When Will Birdie Wing Season 2 Release Date ?

Birdie Wing Season 2

Fans are now curious about Birdie Wing Season 2 release date after Episode 12 of Birdie Wing’s story about the Golf Girls was released today. Birdie Wing: The Story of the Golf Girls has a new episode scheduled for release. It will feature more thrilling scenes from golf matches. Sports anime are completely different to the Shonen anime that we watch. Haikyu! and Kuroko no Basketball are some of the most popular anime in the sports category. These anime are just a few of the many that focus on sports. Birdie Wing: The Story of the Golf Girls is a brand new addition to this list.

The popular studio Bandai Namco Pictures produced Birdie Wing: The Story of the Golf Girls. Takayuki inagaki is the anime’s director. Fans have been hooked since the very first episode. Let’s talk Birdiewing Season 2 Release Date.

What is the Story of Birdie Wing: The Story of Golf Girls?

Eve is a young girl who has been involved in the underworld. She gambles on golf to make money. She also gambles on golf to make money. Eve is known as “Rainbow Bullet” for her extraordinary golf skills. Eve’s perception of the game changes when she plays against a young prodigy. Aoi Amawashi is a young, talented girl. They both promise each other that they will fight it out again on the golf course after their match. The golfing adventures of the geniuses begin and they try to beat each other. They both surprise everyone by raising the game of golf to new heights.

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Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story Recap

Rose is seen with her arm severed at the beginning of the episode. Rose reflects on her past and how it led to her current situation, where her right arm was severed. Rose and Eve face off in a golf match when Rose’s prosthetic right hand falls. Rose is determined to keep the match going, even without an arm. Rose thinks back to the day Eve first met her and how far they’ve come. Rose takes a great shot towards the end, but it misses the hole. Eve wins the match and receives a suitcase filled with money. This allows her to save all her friends and the children.

Anri arrives at the end of the episode and informs Eve that Catherine has hired a hitman to pursue Rose and Eve. Eve agrees to her suggestion to leave the city to ensure her safety. The episode concludes with Clara and Misono saying good-bye to Eve and Eve. We will have to wait for Rose and Eve’s fate to be revealed.

Birdie Wing: Season 2 Release Date

Nothing informations about Birdie Wing: The Story of the Golf Girls season 2.

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