Elfen Lied Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

Elfen Lied Season 2

Elfen Lied is an anime series developed for Arms Corporation and was made from Lynn Okamoto’s manga series . It premiered when the original manga series was being published. The show follows the original material through the first seven volumes, and includes a variety of changes to the plot and concludes with a unique conclusion. Since then, fans have been wanting Elfen Lied Season 2.

In an interview with Mamoru Kanbe, the director expressed his displeasure at having to condense the his story down to 13 parts. He thought that more episodes were required to incorporate significant plot elements which would make the show more emotional.

does elfen lied have a season 2

Elfen Lied is one of the most violent anime shows ever created, however it has left a huge legacy, and has even inspired the latest successful anime shows. The series ended with an ending that was a abrupt cliffhanger.

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Elfen Lied Plot

Elfen Lied Plot

Lucy is a unique kind of human known by the name of “Diclonius,” born with the horns of a small size and telekinetic hands that are invisible. This makes her a subject to inhumane experiments in science from the authorities. But, when circumstances give her with an opportunity for escape Lucy is shattered by torture and confinement, unleashes an avalanche of blood when she is able to escape her captors.

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In the course of her breakout, she suffers an irreparable head injury which causes her to have two personalities: one who has the mindset of an innocent child, but with only a limited capacity for speech. 

Elfen Lied Season 2 Plot

As she is in a state of insanity when she is stumbling across two students from college, Kouta as well as his friend Yuka who, without realizing it, take the wounded fugitive under their care, not knowing about her violent tendencies. The act of kindness could change their lives when they are in the dark secret world of the state, as well as conspiracy.

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Elfen Lied Season 2: Will It Return?

Elfen Lied Season 2 Release Date

Elfen Lied Season 2 Release Date

After 17 years since the conclusion, Arms Corporation still has yet to issue an official announcement about Elfen Lied Season 2. The series itself hasn’t been ever been officially cancelled either, so fans have been left waiting for a while.

One possible reason for the reason that the show isn’t yet renewed is because the studio closed on 2020. The studio was shut down in the month of August, 2020. The studio was referred to as Dandelion, Corporation then changed its name to Triple X. But, they’re not operating anymore due to bankruptcy.

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The only thing we can hope for is to convince Elfen Lied to get picked by a different studio. Another reason could be the absence of material. The manga series Elfen Lied finished its serialization in 2005. We are all aware that anime are usually designed to bring more sales for the manga. If there is no Manga to market, enthusiasm for an anime show could end up dying just like that.

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Elfen Lied Characters:


Kouta Elfen Lied

Kouta plays the role of deuteragonist of “Elfen Lied,” and is the lover of Lucy who is completely the entire world to. Also, Kouta takes a look at Lucy when he takes a walk one day. He is does not look like others, he appears normal when he notices Lucy’s bizarre appearance and her horns that look like friends.


Lucy Elfen Lied

Lucy/Nyu is the main character in the series and it can be a difficult decision to make whether you’re her friend or foe. Every one of her shady activities is justified and supported by an extensive history of suffering and misery. After spending her entire life being shackled by an inaccessible government and continually being scrutinized it is evident the reason she is so disturbed. Her brighter side can be found in her second character, that she is able to love again.

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Elfen Lied Season 2 Discussion

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