The 45 Best Rom Com Anime – Comedy Romance Anime

romantic comedy anime

Who doesn’t love love? A sweet, humorous, and charming romance is something everyone loves. The anime rom-com style is exactly what it sounds like: romantic comedy. It is about discovering love, friendships, sweet memories. There will be comical misunderstandings along the way that lead to unexpected situations and keep the story going. Despite the minor mishaps, I love rom-com. It’s my favorite anime genre.

This is a genre I love so I thought I’d compile the best rom com anime into a single easy-to-search list. This list is suitable for anyone who has seen shonen mangas like Naruto or One piece. Although this anime genre is different from many other genres, it still has something to offer everyone. You can also find many other options. You can skip to the next one if you don’t love it.

Maybe you want something more thrilling? Try the isekai anime like overlord

Ranking guide rom com anime :

45-30(Decent: Worth a watch)

30-15 (Good: A fun watch)

14-9(Great: Would recommend)

8-2 (Amazing: Definite recommend)

1 (Best of the bunch: Must watch)

45. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU!

romantic comedy

This isn’t your typical RCA, as the Japanese version is called “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As Expected”. The comedy is decent, but not exceptional, and nearly disappears in the final season. The romance develops in Season 3, but is absent until Season 2. This anime is memorable because of its unique premise, heartfelt emotions and unusual love triangle. Even though I think Yui is the best girl in this anime, You can watch it and decide for yourselves!

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44. Ouran High School Host Club

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Rom com anime

This show is often ranked among the top RCA shows. However, I find the comedy entertaining and the characters unique. The problem is that the romance aspect of the story is severely diminished. That is why it is so low on my list. Some shows deliver more comedy or have a satisfying romance. Its unique premise is what makes it stand out. However, it’s not a bad show. You might be surprised by what you see.

43. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

The anime starts off as a regular harem anime, but it becomes much more. The humor is lighthearted and self-aware. As the seasons progress, the characters and their relationships improve. You feel connected to the characters through the emotional moments and you’re eager to see what happens next. We can only wait until the English translation is available.

42. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

42. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! romantic comedy anime

A delightful watch, with great humor, a fun premise and a truly unique harem, this is a show to enjoy for certain! Catarina is so much fun and watching how her world changes is a wonderful time! As there is a season 2 on the horizon, I will see how it develops! Who knows: If the second season is better than the first, it could jump a few spots!

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41. Nana

nana comedy romantic anime

Nana Komatsu was on the train from Tokyo to meet Shoji. She sat next to Nana Osaki, who was travelling to Tokyo to fulfill her dream of becoming a musician.

Blast Nana’s vocalist is aiming for a major debut in Tokyo, where Ren, her boyfriend, is the guitarist for Trapnest, a popular punk band.

Both Nana and Nana share the same name, which quickly leads to a friendship. They meet again while looking for accommodation in Tokyo.

They decide to live in the same apartment together and this strengthens their bond as they go through their careers and love lives.

40. Skip Beat

skip beat romantic comedy anime

Kyouko, 16, is bright, hardworking, and yet so naive. She works hard to support Shoutarou, her crush and rising pop star, as well as the career and dreams of her childhood friend, Shoutarou.

Kyouko works endlessly at tea ceremonies or burger joint stalls, unaware that her tireless efforts are being taken for granted. One day, Shou discovers that she sees her only as a free servant.

Shocked, devastated, and angry, she vows revenge on the rookie star by entering into the brutal world of entertainment. Kyouko will have to face new challenges, as well as those who push her beyond her comfort zone, as she begins her new life.

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Skip Beat, based on Yoshiki Nagamura’s best-selling Shoujo manga, shows the growth of a young girl who gradually loses her ability to work for others and takes control of her future.

39. One Week Friends

One Week Friends com rom anime

Isshuukan Friends is about a girl named Fuijimiya Kaori who has post traumatic stress disorder, and her memories reset every Monday. One day, she meets a boy named Hase Yuuki who wants to be her friend, and the story starts from there.

As Fuijmiya continuously forgets who Hase is, Hase tries to keep their friendship alive, or start their friendship anew, again and again by asking Fuijimiya to be his friend.

In this friendship/rom com anime, there’s no love triangle, violence, or anything crazy like that. It’s about making friends, maintaining friends, and going through problems with friends until the end. Very touching and well-written plot, I thought. A very innocent and pure story.

38. Honey and Clover

Honey And Clover com rom anime

Yuuta Takemoto is a sophomore at an arts college. He shares a small apartment with Shinobu Morita (an eccentric senior who fails to graduate because of his absenteism) and Takumi Mayama (a sensible senior who looks out for Takemoto often).

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Takemoto hadn’t given much thought about his future until one spring day when he met Hagumi Hanamoto, who is a sweet, charming woman and falls in love with him instantly.

Hagumi, who is incredibly gifted in the arts and enrolls at Takemoto’s university soon makes friends with Ayumi Yamada, a popular pottery student. Ayumi has deep feelings for one of the flatmates and is already familiar with their three flatmates.

Hachimitsu To Clover is an uplifting tale about youth, love and soul-searching. It’s woven through the complicated relationships of five close friends.

37. Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni todoke romantic comedy anime

The rom-com anime story is straightforward and easy to enjoy. There is no plot twist, no melodramatic gimmicks, and no unnecessary drama to test your patience.

This series is focused and stays true to its core. It’s not fast, however. It’s relaxed in pace, allowing the characters to explore the situations and to get to know each other.

Although many have complained about its slow progress, it is undoubtedly one its strengths.

36. My Little Monster

Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun romantic comedy anime

Shizuku is a bit cold-blooded which sets this rom-com anime apart. She is given the task of delivering handouts to Haru. Haru interprets this as Shizuku trying to be his friend. Shizuku is immediately shocked at his innocence.

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35. Itazura Na Kiss

Itazura na Kiss Photo: Itazura na Kiss | Itazura na kiss, Kiss anime,  Playful kiss anime romantic

Itazura na Kiss’s rom com anime plot is not unlike your typical shoujo romance.

Kotoko, a plain and dumb but adorable girl, fell in love with Naoki Irie, her school idol. He refuses to read the letter and she finally gets up the courage to write him a love confession.

In a twist only shoujo can deliver, Kotoko’s home is damaged by faulty construction. She and her father have to move in with their old friend, Naoki. There are many hilarious moments and hilarious hijinks.

34. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School is one the most amazing reverse harem anime series that I have ever seen. The first episode made a big impression. The first episode was not draggy, but it quickly revealed the main idea of their story. It began when Haruhi discovered she is a girl.

Although the rom-com anime story was very shallow at first, it was just showing how the members entertained guests. But, as you move on to the second part of the series you will see that there is more to the story than the smiling faces of the characters.

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It flows well. The story begins with a story about a character. An episode is then added for entertainment. Finally, the story about a character is followed by another episode. This helped to maintain a balanced flow.

33. Waiting in The Summer

Waiting in the summer

Kaito Kirishima decides to work with his friends on a film project this summer, after school is over. Kaito has a crush upon an upperclassman so one of his friends invites him. Friendships are formed, exciting events occur, and emotions must be faced.

32. Tsuredure Children

Pin oleh Maxim Mikhaylov di TSUREZURE CHILDREN | Anime roman, Animasi,  Gambar comedy anime

Tsuredure Children is an incredibly relatable rom-com anime. The anime tells the story of several couples, including how they met and what happened next. This anime is comical because sometimes these moments are unexpected and full of misunderstandings.

31. Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Jitsu wa watashi wa

Jitsu wa Watashi wa has many unique ways to make it a great rom com anime . Kuromine is a truthteller and is not known for telling lies. He has one secret, he has a crush on Shiragami Youko. And he discovers she has long canines and huge wings on her back when no one is looking.

30. Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama kiss romance comedy anime

Kamisama kiss is the epitome of cute rom-com anime. It is about Nanami Momozono who is a lighthearted character and has just been kicked out of their house by her father for gambling away all her money. Mikage is hiding under a tree in a local park when she first meets him. Mikage invites her over to his house, where she discovers that he lives in an altar and wishes to become a new god for her.

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29. A sister’s all you need

29. A sister’s all you need rom com anime

Itsuki Hashimoto is a light novelist, obsessed with little sisters. When he writes his stories, he focuses solely on them.

He is surrounded by close friends despite his personality: Nayuta Kanji, a brilliant but perverse novelist who is in love; Haruto Fuwa a fellow male author whose works have seen great success.

Miyako Shirakawa was a close friend who he met at college. Chihiro was his perfect younger step-brother and does all the housework and cooking.

28. Haganai: I don’t have many friends NEXT

Haganai rom com anime

Like Kodaka, which you already know is part the Neighbors Club and embarks on hilarious -and sometimes very strange – adventures with each other.

Although the rom-com anime story seems fairly normal, the way it is presented is not. It has enough humor to keep you laughing, and enough plot to keep you watching the show. This is something that a lot animes fail to do.

Horse heads, Blonde Wigs and Meat. All references are included in this anime.

27. Golden Time

Golden time rom com anime

Banri Tada suffers from amnesia after a terrible accident. This causes him to lose all his memories. After meeting Mitsuo Yanagisawa he decides that he will continue his adventure to Tokyo’s law school.

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Just as he’s adjusting to college, the beautiful Kouko Kaaga suddenly enters Banri’s life. Their chance encounter marks the start of an unforgettable year.

Banri sees college life from a different perspective. He discovers that he is now in a new location and world. A place where he can be born again, make new friends, fall in loves, and learn.

As he discovers who he is, the path that he chose leads him to a life of incredible light that he will never forget.

26. Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!

anime romance comedy

Everyone has experienced a time in their lives when they felt special and different from other people.

They may even think they are capable of using mystical powers or have been able to descend from a fantasy world.This “disease”, also known as “chuunibyou”, is often responsible for some of the most embarrassing moments in a person’s life.

25. Nijiiro Days

Rainbow days romantic comedy anime

Rainbow Days or Nijiiro Days is lighthearted, fun, and also known as Rainbow Days. The story follows four high school boys who become best friends. They stick together and are very close-knit. Natsuki, one of the boys, falls hard for Anna. Natsuki falls for Anna hard and the three other boys start to tease them about it and interfere in their relationship

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24. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! romantic comedy anime

This comedy anime shows what happens when an introvert is pulled into social events by an overly assertive friend. The humor is sometimes side splitting, and the characters are charming. Some fan service is allowed, but this can often lead to hilarious situations. The funny thing about this anime is the fact that neither Uzaki nor Sakurai have yet made romantic overtures. There have been many misunderstandings about this. However, it seems that the anime is heading in that direction. The other characters seem more excited to see it succeed than the “couple”. It was a great show and I can’t wait for season 2.

23. Lovely Complex

Lovely complex

This rom com anime story tells the story of the tallest girl in school and the shortest boy at school, and their search to find love. They are both funny, kooky and energetic.

They are also perfect for one another… but they don’t realize that. Although the story isn’t new or complicated, it was told so well it reached right into my heart.

You’ll fall in love with them slowly as the romance develops over time.

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This is not like other shows that suddenly love appears out of thin air. Instead, you witness a friendship blossom, an interest blooms, awareness grows… all the way to the nines.

The show really allows you to get to know Otani and Koizumi over the course of it, and I was rooting for them like mad.

22. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

saekano com rom anime

As the seasons progress, what starts out looking like a normal harem anima becomes something much better. The humor, which is often tongue-in-cheek and self-aware, improves, and the girls develop and become more complex characters. Emotional moments make you care about the characters, and by the end you want to know how it all ends. There isn’t much we can do except wait for the English translation of the movie.

21. School Rumble

school rumble rom com anime

It’s a fun watch with many wacky characters, misunderstandings and hilarious moments! Tenma and her “Fool’s Cowlicks”, a wagging wag, are endlessly entertaining. Harima is equally charming, whether he misunderstands what Tenma says or spends time with his animal friends. It has 54 episodes and is a long RCA. This means that not much happens, plot-wise, or character-wise, in the timeframe. Although the relationship between Tenma (and Kurasuma) is not very developed, it’s still a good show. Bonus points for the two opening themes that were so amazing! It’s a funny show that’s fun to watch.

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20. I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying

I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying rom com anime

A fun slice of life series, with short mini episodes that make for an easy to digest anime. The fact that Kaoru and Hajime are already married also makes it unique, as most RCAs are about couples falling in love, while these two are showing that marriage isn’t the finish line, it is the start of level 2! The humor is good, and the couple are cute together, while having moments where they try to figure out their lives together. A worthwhile watch, and it is short and sweet!

19. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows comedy romance anime

This isn’t your average harem romance rom-com anime. It actually has a great plot and idea, and it makes sense in the world that it was created!

It was entertaining to see the main character plan his actions and take responsibility for them.

KamiNomi doesn’t try to be anything more than it is. It just keeps moving at its own pace and introduces new situations and challenges to the main characters.

18. We Never Learn: Bokuben

A harem that is academically-minded! Comedy is hilarious and there are many misunderstandings! This one has the most fan service, which can be distracting. Although the ending implies which girl gets the man, you can still choose your favorite girl from the manga!

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17. My Love Story!!

my love story com rom anime

This show is great because it shows a couple exploring what it means to love and build a relationship. Although the humor is fantastic, sometimes the dialogue can be very simple. Takeo is a blunt and simple man. It is still enjoyable and contains many sweet moments.

16. Gamers!

gamers anime com rom anime

Keita Amano is a typical high school gamer living out an average student’s life. However, one day he meets the cutest girl in school and he wants to disappear forever!

Karen Tendou, a girl who excels in school, is considered the school’s inspiration. Amano, who is a gamer, becomes her obsession and she tries to recruit him into the club. Amano learns that there is another side to gaming than the one he loves.

Tendou’s curiosity in Amano starts shaking up an otherwise routine life. He fills it with spontaneity as well as awkwardness and a bit more mayhem. Amano is forced to adjust to the unexpected changes and it becomes a hilarious battle for his sanity.

15. Clannad

clannad romantic anime

Tomoya Okazaki is a delinquent who finds life dull and believes he’ll never amount to anything. Along with his friend Youhei Sunohara, he skips school and plans to waste his high school days away.

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One day while walking to school, Tomoya passes a young girl muttering quietly to herself. Without warning she exclaims “Anpan!” (a popular Japanese food) which catches Tomoya’s attention.

He soon discovers the girl’s name is Nagisa Furukawa and that she exclaims things she likes in order to motivate herself.

Nagisa claims they are now friends, but Tomoya walks away passing the encounter off as nothing.

Warning : Clannad is more drama than comedy.

14. Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo

Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo rom com anime

Sorata Kanda’s passion for abandoned kittens and kind nature led him to move to Sakura Hall, the famous dorm. Sorata Kanda, a normal student, has difficulty getting along with residents of Sakura Hall who have extraordinary talents and unique personalities. He plans to find new homes for the kittens as soon as possible to return to his home dorm. However, his plan to move the dorm is now changed when Mashiro Shiina moves into the Sakura Hall. Slowly, Sorata and Mashiro open up to each other and help bring about changes in their lives. This anime romance comedy shows how friendships can have a profound impact on our lives. It also shows how they can bring joy to our dull lives. This anime is worth your time if you find it interesting.

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13. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun rom com anime

Chiyo Sakura, a high school girl, falls in love Umetarou Nozaki. He is a famous shoujo mangaka who goes under the penname Sakiko Yumeno. He is completely unaware of her feelings towards her and misinterprets her confession as an application for work as a manga assistant. In the hope that he would notice her feelings, she accepts the job. She eventually makes friends with some of her eccentric schoolmates and holds on to her love. If you’re looking for romance, the anime is worth a look. The anime’s comedy is dominated by the peculiar behavior of students. This comedy is very situational and not what one would call original. This anime romance comedy has received positive reviews, so it is worth checking out.

12. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai rom com anime

Continue the list with a great movie and a series.Rascal doesn’t dream of bunny girl sentpai. It has 13 episodes and 1 movie. The next season will be released soon.

The story is about the puberty syndrome, a mysterious and rumored condition that affects only those who are in puberty. Sakuta Azusagawa was greeted by a bunny-clad girl. Mai Sakurajima is a teenager celebrity and is currently an active senior at Sakuta Azusagawa.

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She has puberty syndrome, and Sakuta and the other students at her high school can only see her. Sakuta falls for Sakuta while trying to unravel the mystery of this phenomenon.

11. Rent a girlfriend

Rent a girlfriend rom com anime

Rent a girlfriend takes last second position on our list. A short anime consisting of 12 episodes in season 1. Rent a girlfriend season 2 is expected to be out this year in July continuing the story from where it left.

The story is based on Morden time japan where ‘rental’ services are available not only for things like vehicle but also for human. A rental service can deliver you a great afternoon with a “friend” a “parent” or even a “girlfriend”. Yes, you read it right you can rent a girlfriend to make yourself less lonely.

After getting betrayed by his college girlfriend, Kazuya comes across the advertisement of rental girlfriend and become desperate enough to give it a try. But sooner he discovers how complicated it can be to “rent” an emotional connection.

And also, its not long enough before he finds out that his “rental girlfriend” who is trying to keep her side hustle secret, gets her real life also intertwined with him.

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10. Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Recovery of an MMO Junkie rom com anime

This one won me over! It is funny and charming, and the characters are so lovable. I also loved that it was about gamers. I want to die because of the love between Yuta (Moriko) and Yuta. Unfortunately, it has only 10 episodes due the manga author’s declining health. It is possible to hope that he will get better and continue to write, so we can have even more adventures with these two. Even if it didn’t, it was still an amazing adventure and I enjoyed every second of it!

9. The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer com rom anime

Although sucky sequels and rubbish reboots continue to spread their vice-like grip among those who haven’t breathed outside air in a while, Hataraku Mako Sama is the exception to the rule. It is a completely new concept that works perfectly for the genre.

While many other anime don’t yet know their true identity after 10 episodes of programming, this anime is able to find its humor and execute it well. While it may not make you laugh out loud, you’ll be smiling a lot while you watch it.

This rom-com anime is described best as “Delightful”. It also has a decent story. It will only be 11 episodes, so it will be a brief adventure. It’s a memorable adventure, however.

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8. Oresuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves me?

Oresuki comedy romantic anime

The show has a hilarious premise that only gets absurder as it goes on, funny running gags, and a quirky cast. It is comedy gold! The show also has some touching moments and great interactions between all the characters. Joro is hilarious as well, especially when he begins to pick up on the running gags. A little fan service, but more in one episode. Pansy’s stalker demeanor can be a bit worrying. It is still a great show and we hope it gets another season.

7. Toradora!

Tatadora comedy romantic anime

The humor is great, and the characters are solid. Minori is my favorite girl! There are some very powerful emotional moments in this show that can take it into drama territory, particularly near the end. Although Taiga and Ryugi make a great couple, their transition from being close to each other to becoming romantically involved is a bit abrupt, especially Ryugi’s. However, once this happens, they are committed completely. It is a bit troubling that Taiga was so violent towards Ryugi in the beginning of the series. However, she will have plenty of opportunities later to show her love. Their relationship was adorable, even though it may seem unlikely. This anime is amazing and I highly recommend it!

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6. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions comedy romantic anime

Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions (Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai!) Also known as Chu-2, this Japanese light novel series is written and illustrated by Nozomi Okasaka.

The series tells the hilarious story of Yuta Takanashi, a young woman who wants to forget his “Chunibyo”, embarrassing memories and start over. But his past comes back in the form Rikka Takanashi, a former classmate.

“Chunibyo,” a Japanese colloquial name, refers to the “middle school syndrome” that most children experience. This is where we believe we are super-powered or some other mystical, powerful creature. Although these fantasies fade eventually, the shame they leave behind is something you will never forget.

5. Nisekoi

Nisekoi comedy romantic anime

Raku Ichijou is a Bonyari High School first-year student and the sole heir of an intimidating yakuza clan. Raku made a promise to his friend from childhood ten years ago.

He now has a pendant with locks that he can use to unlock it. The key the girl took with them when they parted is the only way to unlock the lock.

Raku is now a normal teenager. He wants to be as independent as possible from his yakuza history and spend his school days with his middle school crush Kosaki.

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4. Yamada-kun and The Seven Witches

Yamada-Kun and the seven witches romantic comedy anime

Yamada-kun 7-nin No Majo is a rom-com anime story about Ryuu Yamada. He accidentally kisses a girl one day and later discovers that he has Witch’s power which can be activated by a kiss. Yamada is not the only witch in the school.

I was astonished by the story and concept of this rom-com anime. It became more fascinating as i watched the episodes. I started reading the manga after the middle episode. It was a great adaptation.

However, the manga was more rushed than this one. Some scenes were cut and replaced by them. They only skipped the minor sections, which didn’t affect the storyline. It was also quite good and well-executed. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Fruits Basket (2019)

Fruits Basket romantic comedy anime

The rom com anime story starts with Tohru Honda, your as average-as-you-can-get japanese girl who has lost her mother in an accident and was living alone in a tent in the Sohma’s property.

Of course, she didn’t realize that until they informed her. She was shocked to learn that they had offered her a place in exchange for her helping with the housework.

She is there when the family’s greatest secret is revealed. They have been cursed with the vengeful spirits from the Chinese Zodiac animals. If they are hugged and rubbed by members of the other sex, the cursed animal transforms into them.

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Tohru brings joy to their lives. They all realize they are not all bad people. This girl has a profound effect on each of them.
This anime is beautiful and touching. If you get the chance to purchase it, it’s definitely worth it.

You will find everything in this series: romance, drama and comedy as well as shounen-ai tips and a kind, gentle bishojo to guide you.

2. Prison school

prison school romantic comedy anime

Hachimitsu Academy just allowed male students in their previously all-girl school with the addition of 5 new male students: Kiyoshi (our main character), Gakuto, Shingo, Joe, and Andre.  All they wanted was an honest high school boy life but just couldn’t.  They instead chose to be more devious and peep on their girls’ bath but ultimately got caught.  The boys were punished for their crimes by the Underground Student Council and sent to prison… inside the school.

The only way to describe the story is just aboslutely crazy.  Think like Gurren Lagann/ Kill La Kill crazy but more ecchi.  Yes, it can be more ecchii than Kill La Kill.  Trust me.  It’s borderline hentai.  I was just looking for a quick laugh since it was classified as a comedy but it was way more than that. But I was in pain with all the laughter that occured.  In more i especially loved how they tried to make the most serious matter out of something really ridiculously hilarious. it’s comedy king.

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1. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Kaguya sama love is war romantic comedy anime

This one is amazing! The show is hilarious, the concept is singular, the characters are fantastic and we care about them in a way that you wouldn’t expect given how prideful and unnecessarily obtuse they can be. Normally we see couples being stubborn and prideful and we resent them, but this show makes us endeared to them even more. Plus, the line of the narrator saying, “He/she is lying…” is endlessly memable. In fact Chika has already been memed quite a bit, so its popularity is already evident. Though you might find yourself screaming at the screen “Oh just kiss already!”  more than once (or a dozen times).  We know they will get there, but it will have to wait, at least, till season 3!

Bonus rom com anime

Your name ( unforgettable rom com anime )

Your name comedy romantic anime

Let’s end this list with one of the most emotional anime movies ‘your name (Kimi no na wa)’. A slice of life rom-com with a happy, but not too emotional ending. This movie will make you feel lost in the scenery.

It’s the story of a high school student in Tokyo who wakes up to find himself in a girl’s body. He was initially confused but he realized that it was a dream. The same thing happens to the girl who finds herself in a boy’s body. She considers it dream.

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However, it wasn’t a dream. They were somehow interchanging their bodies on random days. Both realized what was happening and decided to not ruin the lives of others by interchanging their bodies. They stopped changing their bodies.

They were astonished at the feeling they felt. As it would ruin the movie, I’d like to leave this overview.

Your lie in april ( the most nostalgic among rom com anime)

Youe lie in april rom com anime

Your April lie will be the next anime I watch. Beautiful story about love and music, with humor and an ending that almost makes everyone cry. It consists of 22 episodes.

It’s the story of Arima Kosei, a piano prodigy who dominated competition and was well-known by all child musicians. After the death of his mother, who was also his teacher, he experienced a mental breakdown that left him unable hear the sound of him playing the piano.

He hasn’t touched a piano in two years and views the world as if it were a monotone. He enjoyed living with his best friends Tsubaki, Watari, until a girl changed his world.

Miyazono Kaori, a beautiful and free-spirited violinist, is a reflection of her personality. Kaori assists Kosei in regaining their music career and shows that it can be more free-flowing and flexible than the rigid and structured style Kosei used to.

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I disagree with the choice of putting oregairu at the 45th position but this is your ranking so I have no problems tho I am commenting here but since being a rom com otaku I disagree with you oregairu is one of the best animes I have ever watched in my decade long obsession on animes does it have problems yes but every anime or story has some problems in some way but it stays top on my definitely would recommend list and its suspenseful enough to keep one hooked (well it did for me) and its a all round good anime everything is my personal opinion and u have some really good ones that I want to check out 😁😁😁

7 months ago

Toradora is the most nostalgic and best rom com anime in my opinion but I don’t watch anime a lot I just like Taiga and Ryuji a lot

Hmz Yf
Hmz Yf
6 months ago

What about teasing master takagi-san ?

5 months ago
Reply to  Hmz Yf

Its just a comedy, in genre it isn’t considered as a rom-com so yeh.

Pehir Joseph
Pehir Joseph
16 days ago

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