When is Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2 Release Date ?

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun season 2

Following the conclusion of a series in 2020, viewers have hopes and expectations for the upcoming season of Toilet Bound Hanako-kun 2. The series, an adaptation of the manga by Aida Iro called Toilet Bound Hanako-kun features a plot that is wrapped in comical, supernatural and horror-related details. Studio Lerche’s animated series, is also well-known from other series like “Given” and “Astra Lost In Space” has garnered many accolades and has gained a lot of attention.

The show will end in 2020. Fans can’t be patient and are crying impatiently waiting for the premiere of the Toilet Bound Hanako-kun series season 2.

When is Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2 Release Date ?

Are you one of those who are waiting for the latest news about the anime? Take a look at this article because we have the most up-to-date information regarding how the season will progress!

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Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2 : When Will It Release?

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2 : When Will It Release?

The enthusiasm of the fans for the ongoing new episodes of the anime appears to be inexhaustible.

The show has been gaining popularity since the first broadcast on the program. While the conclusion of the first season reveals doubt about the future for the main characters viewers are more and more eager to know the next chapter of this show.

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The show ended by airing 12 seasons on the 27th of March in 2020. This anime was able to say goodbye to the fans with a conclusion that left fans want to watch toilet Bound Episode 2 of Hanako-kun.

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2 : When Will It Release?

Alongside gaining an impressive amount of popularity, the show has also received lots of attention from the fans and even made it into one of the most popular anime season of 2020.

Although they have received a positive reaction however, neither the creator of the studio or the story creator has said that they will continue the second season. However, don’t worry as they haven’t canceled the show.

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Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2 Release Date

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2 Release Date

As of now there is no official statement from the studio or the manga’s creator has released an official statement on the release date of Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2. The fanbase is expecting to wait a bit longer, as this show will premiere in 2020. Therefore, it will take time to create another season.

The viewership numbers and the manga sales figures of this series have earned satisfactory ratings, which means that this might be an important factor to consider the immediate release of a second season because of the huge fan demand.

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Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2 Release Date

Another factor that is no as important, is the story material that needs to be animated. In the first season the show was adapted to seven volumes, and the manga’s storyline has grown to 16 volumes.

This could mean that the studio to go on to the next season of the project in the near future because they already have enough material for the show.

While there hasn’t been a formal announcement regarding the release of the Toilet Bound Hanako’s Season 2. However, it’s likely that the event will continue , and we’ll always keep you informed of the latest news on this series!

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Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2 Storyline

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Season 2 Storyline

This story started with rumors that circulated at Komame Academy about Hanako-san being one of the seven mystery spirits at the school. The rumor stated that Hanako-san was the spirit that was found within the 3rd toilet on the third floor the school’s old building.

Soon, he’ll be able to give in to the wishes of the person who has been summoned to him. The story continues as Yashiro Nene, who’s mind is full of romance and hopes, walks into the spooky toilet where Hanako-san lives. Due to her actions, she was later appointed Hanako-san’s assistant, who was given the task of balancing between the spiritual and real world.

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Toilet Bound Hanako-kun : Characters and Cast

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun : Characters and Cast
Hyuuga NatsuhikoMizushima Takahiro
Akane AoiSato Minako
Minamoto KouChiba Shoya
Nanamine SakuraChika Anzai
Hanako-kunOgata Megumi
MermaidMitsuishi Kotono
Yashiro NeneKito Akari (Demon Slayer)
Minamoto TeruUchida Yama

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Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Main Characters

Nene Yashiro

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Main Characters Nene Yashiro

Japanese voice: Akari Kito

Nene is a 15 year old High School student from Kamome Academy. A solitary romantic, she summons the Hanako-san to The 7th School Mystery to make Teru Minamoto, a well-known student from her high school to be in love with her.

After consuming a scale of a mermaid together with Hanako after which she bonds to him for the rest of her life as he becomes Hanako’s assistant. As a result of this she is cursed that causes her to transform into a fish that comes into contact with water, or to punish herself if she doesn’t follow Hanako’s commands.

Nene Yashiro is a sweet and confident character. She’s very eccentric and has some bizarre ideas. Her most trusted companion can be described as Aoi Akane. Her most complex issue is centered on her large legs, which her friends like to compare the turningips (daikon ).

Nene meets Ko Minamoto, an exorcist priest in his last year at middle school. Together with Hanako and Ko Minamoto, they form the core trio.

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Japanese voice: Megumi Ogata

Also known as the 7th Mystery of Kamome Academy responsible for maintaining the harmony between the world of spirits and the world of human. The mythology “Hanako-san of the toilet” is that he grants desires to people who call him under the condition that they pay a reasonable amount and prompting Nene to seek him out.

The leader in the Seven Mysteries, he possesses amazing power and fights with the help of a knife. He is joined by two white Jodais.

After Nene committed her Mermaid Curse on herself which resulted in her transformation into a fish, she took the other half the curse, which was an ostracism scale to lessen the effects of it and permit her to change only on contact with water. In the process she became his associate.

He is frequently portrayed as playful, playful and extremely mischievous however this is usually to hide his feelings. He has a deep love for Nene. It is not clear what happened to his background. Hanako was a former student at Kamome Academy under the name Amane Yugi. He may have been victimized as a kid. noticed the marks on his arm during the flashback from No. 5.

While a student He was a fan of Astronomy, and was set to become an astronomy instructor before he killed his twin brother Tsukasa Yugi, thereby altering his destiny and putting him in school until the amount he has to pay for his crimes.

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Ko Minamoto

Ko Minamoto

Japanese voice: Shoya Chiba

Ko is a member in the College Division of Kamome Academy and the second son of an exorcist’s family. He is the owner of an exorcism tool (Raiteijou) which was then sealed by Hanako as he didn’t fully master the tool before by electrocuting it.

Ko first visited this school to ward off Hanako however, he soon made acquainted with him as well as Nene. Ko is a brave gentle, kind, and straightforward personality. He prefers to dive in front of things and can perceive supernatural creatures naturally.

He is prone to getting into trouble due to his gullibility and uninformed, however he compensates by working hard and grit. One of the most popular jokes in the show is that the character has a luck charm, such as an earring that is worn on the right ear. Sosuke Mitsuba refers to as an “tacky road safety earring” that makes him feel bad.

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Sosuke Mitsuba

Sosuke Mitsuba

Japanese voice: Daiki Kobayashi

Mitsuba is Ko’s friend from school couple of years ago. He passed away shortly after. With a gorgeous appearance and somewhat self-centered attitude, Mitsuba has a love for photography. He would only take photographs of things he adored or items that mattered to him.

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There is also evidence of confidence issues that he conceals with bratty style of speaking. Prior to his death, the boy was calm who attempted to be nice but then realized that he was not being remembered. Following the death of his father, he turned into ghostly in the lockers at school at Kamome Academy until Ko caught him and decided to assist to let him go peacefully.

Mitsuba’s biggest regret is not being in a position to form good relationships and remain with them for the rest of his life and reveal that it was Tsukasa that spread the false report about him, transforming the monster into one due to his nebulous initial idea and requiring Hanako to fight him.

Tsukasa Yugi

Tsukasa Yugi

Japanese voice: Megumi Ogata

The identical identical twin to Amane (Hanako) The only different is that he’s got quite long canines (like the cats’). While they were alive The twins considered to be close until the time he was killed into death by Hanako.

As his brother, he’s got an energetic and fun personality, but at same time, there is a alarming brutality. The fact that she is a child makes her violent behavior more troubling.

They have opposite views, and even though Hanako emphasizes how important it is to keep a positive connection between humans and supernatural beings. Tsukasa thinks that these two beings ought to simply behave as they like even if that involves causing huge destruction.

He has also decided to fulfill the desires of the supernatural as well, similar to the way his brother grants wishes to people who call him. He is wearing the black kimono that has a short-sleeved design and a gray hakama, and an underside button of white. He wears a black seal on his left cheek, and two black Jodais.

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Sakura Nanamine

Sakura Nanamine

Japanese voice: Chika Anzai

A gorgeous 3rd-year student at Kamome Academy and forced to serve as Tsukasa’s assistant. As the director for the broadcasting team She assists him in spreading the rumours of supernatural beings and bend them according to her desires.

She became Tsukasa’s assistant speaking to her about her request to be like Nene did with Hanako. She decided to begin treating her younger brother Yugi as if he were an animal rather than a human. This made his actions somewhat more acceptable.

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Natsuhiko Hyuga

Natsuhiko Hyuga

Japanese voice: Takahiro Mizushima

A 2nd year student at Kamome Academy and member of the broadcasting club. He’s frequently observed trying to win Sakura’s love (getting assaulted by her) as well as helping Tsukasa in her plans. His unpretentious personality is likely to lead him to trouble by himself. He’s quite adorable with gorgeous girls like Nene.

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Trailer :

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  1. I love this anime a lot. I have watched it over 10 times already. I know this won’t go to the maker of the anime. I would really like to see another season. There’s a lot more information you can give through the mangas. Even though I haven’t read them. I heard that there is a lot of them. Which means there will be enough resources for another season. Since it only took 7 mangas to make the first season. I would love to see Hanako kun and Yashiro Nene’s relationship keep going. There relationship is very awesome, and cute. I would love to see more about Hanako-kun and Tsukasa. It would make me happy! There’s lots more things I would like to see in this series. But, I won’t write it all down or this will be a very long comment. So, I will leave it here. All in all, I would really love to see more of this series. I have really enjoyed it! Every time I watch it I get excitement in me. That’s all I have to say. Most of all, I would just love to see this series go on! 😊

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