Greatest Forbidden Powers in Mangas : Our Top 25+

Some anime are open to this reality and have their own respectable,Greatest Forbidden Powers in Mangas. All these Greatest Forbidden Powers have one thing in common. They are all competent go-getters and don’t need any annoying reflections on their self-worth. These chrome domes will shine the way to victory, and enlightenment when you are in doubt.

24. Hiten Mitsurugi Ultimate Technique Rurouni Kenshin

Fighting Styles Hiten Mitsurugi ry3F

This is a move that places the user in a greatlevel of danger. This technique could be fatal if you hesitate. This fightingstyle actually ended Kenshin’s career as he had to retire because of it.

23. Genma’s Yamasenken and Umisenken – Ranma 1/2


There are two deadly techniques that can do the same as cutting someone’s heart or cutting someone to pieces. Ranma was eventually taught this technique at the reluctanceof Genma.

22. Fist Of The North Star – Hokuto Shin ken

Fist Of The North Star - Hokuto Shin ken

Hokuto Shinken, a form of martial arts, is strictly prohibited from being used by anyone except the chosen successor. Anyone caught using it will have their fists crushed and their memories erased. It’s dangerous. Based loosely upon the principles of acupuncture this technique involves injecting huge amounts of energy into the target’s 708 Keiraku Hiko (“Jing Luo Mi Kong, “Hidden Channeling Points”) to control their behavior and cause them to explode.

21. Blood Sacrifice – The Rising of Shield Hero

maxresdefault 2

The Blood Sacrifice is one of Naofumi’s most terrifying attacks in the series. It can destroy an enemy, bringing them to death. As the name implies, it will cause the user to bleed from many parts of their body in order to receive payment. Your chances of living fall by the second you don’t get treated.

*Deep breath* The remainder of the list is Naruto content. Most prohibited and powerful powers I’ve discovered and resourced both from my friends and surfing the web are found in that series.

20. Egyptian God Cards – Yu Gi-Oh!

Yu Gi Oh Egypt

These cards were created by Maximillion Pegasus, who made them in the Imagesof three Ancient Divine Beasts of Egypt . However, they were too powerful to be used so they were buried and locked away. These cards can cause unbelievable damage, leaving you disabled or even dead just by inserting the card into play.

19. Vectors – Elfen Lied


The Diclonius uses this series to create invisibleweapons from supernatural telekineticweapons. They can be disabled, which renders the Diclonius species harmless and allows them to be experimentedon humans.

18. Silence Glaive – Sailor Moon

sailor moon crystal 313 saturn 0

This weapon can swing one swing at its maximum extent to devastate an entire planet to dust . This weapon’s full strength will also render its owner, Sailor Saturn, dead.

17. Level Zero – Hellsing Ultimate


Alucard has six levels ofon him, and all the souls that he possessed in his level zero state. He was only seen once during the Battle of London where he was able to eliminate most of his foes.

16. Yamamoto’s Ryuujin Jakka – Bleach

maxresdefault 1

unrivalledattack by one of the strongest Bleach series. While sealed, appears as a walking staff Yamamoto uses, which then transforms into a. Because it sets everything ablaze , this power is seldom used.

15. Geass – Code Geass

Code Geass

The Geass, one of the most controversial supernatural powers in anime, can be bestowed and manifested in different ways depending on the user’s wishes and personality. The main character Lelouch vi Britannia is able to bend anyone with just a glance and a command. This just goes to show how far people will go to fulfill their dreams.

14. Wish Granting -Hunter x Hunter

14. Wish Granting -Hunter x Hunter

Although there are many dangerous moves in Hunter x Hunter, this one is the most difficult to master.

Alluka Zoldyck, a little girl without any Nen abilities, is possessed and controlled by Nanika, a Dark Continent being. Nanika will grant a wish if a person fulfills three requests from her. The more complicated the request, the greater the chance that Nanika will grant it. If a person is unable to fulfill Nanika’s requests four times consecutively, they and their family members will be brutally and immediately destroyed.

Alluka’s family locks her in a safe place and only allows wish-granting to be used on very rare occasions. Illumi discovers Killua intends to use it to aid Gon. He immediately attempts to kill his sister and Killua only stops him when he explains how he will avoid the terrible consequences.

13. Noad Nephesh -Black Clover

13. Noad Nephesh -Black Clover

Noad Nephesh, one of many forbidden spells in Black Clover’s world. The Word Soul Devil is a strange spell that suspends the souls of people so they can be reincarnated in the future. This is a very disruptive and complex process that requires a lot of magic.

12. Athena Exclamation -Saint Seiya

Athena Exclamation

Athena specifically prohibited the Gold Saints using this dangerous move. It involves three Gold Saints joining forces and unleashing their power to create the equivalent of the Big Bang. This move is dangerous and can end all of the world. It is not recommended that anyone ever use it. Anyone who does so is considered a coward and unworthy to be called a Saint.

11. Anos Voldigoad’s Venuzdonoa, Misfit of Demon Academy

Anos Voldigoad’s Venuzdonoa

It is illegal to have a reincarnation of the Demon King and Tyranny just for his existence. Anos has the dark power to destroy in his blood, immense magic power, speed and strength, as well as intelligence that is unmatched. The wielder is all-powerful, and his Venuzdonoa, also known as the ‘Abolisher of Reason, is another powerful weapon. It can negate any threat you throw at it, from stopping regeneration factors to killing immortal beings.

10. Devil Fruit – 1 Piece

Devil Fruit Infobox

One of the easiest ways of gaining powers in One Piece is to eat a devilfruit. However, this will reduce your swimming ability and give you a chance to get a good power back. Some of these have been disadvantageous depending on how creative the user is. There are only one of each power in existence at any given time. Is it worth the trials to gain a potential useful power?

9. Naruto – Jinchuriki

naruto and kurama

People who have tailed animals are people with extraordinary mystical abilities due to the large amount of chakra they have. It was taboo to have a tailed animal in your hand. At the time, no one knew how to control them and destruction and chaos followed.

8. Joy Boy – One Piece

Joy Boy - One Piece

One Piece’s most mysterious figures and the first person to have eaten Gomu Gomu no Mi. Its existence is censoredby ‘World Government’ to controlit and prevent people from obtaining freedomfrom government control.

7. Shinigami Eyes – Death Note

Misa Eyes

Making a deal with the devil. These eyes, a major plot point in Death Note, are part of the deal you make with a Shinigami . Your remaining lifespan is cut in half and you have the ability to see the lives of other people. It makes you realize how much you want to see someone die in for half your life. There is no way to get it back.

6. Naruto: The Eight Gates

main qimg 055ad60fbcf499fa124ce8c6c0e2951a lq

It is forbidden jutsu, as its use is like an edged sword. The purpose of the “Eight gates” is to restrict chakra flow within the body. With each opened gate, individuals gain more chakra which increases their speed and physical power but also brings serious harm. For more information on strength and power, check out our listing of the strongest Naruto characters to see if you’re there.

5. Evil Containment Wave/ Mafuba Wave Dragon Ball


This sealingtechnique uses a lot ki from the user. It was also used to seal Piccolo’s hand in the anime. This technique is used to seal demons by placing them in a container with an specialseal. This requires a lot of effort from the user, and can lead to death from a single use.

4. Reanimation (Edo Tensei) – Naruto

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It is used to bring back the dead. However, it requires a sacrifice to make it work. Tobirama Senju (the secondHokage) created this Jutsu. This is something you would not touch if you had any respect for the deceased.

3. Reaper Death Seal – Naruto

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The ultimatesealing method of the Uzumaki clan. It’s used to summon the power of the spirit known as the “Shinigami”. It is used to sealthe spirit of a target and bind it for eternal. Due to the harm it causes to the user, this is a prohibited jutsu.

2. Shinra Tensei – Naruto

maxresdefault 3

technique that can only be used by a user who can modify all five basic transformations. The repulsiveforce can be created by a user. It is used to push anything away from its area.

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1. Human Transmutation – Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood

One of the most heartbreaking and distressing things in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is human transmutation. However, as seen with Alexander and Nina Tucker’s experiences, it doesn’t work and is banned.


These powers are and used for good in anime by beloved characters. The prohibitedpowers of anime remind us all of responsibility and balance. These powers are certainly impressive, but they also come with great responsibility. You should use them with caution and consideration for any consequences. Please share your thoughts below!

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