Goten Vs Gohan : Who is The Strongest ?

Gohan Vs Goten

Children around the globe love Dragon Ball TV and manga. The series follows the adventures of Goku, a powerful Saiyan warrior who leads a group of friends in his fight to defend Earth from villains such as androids and aliens.

Everyone who loves Dragon Ball Universe knows and loves Goten and Gohan. Goten, the younger brother, is fun-loving, mischievous, and Gohan is shy and bookish and lacks fighting spirit. Which of the brothers, sons and fighters Goku, is the stronger of the two?

Goten Vs Gohan

Although it is impossible to match their strengths directly the manga series authors have stated repeatedly that Goten’s fighting power is not inferior to Gohan. It would be easy to assume that Gohan is the stronger fighter due to their differing personalities and ways of thinking. This assumption is false, as we’ll see in the rest of this story.

The story of Dragon Ball Z revolves around the lives of the brothers and their battles with Goku, the father. They are both powerful warriors with diverse personalities and strengths. However, they fight for the same cause: saving the Earth. They often fight against each other, either in a group or alone. But how do we know which one is stronger?

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Power Of Goten

Power Of Goten

Even though he is much older than Gohan, Goten has always been a standout in terms of his strengths. His father is his son. This is evident by the similarities Goten has to Goku. His mother Chi Chi trained him in martial arts and gave him a head start as a fighter. Goten’s strength was evident when he achieved his Super Saiyan transformation earlier than his father Goku and his brother Gohan.

Goten was able to give his brother a difficult time when they were first Super Saiyans. Gohan was amazed at the strength of his little brother. He derives most of his powers from his long-standing friendship with Trunks. Trunks, who is one year older than Goten, is extremely powerful and Goten has worked hard to become as strong as his best friend. They fight almost every fight together and are known as Gotenks to their fans.

Power Of Goten

Both are reckless and often enter fights head-first without any strategy. They also have problems maintaining the discipline required to acquire and keep the powerful, unbeatable warrior powers they desire. Many believe that Goten could have been as strong and powerful a fighter if he had trained as hard as his father Goku.

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Gohan’s power

Gohan's power

Gohan, Goku’s oldest son, inherited many of the characteristics and potentials of his father. He was withdrawn and reserved as a child. He wasn’t the type of person that would make him a great fighter. He learned to maximize his potential over time and became one of the best Z fighters. While he did it mostly out of a desire to protect his family, he never learned to love or embrace the sport of fighting.

He uses his strength to protect his family and those close to him as well as to defend the Earth. He loves the thrills of fighting and his superhuman abilities, even though his mother was human. He was able to overcome all his doubts and become a formidable fighter.

Gohan's power

He spends his entire life fighting for the Earth with the Dragon Team. Gohan’s greatest flaw is his arrogance and cockiness, which can make him seem almost drunk in his power. He is a naturally humble, kind and compassionate fighter.

He can be cocky and enjoys his superior abilities, even if it means he dismisses them. Gohan began to lose strength as the series progressed. He has even stopped training altogether. Many theories exist as to how and why Gohan became weaker. Some suggest that he doesn’t have anyone to compare his strength to (what about his brother?) He is now a scholar and has stopped training.

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Goten vs Gohan – Who is stronger?

Goten Vs Gohan Power Levels By DBLevelScaleZ

It is obvious that there is no simple answer to the question “Which one of the brothers is stronger?” Their strengths have changed over time, so the answer is dependent on many factors. Gohan is older so he was more powerful when Goten was younger than him. Goten, however, has already demonstrated great potential as a young boy. This was evident in their sparring.

Both brothers reached maturity and their motivation to train to be the strongest, most powerful fighter they could was greatly increased. During certain times in their lives, they could each easily claim that they were the best of the two. The brothers didn’t fight often so it is difficult to say which was the stronger. 

Goten vs Gohan - Who is stronger?

Their only sparring was when their father returned from the Earth to take part in the Strongest Under the Heavens Martial Arts Tournament.

Goten was seven years of age and was training to impress his father. It was their first meeting. He mastered Super Saiyan transformation, but he is still not able to fly.

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