence purpose while he deals with other Mushi that became dangerous for this world.

Mushishi involves a lot of supernatural elements in its world, but what amazed me the most is how this story can make you feel sad in a moment and the next one can make you feel happy.

It has many great analyses about the meaning of life and how the creatures coexist with that world in a captivating way. Plus, we can see the amount of effort the author, Yuki Urushibara, put into this gripping manga.

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The protagonist is an enigma, but at the same time, I am not afraid to say that he may be one of the best well-developed characters that were created.

3. Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen

In a remote village, the villagers were worried because their animals were dying and their corpses rotting in just one night.

The villagers decided to hire a special detective to take care of the case and that is how Inugami, someone who specialises in supernatural situations, arrived at the village.

A boy named Dorotabou caught Inugami’s attention. Dorotabou received many loathe glances from the other villagers and it seems that he was even rejected in that village.

Inugami soon became friends with Dorotabou, but maybe because he perceived this boy was involved in the case that he was investigating.

Kemono Jihen revolves around Hanyō (half-human and half-yōkai creatures). I know that it looks like the premise does not show us anything new or unique, but believe me, all the elements in this manga are well-executed.

The story just becomes more exciting as it progresses, and the dark plot is well balanced with the funny moments it has. 

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4. Natsume Yuujinchou

Natsume Yuujinchou

Since he was a kid, Natsume has seen mysterious creatures called Yōkai and that prevented him from having an ordinary life just like any other person. However, one day he discovered that he was not the only one who could see spirits in his family when he learned that his deceased grandmother also had that ability.

Natsume also discovers that he inherited his grandmother’s book titled “The Book of Friends”, where she put all the yōkai’s names that she defeated in the past.

Ever since the moment Natsume had the book in his hands, he has been dealing with those yokai who want their names back while also preventing other yokai from stealing the book.

This is another great manga that involves supernatural creatures and elements where the protagonist Natsume deals with different situations in his daily life. It is a simple premise, but that does not change the fact that it is a story that will hook you in.

Natsume Yuujinchou is delightful, and it will make you feel different emotions as you dive more into it. The art is also pretty good and detailed, I really loved the designs of the spirits. 

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5. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji Itadori would never think that finding a dried-up finger near his school would get him involved in a supernatural and dangerous conflict that would change his life forever.

After making a reckless decision, Yuji gains the power of the King of Curses, Sukuna, to combat evil spirits. But even if he can control Sukuna, he is considered a dangerous threat to the Jujutsu world.

Yuji is soon detained and sentenced to death, but a teacher at Jujutsu High School, Gojo Satoru, gave Yuji an alternative to extend his sentence. Would Yuji be able to handle the dangerous situations that come in hand with the Jujutsu world?

To be honest, Jujutsu Kaisen manga is top-notch if you like stories that involve exorcists, supernatural creatures, and exciting fighting scenes.

This story was a rollercoaster of emotions for me and there was a point where I said that I was not going to continue it because I chose to be happy. But jokes on me because I ended up coming back to it for more.

6. Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Kamone Academy has always been surrounded by creepy mysteries that no one would ever believe until they experience them first-hand. The most popular rumour is about the “Seven Mysteries” and Hanako-kun is one of these mysteries.

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Students say that you can ask Hanako-kun anything that you want, and this ghost of a young girl will grant your wishes. Under this premise, Nene Yashiro goes to the girl’s bathroom that is located on the third floor of the school, but she never expected to find that Hanako-kun was actually a boy!

Aside from the enchanting story, I need to say that the main attraction in this manga is its unique art style, for real, I do not know how cute and creepy things could fit so well in the same layout. The number of details it has and how everything looks stunning is an extra point while reading this manga.

7. Mahoutsukai no Yome

Mahoutsukai no Yome

Chise Hatori lost everything when she was still a kid and grew up without a family where she could seek refuge away from the worlds’ misfortunes. What made it worse is that Chise could see creatures that ordinary people could not.

As time passed, Chise began to lose her will to live and thought that everything would be better if she ended her life. However, before she could do anything, a mysterious man appeared in front of her and asked if it was not better to sell herself to someone that would care for her.

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That is how Chise met a powerful mage named Elias Ainsworth, someone that was deeply interested in her, even more, because she was a Sleigh Beggy.

Elias promised Chise that he would free her from the hell she was going through and take her as his apprentice, but on one condition, she must become his wife in the future.

Be it manga or anime, Mahoutsukai no Yome will always be a 10/10 for me. This story is a masterpiece in every sense, from the story to its art, everything is splendid.

It is wonderful to see how it combines folklore, myths, and legends from different parts of the world.

The characters also have excellent development, and the readers can sense how much they grow in every chapter.

8. Mononoke


Mononoke revolves around a peculiar Medicine Seller that hunts evil spirits that plague the world with his exorcism sword. But to slay the evil spirits with its sword, this Medicine Seller needs to understand the form, truth and reason that gave birth to the Mononoke. To do that, he will use his sharp senses and intelligence to interrogate the people who are being haunted by the spirits.

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Mononoke gives us a magnificent story with impressive and detailed art. The creepy things might become disturbing at some point, but it has something that makes you immerse in its different stories more and more.

The characters are interesting even though the Medicine Seller background remains a mystery the whole time, but that mysterious aura seems to work to attract people’s attention.

9. Totsukuni no Shoujo

Totsukuni no Shoujo

“Let not an Outsider touch thee,

Lest thou shalt be cursed forever.”

The Inside and the Outside world must never come into contact with the other and whoever dares to cross over the other side would be cursed.

Shiva is a young girl from the Inside world who was found by an Outsider known as Teacher and they live together in a deserted village. However, Shiva and Teacher cannot touch each other, but they still share a wonderful bond while living a happy life.

Teacher deeply cares for Shiva and has always forbidden her to leave his side, but Shiva’s desire to explore the world might put her in a dangerous situation.

As soon as you start reading this manga, a melancholic aura will surround you, but it is a masterpiece that will make you fall in love with it sooner than you expect.

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The art is simple but eye-catching and the story… I do not know how to put into words how it made me feel.

It is a heart-warming story but heart-breaking at the same time. You will need to experience it first-hand to understand it fully.

10. Pet shop of Horrors

Pet shop of Horrors

The enigmatic Count D owns a pet shop in Chinatown but is not an ordinary shop because the pets are fantastic and exotic creatures.

If someone wants to adopt one of these creatures, they must sign an agreement that contains important clauses. Each contract varies depending on which creature the client is interested in. Accepting the contract also means that the shop will not be responsible for anything that may happen to the customer if they break the clauses.

After a series of incidents that occurred to the ones who broke the clauses, inspector Leon Orcot will start looking for evidence to prove that Count D was behind all these events.

 Of course, if we are talking about supernatural creatures’ stories, I cannot leave behind this old but gold manga titled Pet shop of Horrors.

This manga involves many fascinating elements that will make you feel that someone is luring you to dive deeper into its story.

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There are many mysteries involved as well as funny moments that make the reading experience more enjoyable. If you’ve not read this manga yet, then you should start it now!

Have you read any of these manga? What other manga with supernatural creatures would you recommend?

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