Eruri Aot : Is it The Best Ship ?

Eruri aot

EruRi is a slashship between Levi Ackerman (from the Attack of the Titans fandom) and Erwin.

CANON Eruri Aot

CANON Eruri Aot

Erwin and Levi respect and trust each other up to a point. Levi is completely trusting him and will follow his every command. Chapter 28: Choices & Consequences

But this didn’t stop Levi speaking his own stupidity. Erwin was also one the few people who could have casual conversations with Levi. This allowed him to share jokes with his friend on an equal basis.

In Chapter72, Levi leaves the room behind to speak privately with Erwin after the meeting ends. Levi expresses concern for Erwin’s well-being and tells Erwin to stay put. Erwin insists that he doesn’t. Levy declares that if Erwin dies, then the mission is finished. Levi threatens Erwin with breaking his legs as a last effort. Erwin made it clear that Erwin still wants to fight at the front lines. Levi is clearly offended by what Erwin said, but he knows that he can’t change his mind. Erwin will not give up on his dream.

Levi and Erwin

Erwin grieves over his failures to discover the truth about the world after he sees the Reconnaissance Corps fall. Also, Erwin recalls the sacrifices of soldiers he made to help humanity. Erwin began to see his dream as a childish delusion. Levi attempts to cheer Erwin up by telling him that without Levi, the scouts wouldn’t have reached this point. Levi tells him to spit on the dreams and to die to lead the recruits to certain deaths. Erwin is comforted, even though his dream turns bitter.

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Parts 83-84 Levi’s decision to save Armin is changed when a soldier presents him with a severely wounded Erwin. Ehren is angered when Levi decides to save Erwin. Levi recalls Erwin’s dreams. But Erwin raises his arm before he can insert a needle. Erwin thanked Levi for the syringe and handed it to him in his chest. Levi thought Erwin would go to his grave in peace. He suggested that he loved Erwin and allowed him to die. However, he knew that Erwin did not want to be a titan, and that he was only remembered as a commander. Levi finally tells Erwin that although he had taken an oath against the titan-like beast, he left before his time.

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Invasion of the Giants is a film that many fans have seen. It shows how Levi and Erwin’s relationship is special, based on deep trust and mutual respect. Their shared history is also a reason for their strong personal connection. It is evident that they cared about each other and for their fellow comrades. This shows that they were more than “teammates”. Levi always followed Erwin ‘s lead. In anime, you will notice that Levi follows him in every scene, such as episode 22, season one. Although it isn’t known what Levi felt after Erwin’s passing, he said that he had let his emotions lead to this decision. His death also caused him to appear upset.

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Isayama said that Levi was asked his preference type when he was interviewed. He replied, “What kind of woman does Levi like?” He’s short so small people like tall people. He might be attracted to tall people, I believe. It’s not surprising that Erwin, Berthold Hoover is the tallest of the series. This could cause conflicts with other spikes. Fans have Levi, Erwin, Rivetra and Erumike, Eruri and many others.

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