Find Familiar 5e D&D Guide : Everything You Need To Know

Find Familiar 5e D&D Guide

“Get Familiar,” the spell “Get Familiar,” which is a low-level spell within D&D, lets you make the appearance of a familiar.

While your familiar can’t combat, it can be used for a variety of reasons that can transform your character’s abilities from being sometimes effective to being extremely powerful.

How does the spell Find Familiar work? And how is it used?

The Find Familiar spell (a 1st-level ritual or conjuration spell) is listed on the list of wizard spells. Casting this spell will take about an hour, and you will require the charcoal and incense as well as 10-gold-plated plants.

The materials must be placed in a brazier made of brass, and then put the fire to them when you’ve cast your spell. Also, you will need to supply verbal and somatic components to the spell.

What is the Find Familiar Spell and how does it work?

When you’ve finished the spell, a spirit that resembles an animal is seen at a distance of 10 meters from you, possibly within Brazil after the burning of the elements. This spell will explain how to use your favorite.

  • While your creature appears to be something from the animal kingdom, you may select to make it celestial, fiend, or an eagle.
  • It operates independently and is able to take initiative, however it follows your commands completely.
  • It’s not able to attack, but it could perform any other move. It could be in the form of the dodge or dash or help, disengage to hide, or disengage actions.
  • The spell is not able to determine how long your beloved will be able to last. The spell will bring you to the beloved’s notice. It is indefinitely active after it has been cast.
  • It is able to communicate via telepathic communication at a range of just 100 meters. It also has the ability to be able to hear and see your body for up to six seconds when you’re blind and deaf to all of your senses.
  • It is able to be temporarily or permanently removed. It is considered to be a pocket dimension and is waiting for your return. It is necessary to use the spell again to retrieve the item, even if you’ve previously thrown it away.
  • A family member is only able to be only one. When you cast this spell, if you are already familiar could cause you to be familiar to take on a new appearance.
  • The familiar is able to cast spells using a range of touch. In addition, your familiar is able to cast the spell exactly as it was the time you cast it. It only works in the event that your family members live close to 100 meters of your location.
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By Dungeon Dudes

The long time required to cast the spell signifies that it’s not designed to be employed in combat.

It’s more of a pre-cursory spell that you can cast during your free time or after an extended day, and still have a slot.

What could a family member do?


This spell says that your creature isn’t able to be attacked, but it can take other actions. The help action is the most effective. This action is available on page 192 of the Player’s Handbook.

The Help action to assist another creature gain advantage in their next skill to accomplish the task that you’re helping them with.

In addition, it could provide a creature with an advantage in the next attack against another creature situated less than 5 yards from the area you are in.

Set your personal belongings close to 5 meters of the person who you are planning to target. Your familiarity will deter your opponent and give you the edge when you go after the enemy again.

If your spell calls for an alternative save throw then you may request that your family member take the initiative to hand over Help actions to a different party member.

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For instance, you could you could send this to the Rogue to help them with attacks that are sneaky. The familiar is always a source of benefit for your group in battle.

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Your personal friend can be an excellent resource for scouting your entire adventurers. You could solicit the help of your family members for assistance if you’re not sure what’s going on in the next room, what’s creating that sound in the woods or even who are the people in the bar are talking about.

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A lot of people don’t pay any attention to your appearance because they believe you’re a wolf. Wild animals might not be aware that they are at all familiar with you.

It can talk to you, and so it will describe everything it saw or heard when it’s within the range of.

Which animals are familiar to?

If you cast this spell, you are able to choose an animal that your friend has chosen from. Your animal’s familiar assumes all the statistics of the animal you choose with some minor functional differences.

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Also, think about your character’s personality as well as the animal you’ll be able to be able to bond with. You may find it enjoyable to pick an animal that is totally distinct from you.

Classic Family

This spell lists the possibilities for people who are familiar with the spell. Here’s a list with the advantages. They are not attacked by your familiar, therefore their usage statistics reflect their speed, agility and unique abilities.

  • Bat Bat Blindsightsights, Flight and hearing tests for advantage
  • Cat Cat The benefit of smell tests is that they are situational and 40 ft. speed will get them where they’re required to go in order to assist.
  • Crabs – They’re slow and provide little else.
  • Frogs aresimilar to crabs, however with somewhat more vision.
  • Hawk Hawk Hawks are ideal for any scenario, with the exception of in the dark underground dungeon. They can fly up to 60 feet per hour , and they have advantages on checks that are based solely on sight.
  • Lizard The same as the crab however it has a much faster climbing time than its swimming.
  • Octopus Octopus It is only suitable for an underwater mission. It can be spooky underwater, which makes it a fantastic scout.
  • OwlFlight, superb dark vision, excellent sight and hearing make fantastic Scouts. Flyby skills are difficult to remember. While flying away, they do not trigger opportunities for attacks. They are safe to be brought into the area to assist, and after that, they’ll be released.
  • Poisonous Snake Poisonous Snake You won’t suffer the poisoning that familiars usually cause since they don’t have the ability to attack you.
  • Quipper FishThey are great underwater, but lack vision and are poor Scouts.
  • Rat Advantage in darkvision and smell checks
  • RavenThe Ravens have an excellent sense of scent and are able to fly. Their ability to imitate isn’t required since they can sent telepathically.
  • Sea Horse Sea Horse only for diving, not for any other purpose.
  • SpiderHTML0 Spider They’re stealthy and are able to climb on ceilings. You can technically spot the invisible spider by casting it or transmitting your spider into the room.
  • Weasel Weasel is a smart perception of scent and hear, and is able to stealth.
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The Owl is the most effective choice. They are able to scout in any types of environments (except the water) and don’t cause any danger to anyone else.

This decreases the time required in casting the spell needed to bring them back home. Octopus is the most effective choice under water, due to its shrewdness and ability to scout.

Family variations

Additional creatures that are included in the spell’s description were included from other sources. A note informing you that the creature may be a representation of your own familiar was also added.

  • Abyssal Chicken(Descent Into Avernus). The chicken-like creature is native to the Abyss. It is able to fly, however it will fall in the middle of each turn. It is equipped with 10 hit points, and can last longer than the other options. It is not susceptible to poisoning and can stand up to fire, cold, and lightning damages.
  • Almiraj(Tomb of Annihilation). The bunny has a unicorn’s Horn. It’s adorable. It’s got good vision and stealth, even at 50 feet. speed, and also an advantage when it comes to sight and hearing tests.
  • Anvilwrought Raptor Anvilwrought Raptor is an iron bird constructed from iron. This monster is hard to overcome. It has 18 hit points as well as immunity against poison, fire and other ailments. It is also able to record the sight of people and make sight checks.
  • Flying Monkey (Tomb of Annihilation). Flying is a useful skill. When the monkey doesn’t attack the pack, tactics for a pack don’t work similarly.
  • Gazer (VGtM). Have you ever wished to become a pet owner? These are babies beholders.
  • Imp (MM). A tiny devil that can be invisible in the dark and then share their power of resistance with other.
  • Quasit(MM) You are able to share your resistance to this shape-shifting monster.
  • Tressym(Storm King’s Thunder). Cats are the best! Cats that has wings! The cat is able to see creatures as far as sixty feet from the ground.
  • Pseudodragon(MM) The HTML0 pseudodragon is small dragon that is able to share its magical resistance and sharp awareness with you.
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It is noted on page 347 that NPC spellcasters are permitted to possess any Tiny creature they are familiar with, in addition to the list of creatures named which can be considered familiar.

This isn’t a suitable text for PCs but you can make use of this information to justify the purchase of a familiar velociraptor. Your DM could cause you to be a target in the event that you do this.

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Homebrew Family

What about a beetle. The squirrel? The jackrabbit? Perhaps you’ve got an idea of the kind that your character must be. The majority of DMs will agree as long as it’s not an animal that is dangerous or overpowered.

It is easy to modify an existing model and customize it to your liking. For instance, the well-known Eagle with the bald head who utilizes stat blocks for hawks.

You could also collaborate with your DM to create your own familiar figures. You are able to play the final version in the event that your DM agrees.

Who has access to the spell?

Are you sure you’re right? fantastic? Good! It’s not in the wizard spells list. It doesn’t require wizard to acquire familiar. There are many ways that you can obtain the D&D familiar you want.

  • Bards are able to access any spells within the game via the Magical Secrets ability. This ability is accessible to Lore bards who are at the level 6.
  • Druids can utilize Wildshape to cast their spells, and also make use of Wild Companion which is an optional feature for druids.
  • The wizard’s spells can be found on the 3rd Level of the subclass fighter Eldritch Knight, one of that could come of or from any college.
  • The subclass rogue Arcane trickster is also granted three wizard powers at third level. One of them can belong to any of the schools.
  • Pact of the Tome warlocks can access ritual spells.
  • This spell is the heart to the Pact of the Chain.
  • The Ritual Caster ability is available to any character with at least 13 Intelligence or Wisdom.
  • Anyone can opt to perform to use the Magic Initiate feat. this spell is available for their first level.
  • Like magic spell-storing objects like the Reserve Ioun Stone, and a Ring of Spell Storage, the spell is able to be inserted into them, and then transferred to a different person.
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Pact of the Chain: Super Familiars

Pact of the Chain Warlocks Learning how to Find Familiar skill by the 3rd level. This spell has some advantages and you can improve it using Eldritch Invocations.

Pact of the Chain: Super Familiars

You can choose one of these options when casting this spell:

  • Tax, please refer to Family Variant.
  • Pseudodragon is a pseudodragon. Please refer to Family Variant.
  • Almost, Please see Family Variant.
  • Sprite, also known as a sprite, is tiny, unnoticeable creature made from fey. They are blind and have incredible stealth and even become invisible.

If you want your character to react to your attack you may have to make your attack less effective. Even though you’ll perform better generally speaking however, you are still able to use special abilities, such as that of the quasit’s Scare ability, as well as gazer’s eye beams.

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You can use Eldritch Invocations as you advance through the warlock classes. Invocations like these can help your family become more powerful.

  • The Voice of Chain Masteras long as you’re at the same level, the telepathy as well as the ability to look through the eyes of your companion are unlimitable. You are also able to communicate with the members of your household. It is now possible to navigate forward without putting yourself in danger.
  • The gift of the Always-Loved Ones– You can get the most healing if you are able to recover the hit points that are within 100 feet from your familiar. This is applicable to healing spells such as potions and healing using hit dice.
  • Investment of an a Chain Master (TCoE)(TCoE) You can give your familiar flight speed , or swimming speed. Your friend can also make use of the spell save DC to transform its attacks into a magical one. Your creature can also benefit from your reaction to grant it the ability to resist damage from incoming attacks.
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This is the most effective alternative. It turns your familiar into an important player in your adventure team. The abilities listed above are accessible after you’ve gained experience as warlock.

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Giving Touch Spells

It is possible to use your familiar to cast spells using the use of a variety of touches. Your familiar can perform a spell for you without having to actually be fighting. fight.

This is an excellent method to offer boost spells for your friends as they engage in battle with their foes. It is possible to send your familiar to heal yourself with Healing Wounds or buff with Heroism or boost usefulness using Fly.


What is the best way to use Find Familiar 5e for the most effectively?

The two most important uses for your family are to make use of the Help function in order to get an edge when you roll and also to keep an eye on the situation without being attacked by members of your party.

What is the best method to locate a job that you are familiar with?

The answer is that this spell is cast for an hour and grants you the power to follow the spirit animals you select. It is effective until it is reduced down to zero HP.

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What classes are you able to learn?

Find Family is available to any class by using any class through Magic Initiate feat the Ritual Caster feat or spell that stores the item has been cast.

Druids and bards, and arcane and eldritch knights Wizards, warlocks, and bards, are able to be found on Find Family.

Which Family 5e is the Best?

The spell that includes flight and darkvision lists as the most effective option for the Owl.

Are you able to transform into the person you know?

Yes it is in a position to fight.

Can a Sorcerer Have a Familiar 5e?

Yes. Sorcerers can gain access one of their familiars by through their Ritual Caster ability or the Magic Initiate Feat.

Does a Familiar Count as a creature?

Answer Your familiar is an fey or celestial creature. Any impact on the creature can impact the familiar.

Does it need to be taken any step to control a familiar?

No. Invoking it to help or take other actions does not necessitate taking any actions.

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Final Words

A familiar is an effective character choice that can aid in scouting and fight when playing D&D. The familiar is considered to be a level 1 ability. There are a variety of ways to acquire it, even though you’re not wizard-level.

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Your friend can give you an edge in combat and lets you have a friend who will enhance the appearance of your character.

This spell is definitely worth trying in the event that you are able to. You’re only 10gp from having your friend back even if they fall to zero HP.

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