FFX Stamina Tonic Farming Guide (Bribe + Steal): Everything You Need To Know

FFX Stamina Tonic. Technically speaking, the most efficient method of acquiring Stamina Tonics through engaging Gemini lovers (either Gemini A or B, it doesn’t matter). For 900,000 gil you get x10 Tonics. This is a bit expensive, but if have the gold then bribing is the best method of acquiring this item in a short time.

For a less expensive option it is possible to use each Catoblepas along with Machea lovers are equipped with Stamina Tonics as their rare items to steal.

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If you modify the weapon you are using by using Master Thief, you’ll be able to get them for as long as you want. This method requires master Thief, but it’s the most economical and efficient method of farming to get plenty of Stamina Tonics.

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Catoblepas is available in Catoblepas is unlocked at Monster Arena after the capture of one of the fiends on Mt. Gagazet. There are eleven total:

  • Bandersnatch
  • Thank you!
  • Bashura
  • Grenade
  • Splasher
  • Achelous
  • Maelspike
  • Ahriman
  • Grendel
  • Mandragora
  • Behemoth
  • Dark Flan
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If you’re looking to locate the Machea beasts, they live in The Omega Ruins.

Additionally, you can earn the one-time reward of 99 stamina Tonics (probably higher than the amount you’ll require) through unlocking Stratoavis in the Monster Arena.

Stratoavis is released after you capture one duplicate of each creature you encounter on the trails all around Besaid Village.

Luckily , there are only three to be caught:

  • Dingo
  • Condor
  • Water Flan

Stamina Tonic: What is the purpose of Stamina Tonics? for?

Stamina Tonic Farming: What is the purpose of Stamina Tonics? for?

Utilize them with”Use” or the “Use” command and you’ll be able to boost the total HP of your entire group to fight.

This is pretty cool.

However, the best application for them is likely going to be to modify HP +30% to an armor piece and requires only one Stamina Tonic per modification.

and Rikku could use these ingredients as mix ingredients, too. For example…

Hyper Vitality (Musk + Stamina Tonic): The cast cheers on the party and boost their max HP.

Eccentric (Amulet + Stamina Tonic): Doubles the gain from overdrive for the entire event.

The Trio 9999 (Dark Matter + Stamina Tonic): All allies take on 9999 using their abilities and attacks throughout the course of battle.

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Are Stamina Tonics Worth Farming?


You can unlock ninety-nine by unlocking Stratoavis. The odds are that it’s all you’ll ever need.

HP +30 percent is good however it is not crucial in terms of armor capability.

Doubling your HP can be great, however, it’s not even close to a requirement to win any battle within the games.

Even Rikku’s mix are possible to make elsewhere making use of common materials.

In the case of Stamina Tonics, you can just use what you can from Stratoavis and that’s likely to suffice.

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