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Botobai Gigante HxH : Everything You Need To Know

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Bobotai Gigante HxH

Botobai Gigante is a character from the manga and the anime HUNTER x HUNTER is a member of the group of Zodiac group codenamed “Dragon”. General, Prosecutor of the Army Military Advisor Terrorist Hunter . While on an expedition to the Dark Continent, formed a Defense Group with Kansai and Sayu.

Appearance Botobai Gigante HxH

Appearance Botobai Gigante HxH

The entire Zodiacs in a gesture of respect for the man who founded their group, Isaac Netero tried to alter their appearance and manner of speaking to be in line with their codename. But, Botobay was probably one of the people whose appearance initially corresponded to his codename. 

Botobai is an old gigantic giant. His deep wrinkles make Botobai’s facial appear similar to the face of an Asian dragon. He sports a lush eyebrows, an upturned mustache, and a high-pitched mustache as well as hair pulled into two ponytails which appear to be flames. Botobai wears the long black and red caftan with a flame motif as well as a dragon-print on the back and an ivory fur collar.

CHARACTER Botobai Gigante Hunter X Hunter

Botobai is a quiet tall, wise and powerful man. He has a great reputation within The Association of Hunters and military circles. He is confident of his capabilities and will do his best for the Association and the world at large.



In accordance with Netero’s will, the selection of the next Chair of the Hunters was planned to be organized and carried out according to the Zodiacs. In order to do this, they all met inside the Hunters Association building. Pariston is an astrological significaiton of the Zodiac with the codename Rat, the former deputy of Netero suggested that they not hold elections, but to name him Chairman. This triggered a general rage and also irritated non-challenged Botobay. In the next moment, Jin announced that he would be running for president. The other Zodiacs would be willing to hand the presidency to either these two So Chiidol Yorkshire suggested drawing lots. Each of the Zodiacs were required to write an outline of the election guidelines on one piece paper. Beans did one. Gene was averse to her idea and then rigged his winnings during the toss.

Thus, the election was conducted in accordance to his rules:
1. Each Hunter is also a potential candidate and an elector.
2. If the candidate doesn’t receive greater than 50 percent of votes Retake the ballot.
3. if the percentage of voters is lower that 98% retake the voting.
4. All unsigned ballots to be deemed invalid.
5. The head of the election committee is Gene Frickes (this law was repealed due to the fact that the drawing of the lots was only to determine the rules of the elections but it was not to determine the members of the committee).

661 Hunter was required to be present at the Election on August 8 to cast a vote with the help of three Zodiacs. In the initial ballot, the largest amount in votes 37.6 percentage (249 votes) was cast by Pariston the second position was Chiidol. fourth place was split between Mizaistome along with Botobai. The percentage of votes cast was 87.7 percent (580 votes; 48 invalid ballots). The 2nd election, Pariston was first again with 37.9 percent (251 votes) out from 661 Hunters, 88.2% voted (583 votes and 45 votes that were invalid) Then Botobay was fourth again. Pariston insists that Hunters were warned of being deprived of the licenses removed because of tampering with ballots. Kuruk distributed the revised rules to voters.

The third vote, Pariston again with 39 percent (258 votes) out of 661 Hunters, 89.7% (593 votes) were voted in, Chiidol stayed 2nd, and Botobay came in 3rd. Pariston demanded that licenses also be revoked in the event of not showing in time for the Election. Kuruk issued appropriate notices to those who failed to show to vote and demanded they forfeit their licenses, or give a reason for their absence. Additionally, Pariston demanded a canvassing debate.

During the discussion, Leorio was adamant about Gene in the debate for not visiting the son of his Gon in the hospital, thus stirring the sympathy of voters. On this fourth vote, the turnout was 97.1 percent (642 votes) 1st place went to Pariston with 39 percent (258 votes) 2nd was Chiidol with 57% votes, 3rd spot came from Leorio who received 55 votes. 4th place went to Botobay again, with 31 votes. Hunter Teradain decided to assemble an alliance to eliminate from outlaws. Outlaws Association by organizing campaign events and stealing votes from other powerful Hunters. The fifth vote was the most popular. 5th vote, turnout was 95.8 percent (633 votes) 1st place went to Pariston with 41.4 percent (274 votes) 2nd came from Teradain which received 77 votes. 3rd came from Chiidol which had 63 votes. 4th is Leorio who received 55 votes. Botobay was sixth having 26 votes. On the sixth ballot , the turnout was 91.2 percent (603 votes) 1st place was Pariston with 41.4 percent (272 votes) 2nd came from Teradain having 73 votes. 3rd place went to Chiidol having 66 votes. 4th is Leorio who received 58 votes. Botobay came 7th and received 37 votes. On the seventh ballot there was 95.1 percent (604 votes from 635 votes). Hunters the number was reduced to 29 as Illumi was eliminated and Hisoka in pursuit of Killua along with Alluka). 1st place was won by Pariston with 46.1 percent (293 votes) 2nd place was awarded to Leorio with 95 votes. 3rd place was won by Chiidol who received 87 votes while Botobai was left with no votes due to an increase in interest in other contestants. After he resigned from the election race, Botobai asked his supporters to cast their votes for Chiidol. On the eighth ballot , the turnout was 95.4 percent, the top spot is Leorio with 44.4 percent (282 votes) 2nd place went to Pariston who received 250 votes. 3rd came from the Misaistome with the 58 votes and fourth spot was Chiidol, who had 16 votes. The healer Gon was seen and Leorio did not want to run for office, and gave his vote to Pariston. Pariston On contrary was able to give up his presidency and resigned from the post of Hunter’s Association, appointing Chidol Yorkshire as his replacement.


As the Zodiacs were settling down when the Choices were concluded The news broke that Bayond, son of the deceased Isaac Netero, Bayond, had been chosen to lead Kakin’s journey to the Dark Continent. “The Big Five/V5 demanded The Hunter’s Association take on Beyondd to stop this potentially deadly attack. But, Beyond himself called the Zodiacs, surrendered and even made a signature on the V5’s designs.

Misaistome was able to ask Leorio, who proved himself during the Elections and had been a good candidate, in his Zodiac due to the fact that the posts in the astrological sign of Rat as well as Boar were taken away following Pariston and Gene had left. Leorio however, in contrast was invited by Kurapika to join the Zodiac. After hearing Chiidol’s report on the expansion of Big Five/V5 into the Big Six/V6 (+ Kakin), the danger of the Dark Continent, and an idea for an expedition to thwart Bayond’s plans, Kurapika immediately said it was imperative to first find Pariston as well as Bayond’s spy spies inside his Zodiac ranks. Mizeisto was required to bring Kurapika to a halt so that he didn’t talk too much. At the conclusion of the meeting, the duties were assigned. Botobai as a seasoned politician and general, was the head of his Defense Group of the expedition. To spot the spies within those in the Zodiacs, Kurapika invited everyone to show their talents and abilities, which Botobai was hesitantly acquiescent.

Following leaving the vessel for expedition ” Black Whale“, Botobai headed the court on the ship’s deck, situated on the third deck.

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