Winx Club Characters: All Characters And Powers Explained

Winx Club Characters: All Characters And Powers Explained

Winx Club Characters. Winx Club leader is Bloom. She is a student from Earth, who at first thought she was just a simple human before discovering her flame-based abilities. The original group includes Stella, the Fairy of the Brilliant Sun; Flora, the Fairy of Nature; Musa, the Fairy of Music; and Tecna, the Fairy of Technology. They share an apartment on Alfea’s campus. Layla, the Fairy of Waves (or Aisha) is introduced in season 2. She becomes the sixth member of the group. In the fourth season, Roxy, the Fairy of Animals is introduced and sometimes joins the other fairies.

Winx Club characters are very popular. The characters have received positive reviews, including praise for their positive relationships as well as the presentation of gender roles. They have been featured in many media including the spin-off series World of Winx and a comic book serial. New episodes of the series featured CGI-animated sequences which rendered the characters in 3D. The live-action series Fate: The Winx Saga was inspired by Winx Club and debuted in 2021. It features some of the original characters.

Winx Club Characters: All Characters And Powers Explained

Presentation of the characters

THE CHARACTERS OF THE WINX CLUB: Presentation, strength and characteristics

Bloom Presentation

Bloom Winx Club

The Fairy of Dragon Flame. Her name comes from her source of power: she is a flame from The Great Dragon, a deity who created the Magic Dimension. She is the Winx Club’s most powerful fairy and leader. She was an ordinary human before she discovered her magical abilities. In the three first seasons, Bloom discovers the truth behind the destruction of her home planet by the Ancestral Witches. This leads to a battle against them. Bloom is frequent Sky throughout the series, and she accepts her marriage proposal to Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure. She also has a blue pet rabbit named Kiko.

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Bloom Powers

Bloom Winx Powers

Bloom, the Fairy of Dragon Flame, is the most powerful member of the Winx Club. She is able to sense danger. Bloom holds the Flame of the Dragon which is the most powerful power in the Magic Dimension.

Bloom Powers Characteristics
Bloom Winx Club powers Characteristics

She is smart , which is a common trait among fairies and good at solving problems. Because of her resourcefulness, she can handle all types of danger. She is loyal and always helps a friend. She will not betray a friend, even if it means sacrificing her own safety. She won’t abandon a friend even if he really wants to. She is not afraid to face a problem and will not back down from any challenge. She is determined and courageous. Sometimes her stubbornness turns into determination. Bloom isn’t as concerned about fashion and appearance as her friends. She always depends on Stella for help in choosing the right outfits.

Stella Presentation

Stella Winx Presentation

She is the spontaneous and outgoing Fairy of The Shining Sun. She hails from Solaria. Her long, blonde hair is a testament to her abilities in manipulating light and using the energy of the sun and moon. She is an artist who keeps a sketchbook full of fashion drawings. Stella designs her own clothes for the series to fulfill her dream of being a fashion designer. Stella is Bloom’s best friend, and she loves being the center of attention. As she was kept at Alfea for one year, she is the oldest Winx. She is engaged to Brandon, Sky’s bodyguard.

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Stella Powers

Stella winx Powers

Stella is the Fairy Of The Shining Sun. She gets her power and energy from the sun.

Stella Powers Characteristics
Stella Powers Characteristics

Stella is Bloom’s best friend. She is positive and sincere, and always keeps a positive attitude. She is able to find simple solutions for complex problems. Because of her vanity, she always thinks about other people. She can be a friend and make them laugh by surprising them with a party or by being a good host. She is the friendliest and most fun fairy. She is a fashion expert and loves to be in the latest trends.

She loves clothes and makeup, but she is also brave and loyal when needed. Stella is the most beautiful Winx. She’s confident in her appearance but also knows that confidence comes from the inside. She is optimistic and sincere. Even though she might not always know the answers, her friends love her. She is sensitive and caring, and she always shows kindness to others. Stella is a fashionista and helps her friends with make-up and clothes.

Flora Presentation

Flora winx Presentation

The sensitive and shy Fairy, Lynphea, is from the planet Lynphea. Her hair is long and brown with blonde strands. Flora gets her strength from plants, and her Alfea room looks like a greenhouse. Flora is the Winx Club’s peacemaker. She believes in protecting the environment and others. Flora is the potions expert for the group and brews herbal remedies. In the second season, Flora starts dating Helia.

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Flora Powers

Flora winx Powers

Flora is The Fairy of Nature. She draws all her powers and inspiration from plants, flowers and nature.

Flora Powers Characteristics
Flora Winx Club Powers Characteristics

Flora is a skilled cook who can make magic potions from all sorts of herbs. Flora is patient and doesn’t show any inclination to vainy when it comes time to choosing the perfume. Although she is sweet and gullible at times, her maturity ensures that she can get by. Flowers are her most precious possession. She doesn’t attach to money or material goods.

Musa Presentation

Musa Winx Club Présentation

The Fairy of Music planet Melody. Blue-black hair is styled in pigtails for the first two seasons, and then in longer styles thereafter. Her talents include manipulating sound waves and music. She is a lover of music and dance and can sometimes be pessimistic. She is the most vocal and sensible member of the group. Musa has been through several breakups with Riven, which she carries through to the seventh season. 

Musa Powers

Musa winx Powers

Musa is the Fairy Musician and draws her energy from the music that she plays. She’s a master at solving mysteries.

Musa Powers Characteristics
Musa Winx Club Powers Characteristics

Musa is a quiet person, but she doesn’t let that stop her from being a good friend. Her moods can change as much as the music she listens. Musa’s detective instincts allow her to uncover all the secrets of her friends. She is not a popular member of the group, but her friends know she can share any information they need and that her secrets are safe with them.

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She is, in some ways, the tomboy in the group. Although she is brave and can be just as brave as Bloom, her mood swings can hinder her ability to act. Musa is a world Melody native and has a unique talent for music. Musa is also a natural investigator and has a keen eye to detail. These qualities make her an expert at unravelling mysteries and understanding the evil witches and all their bizarre plots. She is smart and determined to succeed.

Tecna Presentation

Tecna Winx Club presentation

The Fairy of Technology. She is a fair skinned, with short magenta hair that is usually shaved in a pixie style and blue-green eyes. She comes from the planet Zenith, and her magic abilities are derived from energy and machinery. Tecna is a skilled photographer with a good knowledge of science. This helps her to invent new devices for her friends and herself. Tecna loves to experiment with computer programs and play video games. She is organized and rational, and uses logic to solve problems. Tecna is a partner in crime with Timmy during the entire series.

Tecna Powers

Tecna Winx Club Powers

Tecna, the Fairy of Technology, draws her powers from technological and electrical sources. She excels in math and science.

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Tecna Powers Characteristics
Tecna winx Powers Characteristics

Tecna’s science knowledge allows her to design devices that can save her and her friends from trouble. She is confident and knows exactly what she wants. She is generous and helps friends with their extraordinary inventions whenever they need it. Although she loves all her friends, she sometimes struggles to express her feelings. Tecna is technologically the most advanced fairy and has the most futuristic gadgets.

She is very fashionable and has a space-age appearance. Tena is meticulous, punctual and a neat freak. Her style is simple and minimalist. She is ambitious and proud of her heritage, so she works hard to excel in math and science. She has invented many amazing devices that aid her and the Winx Club when they are in difficult situations.

Layla Presentation

Layla Winx Club Presentation

Layla Or Aisha the Fairy of Waves was introduced in the second season. After Lord Darkar’s rescue, Aisha joins The Winx. She comes from the realm of oceans, Andros. Her features include dark skin and curly, dark-brown hair. She also has blue eyes. Aisha can control and manipulate Morphix, a pink fluid. Aisha is rebellious, athletic, and has a passion to dance and sports. Aisha, who lost her husband Nabu in season four, enters into a relationship with Nex in the sixth and seventh seasons. Aisha’s name changes to Layla in some third-party dubs; specifically the 4kids dub.

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Layla Powers

Layla is Fairy Of Waves. She can control water and other liquids.

Aisha Winx Club Powers
Layla Powers Characteristics
Layla winx Powers Characteristics

Layla is a lover of the ocean and all kinds of sports. She swims, dances, and does artistic gymnastics. Because of her grace and energy, she excels at every discipline. When she transforms into fairy, she perfectly combines her magic skills with her physical abilities. She uses her extraordinary physique and open mentality to fight, proving her courage by protecting those in need.

Roxy Presentation

Roxy winx Presentation

The strong-willed Fairy Of Animals was introduced in the fourth series. The show’s three production companies name her seventh member of the Winx Club. She is occasionally seen joining the Winx. She is the youngest fairie and has the lowest power level, but she never reaches the same levels as the rest. She appears as a supporting character in the spinoff World of Winx.

Roxy Powers

Roxy winx Powers

Roxy , the Fairy of Animals has animal-based powers.

Roxy Powers Characteristics
Roxy winx Powers Characteristics

Roxy is able to empathize and understand animals. She can also calm down scared, hurt or angry animals. She can communicate with them and summon them telepathically. Roxy is also able to give animals the ability speak like humans. Roxy can also give magical strength to them as she did to Artu, in “Winx Believix!” Roxy was able to free Artu from Gantlos and bring him back to her side. Roxy can also read the mind of an animal and control it, allowing her to tame wild creatures. Her magic is colored aquamarine/blue.

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Roxy can make animals out of inanimate objects like ice structures and have them obey her commands. Roxy appears to have a “danger sense”, as shown in “Winx Club Forever!” When she was able to sense the presence of the Wizards of the Black Circle in her home, ” Roxy can use her spells to control animals like a kaleidoscope, a group of butterflies.

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Winx Club CHARACTERS OTHER Characters

The characters of the Winx Club other characters are 3: Specialists, Paladins and Wizards


Specialists Winx

Magix’s Red Fountain School of Specialists trains men. They are known as Specialists and serve in squads.


Sky Winx

He is the leader among the Specialists. He is the crown prince, and later the king of Eraklyon. He is fair with blue eyes and blonde hair. He and Bloom have dated throughout the series. Sky proposes to Bloom in Magical Adventure. Sky is the son King Erendor’s and Queen Samara’s sons, initially pairing him with Diaspro, a princess. Sky split with Diaspro when he learned of her selfish nature. His bodyguard Brandon is his best friend.


Brandon Winx

Sky’s best friend, bodyguard and Stella’s fiancé. He is the most outgoing and strongest Specialist. He is fair with short brown hair and a long fringe.

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Riven Winx

He is the stubborn and competitive maverick of Specialists. He is a light-skinned man with short, spiky, pink hair and blue violet eyes. He is suspicious of women and his mother abandoned him when he was born. Musa is his intermittent partner. They break up in the sixth season and continue to be together through the seventh. Riven prefers a red-purple meteor hammer and a red-purple Phantom Saber.


Timmy winx

He is a Specialist and comes from a distinguished Magix family. He is passionate about technology and can command ships from Red Fountain. He is one of the most skilled Specialists, but is not very proficient with combat. He is a glasses-wearing man with fair skin, light brown-orange hair and a short fringe. His girlfriend is Tecna. He’s shy and cannot tell Tecna his feelings about her.


Helia Winx

Helia is a Red Fountain’s nephew and an artistic Specialist. She is introduced in season 2. Helia is a peace-loving pacifist who values nature and his family. He is Flora’s boyfriend. He enjoys painting and writing poetry for Flora. He has blue-black long hair that is pulled back in a ponytail for the first two seasons. His hair becomes shorter with season four.

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Roy Winx

A Specialist from Andros, who works for Aisha. Roy is light-brown with spiky blonde hair and gray eyes. He can fight underwater. Roy, like Nabu, uses magic and has a crush upon Aisha. Although Aisha is slow to respond, Roy eventually becomes friends with him in the sixth season. The Paladin Nex is Roy’s rival in Aisha’s affection.

Winx club characters

Paladins and Wizards

Paladins and Wizards Winx Club Characters

Winx Club characters: Three additional characters are depicted with significant similarities to the Specialists. However, they have never been to Red Fountain and are therefore not Specialists.

  • Nabu, a Wizard of nobility, was born on the planet Andros. In the third season, Aisha discovers that Nabu is being arranged to marry her. Nabu, disguised as Ophir, secretly leaves Andros to discover the truth about Aisha. Although the Specialists and Winx believe that he is a spy for Valtor, Nabu earns their respect and Aisha’s love after saving them on numerous occasions. He is light-brown with violet eyes and braided red hair. His magic staff is his weapon. The fourth season sees Nabu’s death as he gives his life to save Tir nan Og, the Earth fairy kingdom.
Nabu winx
  • Prince Thoren, a Paladin, is Sky’s cousin. He is also Daphne’s husband. The Earthquake Hammer is his weapon. Sky and he have a grudge. He is fair with wavy brown hair and blue-green eyes.
  • Nex is a confident, sociable Paladin who is also a friend to Thoren. He is fair in skin color, with gray hair and light-brown eyes. Aisha and he fall in love with each other during the sixth season. The Halberd of the Wind is his weapon.
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Characters bad guys / Antagonists In Winx Club

Winx Club antagonists characters are of several kinds:


Trix Winx Club Characters

The Trix is a trio of witches who have different powers. They are the main antagonists in the first season. They start as students at Cloud Tower where their peers idolize and fear them. They take most of Bloom’s power, until Bloom realizes that her abilities are limited by her self-doubt. She recovers enough energy to defeat them, and is imprisoned at the Fortress of Roccaluce. The Trix are rescued by Darkar in the second season. They are granted Dark Sirenix by Tritannus in season 5. Season 6 sees the Trix as the main villains. They are then locked in the Legendarium. Season 7 sees Brafilius find the Trix and release them accidentally. They take revenge on Alfea’s fairies. Brafilius is captured by the Trix and they use the Stone of Memories for a trip back in time. Season 8 sees the Trix side with Valtor.


Icy Winx

The oldest of the trio, she is also their leader. Her powers are derived form ice. She hates Bloom and is most competitive with the Winx. Icy is calmer than Stormy, but more aggressive than Darcy. She is the Princess of Dyamond, the elder sister to Sapphire. It is revealed in “The white Fox” that her desire to be the strongest witch comes from her ability to reverse the damage done by the Shaman witch to her kingdom, thereby turning her little sister into an ice fox. Her long, lavender-coloured gown used to be adorned with flowers in different shades of purple and lavender. Icy has pale skin. She used to have long, golden-yellow locks. But she changed her mind and now has light-blue hair.

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Darcy winx

Darcy, middle of the trio, gets her powers from the shadows and darkness. She loves tormenting pixies, but is more subtle and manipulative than her friends. She is fair with long brown hair and wears dark purple clothes, sometimes accompanied by glasses.


Stormy winx

Stormy, the youngest member of the trio, is able to weather stormy conditions. [a] Stormy is the most volatile of the trio and is known for violent outbursts. She is often impulsive and can lead the trio into trouble. She is tanned with a purple-colored hairstyle and reddish-violet clothing.

Winx Club Other Antagonists Characters

Winx Other Antagonists
  • The main antagonist in the second season is Lord Darkar (also known as the Shadow Phoenix). Darkar is a primordial being that caused the destruction and defeat of Domino. He was previously the controller of the Ancestral Witches, Valtor and Valtor. Darkar fell into deep sleep after the defeat and awakens at season two. He captures the pixies and rescues the Trix from prison. Then he opens a portal to the Realm of the Relix. He almost succeeds in his plan to control the magical universe and claim the Ultimate Power, but he is stopped by the Charmix Convergence for the Winx Club.
  • Valtor is a sorcerer who is the antagonist of the third- and eighth seasons. He was created from the dark spark of Dragon Flame by the Ancestral Witches. He was a witch who helped Domino to be destroyed, but he was defeated by Marion and Oritel who kept him in the Omega Dimension. In the third season, the Trix released him and became his allies. Valtor, after being released, aspires become the greatest wizard of the magical universe and conquer all realms. The third season ends with Valtor turning into a demon, unleashing a spell that nearly destroys Magix. The spells he stole are released by the Winx. Bloom defeats Valtor after she extinguishes the Dragon Flame. In Season 8, Argan revives him, only to have him destroyed again by the Winx.
  • The Ancestral Witches include Belladonna, who can control ice, Liliss, which can control darkness, and Tharma who can handle storms. They tried to invade the Infinite Ocean in the past and were defeated by Politea and Daphne. They cursed the Sirenix power of the Nymphs, making Politea a monster and Daphne a disembodied spirit. They also attempted to take control of Domino in order to gain the Dragon Flame’s power, but were stopped by the Company of Light. They destroyed Domino and darkened the planet, imprisoning its inhabitants at the Obsidian Dimension. They also jailed the witches, who were disembodied spirits.
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Ancestral Witches
  • Mandragora, an evil witch with power over insects, can be found only in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. She is the Guardian of Obsidian, a realm of pure evil and serves the Ancestral Witches. 
  • The four main villains of the fourth series are the Wizards of the Black Circle. They had a way to resist fairy magical power in the past. This allowed them to imprison Earth’s fairies and steal their magic. The Winx battle them throughout the season, but they are defeated by Bloom who uses her Believix powers and convinces Gardenia’s people to believe in magic. This makes the Wizards’ abilities useless and leaves them vulnerable to Bloom’s attacks. Their abilities are now weak and they have to hide in the sewers. The season finale sees the remaining Wizards frozen in the Omega Dimension, and falling into a crevice. The Wizards of the Black Circle have certain abilities, such as opening Dark Gates to capture fairies or cast enchantments. However, each Wizard has their own unique powers:
Wizards of the Black Circle
  • Ogron, the leader of the Wizards of the Black Circle, can absorb and deflect magic. With every dose of fairy magic that he takes in, he becomes stronger and more powerful.
  • Duman can transform into animals or other people. While suffering from an illness due to his unstable powers, he is defeated by Nabu.
  • Anagan has superhuman speed.
  • Gantlos can produce powerful, destructive shockwaves.
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  • Prince Tritannus, the antagonist in the fifth season. He is Princess Aisha’s first cousin. He is the son of Queen Ligea and King Neptune, and the younger brother to Prince Nereus. He is a merman prince who was sentenced to prison for trying to kill Nereus. Nereus was selected to be Neptune’s heir to his throne. Tritannus lost his prince title, and was later transformed into a sea monster demon by toxic pollution. His strength increases by absorbing more pollution. Tritannus is defeated when the Winx destroy Bloom’s trident, which holds all his evil powers. He is then banished to Oblivion.
  • Selina is the antagonist of the sixth season. She is originally from Earth and was once Bloom’s friend. She is a freshman at Cloud Tower. She has a magical book called The Legendarium, which can bring legends and myths to life. Acheron, a sorcerer, makes her his servant. Selina promised to free him in exchange for extraordinary powers, knowledge about the potential of its power, and the ability of him to rule alongside her. After being released, Acheron became hostile to her. Selina reached out to Bloom via telepathic communication and together they managed to imprison Acheron in the Legendarium with the Trix. Selina realizes the error in her ways and uses the Legendarium key to unlock the magic book for good. Later, she is reunited with Eldora, her fairy godmother, and mentor, and is welcomed back as a student.
  • Acheron is Acheron’s main antagonist in the sixth season. Acheron is a dangerous and powerful sorcerer who has learned dark magic on Earth. He wrote a book called The Legendarium, and attempted to use its power to become the most powerful and fearsome sorcerer in the magical universe. However, he was unable to control its powers and became trapped within its pages. Selina convinces Acheron to let him go and becomes strong enough to free him. Acheron offered to give Selina many powers and knowledge about Legendarium in exchange. Selina frees him, but he rebels against her, and Bloom traps him in the Infinity Box. This box can hold any magical items forever.
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Acheron winx
  • Politea, a evil Sirenix fairy, fought alongside Daphne in order to defend the Magic Dimension from the Ancestral Witches. To betray Daphne, she sided with the Ancestral Witches. They placed a curse upon Sirenix, causing Nymph Daphne’s physical self to disappear completely. Politea was then made into a mindless, dragon-like monster. Politea lived in a cave shaped like a shark in the Infinite Ocean for many years. Stormy and Darcy stole Politea’s evil Sirenix abilities, and she vanished from the real world. Politea, a yellow-colored spirit returns to life in The Mystery of the Abyss and joins forces with the Trix to acquire the powerful Pearl of the Depths. Politea convinces the Trix to control Tritannus so that Sky is abducted and used to gain the power of the Emperor’s Trinon. Tritannus is able to acquire the pearl and she shows her to him. She uses dark magic to control him. Politea is destroyed by the powerful Sirenix convergence with the Winx.
  • Kalshara and Brafilius are the main antagonists in the seventh season. Kalshara is a shapeshifter, and Brafilius her clumsy brother with dark magic powers. They aim to capture all Fairy Animals from the Magic Dimension and gain their power. Brafilius and Kalshara were once human but transformed into animal-like beings when Kalshara acquired wild magic. Brafilius took Roxy’s stone of memories and used it to travel backwards with the Winx. Brafilius, who had the ultimate power to grant Kalshara, betrayed Kalshara and stole the stone of memories for himself. He then used the stone to summon the most powerful animals from the magic dimension. Brafilius was captured by the Trix and made into a dog. Kalshara had to make a temporary truce to save him. Brafilius was then stripped of his ultimate power when the Trix were exiled to limbo. Kalshara became so angry at losing the ultimate power, she divorced Brafilius and fell into a vortex when confronted with the cave creatures that defended Brafilius. Kalshara was gone, but Brafilius changed her mind and now lives among the friendly cave creatures.
  • The eighth season’s secondary antagonist is Prince Argan, who was named Obscurum under Valtor’s darker magic. He is Queen Dorana’s brother. He was jealous of Queen Dorana’s power over their people and channeled the energy from Valtor to help him. Valtor granted Prince Argan dark powers, and altered his appearance.
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WINX CLUB Supporting Characters

Winx Club characters: Students and college staff

Students and college staff
  • Daphne is Bloom’s older sister and the Nymph of Sirenix. Her magical abilities and spells are derived from the sea and five elements: water, fire, earth, air, and quintessence. Daphne, who was cursed by the Ancestral Witches until season five, is disembodied. She is able to telepathically communicate and guide Bloom throughout the three seasons. This allows her to help Bloom restore Domino and liberate their parents. Bloom uses her Sirenix wish for the end of the curse of Sirenix to restore Daphne’s physical form. Daphne regains her Sirenix powers in the sixth season and is appointed History of Magic teacher at Alfea. She is made the crown princess of her homeworld and she marries Thoren.
Daphne winx
  • Faragonda, the Headmistress and teacher of Convergence and mentor to the Winx, is Faragonda and Ms. Griffin, a school for witches, have a strong relationship. It is revealed in the third season that they worked together to defend Domino against Valtor and other Ancestral Witches.
  • Griselda, vice-principal of Ms. Faragonda, is Head of Discipline at Alfea. Griselda, the most strict teacher at Alfea, teaches techniques involving defense- and reflection abilities as well as new spells.
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Griselda winx
  • Wizgiz, a leprechaun shapeshifter teacher, is an example of Wizgiz. He is Alfea’s oldest employee and has been teaching for over 1,000 years. Stella is his worst enemy. Stella has difficulty getting along with him because he can be irritable and doesn’t care about her grades.
  • Palladium, an Elf, teaches Potionology at Alfea. He also manages the Magical Reality chamber which simulates a virtual reality. He is unconfident and unassertive in the first season. He becomes more confident and has a older appearance in the second season.
Palladium Winx
  • Knut, a yellow ogre originally employed by the Trix, is now his name. Knut is very nearsighted. One joke about him is that he must help the Trix, or he will have to wear his glasses forever. Later, he defected to the good side fearing that the Trix would target his species. He is made a janitor in Alfea.
Knut winx
  • Winx club characters Mirta, a fairy, was once a witch at Cloud Tower. She joined Alfea in the second half of the first season. She is made into a pumpkin by the Trix for interfering with their business. Flora keeps her pumpkin in her bedroom and cares for it lovingly. She has tried several times to turn the pumpkin around. At the end of the first season, Flora is transformed back into a girl. She then becomes a transfer student at Alfea.
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Mirta winx
  • Lucy is Mirta’s only friend at Cloud Tower. Lucy is tall and pale and wants to meet the Trix in Season 1. Lucy prides herself as a witch, and views Mirta’s rejection for dark magic as an insult.
Lucy Winx
  • Griffin is Faragonda’s Headmistress at Cloud Tower. Griffin can be strict, but she is a good friend and protector of her students. When she was young, Griffin teamed up once with Valtor to help the Ancestral Witches. She ran away and defended Domino against the Ancestral Witches with Faragonda, Saladin and others.
Griffin winx

Winx Club Characters from the home world

Characters from the home world

Winx Club Characters Krystal, the Princess of Lynphea, is a freshman student at Alfea. She is revealed as a childhood friend to Helia in the fifth season and causes unintentionally a rift with Flora.

  • Mike and Vanessa are Bloom’s adoptive parents. Mike is a firefighter and sees Bloom as a child. Vanessa is a generous florist who owns her own flower shop.
Mike and Vanessa winx
  • Mitzi, Bloom’s ex-neighbor, classmate and rival, is spoiled. Bloom made fun of her when she went to the same Gardenia school. After accepting an offer by the Wizards of the Black Circle, she temporarily transforms into a Dark Fairy. Mitzi is a sister to Macy, whose younger sister shows compassion for the Winx. She also befriends them. Macy prefers the Winx, while Mitzi loves the Trix.
  • King Oritel, Queen Marion and the rulers of Domino are the biological parents for Daphne and Bloom. Their planet has been destroyed and they are now trapped in the Circle of Obsidian, a dark realm. Bloom has no idea of their location for most of her adult life. Bloom is taught by the Ancestral Witches to discover that they are still alive in a location far beyond the reach of the Magical Dimension. After destroying Obsidian dimensions and reviving Domino, Bloom liberates Oritel and Marion. They reunite with Bloom. They reunite with Bloom.
  • Winx Club characters: Princess Diaspro, a member Eraklyon’s nobility, was Sky’s arranged fiancee before he met Bloom. She is a gem-smashing princess. She is selfish and materialistic, and has no regard for the welfare of others. Diaspro attempts to win Sky’s love by allies with Valtor, and has herself been nominated to be the King’s liaison officer for Eraklyon. But she fails. Diaspro ally with the Trix in the sixth season.
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Princess Diaspro Winx Club
  • Stella’s divorce parents are King Radius and Queen Luna, Radius has the power of Solaria’s Sun and his life force is fused to the second Sun of Solaria. Luna is able to use the power of the sun and the light from Solaria. 
  • The third season introduces the nobles of Solaria, Countess Cassandra and Chimera. They join forces with Valtor in order to take control of Solaria. Cassandra, who is engaged to Stella’s father Radius, casts a spell that makes him do what she tells him. This includes banishing Stella. Chimera uses her magic on Stella to make her a monster, and she becomes the princess of Solaria. After Stella defeats them all, King Radius cancels his wedding to Cassandra. He sends them to a dungeon. 
  • Miele, Flora’s younger sister, is a plant-based magician whose powers come from plants. Miele assists the Winx during their visit to Lynphea. Miele enrolls at Lynphea College in the sixth season.
  • Ho-Boe was a musician, and Musa’s father is a widower. Matlin, his wife, was a singer who passed away when Musa was just a child. Ho-Boe is often protective of Musa as he fears he will lose his wife. While he makes only sporadic appearances throughout series, Matlin is seen in flashbacks and in the holograph Musa carries.
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Ho-Boe Winx Club Character
  • Tecna is the daughter of Magnethia and Electronio. They are scientists and inventors. They live on Zenith, and have a wide range of technological gadgets. When they first meet Timmy, they disapprove. But they eventually accept him once he proves his intelligence and his love for Tecna.
  • Roxy is the daughter of Queen Morgana, Klaus and Klaus. Morgana, the former queen of Earth fairies, is responsible for leading their revenge on the Black Circle for their imprisonment. She abdicates her throne in the fourth season to live with her husband, and her daughter, Gardenia. Klaus, a human from Earth, does not discover Morgana’s powers until much later in the series. He is the owner of Frutti Music Bar, where Roxy works.
  • Morgana’s second in command is Queen Nebula. She is one the powerful terrestrial fairies that was trapped in the magical White Circle. She was once the fairy who would bring peace, but her hatred of humans and Fairy Hunters made her the fairy who will war. She releases her anger at the end of the fourth series and becomes the new Earth fairy queen.
Queen Nebula Winx Club Character
  • Twinkly and Queen Dorana are both members of the magical alien species Lumens, which are introduced in the eighth series. They are from Lumenia, the star that lights Solaria and can create magic stardust. Dorana, the queen of stars and ruler of Lumenia, is Dorana. Twinkly acts as the messenger for Lumenia.
  • Sapphire is Icy’s younger sister
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Winx Club Characters The bonding of creatures

Winx Club The bonding of creatures

Winx Club characters The first magical beings to bond with fairies are the pixies. After the Winx save them from Darkar, they are introduced in season 2. Each one is based in part on British folklore and has a unique talent.



Lockette, also known as the Pixie Of Portals or the Pixie Of Direction, is Bloom’s bonded Pixie. She assists in finding the right path for her pixie.


Amore Winx Club

Amore, also known as the Pixie Of Love or the Pixie Of Feelings, is Stella’s bonded Pixie.


Chatta Winx Club

Chatta, Flora’s bonded Pixie, is the Pixie of Gossip. She’s very talkative and loves to write cheers.


Tune Winx Club

Tune, Musa’s bonded Pixie, is known as the Pixie of Etiquette. Her purple hair is a sign of her class and propriety. Tune is a ladylike person who nags Musa. Musa is well-known for her outgoing personality.


Digit Winx Club Character

Digit, the Pixie of Nanotechnology, is Tecna’s bonded pixie. She is a quiet, but close friend to Tecna. They are open to each other’s ideas, share similar interests and communicate in a similar way.


Piff Winx Club Character

Piff, the baby Pixie of Sweet Dreams, is Layla’s bonded pixie. Piff can relieve nightmares by falling asleep on the head of the dreamer, which aids in easing Aisha’s fears. Piff is unable to talk and communicates only in baby babble. Piff’s sleepiness and restlessness are balanced by Aisha’s nervousness.

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Caramel Winx Club

Caramel is Super-Strength’s Pixie. In season six, Digit is replaced by Caramel as Tecna’s pixie.Cherie is known as the Pixie of Weather. In season six, she replaces Tune as Musa’s pixie. 

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  • The fairy pets are a collection of soft toys from Earth brought to life through the magic of the Winx. Bloom has a white-furred lamb named Belle, Stella has a poodle named Ginger, Flora has a kitten named Coco, Musa is a teddy bear called Pepe and Tecna has a duckling named Chicko. Aisha also owns a rabbit named Milly. Kiko is often attracted to Milly and Ginger. Roxy has a fairy pet, an unnamed tiger that only appears on merchandise.
The fairy pets winx club
  • Winx Club characters: The selkies are ocean dwellers and serve as gatekeepers for ocean portals to different planets. In the fifth season, Tritannus takes their powers in order to gain access to the Infinite Ocean. Their powers are restored after a fairy from their home planet bonds with them. The bonded fairy can be sensed by Selkies. Serena, who is the gatekeeper for Domino, has a bond to Bloom. Illiris, who is the gatekeeper for Solaria is bonded with Stella. Desiryee is bonded too to Flora. Sonna, who is the gatekeeper to Melody, has a bond to Musa. Lithia is the gatekeeper at Zenith. Lemmy is bonded as the gatekeeper to Andros. Two other unbonded selkies are also seen: Nissa the gatekeeper for Magix and Phylla the gatekeeper for Earth.
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Selkies Winx Club
  • The fairy animals, mythical creatures, are what the Winx bind in the seventh season. Each of them has a secret or power that helps maintain order in the universe. Bloom saves Elas, a fairy animal named Elas from a monster-like shapeshifting unicorn. Stella has a Shinygreed that looks like a bird named Shiny, Flora has a Magiwolf named Amarok, Musa has a Quillcat called Critty, Tecna has a Techsquirrel called Flitter, and Aisha has a Cry-Cry called Squonk.
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