Who Can Beat Rimuru ? : Top 10+ Anime Characters Who Can defeat him

Who can defeat Rimuru

Rimuru is now TenSura’s strongest character. However, many people argue that slime can still hold its own against strong characters in anime. So Who can beat Rimuru ?

Rimuru begins his life as a simple human in another world. He then becomes a True Dragon and a demon slime. But he continues to evolve at an incredible pace. His power surpasses all. He has evolved from a demon slime to a True Dragon to Godhood. He can travel anywhere he wants at any time and between worlds by the end.

Rimuru’s fearsome abilities have led to him being compared to the elite of anime. Are slimes stronger than Goku and Saitama? Naruto? Place your bets!

Can Rimuru Beat Goku ?

Can Rimuru Beat Goku ?

TenSura is the story of Rimuru, an immortal God who can create or destroy many universes. Rimuru has an endless supply of magical power and the ability to travel through space and time. Rimuru is also able to perform a variety of tricks that make it impossible for anyone to match him, even Goku. So Rimuru is able to easily defeat Goku, as well as all other characters such Saitama Naruto or Others in hand-to–hand combat.

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To beat him, you need to have an incredibly powerful magic skill, an very Op Skill or the same status as him in the world. That is to say, a God who rules over everything.

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⚠️ We are talking about the Rimuru at the end of the light novel which is God and not the one in the anime which is much weaker ( Demon King ).

10. Lelouch Lamperouge, Code Geass, can defeat Rimuru with an order

Lelouch Code Geass

Lelouch vi Britannia, or Lelouch Lamperouge, is the Eleventh Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. His main strength is his power of Absolute Obeyance. This allows him to influence people’s thoughts through their eyes. He’s also an intimidating adversary. He is also clever and deceitful. There were many instances in anime where he ordered his subject to commit suicide. As Rimuru is immortal, he could give the order to fall asleep forever. This is an easy task with innocent Rimuru. So, Lelouch can beat Rimuru

9. Kami Tenchi

Kami Tenchi

Tenchi Muyo! anime features Kami Tenchi. Tenchi is an God who has lost all of his memories and became the quiet main character in the story. He meets all kinds of people who instruct him on the laws that the world works. They are all trying to remind him of his origins.

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In the end, Tenchi was the one who created his own universe. In comparison to someone who could make and destroy universes at an instant. Due to the equal capacity of God that these 2 have. We will not be able to know the outcome of the duel

 8. Nanika from Hunter x Hunter can defeat Rimuru with Trick

Nanika is from Hunter x Hunter can defeat Rimuru

Nanika, like Eri, is a petite girl. Killua’s sister, Alluka, has a body similar to hers. Nanika, a dark entity that grants wishes to anyone who meets the criteria, is capable of granting any wish. There are many wishes that Nanika will grant. The more powerful the wish, the more difficult the next wishes will be. Two people are likely to die if the next person refuses to fulfill the request.

Nanika is in Alluka’s body, and has the same strength that a normal child. It can choose not to change into a larger body so that its physical strength increases. So Nanika can Beat Rimuru.

7. Misogi Kumagawa (Medaka Box) Rimuru with Trick

Misogi Kumagawa (Medaka Box) All fiction can defeat Rimuru

On one side, we see Kumagawa blinding Zenkichi by using All Fiction, which makes reality seem like nothing(Medaka Box Manga Chapter 69 of the Medaka Box Manga) The other hand, we can see Kumagawa returning from death using All Fiction(Medaka Box Manga: Chapter 72)

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What could Rimuru, which he has perfected, can do to a person like Misogi who is able to alter or reverse reality at will? Sure, Rimuru can obviously kill Misogi with his flawless power. However, Misogi is able to come back and relive himself in alternate reality. In alternating Reality Misogi can beat Rimuru.

Example : And if Rimuru became a simple human again?

6. Yukari Yakumo can beat Goku with Trick

Yukari Yakumo can defeat Rimuru

Yakumo is able to manipulate boundaries “boundaries” of any thing which is believed as having a boundary however, it is actually a way that she is able to alter the space and time at will. 

Also, She invented the pocket dimension of Gensokyo by building the Great Hakurei Barrier. In addition, she utilizes the same power in combat to access and create another dimension. 

Finally, Yukari is able to alter time in a way that “today,” “yesterday,” and “tomorrow” each have distinct limits. In essence, his abilities are very similar to Misogi Kumagawa’s from Medaka Box. With Reality Yukari can beat Rimuru

5. Haruhi Suzumiya can beat Rimuru with Trick

Haruhi Suzumiya can beat Goku

Moving closer to our number one number one, we are now looking at Haruhi Suzumiya from the anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. This list contains many Gods and Goddesses. Haruhi is only one. It is true. 

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Enter Haruhi Suzumiya. Haruhi Suzumiya is a Goddess who doesn’t quite understand what she’s all about. Haruhi doesn’t realize her ability to change reality at will. She is actually able to do it every day using only thoughts she doesn’t realize. 

Rimuru might decide to fight her in a battle. However, Haruhi can just think about that thought and wipe Rimuru out of existence if she is unhappy. Although he might be very strong, he is not as powerful as the power of these omnipotent powers. Rimuru can be defeated by Harushi in alternating Reality.

4. ZENO (DRAGON BALL SUPER) Can Beat Rimuru But it’s complicate

ZENO (DRAGON BALL SUPER) can beat Rimuru

We hope Rimuru will be at peace and has a playful spirit for the battle. This could mean that his life is a little longer. Zeno would rather just hang out with his friends and have fun, maybe playing a board game or something else.

Anyone who is a nuisance to the Omni King will be shot. Zeno will kill Rimuru and his entire world if he doesn’t want to play Tic-Tac Toe against his enemies. The problem here is that Rimuru is immortal and has same power that Zeno… will a Hakai work on him ? Is Zeno immortal?
This fight is very hypothetical

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3. Anos can beat Rimuru in a tight battle

Anos can beat Rimuru

The Misfit of Demon King Academy anime features The Demon King Anos. Anos is as strong as Rimuru. It could be a fascinating battle if he lets Rimuru try it out and have fun.

Anos is nearly immortal, however. Anos can beat Rimuru down because of his ability to regenerate himself from the dead. His entire universe of Gods was defeated by Anos, 2000 years prior to the current timeline. He also has an axe which could totally destroy the universe. He can defeat Rimuru in a tight battle in the face of an abrasive weapon.

2. Anti-Spiral can beat Rimuru in long battle

Anti-Spiral can beat Rimuru

Gurren Lagann’s Tengan Toppa series depicts the Anti-Spiral as a species that is Omnipotent, omniscient and always-present. They can stop their own evolution, and they can appear anywhere in time and space. Also,  They are powerful enough to wipe out the entire Multiverse. They are one collective consciousness. It is simple. The Anti-Spiral has all the power. They have all the knowledge and they are everywhere. It’s hard to tell what they can and cannot do for Rimuru.

It’s not possible to find a bug in someone as powerful as the Anti-Spiral. Their incredible power is what makes them the first. Other members of the list like Haruhi and Zeno have the power to destroy all universes. The Antispiral can destroy all existence in all universes. This is an amazing amount of force. This is why they are the gods on this list

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1. Simon (Gurren Lagann) can beat Rimuru in long Battle

Simon (Gurren Lagann) can beat Rimuru

The Anti Spiral is described as the antagonist in Gurren Legann. The anti Spiral is all-knowingomnipresent, and strong. It should be obvious that Simon, our hero, is superior then Anti Spiral. This should prove that he is more than capable to defeat Goku.

The last two seasons see Simon absorb the Antispiral’s Multiverse Labyrinth containing infinite multiverses. He then creates Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with the energy from his spiral. Simon’s abilities are unlimited.

He can throw galaxies like baseballs. Simon can literally sneeze Rimuru. There is no mention of Rimuru with unlimited power. The fight would be long but Simon should beat Rimuru.

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7 thoughts on “Who Can Beat Rimuru ? : Top 10+ Anime Characters Who Can defeat him”

  1. Rember Rimuru can bend rality space and time also he is imunne to contorl thanks to ciel also so of these charaters are way to weak to even cause a scrach him, and ciel can take over his body witch makes him stronger.

    1. No you have absolutely no idea about the character above we are talking about God or godlike character power omni powerful being. You can simply believe that rimuru can defeat everyone expect he can’t

  2. Bro you guys a fucking retarded rimuru can beat any and EVERY anime character out there with ease, he can literally delete and create multiple universes within himself and travel to said universes and delete the one he currently was at plus if you don’t wanna count that into a fight he can literally copy peoples moves and he’s immune to a lot of shit not to mention he has a fucking genius AI named Raphael that will legitimately tell him or give him advice on what he should do in order to win a fight against other anime MC

  3. THis is dumb.. This is like comparing jesus christ to god knows who. You know rimuru in the end surpassed veldanava meaning he should probably gained the original skill That creates anything even skills.. He can negate reality bending or wishes and stuff because his already been erased in every timeline. Now is his spiritual. Whos still alive and completely chnged his soul mixing and making it true for Veldanava and the human mother of milimn to reincarnate both their souls in the same person like rimuru truth be told he would gain the original skill as fate saids it. But even without it he has ciel the top waifu which can basically predict everything that will happen if rimuru wanted her to do that since those guys doesnt have the skill to create any abilities or even more powerful like rimuru.. They would mostly lose in pro-longed fights plus the second ciel alerts danger or even Pass the stopped time she would calculate before her master reacts in an instantaneously speed said light novel. And even “if” rimuru is fighting a time god it would do nothing predicted even if they annihilated his timeline which has been announced useless since rimuru is immune to time paradox it wont affect him only his past selves. No matter how you look at it a reality bender would do jack sh*t to someone who has full resistance to his physical existence they even said that if rimuru died down to particles or even his core or everything. His still gonna survived cuz of different types of energy and Infinitely amount of energy who could ever kill someone like that bruh also his a reincarnation of both souls so Begone You Dumb A** person!

    1. Tbh I think the only way to defeat an omnipitent is to put them against another omnipotent. I think Altaire (Re:Creators) and Najimi Ajimu (Medaka Box) have pretty good chances since they both have something Rimuru doesnt: Plot Manipulation. They both technically are able to make it so that he never got that powerful. But im sure there are other characters out there that can beat him without having to resort to something like that. These two just came in mind as I was reading this.

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