FFX MP Stroll: What It Is & How To Get It: Everything You Need To Know

FFX MP Stroll

MP Stroll is an auto-ability that is personalized to the armor of FFX. Anyone who has an MP Stroll to their clothing will gain MP when Tidus moves around in the realm of the dead, with a speed of around +8 MP for every step.

You’ll require 2 Mana tablets to personalize this capability.

In addition, Qactuars in The Thunder Plains have a chance to drop equipment that has MP Stroll already in it However, we’ll provide more details about this later in the guide.

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How Can You Buy Mana Tablets?

How Can You Buy Mana Tablets?

The unlocking of your Species Conquest fiend Ironclad at the Monster Arena gives you 60 Mana Tablets. That is more than you’ll ever need.

Particularly since you will only require just 2 Mana Tablets for MP Stroll customisation.

With FFX having seven total members in the party You’ll need just fourteen of the Tablets to offer everyone armor for MP regeneration.

Ironclad can be unlocked after you capture Ironclad after capturing Iron Giants and 10 of the two types of Gemini foes (Gemini A and B).

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Iron Giants can be found in the Thunder Plains, while Gemini is located within the Final Dungeon (both Gemini enemies typically spawn in the same fight).

However, Ironclad is only a single-time unlock.

If you’re looking for additional then the most efficient method of acquiring Mana Tablets is to bargain with an Chimera lover with 105,000 Gil in exchange for 10 tablets.

This is most likely to be the most efficient method for farming from all other methods, as you will only require two tablets for each MP Stroll.

Chimeras are found within Macalania Woods. Macalania Woods.

How to Find MP Stroll early

If you are persistent You can earn MP Stroll in when you reach the Thunder Plains.

Sprinkled across the Plains are the mysterious Quactuar Stones.

If you pray to them by pressing the square button they’ll be adding Qactuars in random battles.

The Cactuar cousins could have the chance to drop armor using MP Stroll already present on it.

The likelihood of coming across the Qactuar is pretty slim as well as getting a drop is just as rare. It shouldn’t take longer than an hour or two of grinding , and the rewards are impressive.

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MP recovery just for walking around!

Then… Is MP Stroll worth it?

Depends on the time you buy it.

Late game? It’s not so much. The more you progress into FFX the more MP is no longer an issue.

In the initial to mid-mid phases of Yuna’s pilgrimage management could be an actual problem.

If you are willing to collect Qactuars and acquire an (few) MP Stroll armors, you’ll soon be walking along Easy Street.

In the end in the final analysis, MP Stroll is no longer important as you advance in the game. However, getting it in the beginning is extremely useful.

However, don’t fret in the event that you’re close to reaching the end of your game as that’s when you’ll require greater capabilities in the slots for armor.

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