Dirk Reiss : Everything You Need To Know

Reiss Family Aot

In Aot, Dirk Reiss  was one of the children of Rod Reiss. He was half-brother to Historia Reiss, and brother to Frieda and Ulklin, Abel, and Florian Reiss .



Dirk was small for his age considering his younger sister Abel who was taller than him. His dark hair and light eyes were characteristic of Dirk.


Dirk’s personality is not well-known. When Grisha Jaeger confronted his sister Frieda, he displayed clear fear. He was even more scared when Grisha threatened to attack him and his family.

HISTORY Dirk Reiss

HISTORY Dirk Reiss

Dirk was the third of Rod Reiss‘s children. He was a Reiss family member and could learn information only the family had. For example, Dirk knew that one of his family members could transform into a titan. This ability allowed him to access the lost history of humanity, the ideology of the first King who built the walls, and the power known as The Coordinate. His siblings were Frieda and Ulklin Reiss , and then he was born to his younger sisters: Abel Reiss and Florian Reiss.

Frieda took the titan power from Uri and ate him. Dirk attended this event.

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YEAR 845

The Colossal Titan, and the Armored Titan attacked Shiganshina district. They made their way to the Mary Wall with a large group of titans. The entire Reiss family then gathered in a chapel at their property. They actually entered the crystal cavern hidden in the chapel, even though it was thought they were going to pray. 

Grisha Jaeger transformed into a titan to fight Frieda Reiss and interrupted them. She wanted the Coordinate. Grisha defeated Frieda and ate her, as well as attacking the Reiss family. Dirk and his sister Abel were crushed by Grisha’s titan, who was then killed.

YEAR 850


After Rod Reiss was reunited his daughter Historia with him, he told her how Grisha Jaeger murdered his wife and their children. After Historia , Historia inquired about Frieda, her older sister.

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