Fate The Winx Saga Season 2 Ending Explained & Review : All You Need To Know

Winx Saga Season 2 Ending Explained

With the release of season 2 of the series, we picked up with the fairies in Alfea after the end of season 1, with Bloom holding the all-powerful dragon flame that allowed her to save the world.

In this season, there was a closer thread, what she had to save, so I thought I’d recap and explain everything from Fate Winx Saga season 2 ending, so let’s go.

Fate Winx Saga Season 2 Ending Explained & Review

Fate Winx Saga Season 2 Ending Explained & Review

Here is the Fate the Winx saga season 2 ending explained just to let you know that this post contains spoilers.

During the half of the season, we saw that the relationships that were going on, the Winx, were still together and there was resentment towards Rosalind because she killed Dowling at the end of season 1 and the academy had become a police state where no one was allowed to do what they wanted and there were more rules and limits than before.

Which was related to what we saw at the end of the season where we saw that Dowling believed in channeling positive and negative emotions while Dowling always tried to use the positive emotions and Rosalind used the negative emotions, showing the difference between the two.

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However, what was really needed was both combined.

Fate Winx Saga Season 2 Ending Explained & Review

Fairies were disappearing from the school, they were either killed or lacked powers and the students thought that it was Rosalind who was behind it, because they thought that she was channeling their powers to become the strongest of them.

however, halfway through the season we saw that this was not the case, she was studying one of the creatures called a scraper who was taking the powers of the fairies it turned out that it was actually Sebastian the individual who was helping the fairies at the beginning of the season. he turned out to be a blood wizard and was taking the powers of the fairies to become stronger himself.

His main intention was to get the flame of the dragon of bloom, so that he could use it to open the kingdom of darkness where there was a shadow in the world that was able to bring individuals back from the dead.

Sebastian wanted to use it to bring back the blood witches from the devastation of estadel, where the fairies killed several blood witches in battle.

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there has always been a division between the two kinds, and we saw it once that bloom killed rosalind, because she herself wanted to slay the blood witches using bloom.

Bloom Fate Winx Saga Season 2 Ending Explained

The queen announced that it was the blood witches who killed Rosalind when she knew that it was actually Bloom.

it was to spread hatred towards the blood witches and to ensure that a battle and a war of the species would take place.

The lack of belonging and understanding of identity was something that played strongly into this season of the series.

We saw Bloom yearning to know her biological parents and why she was who she was. And we saw the same thing with Beatrix she had no one outside of Alfaya and she felt she was dispensable once she lost her powers.

Andreas was the closest thing to a father to her and we saw that when he was killed by Skye, we saw that his son mirrored the reasons why Silva killed him 16 years ago.

What I thought was a nice touch, it showed that the actions that you don’t necessarily want to do have to be done in a life or death situation and it showed that people need to be helped.
This life or death situation showed the understanding that Sky should have to understand his foster father moving forward.

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As we approached the last episode, we saw that Dowling was brought back because of all the Winx powers that were combined inside the convergence crystal.

Dowling Fate Winx Saga Season 2 Ending Explained

She was brought back to spread the message of transformation magic and an understanding that channeling both positive and negative will help make the individual stronger.

Sebastian had managed to keep bloom away from the girls and she was willing to pass on the dragon’s flame if it meant that her friends and her world, as dowling said, would be saved, no matter what the consequences.

skye was also held back and risked death if she did not submit to the test.

Aside from that, we saw that the specialists were ready to face an outnumbered army thanks to terror’s speech, which I found a bit ridiculous to be honest, especially when a few minutes later aisha mentioned that they were facing an outnumbered army.

Death Beatrix Fate Winx Saga

Beatrix did everything she could to survive throughout the season, which meant she switched sides a few times from fairies to blood witches in hopes of getting her powers back, but also to find out information about her past.

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It turned out that she had two sisters and it seems that Stellar will go looking for them in season 3 of the series, as she had the names on the piece of paper that Sebastian gave to Beatrix earlier in the finale.

Death Skye Fate Winx Saga Season 2 Ending Explained

Beatrix was killed by Sebastian, because when Bloom transferred the dragon flame into the convergence crystal for Sebastian to receive, she electrocuted Skye, making us think he was dead. The crystal fell to the ground and shattered even though he was not killed, which made Sebastian angry.

We then saw all the other girls join Bloom, with Stella using her invisibility powers to sneak them in, and they teamed up to defeat Sebastian, which I have to say was a little disappointing.

I don’t know why they didn’t do it sooner, because they beat him pretty easily and even though he has the powers of several fairies, he didn’t even use them to his advantage.

Winx Transformation in Fate Saga Winx

The images when they transformed were a bit unpleasant to the eye due to the poor quality of the CGI.

Once Sebastian was defeated, they were seen in their dormitory where they were resting. This was one of my biggest problems with this series. I don’t know if it was because there were only seven episodes, which is a weird number in itself, but time jumps would happen and gaps that didn’t seem natural would occur.

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There was also a revelation for Bloom that came from Sebastian that revealed information about his mother. Bloom’s mother was born with the dragon flame and she passed it on to Bloom, however the day Bloom was born she was put in stasis for 1000 years.

This happened in the middle of an ancient war where her mother killed thousands of people because she lost control of the dragon flame. So not wanting her daughter to have control of the dragon flame, she decided to put her in stasis and make her disappear.

So in order for her daughter not to do what she did, she put her in stasis and banished herself to the dark realm, we saw Bloom go into the dark realm and see her mother in the last moments of the episode where it was the last thing we saw it was fairly predictable that her mother would come in and I think that was the main motivation for Bloom to enter the dark realm.

Bloom mother Fate Saga Winx

she also believed that she had to shut it down from the inside to save the other world, but judging by the creature she had in her visions which I will interpret as the shadow we were talking about, it now seems that it has made its way into the other world and it may already be in danger as it seems that Beatrix may be brought back from the dead.

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We saw Musa wearing the equipment that made her powers non-existent as she had trouble hearing everyone’s thoughts and preferred to be a specialist.

Fate Winx Saga Season 2 Ending Explained

We saw Aisha meeting Grey near the river where they used to swim despite the fact that he betrayed the Winx being a blood witch.

Tara was in a relationship with Kat after she came out, Stella was looking for Beatrix. Stella went looking for Beatrix’s two sisters.

Flora has scars on her that could potentially lead to something more in the next season.

Flora Fate Winx Saga Season 2 Ending

The darkness certainly hasn’t gone away and the other world seems to be in more danger than it was when we arrived at the beginning of season 2.

I found this second season of the series to be quite weak, there were plot holes, time jumps, scenes that seemed a bit out of place and questionable CGI, everything seemed inconsequential despite the high stakes, and there were also things that downright confused me.

Sam was never mentioned after she left, despite the fact that Rosland was the problem.

Sam at the end Fate Winx Saga Season 2

Sebastian was extremely easy to defeat despite being portrayed as a powerful villain, and the specialists who were selectively chosen and not just picked up off the streets got into a battle where they were severely outnumbered because a fairy gave a pep talk.

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There were many things I questioned throughout, but I was left to finish the season.

Still, it’s definitely not the best thing I’ve watched in a while, but it’s up to you if you want to try it.

So that’s it, this is fate, the end of Winx Saga season 2 explained. Here you can see more posts, like endings explained, theories, predictions and character analysis.

What can we expect after the end of Fate Winx Saga season 2?

What can we expect after the end of Fate Winx Saga season 2?

Bloom will definitely return to the other world at some point, but the visions she had in season 2 of the series seem to have come true in the sense that the shadow that was talked about that was able to bring people back from the dead was seen above Beatrix’s grave, so I think she will be brought back to life and she might also have a lot to say and trouble to cause if she is possessed by the shadow’s power.

Her two sisters, who we learned about in the last episode, might be the only thing that can take her mind off what the darkness is going to do to her.

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Stella What can we expect after the end of Fate Winx Saga season 2?

She has an identity crisis in that she doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere. I think that even though Aisha was hurt by Gray in season 2, they will continue their relationship in season 3 because he returned to Alfea after being banished.

Sarah has a relationship with the women, we will see how she does.

Flora who seems to have scars from the scraper attack, although they were defeated, no one has ever survived like her, so we may see something sinister happen as there was a lot of attention on this at the end

Musa has basically muted her powers because she has a hard time understanding the pain everyone is going through and now she wants to be a specialist after proving herself in the battle against the blood witches. I don’t think that will be a problem and we will see her go from being a fairy to a specialist.

Musa Fate Winx Saga season 2 ending explained

There’s a lot to pick up in season 3 of the series in terms of story, so I’m intrigued to see how they do it. The release date Netflix has not confirmed if there will be a season 3 of the series, but season 2 was written to suggest that the group would return for another episode. It usually takes a few weeks for the platform to decide whether or not a new season will be ordered, and that’s so they can gauge the success and reception of the series.

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Season 2 went straight to #1 in Netflix’s ratings, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they give the green light soon. If you look at the time between the release of season 1 and season 2, it was about a year and nine months, which is not the traditional one year between seasons, but I don’t think they will make the audience wait that long next time, because it is not very conventional.

I think we can expect to see a season 3 of the series in the fall of next year, so around September 2023 if the series gets the green light.

Fate Winx Saga season 2 review

In season 2 of the series, there were a few on-screen deaths, so there will be some changes in the people who will return to the series.

The character of Andreas was killed off, I think it’s safe to say he won’t be returning to the show, Sebastian was defeated, he probably won’t be coming back either and Rosalind was killed off, she won’t be making a comeback either, which means we can expect to see Bloom Terra, Aisha Stella, Musa Flora Sky Riven Dane along with Sam and his father Ben who left because of the way Rosalind was running the school.
We might see them make a return in season 3. We will also get to know Bloom’s mother who has been in the dark realm for a thousand years.

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