Black Butler Characters : Everything You Need To Know

This includes all the Black Butler characters, as well the main Black Butler roles. If you are looking for the most famous Black Butler characters, then you have come to the right place.
black Butler characters

This includes all the Black Butler characters, as well the main Black Butler roles. If you are looking for the most famous Black Butler characters, then you have come to the right place.

Each season’s Black Butler character roles are listed, along with their gender, profession, or other information.

Manga about a boy who feels the need to get revenge. He makes a deal with a manipulative demon and gets his revenge.

This article will cover 15 of Black Butler’s most memorable characters.

15. Baldroy

Baldroy black Butler characters

Baldroy is also known as Baldo, or Bard, and is an American-born chef.

He doesn’t make anything edible, as he uses flamethrowers and other weapons to cook.

Sebastian claims that all he makes is made from carcinogens, and coal.

Baldroy continues to cook in order to master the art of slowing down. He claims that it takes patience to learn to cook, something he didn’t have during his time in the army.

He’ll develop lung cancer if he continues to smoke.

Baldroy is very funny, especially when he accidentally blows up something. Baldroy was the only survivor of his platoon when he was a soldier.

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14. Beast

Beast black Butler characters

Beast was an animal trainer, and was one of Noah’s Ark Circus’ first-string participants. Also, Beast was raised in the East End, just like the other first-string participants before Baron Kelvin discovered and took them off the streets.

Beast had his right leg amputated and was fitted with a prosthetic. In addition, Beast is the most hated character in the Black Butler series.

He was a young man who loved her too much. He would have fallen for her if he hadn’t died so young.

She proposed to them that they flee to stop Baron Kelvin’s schemes. Beast was confident and loved her adoptive family. She deserves more praise.

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13. Snake

Snake black Butler characters

Snake, a snake-human hybrid, was Noah’s Ark Circus’s latest first-string participant. He can still be seen with one snake wrapped around his shoulders and distinct snakeskin patterns throughout his body.

Sebastian captured the Snake as the thirteenth visitor, while he was hiding on the grounds of the mansion in an attempt to kill Ciel.

Ciel doesn’t kill him but recognizes him as an addition to his team and calls him the Phantomhive’s footman.

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He deserves a higher rank. I hate Ciel for lying to me about the survival of other members, but I believe there would not have been a Snake if Ciel hadn’t lied.

12. Assistant

black Butler characters

The London-based Grim Reaper and former funeral director is the undertaker. He was a rogue Grimreaper and a funeral director. His true identity wasn’t known until later when he admitted to being the mastermind behind Bizarre Dolls’ resurrection.

Let’s just take a moment to enjoy Undertaker. He faced two Reapers without glasses and a Demon, which put him at a disadvantage. But he managed to severely hurt all of them.

He is, according to me, the strongest character.

Undertaker is complex and uncertain, which is a departure from many other characters.

Although his good looks are evident in his face reveal, he remains my favorite character. He never fails to intrigue me and keep my attention!

11. Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis black Butler characters

Sebastian Michaelis is the title character in Black Butler. He is the Phantomhive household’s demon butler, and Ciel Phantomhive’s bodyguard.

In addition, He is completely committed to his job as butler and follows Ciel’s orders with great loyalty. Also, He enjoys testing Ciel, and is often annoyed by his inability to pay attention to his needs.

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Sebastian is my favorite character from the Black Butler franchise. He also has many other qualities that make him entertaining and appealing to watch.

Sebastian is undoubtedly one of the most compelling reasons for Black Butler to watch! Everyone raves about him. Here’s my opinion: He’s a ghost.

This is what makes him so special; he has a past and it adds to his depth of character.

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10. Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive black Butler characters

Ciel Phantomhive, the main character, is a business-savvy and egotistical businessman. He is now thirteen years old, and is the head of the Phantomhive household after the death of Vincent and Rachel Dalles.

The symbol of the Faustian contract that he made with Sebastian is visible in his right eyes. It is usually hidden behind a Patch of black.

Ciel is, like his forefathers in this role, now considered the Queen’s Guard dog. He is responsible for tracking down criminals and solving problems in the underground for Queen Victoria.

Ciel is a dependable person who will do everything to complete any task.

Ciel is a person I can relate to. He doesn’t panic like other characters and takes a calm approach when solving problems.

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Clear thinking is what enables him to succeed in everything he does.

9. Grell Sutcliff

Grell Sutcliff

Grell Sutcliff, a Grimreaper, was Madam Red’s butler until becoming a Grimreaper. Madam Red and Grell had a long-lasting relationship. They both murdered prostitutes.

Grell uses a Death Scythe which looks like a chainsaw. After killing Madam Red, Grell wears her red jacket for the remainder of the series.

Grell is undoubtedly the most remarkable character on the show. She isn’t afraid to express her emotions. This means she can tell the whole world when she feels a certain way about a person. I think this is a better option for humanity today.

She is clear about her views and doesn’t care what people think. She doesn’t let one rejection stop her. Grell Sutcliff is her dream. My opinion is that her personality is superior to Sebastian’s.

8. Doll


Doll was a tightrope walker at the Noah’s Ark Circus and a first-string member. Also, Doll was polite and warm, engaging in conversation with Ciel when they were assigned to the same tent.

However, she was a bit naive and believed Ciel’s lies quickly, for which other circus performers had chastised.

It is believed that her left eye was damaged by her parents’ severe upbringing.

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After that, they agreed to create a circus. Joker offered them all names, including Doll who initially refused. Sebastian murdered her at Ciel’s request. She is beautiful and talented.

7. Prince Soma

Prince Soma

Although he is one of the most flawed characters I have ever seen, that’s what makes him so relatable. Although no one ever admits to it, He is the most accurate portrayal of an individual’s behavior.

He’s a sweet little cinnamon roll after learning his lesson from the Indian Butler Arc.

It still hurts me when he calls for Ciel (his memory loss). It was still a horrible moment when he opened the black gift box to remember Ciel Phantomhive at end of regular season.

It’s like a cinnamon roll with him.

6. Claude Faustus

Claude Faustus

Claude Faustus may be a terrible person, but he’s not worse than Sebastian. There are three main differences: Claude killed Alois; Claude was more obsessed than Sebastian and Claude ignored morality.

He didn’t murder as many people as Sebastian did and he didn’t lie to Ciel nearly as often as Sebastian.

I love how serious and evil Claude can be, but he is so funny. I love how he can sometimes be funny, such as when he plays with the birds. He is still a gentleman.

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His eyes remind me of a cat’s and are very sweet. He tap dances at will. It is very cute. He may be scary when it comes to Ciel but that is what makes him hilarious.

Claude is a wonderful character. His appearance rivals that William and Sebastian combined.

5. Lau


Lau, a Chinese nobleman, is the president of Kong-Rong’s British branch. This Chinese trading company employs a lot of Chinese traders.

He is the boss of Shanghai Mafia Qing Bang and owns an opium factory. He smiles only for a few seconds and keeps his eyes closed.

Many people believe he is a jerk. But I think he is incredibly intelligent, even if he isn’t always friendly.

Sebastian is able to assist Ciel in fleeing Ceil after he does catch Ceil. Ran-Mao is his personal assassin. He is often pictured with Ceil, a Chinese doll-like girl, who is called his niece.

Despite not being related by blood, they still love each other. Despite his inability to speak and the appearance of emotionlessness, she is still devoted to him.

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4. Alois Trancy

Alois Trancy black Butler characters

Alois Trancy is often overlooked. I admire his backstory. He was an enslaved child who lost his brother and parents. But he rose from the ashes and took on the role of Trancy.

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Alois’s emotions are unpredictable and volatile. Alois is fascinating to me. His personality is unique and clever, which makes him seem like such an interesting character.

Like Ciel, he has seen a lot. It makes me sad to see his flashbacks, but it is not the end of his cheerful disposition.

Although Alois is sneaky and spoilt, he has certain characteristics that I believe no other character in the series shares.

Alois was in my opinion the badass blonde psycho Alois that anime needs.

3. Finnian


Finny, also known by Finnian, is a German gardener who lives in the household. It seems that he is a clumsy gardener who causes accidents every time he goes to the greenhouse.

Sebastian portrays him as a cheerful, innocent character who enjoys his work. However, Sebastian says he is a fool for causing damage to everything he touches, despite being warned.

Finnian was used as a test subject in an unidentified experiment, in which he was given unknown compounds every day.

As a result, Finnian began to develop superpowers. Finnian is well-known for his gentle, kind nature despite all of his superpowers.

2. Tanaka

Tanaka black Butler characters

Tanaka is a Japanese-American housesteward. He was there when Ciel’s parents died and was stabbed in his back trying to defend Ciel.

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He is a solitary servant who rarely speaks or works.

Sebastian seems to hold Sebastian in the greatest regard of all the team. This guy is, in my opinion, absolutely adorable.

Tanaka is, unlike other servants, aware of Sebastian’s actions. He appears less frequently in his super-deformed form as the series progresses.

Tanaka has the unusual ability to transform into “True Tanaka” when necessary. His ability to transform into “True Tanaka” was only temporary. After that, he reverted to his normal chibi form.

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1. Mey-Rin

Mey-Rin black Butler characters

Mey-Rin, a Chinese maid, works in the household. Mey-eyesight Rin prevents her seeing clearly close up, which makes her awkward in the kitchen.

Sebastian says her greatest problem is her intellect and not her eyesight. Sebastian is her crush. She blushes when she’s around him, and is even more awkward when he is looking at her.

She is a fierce, savage character and one of my favourite characters. Although she’s a mystery, she’s kind, loyal, and a deadly warrior. Her story is compelling and she has strong character growth.

She is loving and sweet, but also clumsy. Sebastian, however, always rescues her.

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She speaks in a high-pitched, whiny voice unless she is using her sniper rifles. In which case she speaks with a serious tone. Baldroy and Finnian are also big sources of comic relief.


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