Blue Lock Vol 3 & 4 Review

Blue Lock Volume 3 & 4

Blue Lock Vol 3 Review

Chigiri Soccer

There are few manga that are more intense than Muneyuki Kaneshiro or Yusuke Namura’s blue lock. Their action, pace, and tension were all very impressive. They successfully straddled the realistic rendering of soccer with the series’ more outrageous premise.  Vol. 3 continues the round-robin tournament arc with each game being an “if-then” scenario for Team Z. Also, they will be removed from the Blue Lock program if they lose one game and they will be banned from representing Japan at international levels. How does the creative team portray their struggles and how do they handle the pressure? Is Blue Lock Vol. Is it good?

The series’ greatest joy has been watching protagonist Yoichi’s growth. While the first two volumes were primarily focused on Yoichi’s mental health, Vol. His actual soccer skills take priority in Vol. 3. Blue Lock allows him to learn more about his teammates and their skills. This forces him to take a look at his own potential and reflect on his achievements. His keen spatial awareness is the answer. It’s a great choice for an underdog character. The fast pace of the action is maintained by Isagi allowing readers to discover key information simultaneously with Isagi. In other words, This creates an edge-of your-seat experience while you read.

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Isagi Team is interesting !

Isagi is not the only notable character in this story. His teammates, Hyoma Chugiri and Wataru Kuon, are also subject to unexpected but fascinating character development. The development in Chigiri’s story touches on common athletic anxieties such as the impact of injury on career prospects, and the feeling of being lost. These concerns are very real and help to ground the manga. Kuon is a character that embraces Blue Lock’s absurd and competitive nature. I won’t spoil any key reveals. But, I will say that Kuon is at the center some fascinating scenes that are only possible because of the series’ far-reaching premise.

Artistically, Nomura continues to produce great work. You can see the chaos of the gameplay through the frequent shifting perspectives and compositional choices. The momentum is swiftly changing sharply. It makes excellent use of cartoonish and realistic details. One of the most striking examples of the former is an angle shot of a player running, which focuses on their feet. The linework depicts their rough, bumpy bottom in impressive detail. The volume’s major antagonists stand out among the rest of the hyper-serious characters due to their dramatic facial expressions and features. One of the main antagonists even has eyebrows that look like alligators. This bizarre detail adds some humor to a very tense series.

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Anri Teieri’s brief appearance is less charming. In a laughable attempt to fan service, the only female character in the manga is back. It’s so absurd that it’s difficult to believe you can even be mad at it. Instead, it just seems beyond parody.

Our Verdict

Blue Lock Volume. The third volume is a riveting read that fleshes out Isagi as well as his team. The manga’s unique premise demands that players pay attention to both their physical and inner talents. Real-world struggles are made more urgent by the manga’s quirky premise. In terms of character design and plot reveal, there are many surprising but delightful choices. The art is excellent, with the only problem being poor fan service. This is a series that sports manga lovers should read.

Blue Lock vol 3 Review

Blue Lock Vol 4 Review

Blue Lock is a sports manga that has a level of intensity not found elsewhere. It offers high stakes action and exciting action, where every game feels pivotal and tense. Vol. Vol. There’s a lot at stake and the characters must confront their limitations amid heated gameplay. Is this volume able to meet the high standards set by previous volumes?

The most striking aspect of this volume is the incorporation of character development into its action. They aren’t separated by characters who have to think deeply in practice before they can make breakthroughs on the field. Instead, Team Z members constantly push themselves to the limit in the heat of each moment. Internal monologuing doesn’t disrupt the game’s flow; the thought bubbles are as fast and efficient as what is physically possible in certain situations. As the players try to improve their skills, the action is believable.

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Blue lock Pushes each player to excel

Team V vs Team Z soccer manga

This is not the same as each character being able to only have one specialty. To truly understand their personalities, the protagonists will need to analyze these specialties at pivotal moments. What are their bad habits that hinder their success? What are the most reliable circumstances that result in scoring? And what can they do about it? The ability to improve in the sport doesn’t come only from practicing enough or being able to tell the story. In other words, It’s very rewarding to be able to see the “A-ha!” moments when players let go of faulty assumptions and forge new paths.

Jinpachi Ego, the program director, discusses his views about talent as a matter for learning. The traditional explanations of hard work and practice are still valid, provided that they are accompanied by the ability to self-examine and change. Although this is not a novel idea, the execution by the creators is exceptional. This series has a strong philosophy about its characters and subject matter. Every detail feels well-thought out and polished in its execution.

Why read Volume 4 Blue Lock ?

Rensuke Kunigami

This polish extends to Nomura’s art, too. This polish has been impressive in every volume so far and it doesn’t stop here. Also, The game’s fast pace and fluid linework are well suited to its thin, fluid lines. The deep inks add drama to the scene while being pleasing to the eye. There’s a strong visual pull between the players’ fast, athletic movements and their limits. Nomura also does an excellent job of depicting different auras, which can be used to communicate intense plays or hyped up players. In addition, It’s easy to see players radiating energy from their bodies when they are fully in the zone. This helps convey the talent and tone of the game. We still enjoy some visual comedy, mainly through the facial expressions of the characters.

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Our verdict about Blue Lock Volume 4

Blue Lock Vol. The fourth installment of the series is one of its most satisfying. Also, The action is a vehicle for character growth rather than being hindered. As they become more experienced players, all the characters’ ideas and philosophies are constantly evolving. It is a joy to see their learning process. The visuals are bold and clear, and they effectively guide one’s eyes across the action at breakneck pace without ever causing any clarity issues. Finally, this book builds on the solid foundations of previous volumes and continues to build upon them.

Blue Lock Vol 4 review

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